GH Update Thursday 2/11/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/11/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Floating Rib, Dillon reflects to Maxie his observations that the camera captures more than just her face. It captures her soul and that is somehow more beautiful, he tells her. Nathan comes to pick her up and wonders why Dillon has instantly selected Maxie to be the next featured woman on the magazine cover. Nathan observes the pictures Dillon has taken of Maxie and wants to know just what type of “ideas” Dillon might have about Nathan's girlfriend. He reveals he is not entirely “comfortable” with what is going on. Dillon leaves to go and talk to Julian and Olivia at Crimson. Alone with Nathan, Maxie wants to know what is up with her boyfriend's “reservations” and possible insecurity about what he's just observed. He admits he's a bit concerned about all the guys who will see her picture on the cover. She assures her boyfriend that she loves only him that women must look at him. Anyone with eyes can see he's hot. Yet he is so much more to her than that.

While Tracy talks to Hayden and hears that Hayden is onto her, knowing Tracy is using her to overthrow Nikolas, Tracy appears to be drugged or disoriented and seems like she has nothing to say or think at that point. however, Tracy comes back “around” and seems like she's really “thinking hard” to remember what she knows about Hayden given she's married Nikolas in order to hopefully do what Tracy wants so that Tracy will not expose her, as she remembers Hayden is really Rachel. Hearing that and knowing that Tracy “still remembers”, Hayden tells her she need not dangle that “card” over her face as she promises she will get ELQ back for Tracy and help her defeat Nikolas. At the Metro Court, Tracy surprises Hayden by informing her she does have confidence in her, after all. She informs Hayden that she reminds Tracy of herself in her younger days and admits she knows all about Hayden's (or Rachel's) father. Dillon comes by and observes his mom and Hayden together. He goes and asks if there is anything he should know about. Tracy then introduces her son to the “new Mrs. Nikolas Cassadine”, as she informs him that Hayden also has a “stake” in ELQ. Hayden then gets up to leave them alone to talk and asks Dillon if he could do her a favor by persuading his mom to see a doctor.

At the hospital, Elizabeth checks in on Jake while he's asleep. The attending nurse informs Elizabeth that the fire team has gathered all stuff hat could be salvaged after the fire burned her house down and it's ready to be delivered “wherever they end up”. Elizabeth looks at her stunned and not happy as she hears that. Elizabeth admits she's not certain where they will end up. She wants her boys to be comfortable and it's all undecided at this point.

Sam awakens in her hospital with visible cuts on her face but she seems ok and wants to go home. Jason reminds her all the things that happened to her including smoke inhalation, falling and being stuck in the basement and almost getting caught in an exploding house. Alexis comes by to see her daughter. She informs Sam that her father sends his love yet she knows not to discuss everything with him about that. Molly and Kristina enter with balloons for their big sister. Jason leaves Sam alone to talk with her family while he goes and checks on Jake. Right away, Sam's two younger sisters want all the details about what happened to her and how Jason rescued her. They remind her that when Jason was looking for Sam at The Floating Rib, they knew nothing about what specifically happened to her. They heard she went to Elizabeth's and wonder how it worked out so “conveniently” that Jason knew where to find her and save her life just in time. Kristina wants to know all about the “dreams” Sam had of Jason that may have come true. As soon as Sam is alone with her sister, she tells her she better “come clean with her secret” before their mom finds out.

Elizabeth is tending to Jake when Jason finds her and she wonders what they tell their when he wakes up about the house exploding. They both realize admitting that is a “little much” and they are not entirely certain what exactly to tell him. He awakens, notices both of his parents and asks if they will be a family again. She replies they will always be a family although his dad does not live with him or his mom. They know that he lied about someone trying to break into the house and breaking the family picture. They assure him they will not punish him. He will continue to see Dr. Renault and they will also work with her. However, they want him to know about lying. He tells them he's sorry and did not mean for Sam to get hurt. Elizabeth admits that she made a serious mistake by lying to his dad for which she suffered the consequences of losing him. Jason tells his son that he knows Sam went to talk to him and caught him in a lie and she wound up getting injured. Jake continues to tell his parents he was afraid Sam died, although they both assure him Sam is alive and well. Yet he protests when she fell down the stairs, he did not try to help her. He ran away and let her die”. Sam comes into the room in her hospital gown and assures Jake she's fine and he need not worry. Elizabeth affirms to Jake that he mustn't see his dad's “present wife” as the enemy. She encourages her son to talk to Sam and realize he “might even like her”. Sam then asks Jake if it's ok to talk to him. Elizabeth leaves Sam alone with Jason and Jake when Sam assures the boy he did nothing wrong and luckily his dad found her in time to save her.

Dr. Griffin Munro tells Sonny how a supportive partner in one's life can make all the difference in one's recovery. So why is Sonny lying to Carly? He reminds Sonny of the tremendous progress he's made and wonders why he's keeping it from Carly just like he's keeping it from his doc. Sonny explains that he does not want “word to get out” to his kids and many other people who may have expectations of him. Griffin admits he does not follow and asks Sonny why he'd keep his recover a secret at all. Sonny replies because of “business strategies”. Hearing that, Griffin can clearly tell that Sonny is not revealing everything about what he does in his business. Sonny reminds his doc that he obviously does not understand everything medical professionals know and do and so he believes he's entitled to the same type of “privacy”. Griffin concludes that Sonny has the right to confidentiality if he chooses not to tell anyone he knows about his regaining the use of his legs. However, as Sonny's physician, he tells him, he needs to know more about the progress. He can tell that Sonny can probably now stand and walk although Sonny clarifies he does not have his full strength back. Sonny admits he wants to build trust with his new doc the way he could not with the previous two replacements since Dr. Drake left. He leaves the office to go and check on others in the hospital.

Nikolas reads and attempts to find out info about Baxter Corbin and hopefully how he ties in with “Rachel”, when he sees on his computer a “news flash” about a GH nurse's house burning down. Right away he knows that must be Elizabeth so he rushes to the hospital to find her.

When Elizabeth goes outside in the hospital hallway, Nikolas finds her and needs to know what happened and if she's ok. He realizes with her house burned down, she has nowhere to go. He also knows she blames herself for what happened to Jake, what could have happened to Sam as well as her house burning down and the fact that her boys don't have stability. He protests that she did not cause any of this, reminding her that they have both done things they regret but it's over. He tells her she is more than welcome to stay at Wyndemere, reminding her that Spencer and his would love to see her and they could both help offer Jake some stability after what has happened.. She thanks him for his generous offer but reminds him Hayden is there and she's not exactly his new wife's favorite person. Nikolas reminds Elizabeth it's still his house and she is still his best friend.

While walking in the hospital hallway, Molly talks to her mom about how she knows all too well that Julian does not like Jason nor the idea of Sam with Jason. Hearing that, Alexis asks her daughter how, all of a sudden, Julian was brought into this conversation. She affirms to Molly that Julian is not so much judging Jason as he has concerns for Sam and Danny's safety and how that could be related to whether they are around Jason. Molly tells her mom that is her whole point, reminding her if Julian continues to alienate Jason, he will not only upset Sam, he will be making her and Kristina angry at him. She reminds her mom they have all known Jason much longer than Jason and love him so maybe Alexis needs to discuss that with Julian. Alexis then concludes (in a somewhat joking and sarcastic manner) that maybe, now, if they can just get Sonny to “accept” Julian, they will all be one big happy family. Molly laughs.

Kristina finds Sonny and he is surprised why his daughter is still there and not in school. Kristina informs her dad that Sam got stuck in a basement that almost exploded by Jason saved her life. She also wants to know about her dad's recovery. He informs her he has a new doctor and when there is “information” he will let her know. She tells her dad she knows he “hates” that her mom is marrying Julian, to which Sonny does not argue that point. Kristina asks her dad if he can do her a favor by attending her mom and Julian's wedding. He admits to his daughter he might have to decline her request. Yet he is very impressed by his daughter's “insights”. Alexis and Molly them and Alexis admits to Kristina she knows that she is not in school and keeping a secret. She knows Molly might be keeping a secret for her. Hearing that, Sonny firmly tells their mutual daughter if there is something going on, she needs to tell her parents right now. Kristina then admits that she is not going back to school this semester. The reason is she “can't”. She admits she had an “experience” with one of her professors. Hearing that, Alexis inquires if that would be that woman who came to the house. That “Parker person”? Overhearing that and remembering Kristina revealing she was “seeing” Parker, Molly is very surprised to find out that Kristina had a “same-sex” encounter with her professor. Neither Sonny nor Alexis catch onto that however. She knows she needs to prevent her sister from spilling the beans to them about that. Both of Kristina's parents know that she is not telling them the “whole story”

After Hayden leaves Dillon and Tracy alone to talk at The Metro Court, Dillon asks what Hayden was talking about regarding Tracy needing a “doctor”. What is Tracy hiding? Tracy replies she hasn't a clue what Hayden meant. Maybe since Hayden has married Nikolas, she wants to make it appear that Tracy is “not well” so they can take ELQ. Dillon also wants to know what Tracy might know about Hayden's father, who he is and why Hayden appeared so upset when Tracy mentioned it. Tracy reveals that she “knew” Hayden's father although she does not reveal anything more to Dillon except to affirm she will get ELQ back into Quartermaine hands if it's the last thing she does.

Nikolas returns home to Hayden and sees her on the computer. She knows that Elizabeth is now homeless and Nikolas might invite her to stay with him. Hayden reminds Nikolas that they both know his mother does not like or trust her and may have good reasons. He then concludes to Nikolas that he does not know anyone in her family like she knows in his. She then smiles and admits that her family has it's “ugly side too”. She does not mention anything except that both her parents are dead. She concludes that she does not like talking or thinking about them. They are not important to her. From now on, she tells Nikolas, he and Spencer are her family. Yet he clearly has reservations about that.

At the hospital, Elizabeth talks to her kids on the phone, scared and vulnerable and trying to assure her kids that everything will be alright and urging them all to pull together. She cries and reveals her worries. Griffin overhears her and asks if there's anything he can do to help. He informs her he's the new neurosurgeon and introduces himself realizing they do not know each other. He admits that he knows all too well what it's like to lose someone or something.

Jason goes to see Sam in her hospital room and asks her if she needs anything. She admits there is only one thing she needs to ask his help with and that is helping her get the hell out of the hospital.

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