GH Update Friday 2/19/16

General Hospital Update Friday 2/19/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki is alone at The Metro Court getting ready for her uncle's wedding and observing Julian and Alexis' written invitations when she gets an incoming text from Morgan, urging her to call him, which she ignores. Lucas enters and greets his cousin and they get ready to attend the wedding. He asks her where Morgan is, to which she replies he won't be there. Lucas asks why. Kiki replies because Morgan is scum and she does not date scum. She tells him the whole story of what she walked in on at the warehouse, adding to Lucas that the “best part” was he made excuses telling her that he was screwing Darby “for Kiki”. Hearing that, Lucas assesses that Morgan is paying a high price with his health by going off his meds. However, he urges Kiki not to let him make her also “pay the price”, as he tells her it's best she has nothing more to do with Morgan until he smartens up.

At Sonny's house, he can clearly see that Morgan is “not ok” and very depressed about something. Morgan asks his dad why he'd care. Sonny replies he cares about the well being of all of his children. Morgan announces that his dad will no longer have to worry about him because he will soon be out of their hair. He notices his dad in a suit and Sonny informs him he's attending Alexis' wedding. He reminds Morgan that he had to fire him because he was doing some girl instead of his job. He's not being responsible and so there are consequences whether Morgan likes that or not. Yet, he urges his son to know it does not mean he does not love him. He concludes that what he wants is for his son to be happy and healthy and if moving out is the best thing for him, then he will accept that. Hearing that, Morgan is surprised that his father is not trying to make him stay in his house. Yet Sonny tells his son he needs to let him make his own decisions. He asks if he has a place to live or a job. Morgan replies he's “working on that”, expressing he believes he might have a great opportunity. When Sonny asks with whom, Morgan replies Julian Jerome. Hearing that, Sonny does not seem “afraid” of anything and confidently tells his son he doubts he'll be welcome by Julian after he's cheated on Julian's niece. Morgan tells Sonny maybe he can seek out his former step-father, Jacks. Sonny then admits to his son he knows all too well the bi polar behaviors of wanting to press others' buttons to piss them off. He's been there and done that himself, he tells his son. However, he warns him that he will have to get it together because he is sick right now. As he continues to tell Morgan how and why he can clearly see he's not taking his meds, Morgan finally admits, yelling to his dad that he's not taking his meds. Sonny tells him he won't let him back in his house or near baby Avery. Hearing that, Morgan is not ok and protests that he would never, ever hurt his baby sister. Sonny assesses that his behavior has hurt everybody and he cannot and will not help Morgan until he helps himself. Morgan asks his dad if he really has such little faith in him that he thinks he will fail as soon as he walks out the door. Sonny tells his son he has legitimate concerns. Morgan then gathers his stuff and leaves.

Olivia finds Lulu at The Haunted Star and wonders why she is not in a better mood. Lulu informs her mother in law she knows that she, along with Maxie and Nathan, trapped Lulu and Dante in a locked hotel room hoping they'd renew their vows. Olivia asks Lulu if it “worked”. Lulu lectures Olivia that what the three of them did was not only uncalled for, although Olivia argues, tells her daughter-in-law the whole point is to find out if she and Dante made any breakthroughs. Lulu replies that they talked a little bit. Hearing that, Olivia is ecstatic although Lulu is much less so. She explains about how she and Dante are agreeing to communicate and discuss how things went wrong. Olivia gets ready to attend Julian and Alexis' wedding.

Ava meets with Paul on the docks and informs him she's not in any mood to smuggle guns for him tonight since she has to get to her brother's wedding. He informs her, however, that Raj's boss Dixon, needs her to be there because she was a “no show” the last time they went to meet her at the gallery. Dixon wants to meet her personally, Paul tells her. She replies that she wants nothing more to do with that. However, Dixon enters and informs her she does not have a choice. He explains to her that he likes to know whom he is dealing with so that if something goes wrong, he knows whom to blame. She informs him that it's impossible for her to attend their meeting since her brother is getting married at 6:30, as she reminds him that Paul is the DA and should he not be handling all of this instead of her? He wants to “prove” whether he can trust her and she shows him the wedding invitation, reminding him if she's missing and not attending, people will get curious and start asking questions. At that point, they both realize maybe they should let her go for that reason and have Paul do the job in her place.

Anna goes to talk to Dante at the police station when he informs her that the PCPD suspects that somebody is smuggling guns in Port Charles. He can sense that she “knows something” which she is not telling him, specifically about the DA. Paul enters and talks to Anna alone, knowing they cannot be overheard with their secrets. He tells her that he knows Carlos will plea bargain if he goes to trial and they will both be in a lot worse trouble than he is in so they have to take drastic action. Yet she is not afraid of having to accept the consequences if it comes to that. Paul gets a call informing him he's urgently needed on the docks. Anna then tells him she knows that it is he who is responsible for the trading of guns that the cops are attempting to do something about.

When Dante goes out into the lobby, Lulu comes by, informing him that his mother wanted to know if they'd made any progress and clearly won't give up on them getting back together. She informs him she is now moving out of Maxie and Nathan's apartment but right now she has to leave. She left some things at the boat and has to clear it out before the private party arrives.

Alexis is at her house getting ready, with her hair still in curlers and attempting to find her eyeliner. Kristina and Molly are with her, urging their mom to breathe, reminding her she appears very stressed. Julian comes in and Molly reminds him that he's a criminal and she still does not approve of his marrying her mom. Yet neither he nor Alexis let that discourage them. Sam appears and reminds her dad that it's “bad luck” to see her mom before the wedding. Kristina argues that is a superstitious and stupid old wives' tales, reminding her that her sister that their mom is not even in her dress yet. Julian then leaves them alone to get ready. Sam has her gifts and admits that she helped Jason get Jake ready to go to Shriners. There's a knock on the door. It's Diane Miller who comes to help them celebrate, joking that she hates and resents Alexis for beating her to the altar. They all gather around and offer Alexis something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Kristina then finds out and reveals to the rest of the family that Molly has now had sex for the first time. Alexis cries yet assures her daughter she is fine although she can no longer call Molly “her baby”. Molly assures her mom they used protection and TJ treated her right, as her mom obviously needs to know. Alexis then gathers all her daughters, informing them she wants them all to tell her anything, even on her wedding day. Molly knows this is Kristina's “cue”.

Ava meets with Kiki, Lucas and Julian at The Metro Court and announces that a meeting of the Jerome family will now come to order. They all toast to Julian, to wedded bliss and to the woman who caught his eye. They all wish Julian health, happiness and prosperity. Ava takes Kiki aside, telling her daughter she looks beautiful and is sure Morgan will agree. Hearing that, Kiki informs her mom for the first time, that she and Morgan are through. She caught him having sex with another girl, again and so it is over again and this time it is for good. Hearing that, Ava emotionally tells her daughter she is “so sorry”. Alone with Julian, Lucas talks about how he struggled with how to admit and reveal to others that he was gay and his thought process about when or if to tell his dad. He realized it was a lot easier to tell the father he never had than to tell the one he could stand to lose. He has a letter for his dad and tells him that is his gift to him. Olivia arrives, still mindful of the premonition she had that Julian's wedding might not go the way he hopes. Kiki gets another incoming call from Morgan which she continues to ignore and wants him to leave her alone. While spying unseen on the docks, Morgan leaves her a voice mail message, urging her to know she's wrong. He is not a screw-up like she and everyone mistakenly believes. He informs her there will be a major “transaction” on the docks very soon. He overhears the guys talking about how it will all take place at 6, and “nobody” will be there to interfere. Morgan informs Kiki, in his message, that his dad would not even let him tell him that this “point of interest” will start at 6. He concludes he's going to handle it and prove that he is not the “screw-up” everyone thinks he is.

When Paul protests to Anna that he is on a “mission” to intervene with something, she tells him she does not believe he is interested in righting any wrongs. He only wants to cover his ass. He tells her that there will be arms trading conducted at pier 54 at 6 pm tonight, which he can prove and vouch for if she does not believe him. She asks if he is working undercover and has not even asked for back-up and wants her help. He protests that he is about to take down a major drug-ring and wants to make Port Charles a safer place.

Sonny is on the phone to his contact telling him that they are going to shut this operation down tonight.

Talking to Paul about the matter, Anna informs him that even if she believes his professed good intentions, he has overlooked one major obstacle which is Sonny Corinthos. As they both know, Sonny believes that pier is his territory and she cannot imagine that he will not be “on this” nor will he let Paul have any access nor take any action with this. He informs her Sonny has no idea but she knows that since Sonny runs organized crime, he would have to know. She tells him if they want this thing to work, they must make certain Sonny stays out of it. Paul then calmly tells Anna he will trust her with this and is happy they are on the same side. He gets up to leave.

Lulu returns to The Haunted Star to get things ready when she sees Raj wielding a weapon. As she attempts to flee, he grabs her and holds a gun to her head.

At The Metro Court, Olivia assures Julian that she has no “cause for alarm” about his wedding, and that her bloody vision means nothing.

At the station, Dante leaves a message for Lulu informing her he's about to get off work early, and if she needs anything to let him know. Yet she does not get her incoming call as Raj takes her phone and ties her up to a chair.

Paul goes to the docks to meet with Dixon and has a briefcase with the money. He confirms that everything will go as planned, revealing he is “in on it”. Morgan overhears unseen and pulls out a gun.

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