GH Update Wednesday 2/17/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/17/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Morgan and Darby are going at it in the coffee warehouse believing they are not seen or known to anyone. However, Kiki walks in and catches them red-handed. She is infuriated and cannot believe what she is witnessing. As soon as Morgan sees her, he forgets what he intended to do with Darby, rushes to Kiki and protests to her that this is “not what she thought” and he can explain. Yet she angrily tells him that she should have known he will never change. He's the same messed up selfish jerk he always was. At that point, Darby gets dressed and ready to leave. She angrily tells Morgan she does not appreciate being used. Kiki lashes out at her. She tells Kiki it's none of her business what they were doing together when she told Morgan they are no longer together. She concludes to the two of them she does not want to have anything more to do with their sick relationship. Kiki tells her she need not worry. She (Kiki) will have no further conversations with Morgan and Darby can have him. Darby leaves and Morgan protests to Kiki that he had no intention of sleeping with her or forgetting about what he had with Kiki. She is utterly baffled and insulted however knowing that when they attempted to make love once and only once, not long ago, he could not even discuss or work things out with her. He immediately goes and sleeps with Darby. He protests that he wants to get back what they had although Kiki does not want to hear or accept any explanations he has for what she just walked in on. She realizes that he may think what he did with Darby was “practicing” so that he could make things better with her. However, she tells him, she calls that cheating. She knows that whenever they have any issues, he always ends up cheating. He acts before he thinks. He can't blame his actions on the bi polar. It's his conscious choice to never keep it in his pants. She concludes she is done with him and never wants to see him again and she walks out, very upset.

In the park, Paul gets a call from Raj who tells him he need not worry about the Corinthos kid. The are onto him. They also need not worry about Sonny.

While Sonny is alone in his house with baby Avery, Dante goes to see his dad and informs him that the cops are trying to find a guy name Raj and he was wondering if Sonny could help him with what they might want to know. He wonders what Sonny might know regarding Raj's transporting and trading of guns and weapons. Sonny clarifies to his son that he'd rather not have this conversation in front of his little girl. Dante, however, tells his dad he knows what Sonny is up to and the fact that he might be using what Ava is doing, and possibly setting her up in order to win custody of Avery. He asks if that is correct. When he does not hear an answer, Dante continues to probe his dad to tell him the “secrets” he knows he's keeping, while he still has a chance. Sonny wants to change the subject and asks his son if he is making any progress is getting things back with Lulu and Sonny's other grandchild, remarking how he misses seeing Rocco. Dante tells his dad hopefully things will work out and he gets up to go to work. Alone with baby Avery, Sonny confesses to his daughter that he just lied to her brother. He regrets it but it's called “compromise”. It will only be for a little longer. He admits to her that he's worried everyone will think he's weak and vulnerable. He asks her to make sure not to tell anyone.

At The Metro Court, Lulu sits at the table with Nathan and Maxie. They want to know what, if anything she and Dante may have accomplished while they were locked inside the private room. She admits that they did have a conversation and discussed their issues and made some attempts to resolve what happened between them. She wants to know, however, just how they spent their Valentines Day together. She then realizes that she had Rocco with them preventing them from having privacy together. They protest they have no issues with that. She tells them that is very sweet of the two of them to say that but she realizes that they have just moved in together as a couple. With that, she decides that she will move out of their apartment and stay at the Haunted Star until she can find somewhere more permanent. Nathan gets up to go to work. Alone with Lulu, Maxie tells her she does not think that is a good idea. She thinks the best thing for Lulu to do is go back home to Dante. Lulu clarifies that she and Dante managed to spend just a few civil moments together and talk just a bit and they are nowhere near ready to consider moving back in or getting back together. She reminds Maxie that they still have some major trust issues regarding Dante's problem with her being in business with Johnny and what she had to do with Dillon when her brother got kidnapped. She wants to know about Maxie and Nathan's evening together, to which Maxie confirms they have a good thing going but there is something “missing” as far as taking the next step. Especially when she and Nathan both see how such a great marriage fell apart, they realize they don't even want to consider what could be at risk for them until they can help Dante and Lulu get back together. At the station, Nathan has the same conversation with Dante.

Michael goes to see Sonny while he's with baby Avery. He tells his dad that he really frowns upon Ava having all of this control over his visitation with his baby sister and agrees Ava should not even have custody. Yet Sonny surprises his son by sounding very “calm and confident” that there's no need for worry and that things will change on that front very soon. Hearing that, Michael admits he's baffled as to what his dad might know yet not reveal. Sonny admits to his son he may not be able to discuss the details except that Michael's dad can assure him that very soon his little sister will be back with her rightful family. Hearing that, Michael tells Sonny if he knows something about Ava, he is more than willing to help him defeat her in any custody battle. Yet Sonny is not about to reveal to Michael what is going on regarding his prognosis for walking. Morgan returns and talks to the little one. He seems “happy” yet instantly his dad and older brother see a “red flag” and detect there is something “off” about Morgan.

Paul comes by to see Anna and wants to know what she discussed with his son. She replies they spoke about his falling out with Tracy, as she “confides” in Paul how she has made similar mistakes after losing Duke by falling for Kyle Sloane. She clearly knows she needs Paul to believe she suspects nothing about how or why Sloane has suddenly disappeared and acts like she is his friend. She does not want him to blame himself for the failure of his relationship with Tracy or Dillon. He confesses to her he's afraid he has no one to believe for not only what happened with both of them but also with his daughter, Susan. Anna gets a text from Mac where he tells her he wants to discuss the “mystery about Hornsby's daughter”. She knows she needs to hide that from Paul. However, noticing that, he knows he has to see what is going on so he grabs her phone to read that Mac is working with Anna to find out secrets about Paul Hornsby's daughter.

At The Metro Court, Kiki gets to work and goes to talk to Maxie about Crimson, informing her that Nina thinks very highly of Maxie and she engages her in how they could possibly give her a make-over. Hearing that, Maxie remarks to Kiki that she is gorgeous and asks why she'd want a make-over. Kiki replies because she's afraid she is inadequate as she informs Maxie that Morgan is fooling around on her yet again. Maxie assures her it “has nothing to do with her”. Yet Kiki reminds her he first cheated on her with her mom, then with her aunt and now with Darby. Maxie seems to know that Morgan has strong feelings for Kiki. That may be what is holding him back. She is not making excuses for him but realizes how relationships are fragile and complicated. Kiki knows she is talking about another relationship, to which she admits she is talking about her two friends. Hearing that, Kiki tells Maxie that she does not even want to get her hopes up. She just wants to spend the rest of the day believing all men are screw-ups. Hearing that, Maxie tells her in that case, she does not need a make-over. Kiki concludes she is right. This issue is Morgan's problem and not hers'.

While Lulu is alone with Rocco at The Haunted Star, Dante comes to see his estranged wife and son. He informs her he has concerns about having a child their son's age alone on a boat. It's not safe with all the illegal trafficking going on around there and he can't let her do this. She tells him her only other options is to stay with her brother and his wife whom she is not fond of. She assures her estranged husband he need not worry about her ability to keep their son safe. He needs to trust her unless he did not learn anything when they had their discussion. Hearing that, he assesses that is “fair enough”. However, he tells her she needs to trust his judgment about what is right for their son. He agrees that he accept her decision and he leaves.

With Michael, Sonny reminds his son that “visiting time” is over. So he needs to spend some time alone with his baby daughter. He knows he needs to confide in her alone when Michael and all others are out of earshot. He holds the little one and assures her that very soon they will be together every night. Michael comes out, holds her and tells her he will miss her. She needs to know they all love her. They are her family and they will have her home soon. Morgan then runs down the stairs and gets ready to rush out the door. His dad, however tells him he needs to hold up., They need to talk. Sonny asks him what is going on and if he's off his medication. Morgan angrily tells his dad he's not ok with the fact that after all this talk and lectures that his parents give him about the meds and his dad still does not trust him. He yells that yes, he is taking his meds. Yet Sonny tells his son he knows otherwise. He got a call from security at the warehouse that Morgan was alone in the room banging some girl. Morgan promises it won't happen again. However, Sonny declares to his son that he is fired.

When Paul catches Anna red-handed, he assesses that he now knows that her visiting him, talking to Dillon and acting like his friend to ask about his daughter was all a set-up. He knows what she and Mac Scorpio are up to. She asks him what he plans to do right now. Is he going to kill her? Realizing he is as vulnerable as she is, she tells him she knows that he is “hiding” Carlos Rivera, knows where he is, murdered Sloane and passed off his dead body as Carlos.

Dante admits to Nathan that he is really worried about Lulu's decision to keep their son at the Haunted Star with all the risks of crime and unsafe conditions. Yet he promised her he will trust her. So what can he do?

While Lulu is alone at The Haunted Star, Raj comes by dressed as a legitimate law-abiding businessman and asks her if he could use her facility for business meetings. He can pay for accommodations if he can run his boat of the dock of her business. Knowing she needs money, as a single mom, she agrees. She has never seen this man before but suspects nothing and declares they have a deal.

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