GH Update Monday 2/15/16

General Hospital Update Monday 2/15/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Lulu and Dante discover they have “accidentally” run into each other in a private room at the Metro Court, she struggles to open the door but sees it's jammed. He tries to open it but it won't budge. He calls the front desk but sees the phone is dead. They both wonder what is going on. He asks her who told her to go into this room. She replies Maxie and Nathan told her they had a “surprise” for her although they did not reveal that they were setting both her and Dante up to be “fooled”.

In another room, Nathan has room service bring a meal from The Floating Rib, which is symbolic of how he and Maxie first got together the night they first made love. She talks to him about how when people are in love, they can enjoy doing anything together, as she reflects that for “some” who are alone, Valentines Day can be very empty and depressing when there is no one to spend the time with. While Dante and Lulu are locked inside the room together, Maxie admits she wants to “check on them”, realizing hers' and Nathan's plan might not go as smoothly as they hope. They realize their two best friends could be making mad passionate love or they could be killing each other. They immediately go out into the hallway to hear Dante and Lulu yelling, demanding they let them out or Maxie and Nathan will both be arrested for entrapping them in a room under false pretenses without a phone. Maxie and Nathan remind them that it was Dante's mom who purposely disconnected the phone and she's also purposely put Dante and Lulu in a room where they will not be heard by any other guests no matter how loud they yell and demand to be let out. Maxie tells the two of them they will not be getting out of the room until they complete the “exercises”. Hearing that, they demand to know what “exercises”. Maxie then directs them to the nightstand where there's an article in Crimson about how to repair your relationship in 10 easy steps. Although Dante and Lulu protest that their relationship is over and they are divorcing, Maxie and Nathan remind them they are not letting them out of the locked room until they work out their differences and they walk away. Dante only wants to find a way to get them out of there but Lulu admits that while they wait, maybe they can read Maxie's recommended article. He assesses to her that he already knows what went wrong. They've already been over the fact that he cheated on her and lied about it. Yet she clarifies she does not think that is really what caused the break-up of their marriage. She thinks it started before that. Lulu assesses that when she had to find her brother, Lucky, and needed Dillon's help, she could not tell Dante where she was going and he assumed she was having an affair. He remembers she told him she was going to visit her grandmother yet ended up in a hotel room with Dillon. She protests she wishes she could have told her husband the truth but reminds him her parents swore her to secrecy. Dillon only knew and was invested in the situation because of Tracy. She then confesses to her husband that she now realizes going there with Dillon was the biggest mistake she made in her life. She should have put Dante first. Her parents had no business asking her to keep the secret from her husband. Hearing that, Dante is now attentive. She admits to him that he got very possessive of her and made too many ultimatums when Johnny was with her at The Haunted Star, to which he protests that Johnny Zacchara is a criminal. He tells her that he sees this “thing” she may have about being Luke Spencer's daughter, regarding breaking rules and wanting to “live up” to that. She tell shim that maybe the reason she kept the secret from him about needing to find her brother, was because Dante could not understand her need to do what she did. He admits he regrets cheating on her yet they still both seem to feel “in-completion” which they need to discuss and work out before they can repair their relationship.

In the other hotel room, Maxie and Nathan happily dance and declare how much they mean to each other. He gives her a ring. Right away, she assumes it's an engagement ring, to which she tells Nathan she really loves him and believes they have a good thing going but marriage something she can't consider. He then clarifies he is not proposing to her. In response to that, she asks why he's throwing a ring around. He tells her it's a symbol of what they share together. She admits that she has seen how marriage can ruin a perfectly good relationship. She loves him, wants to be with him forever and never lose what they have. Realizing the “marriage on the rocks” in the other room, they can tell that perhaps Dante and Lulu are making peace and that they (Maxie and Nathan) have their own “priority” for spending a romantic evening together.

Elizabeth accepts an invitation from Laura to stay (as a guest) at Wyndemere. She notices Hayden attempting to crack the code on Nikolas' safe and instantly she knows that Hayden is up to no good and reminds her that whatever she thinks she is to Nikolas, Hayden is nothing more than a guest. Hearing that, Hayden smiles and clarifies that is not the case. She is no longer limited to “guest status”. She is now officially Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine. Hearing that, Elizabeth cannot believe her friend, Nikolas would consider doing such a thing with Hayden. Nikolas then comes down the stairs to overhear the two women and confirms that Hayden is correct that they have married. Elizabeth demands to know why Nikolas did not tell her that when they spoke at the hospital, to which he replies he didn't want to “get into that” and he adds to Elizabeth it would mean a lot to him if they had her blessing. Elizabeth asks if that means that Hayden now has access to everything in his house including his safe. Hearing that, Nikolas tells Elizabeth he “does not follow”. When Hayden realizes she has been “busted” by Elizabeth, she “clarifies” to Nikolas that she wanted to find a safe place to keep her expensive jewelry and asks her new husband if that would be ok. She then goes upstairs and leaves Elizabeth and Nikolas alone to talk. Elizabeth asks him if he's lost his mind. Does he not remember what that woman did? She falsified Jason's identity, made threats and turned their lives into a living hell and Nikolas married her? What was he thinking? In response to that, he reminds Elizabeth that neither he or she should judge another person for lying and dishonorable behaviors. Elizabeth protests that she knows he is an honorable person and she deeply regrets and now knows the consequences of her lies. When he finds out that Jason is out of her life and likely to get back with Sam while she's all alone with Jake after he's been injured, Nikolas sounds sensitive reflecting how he was very upset and alone when Spencer got injured not long ago. He assesses that although he knows both she and his mother dislike and distrust Hayden, he has fallen in love with her and believes Hayden wants to reform herself. He admits to Elizabeth that it's correct that he and Hayden barely know each other. Hayden returns to overhear their conversation about her.

At The Floating Rib, when Jordan warns Valerie not to trust Curtis, Valerie is surprised and asks her boss the clarify if she just said that Curtis has “cocaine status”. Jordan informs Valerie that she used to work with Curtis and knows he had a very expensive habit, as she reiterates to her cadet that she believes it would be a serious mistake if Valerie got involved with him. Not far away, Maddox meets Curtis and assesses that Jordan informed him that he's her ex brother-in-law. Hearing that, Curtis asks if that is all that Jordan told Maddox about him. While Jordan talks to Valerie and Curtis can clearly tell what she's telling her about him, Curtis goes over to bring Valerie a drink, adding he does not want to be accused of “not taking care of his date”. He asks Valerie if she wants to do the “re-match” in pool which she was previously very encouraged to do with him, to which she reveals she is no longer encouraged. He tells her he realizes she may not be comfortable having the boss nearby. Yet she assures him she has no issues with Jordan and she asks Curtis if he is, in fact, a coke head. At the other table, Maddox informs Jordan that he had a chance to introduce himself and speak to Curtis and he clearly wonders why she sees Curtis as so much of a threat and needs him to leave town. He informs Valerie he's been in rehab for years now which Jordan knows. Valerie still has concerns and asks him why Jordan “hates” him so much when he's her son's uncle.

As Sam and Jason are alone and on the couch, they start kissing. He realizes that he did not intend to do that when he took her home from the hospital although she asks if he hears her complaining. They continue kissing, both contently. He pulls away, however admitting it's complicated as there is so much he does not remember. She tells him she realizes that things have changed throughout the last few years in both of their lives. While he's been gone, she's been raising a kid alone and has had other relationships although she would really like to know the person he is now. He admits that after the explosion, he realized he does not want to lose her and now knows they are connected. They have wine together and he prepares dinner for them. She asks him how it “felt” for him to be in the kitchen again. Although he has no “conscious” recollection of their past life together, he is clearly comfortable and contented to be with Sam.

Elizabeth asks Hayden if she has any family or anyone nearby to come to the wedding. Hayden does not answer that and reminds Elizabeth that she is only a guest in Nikolas' home. Elizabeth gets a call from the orthopedic specialist about treatment options for Jake. She goes into the other room and Nikolas tells Hayden she needs to realize that Elizabeth is his best friend and he'd like her to make an effort to keep the peace. She agrees to honor what her husband wants.

While Jason is with Sam, he also gets a call from the orthopedic specialist about Jake.

With Jordan at The Floating Rib, Maddox can clearly see that Curtis upsets her by his very presence and he asks her just what role Curtis played in her husband's passing. She clearly does not want to talk about that and asks why he's so interested in this. Maddox replies because he has his own past and understands regrets. Hearing that, she is obviously upset and defensive around Maddox for the first time and tells him she does not appreciate being psycho-analyzed by a shrink as if she's one of his patients. He asks her to slow down and realize he is not one of her cadets. He tells her he's sorry and did not mean to behave like her shrink. Yet she wants to end their date and go home alone and she leaves without further discussion.

Jason goes to the hospital to see the orthopedist and sees Elizabeth is also there. It appears as though the doctor has serious concerns in order to call them both to the hospital.

When Nikolas is alone, he calls Sam and tells her although they've had their differences, he'd like her help. She's the best PI he knows, he tells her, and he'd like her to “investigate” someone for him. She asks who. Nikolas replies his wife.

Maxie and Nathan sleep together and admit they are happy. She reflects they are magic together but she just wishes some of their magic could rub off on Dante and Lulu

In the other room, Dante and Lulu read the 10 steps in the Crimson article about how after admitting to their mistakes, they need to attempt to communicate better. He smiles at her and tells her he's willing to try if she is. She confirms to him that she is also “in”.

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