GH Update Tuesday 2/16/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/16/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kiki finds Franco sitting alone at a table at the Metro Court and she asks him if she can discuss something with him. He asks what that might be. She asks him just how unusual does he think it is for a guy not to be able to have sex with a girl. He assesses to her he knows she is talking about Morgan, knowing that he's currently taking medication. He knows about how that symptom can happen when taking meds. He tells her that issue has happened to many couples before. He thinks they can work through this and he doesn't have too many worries. He reminds Kiki the way that whole situation can seem “devastating” to a man, especially when he's young so the best thing she can do is be supportive. She asks Franco, however, what if it's not that simple. What if the reason Morgan cannot “perform” is because of her. What if he finds her undesirable?

Morgan is in the coffee warehouse, attempting to work but appearing to be “out of it” while he listens to loud music through headphones. He notices someone enter unexpectedly and is startled. He turns around to see Kristina. He makes it clear that he'd rather she not come by unannounced, wants to avoid talking to her and asks her what she needs. She tells him she knows he's been drinking and has concerns, as she tells him “this” is seriously messed up. She tells Morgan she wanted to discuss with him their mutual dad's thoughts and feelings about going to her mom and Julian's wedding. She tells him she knows Sonny despises Julian and would rather have his flesh torn off than watch her mother marry him. Morgan tells his half sister that pretty much accurately assesses it. So what is her point? She replies to her half brother she was hoping he could maybe see if he could “rise above that and help” with that matter. He tells her if she understood the way the business worked, she would not even think to suggest that their dad compromise with Julian. Kristina asks Morgan how or why he'd think he really knows how “the business” works, to which Morgan affirms he does know. He's around it all the time and is learning a lot. She tells him maybe he's learning about the coffee business but not the “real” business, to which Morgan reminds her their dad is in a wheelchair, cannot walk and is vulnerable and so he (Morgan) is helping out. He informs her he's starting right now, having his eye on a situation. He knows he's the right guy with the right instincts. He's got it all under control, he assures Kristina. Yet she asks him what is up, expressing concerns that he's talking a mile a minute and not making any sense. She asks if he's “even taking his meds” to which he asks her if she'd like to do a thorough search on him to find out. Hearing that, Kristina tells him he “needs to calm down”. He tells her he needs to get back to work and needs her to leave him alone. She leaves. After she's gone and Morgan is alone, Darby comes by to find him and they “get busy.”

At The Metro Court, Anna is on the phone to a contact and reminds them that she needs them to dig something up on Paul Hornsby's daughter, Susan, yet she realizes they have not. She hangs up and notices Ava walk into the restaurant. She asks Ava if she has a moment and tells her she'd like to have a word with her (about “something”). Hearing that, Ava expresses that she “can't imagine” what Anna Devane would want to talk to her about. Dillon enters, tells Anna he's sorry to interrupt but needs to talk to her about something very important. He takes he aside and informs her that he and his magazine colleagues have had ideas for the woman to be featured on the next cover of Crimson but she has not shown up. He knows what an international legend Anna is and he asks her if he can shoot her and consider making her the subject. She asks when, where and how he plans to do that and what his ideas are. He tells her he wants to photograph her in her element, which she reminds him the only “element” she has his the PCPD. The people there might not want them there. Yet he tells her he'd like to try that and see what happens.

While Kiki is talking to Franco about Morgan's “issue”, Ava comes by and finds them together. She asks Franco if she can “borrow her daughter” for a moment. He replies she may, under the condition she returns Kiki “undamaged”. She replies she “thinks she can manage”. Alone with her mom, Kiki asks her just how much of the conversation she overheard. Ava replies she only wishes her daughter and Morgan the very best and whatever happens in their relationship is none of her business. Yet, she tells Kiki, she is always there to talk if her daughter has the need. She assures her she comes in peace and has a dress for Kiki for her uncle's wedding, which she hopes she likes. Kiki unzips and sees the dress and remarks it's very nice but asks her mom what is the catch. Ava tells her daughter she simply wants to make peace. She also indicates she may have a “motive” in reaching out to Kiki as she tells her if anything were to happen to her, she wants her daughter to promise her mom she will take care of her baby sister. Hearing that, Kiki obviously has concerns and wants to know what her mom is talking about. Ava does not want to discuss that and wants her daughter to believe everything is ok.

At the hospital, Monica takes both Jason and Elizabeth inside to inform them that Jake has multiple fractures in both his left leg and left arm. She admits her major concern with that is that their son is still growing and still very young. Elizabeth asks her how they plan to implement her son's treatment plan. Monica replies that she believes Jake needs “individual care” and that he'd be better served somewhere other than this hospital. She tells them she believes that Shriner's Hospital is best for Jake at this point. She talks about how they can get Jake transported to the facility while she tells them about all the great things the hospital does for children.

In another room, Dr. Griffin Munro talks to Sonny, with Carly and asks him about his progress with physical therapy, reminding him how it's an “important component” of his recovery. Hearing that, Sonny knows he has to “dismiss Carly” somehow so that he can have this conversation of her earshot.

Carly goes out to talk to Jason and Elizabeth to find out how Jake is doing. When she hears Monica's recommendations to have him sent to Shriner's she assures Jason she knows what a great place Shriners is as she remembers how they helped Spencer Cassadine. She assures Jason and Elizabeth if they need anything, she is there. They graciously thank her. Elizabeth and Monica go off alone and leave Carly to talk alone to Jason. He knows that while he and Elizabeth go out of town with their son, he will be away from Sam. And so, he asks Carly if she can make sure Sam is ok while he's away. Hearing that, Carly somewhat awkwardly agrees, reminding him maybe Sam would not want her in her business. He tells Carly that Sam is obviously a very independent person who likes to be the “tough chick”. Hearing that, Carly is able to see the old Jason coming back.

Alexis goes to visit Sam at her apartment after Jason has left. She asks her daughter if she really has faith in how Jason can “take care” of matters. Sam emphatically tells her mom that Jason cooked dinner, made sure everything was ok for her and put Danny to be. She admits she considers that close to perfect. She explains to her mom that she is no longer sitting alone “wishing or remembering” or missing Jason. He is actually there. She knows they have both changed. Yet in many ways they are still both the same. Jason can still make a great bowl of pasta. They can still talk about everything and nothing and, Sam admits, she cannot wait to see what happens next. She then asks her mom, with that said, if it'd be alright to bring him to hers' and Julian's wedding. Hearing that, Alexis tells her daughter she thinks it would be best if they just let Julian and Jason acclimate to each other gradually. She later tells her daughter she encourages her to bring Jason yet Sam, at that point, tells her mom maybe Jason should not be there and make her dad uncomfortable. Jason returns from the hospital and Alexis leaves them alone to talk. Sam asks him how Jake is. He informs her that he and Elizabeth need to take their son to Philly for treatment. She clearly does not want to go to her parents' wedding alone and he does not want to leave her.

Alone with Griffin, Sonny asks his doc if they have a problem, to which Griffin replies indeed they do, and asks Sonny if he should call him “Godfather”. He tells Sonny for all he knows Sonny may not even need the wheelchair and may be running marathons when nobody can see. He realizes it's Sonny's prerogative to do whatever he wants and keep it a secret if he so chooses. However, he informs Sonny, he (himself) has no obligation to continue to treat Sonny for a condition that Sonny no longer has. Sonny asks him if that is really “it” and Griffin is dumping him. Griffin replies that Sonny does not need a neurosurgeon. He needs a collaborator. He's using his wheelchair in order to fake weakness to his enemies. He adds what Sonny does with his life is his own business but Sonny will not use him to promote it. Hearing that, Sonny tells him fine. He will find himself another doctor. Yet Sonny clearly indicates he does not want that and knows he will be lost without his new doctor, protesting that he's already tried all the other doctors and they do not work. Sonny then asks Griffin what if he gives him his word that Griffin will never have to lie for Sonny. Carly comes back in. Sonny leaves with her and asks if she'd like to be his date to Alexis' wedding. He informs her since Alexis is his daughter's mom, he promised he'd be there for her. Yet Carly admits she does not want to support Alexis with all the she's judged Sonny for when she is a hypocrite marrying the man who murdered Duke. Sonny knows he's not going to be comfortable going to the wedding without her so she agrees to “obligate herself” to accompany him.

Paul comes by to see Tracy but she demands he gets out. He informs her he told the man at the gait that he was the distract attorney and he needed to be there to see her. She tells him unless he has official district attorney business, he is trespassing and she will call the cops to have him removed. Yet he protests to her that they have a son together so she can't shut him out. He tells her he is not ok with their son wanting nothing more to do with him. She angrily asks Paul if it's any wonder after the way he treated his son's mother. She tells him their son needed him when he was a child, for many years. Right now, it's too late. She tells him it's not her job to plead his case to their son and she believes that Dillon is making the right choice and is better off without his biological father. Yet Paul adamantly tells her he does not want to be excised from their son's life. He wants to be Dillon's father, he adds, even if she believes it's too little too late. We see “overshadowing” where Paul may somehow know what Tracy needs to make a decision regarding knowing that Dillon needs to be able to rely on his father if she can't be there for him. Once again, Tracy has another episode of becoming completely disoriented and forgetting all about what they were discussing. She demands he leaves. Alone, Tracy is horrified and wonders what is happening to her.

Dillon has all of his photography equipment ready as he talks to Anna, in the police interrogation room about his gig with Crimson. Hearing that, she remarks his parents must be very proud and remarks that it surprises her to hear him say he has very little to do with his father because it seems Paul is very fond of his son, she tells him. He reminds Anna that his parents split up when he was a baby. Yet just recently, it appeared they were considering getting back together and his dad really lead his mom on. Attempting to pump Dillon for information about his dad, she informs him of her conversation with Paul where he “felt quite bad” about not being the father that his son wanted. She asks him about his sister Susan, to which Dillon replies he hardly knows Susan remembering the last time she reached out to him he was about 10 and he remarks he wishes he could forget about his dad the way she has. He manages to inform Anna that last he heard, his sister Susan graduated from a New England school and is now managing a restaurant in coastal Maine called Suki's. Anna knows she has to see if he knows the reason Susan has lost contact with her family. He shows her the pictures he's taken of her, tells her he will get them authorized and thanks her. She tells him she hopes he finds a way to reconnect to his sister. He tells her he appreciates that but since it's been many years since he's talked to her, he's not very optimistic. Anna then asks Dillon if he knows why she named her restaurant Suki's. He replies it was a nickname his dad gave her when she was a kid.

At the hospital, Franco finds Elizabeth and asks her how Jake is. He assures her that Jake is a great kid and she needs to have hope that he will be ok. She smiles at Franco and praises him for being very supportive. At the hospital, Elizabeth's two other sons find her and want to know all about Jake. She wants to only give them positive information but knows she's lost explaining to them all that is happening with Jake. Franco overhears as she informs them she will be out of town with Jake for a while as they stay with their grandma. Alone with her, he wants to encourage her to know how good she is with her boys. He asks if it would be alright to text her every once in a while to find out how Jake is doing. Elizabeth replies that would be fine. She would appreciate that.

When Morgan and Darby are alone in the warehouse going at it, Kiki comes by and catches them.

Anna calls Mac to inform him she spoke to Dillon who informed her that Paul's daughter Susan ran a restaurant called Suki's off the coast of Maine. She comes face to face with Paul and knows she cannot continue the phone conversation with him overhearing.

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