GH Update Friday 2/12/16

General Hospital Update Friday 2/12/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Floating Rib, Nathan tells Maxie he wants to celebrate Valentine's Day by having them spending some quality time alone and asks what she says to that. She replies she would like that. They notice Dante walking in by himself, knowing that Lulu is also alone. She then concludes to him, that she has ideas for their friends. Jordan enters, notices Curtis and angrily tells him he better leave. He asks her what she will do if he does not leave. She tells him she can have him arrested and impound his car. He reveals to her that he is not following Jordan and has a “legitimate reason” to be in this public place. He's there to meet Valerie for a date. André, Dante and Nathan surround them and overhear. Jordan asks her detectives to let her talk to Curtis privately and she continues to confront him, telling him he better leave Valerie alone. He tells her he won't be intimidated as he reminds her he knows how she's screwed up the lives of both Shawn and Thomas. Dr. André Maddox comes to meet with Jordan for their date and Curtis leaves them alone and goes off with Valerie. TJ appears and waits for Molly. Curtis introduces him to Valerie. Maddox can clearly see that Jordan has a serious issue with Curtis. She explains Curtis is her former brother in law and they are not on good terms. André suggests that the problem could be easily solved if they went elsewhere yet she tells him that if Curtis is not leaving neither should they. André can clearly see that Curtis has the power to “press Jordan's buttons” and asks her what is the connection. She explains she met Curtis when she married Thomas who was in the military when Curtis was in the DEA. After Thomas died, Curtis kind of recruited her into the DEA, and it did not turn out well. Curtis and Valerie play pool and she tells him she wants to know more about him. Nathan goes to join Dante and play pool after Maxie has left. Jordan explains to André that she blames Curtis for the ending of her marriage to her son's father. She admits that she has concerns not only about TJ being around Curtis, but Valerie as well.

At Wyndemere, Laura makes it clear that she is not in “support” of her son and new daughter-in-law spending Valentine's Day together. She reminds Nikolas that he might not want to be offering his grandmother's jewelry to Hayden because there is going to be an official reading of his grandmother's Will. Laura warns her son that he cannot ignore threats from Helena even if she has passed. She wishes the two of them a happy Valentine's Day and leaves. Alone with Nikolas, Hayden remarks that his mother appeared to be discontented that she (Laura) was invited to the event yet he assures her he's not worried as he knows exactly what is in the Will, while she watches him locking his secret safe. He explains that the family estate is passed to the eldest son which is himself and Spencer will inherit it from him so he has nothing to worry about, he tells her. He affirms that his financial position is quite secure and, as his wife, she can also benefit from it. They go off together ready to share “intimacy” in the bedroom.

At The Haunted Star, Lulu is bartending and lost in thought while she remembers a previous Valentine's Days when he placed a necklace in her glass, and she almost swallowed it. A customer asks her if she thinks his “girl” will like the ring he has for her. She replies that it's fine as long as he doesn't put it in her glass. Laura goes to find her daughter and warns her that Scott Baldwin sent her an invitation to the reading of Helena's will. Lulu thinks she's also been invited but thinks it's a bad idea to attend the reading. Laura plans to be there. Laura leaves. Maxie goes to visit Lulu and remarks that as the owner of the establishment, Lulu should not have to be tending bar on Valentine's Day. It's so “unromantic” and so she suggests that Lulu enjoys a relaxing night of massage at The Metro Court. She informs her that she and Nathan arranged it as their Valentine's Day gift to her along with a sitter for Rocco while she's gone. Lulu agrees to leave and Maxie calls Nathan while he's at The Floating Rib. She reveals to him that she's arranged for Lulu to “go somewhere” and she needs his help doing the same with Dante so that their mutual friends will “accidentally” run into each other and hopefully get back least for that night, or possibly permanently. When Nathan gets off the phone, he informs Dante that their “desk sergeant” wants one of them to cover a B&E at the Metro Court. Realizing he has nothing planned for the evening, Dante easily agrees it should be himself instead of Nathan who goes there, and he leaves.

At the hospital, Molly is able to find out that the professor with whom Kristina has had “involvement” is a woman and she declares to her sister she is surprised to learn that she is gay. She wants to know about Kristina's “concerns” with telling uncle Sonny, her father, that she's gay. Kristina turns the conversation around” by asking Molly why it is that she's been with TJ for a long time yet she's still a virgin. Clearly it's Molly who has “gay issues”, Kristina tells her. Molly continues to tell Kristina she has a lot to take in to have discovered this thing about herself. She urges Kristina to talk to someone about it. She urges Kristina not to keep it all bottled up telling her it does not have to be this hard and she walks away. Molly gets a call from TJ who wants to meet her somewhere outside of The Floating Rib.

Jason accompanies Sam back to her hospital room and asks her if there is anything she needs. She tells him there is one thing he can do for her which is help her get the hell out of this hospital. He tells her he cannot easily do that because she is recovering from major trauma. Sam reminds him that the word “can't” has never been in his vocabulary and she does not think he should use that word now. He asks her if she has always been this stubborn. She tells him that she knows the doctors are being cautious not wanting her to leave but she is fine. He assesses he knows she misses Danny and asks how she expects to leave wearing only a hospital gown. He attempts to accompany Sam out of the hospital but Lucas sees them and at first does not want to let Sam go but later reconsiders and instructs Jason to make sure Sam is ok if she insists on leaving.

Jason promptly takes Sam home to her apartment where Danny is occupied and he promises he will take care of her. She tells him that's sweet but not necessary because she's been taking care of herself for a long time. Jason tells her he knows she's very capable of doing that but he assures her she will not have to this time. He entertains Danny, has fun with him. Sam laughs and smiles to see the two of them enjoying being together as Jason puts their son to bed.

Back at the hospital, Elizabeth is on the phone revealing she's getting no cooperation from the insurance company after the fire. They want her to put her “husband” on the phone when she clarifies she is the sole policy holder. She concludes if they do not want to talk to her, they can talk to her attorney. Laura comes by to see her and assures her ex daughter-in-law that everything will be ok, when Elizabeth remembers how, the last time she left Jake at the hospital, Helena took him from her. Laura encourages Elizabeth not to be intimidated by Helena as she invites her to stay at Wyndemere and not be intimidated by Hayden either.

Hayden makes sure that Nikolas is asleep and goes downstairs, obviously with a secret plan.

At the hospital, Lucas finds Brad who tells him maybe he needs to have a conversation with his step-sister, Kristina who they notice sitting nearby alone having a conversation which he just happened to overhear. Lucas goes over to talk to Kristina and asks her if she intends to go and celebrate the holiday. Knowing she has no plans nor a date, he asks if she might want to join him and Brad. She declines but asks them (knowing how it relates to them), how and when they discovered, and how it affected them by finding out they were “not straight”. She does not admit it's herself who has found out she is not straight, as she talks about “this friend” in this situation. Lucas explains to her that it's usually more than “just one incident” that alerts someone to their sexual orientation and talks about how he could see that he was “different” than other boys while growing up. He noticed he could not relate to the values and interests of the other guys. He admits to Kristina it took him a while to “come out”, yet Brad admits it was easier and more natural for him to do so. They both talk to her about how her “friend's parents” might be “old school” and so it's a judgment call. Lucas tells Kristina the most important thing for her “friend” is to be brave.

Molly goes to find TJ at The Floating Rib and indicates that maybe now is the time for them to have sex for the first time.

While with Curtis, Valerie seems interested in getting to know more about him as she reveals that she's a police cadet. Hearing that, he is surprised that she would not choose something “more lucrative”. Yet she informs him that her mother taught her the value of good work over money. He informs her that policing is about the law and not about “good work” revealing he might not be comfortable dating a future cop. She then goes off and talks privately to Jordan whom she knows has “concerns” about her being with Curtis. Jordan warns Valerie that she needs to see that Curtis is trouble and realize the best thing she can do is walk away and forget she ever met that man. Valerie asks her boss why she has a “professional concern” since Curtis does not work at PCPD. Jordan tells Valerie associating with Curtis could jeopardize her career, given his fondness for drugs. It will reflect poorly on Valerie, Jordan warns her, as she encourages her to find out about Curtis' involvement with cocaine.

Lulu goes to the place Maxie sent her to, as Dante goes where Nathan has sent him. They are surprised and initially “not happy” to unexpectedly run into each other in the same room. they see the door is locked so neither can leave the romantic and intimate room. Right outside, Maxie and Nathan conclude that they've successfully implemented their plan although they are not certain of the outcome.

While Molly and TJ go off happily together, Kristina calls and leaves a message for her dad, appearing as though she might be getting up the courage to “drop the bomb-shell” but then reconsiders and simply says she wishes him happy Valentine's Day and that she loves him.

Laura calls Scott Baldwin to inform him she definitely plans to attend the reading of Helena's will.

At Wyndemere, Hayden goes to attempt to crack the code to Nikolas' private safe while he's upstairs in his bed wondering where she went. Elizabeth finds her and demands to know what the hell she is doing.

Alone in the apartment, as they sit by the fireplace, Sam asks Jason how he feels about her. He assures her it's not as just a friend. He bends down and kisses her.

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