GH Update Thursday 2/18/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/18/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Julian are together the night before their wedding realizing this is the last night they will be able to enjoy each other while single. There's an urgent knock on the door. They wonder who it would be. It's Olivia. She informs them she has to see them because she has a premonition about the two of them. Hearing that, they are worried that it will take up a lot of time and she will have negative forewarning but she assures them what she envisions is that they will have a great future together. Julian's phone rings and he remarks someone else does not get the “memo” that they want to be alone. Olivia tells Alexis that since she's marrying the father of Olivia's child, there are some things she wants to make clear with Alexis. She admits she wanted to keep the secret from Julian and all others that she had his child. She was pretty angry when Alexis had her child's DNA tested without her knowing. But now she knows that her son has a good father and she's ok with Julian in his life. She tells Alexis that Julian's transformation in making himself a better man can all be credited to her (to Alexis)

Sam admits Nikolas into her apartment after he's asked her to investigate his new wife. She wants to get straight to the point and asks him why he wants her to do that for him. She makes it clear she is not on good terms with her cousin and she refuses to help him with his stuff. He then protests to Sam if she won't do it for him, she should at least do it for Spencer. Doesn't she care about his son? Hearing that, Sam admits she does and she will investigate Hayden for his son's best interests, so she asks Nikolas what she wants him to find out about Hayden. He informs her that he found out that Hayden's real name is Rachel. Her ex husband is named Baxter Corbin. He has looked all over to find out if a Rachel worked for Corbin's firm but did not find it. Sam then tells him she will find out what Hayden (Rachel) is lying about however she asks Nikolas what he will do if she does, in fact, uncover something incriminating about Hayden.

Hayden meets with Diane Miller, retaining Diane as her lawyer regarding the terms and conditions of her marriage to Nikolas. Diane reminds her new client that she has represented opposing sides yet she promises Hayden full confidentiality while she warns her she will not be “cheap”. She admits to Hayden that she will not represent her secretly without Nikolas' authorization. She can see that Hayden intends to double-cross Nikolas although Hayden informs her that she wants to “protect her husband's future”

After Sonny has found out that Morgan has been found out having sex with Darby in the warehouse, Morgan tells his dad it’s no big deal. It won't happen again. In response to that Sonny affirms to his son that's true. It will not happen again because Morgan is fired. Hearing that, Morgan is upset and protests his dad cannot do that. Carly walks inside and demands to know what is going on. Sonny informs his wife that he was able to see their son doing this on security camera. Hearing that, Carly is shocked and demands Morgan tells her how he can do that to Kiki. He angrily protests that it was an accident and his parents are over-reacting. Again, they start in on him about how he must not be taking his pills. He is acting manic, they tell him, and that is unacceptable. He continues to protest that he is taking his medication. If they don't believe him, they can go and count the pills, have his blood tested or do whatever they feel is necessary but it does not matter because whatever he does, they do not trust him. Sonny then protests to his son that they tried to stay out of his life, trust him and let him make his own decisions. And look what has happened? They keep telling him that he is not being responsible and needs to realize that his actions have consequences. Morgan then furiously admits he never wanted the job working with the stupid coffee beans. He wanted to be a part of the business. He's tired of his parents seeing him as a broken loser whom they will never respect. He leaves.

After Paul finds out that Anna is working with Mac to spy upon him and find out information about his daughter, Susan, she reveals she knows that he’s hiding Carlos River and falsifying his death after he's killed Sloane. Hearing that, Paul confirms she is correct. He has killed Sloane and he would do it again. He also confirms to Anna that he helped Carlos get away after he murdered Duke. She demands to know why he did that. He replies she admitted to shooting Carlos four times and supposedly killing him. She realizes the only “witness” to her admitting that was Sloane who is now dead. She realizes that Paul has motives that might involve Sonny vs. Julian. She then concludes that he must be covering for Carlos because Carlos did his dirty work by killing Duke for him. She concludes it must have been Paul that attempted to kill Sonny as well. He must have wanted him out of the way. However, she wonders what Sloane would have to do with that to which he admits it had nothing to do with his “issue” with Sonny or Duke. Paul admits to Anna that years ago, he almost lost his daughter Susan when she almost died. At that point, he let her do whatever she wanted. As a result, his daughter had no boundaries nor regard for his or her step-mother's rules. She ran off and he cut her off financially. She later cut off all ties to him although he never stopped loving her. Hearing that, Anna asks him what that has to do with Kyle Sloane. Paul replies that Kyle Sloane is responsible for ruining Paul's daughter's life. He explains to Anna that Sloane started “seeing” Susan and he knew how to intimidate and abuse her. Eventually, Susan was so distanced form her father, she would not tell him or her mom, Jenny. He explains to Anna that as soon as Susan tried to leave Sloane, he found her, beat her and savagely raped her. He talks about all he's seen and known as DA in rape cases yet he did not know what happened to his own daughter until he was too late. Hearing that, Anna sounds sensitive and protests she did not know. He explains that he and Jenny managed to get their daughter to the ER but it was too late to bring Sloane to justice. He wanted to find Sloane and either put him in prison or kill him with his bare hands. But he could not find him. The strangest thing happened, Paul tells her. When he returns to Port Charles, he ran into his old friend Janet Lomax who informed Paul she was having trouble with her ex police commissioner who happened to be Kyle Sloane. He explains to Anna that he remembered she was with him the night when Michael Corinthos informed them that Carlos probably shot Sonny. He informs her that he took a call from Sloane who did not know who he was talking to. He met with Paul to give him information about Carlos yet it appeared Sloane did not even recognize Paul when they met in person. Sloane must not have valued Paul's daughter enough to remember Paul was her father. When he met the creep on the docs and Sloane informed him that he and Carlos would set Anna up to believe she killed Carlos, Sloane was ready to give Paul all the evidence he needed to convict her. At that point, Paul concluded he needed to kill two birds with one stone so he shot Sloane to death, he informs her. And his only regret was that somebody saw him doing it.

Olivia gets ready to leave but wants Leo's father and future step-mother to have a choice as to which tuxedo her son wears to their wedding. She is happy and carefree until she “sees” blood on Julian's hands and she becomes startled and worried. They wonder what is up with her but she gets up to go assuming they will not put much credibility into her “worries”. She does not want to scare or discourage them and she leaves. Alone with Alexis, Julian suggests they get back to their last night being single.

Hayden asks Diane if it's true that legally, in the state of New York, she will not need a lawyer present when Nikolas signs the documents she wants. Diane confirms that is correct.

Sam asks why Nikolas would want to jump into marriage with Hayden so quickly given that he clearly does not trust her. Nikolas admits to his cousin she is not the first person to inquire about that but he informs Sam he is “taken” by Hayden and has fallen in love with her. He reminds Sam they are getting off track there. He has hired her to find out secrets about Hayden. He admits to Sam that if he does find out something damaging about his wife, he will be devastated and feel like a fool. Yet he needs to get to the truth.

After Morgan has left his parents alone in the house to talk, Carly is very worried about what will happen if their son refuses to take his meds. Sonny “rationalizes” that nobody can “make” him take his meds. He's of legal age. It might be easier said then done to get a court order if Morgan is not a danger to himself or others. They have to let him make his own decisions. However, Sonny admits that they did both hope and believe that Morgan would have known when he had his manic episode with Kiki in the cabin that he realized he hit rock bottom. However, that may not be the case. He may need to experience more consequences.

Morgan goes to the docks, hides and overhears the interaction between Raj and his contact on how to take down Sonny Corinthos.

Paul informs Anna that Carlos knew he shot Sloane. He had to “owe” Carlos so he passed off Sloane's dead body as Carlos. Once he realizes that she suspected Carlos was alive, he knew he had to help Carlos escape and take drastic action. She angrily concludes that he has been manipulating and playing mind games with her having her believing she killed Carlos when he was still alive. Yet Paul protests she is not innocent in all of this when he knows as well as she does that she believed she murdered Carlos and covered it up. He protests if she wants to report him to Jordan, that's her choice however, she needs to see the big picture. Anna then demands that Paul gets out of her house. He's left a snapshot behind of his little girl which she carefully studies.

Hayden is in bed with Nikolas and they both appear to be content regardless of what each is doing behind the others' backs.

Meanwhile, Sam calls Mr. Corbin, informing him that she has inherited money and would like his help investing it so she'd like to set up a meeting with him

Julian and Alexis relive the “one encounter” they had many years ago as teenagers, in a Camaro when they randomly had sex and conceived Sam. She smiles about how they are now getting married and have found the perfect life together.

Olivia returns to the Metro Court and picks up her infant son. Yet she admits she's worried about what her “vision” of blood on Julian's hands will mean.

Meanwhile, Carly is worried about Morgan being in danger although Sonny keeps telling her perhaps there is nothing they can do. She goes upstairs and when Sonny is alone, he gets a private call from Max about a shipment coming in for their enemies on the docks. He talks about his plans to shut these bastards down for good.

Meanwhile, on the docks, Morgan hides and overhears Raj and the other guy talking about how Sonny is too weak, while in his wheelchair, to be a threat to anyone. They are planning a meeting where they are ready to take Sonny out. Morgan is obviously very “invested” in what he has just heard.

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