GH Update Wednesday 2/10/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/10/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas carries Hayden into the house after they got married in Vegas. Laura is there to greet them as soon as they get in the door although she does not smile or congratulate them. Nikolas notices champagne. Laura, however, informs her son she cannot take credit for that. It's from Spencer. She also shows that Spencer has left his dad and new stepmom a message in a card. She tells them she has to leave although Nikolas urges his mom to stay and celebrate with them. She tells them she wishes them happiness together as she proposes a toast. Hayden thanks Laura and hugs her yet Nikolas can see his mom is not enthused.

Nina goes to Maxie's apartment and sees Nathan although he informs her that Maxie is not there. She is at the new photo shoot. She calls the office and confirms that everything has been successful. She tells Nathan they need now only hope that the readers like it. Nathan concludes it looks like a good partnership for his sister and girlfriend. Nina informs her brother she can see that he did not return home last night and that it looks like he and Maxie are now moving in together. She congratulates her brother and inquires why Maxie first insisted that they have separate addresses. Nathan explains they wanted to take it slow at first. Nina tells her brother it's obvious that he and Maxie are crazy in love and not just “dating”. She admits that she feels that same way about Franco even though she knows he may not be Nathan's favorite person. Nathan assesses to his sister that if Franco makes her happy, he is on board with their relationship. She informs Nathan that she and Franco are considering having a child together although she realizes that Franco has reservations about that idea. So she asks Nathan what he has to say about that. He tells her he thinks if she and Franco decide to have kids, the kids would be lucky to have them. He assesses to his sister he knows she's been through hard times and has shown what a loving and wonderful person she is. He even believes it's possible that Franco will prove worthy as a parent. She does, however, ask her brother what if growing up with Madeline has scarred her for life. He reminds her that he also grew up with Madeline although she reminds him he is not her biological child while Nina is. Nathan concludes to his sister after finding out about Madeline, he had trust issues. He was pretty messed up himself regarding that, he admits to Nina, until he met Maxie and she helped him get through it.

Maxie is at The Floating Rib with Dillon and Olivia. Both women are very encouraged by the photos. Julian, however, walks in and needs to know what the 3 of them are looking at, revealing he is not as encouraged. They confirm that there was positive, tasteful and professional representation of Olivia showing the bonding between mother and child. Julian observes what they have created and offers to take everything to the office although they tell him since he's the big boss, they need not require him to do that. Olivia wants to go there with him to make sure he does not destroy the photo shoots before getting to the office. After they leave, Maxie comments that both Nina and Olivia had their “reservations” about Julian, to which Dillon assures her there is no cause for worry because he's keeping all photos backed up on flash-drive. Maxie expresses that their most recent issue and story about Olivia shows them that fashion comes in all sizes and with all lifestyles of women. Yet they know they need more ideas for new issues. He concludes that he thinks Maxie is the perfect role model to be the woman on the next cover. He talks about her being a mom, a fascinating person and the fact that although Nina is the editor, Maxie does all the leg work to make the success of the magazine possible. Dillon does many photo shoots of Maxie at the bar, on the pool table, and in many different poses.,

At The Metro Court, Tracy sits with Michael while they brainstorm about how to handle the lawsuit against Nikolas yet they both wonder why there is not more progress with it by now. She seems not to trust Michael's alliance with Alexis representing him. Alexis enters and informs Michael that Nikolas has filed a motion to dismiss. It's just a formality however she anticipates the judge will want them to settle so she needs to make sure that both Michael and Tracy intend to pursue this. She tells Michael that she realizes he may have reservations about having her representing him against her nephew. Yet Alexis assures them both that her son Danny is a Quartermaine so her loyalty is to their family. She leaves Michael and Tracy alone and Tracy informs him that she does not see Alexis as the only means for them to get ELQ back. She tells him she “has another way” although she does not reveal the source to Michael.

While at Wyndemere with Nikolas and Laura, Hayden gets a private message from Tracy, knows she has to “get to work”, and so she leaves. Alone with her son, Laura expresses that she still believes that he made a commitment to a stranger. He admits it's true that he does not know much about his wife. However, she means something to him and Spencer adores her. Laura reminds her son that he said the same thing about Brit. And look what happened with that. Nikolas continues to maintain to his mom that he just wishes she would support his decision to marry Hayden.

Carly sits with Sonny at a table and wonders if everything is ok with her husband. Sonny assures her it is although he does not share the details. Max enters and Carly leaves them alone while Sonny privately tells his right-hand man that tonight they go and shut their enemies down. Max asks just how Sonny intends to do all of that, noticing that he is still in a wheelchair. Sonny seems very confident although Max questions that. Carly returns and informs him he has an appointment at GH to meet his new doctor. Epiphany accompanies them to the room where she assures them she is happy with the new doctor. It's the guy whom Sonny met in the chapel. He introduces himself as Griffin Monroe to both Sonny and Carly. They seem positive about Griffin taking over as neuro surgeon after Patrick has left. He informs them that he's a med school classmate of Lucas'. Sonny however wants to know more about his new doctor. Griffin goes over Sonny's medical history and inquires about the injury being caused by a gunshot wound a while back. He wants to talk about Sonny's possible pain and the progress he's made with P.T. Sonny informs his new doc that he feels a little bit in his legs although he does not reveal all the details. Griffin then tells them he believes if Sonny continues with PT, in time he will regain the use of his legs. He asks if Sonny and Carly can wait for him while he goes and checks on something. Outside, he asks Epiphany what she knows about the “progress” of Mr. Corinthos, to which Epiphany hesitates to honestly answer that question.

Alexis goes to meet with Julian who admits he still has his reservations, as Leo's father, to be having Leo's mother “exposing herself”. Hearing that, she tells him that is the very attitude that their whole intention is to change. There is nothing “sexual” about what Olivia is doing, she tells him. He realizes that Alexis may have a different opinion although he concludes she is the woman he loves. They confirm that they are in love and can't wait to get married.

Olivia and Nina wait at the Crimson office and Nina sees the pictures which she concludes to Olivia she is ecstatic as she tells her she can't wait for this issue of Crimson to hit the stands.

Hayden goes to meet privately with Tracy after Michael has left. Tracy asks her just how she plan to accomplish what is needed, to which Hayden admits there may be “slight complications”. Tracy tells her that she does not believe that there's any way they're going to accomplish what they need after Hayden has signed the prenup. She concludes that working with Hayden (whom she knows is really Rachel) is a waste of her time. Nikolas will never sign over ELQ at this rate. However, Hayden informs her, she “has something” on her new husband.

Laura asks Nikolas how he would feel if Spencer married a woman with whom he's had the shady involvement that Nikolas has had with Hayden. He admits he sees her point although he assures her he knows what he is doing. She is also concerned with the fact that Hayden seems to be the “only one” who supports Nikolas' decision to take over ELQ. She's worried that her son cannot see what is right in front of him. He tells her even if that is true, his lawyers can and that is why they advised him to sign the prenup. Laura is still worried. She tells him that real love develops over time, through sharing life experiences and truly knowing each other. She urges him not to assume anything especially where Hayden is concerned. He assures his mother he will take that into consideration. She tells her son she still hopes she's wrong about Hayden and that they can have a long and happy life together. But most importantly, she hopes her son can be loved the way he deserves to be loved. She leaves the room and when Nikolas is alone, he comments that he “also hopes that” as he gets on his computer to investigate something.

Tracy warns Hayden that she can make her life miserable, reminding her she knows her real name is Rachel. Hayden grows concerned when Tracy's attention trails off and she stares into space.

Dillon tells Maxie that he can see that the camera loves more than just her face. It finds a way to her soul and that, he tells her, is more beautiful. Nathan enters and looks at his girlfriend staring into Dillon's eyes.

Alexis and Julian are ready to pick out their rings. They go off together.

At Crimson, Nina assesses to Olivia that she and Leo are so sweet and beautiful together. She believes all women want to feel this bond and will be inspired by this next issue of Crimson. They both seem very encouraged. Nina talks about many of the “candidates” they have for the woman they will put on the cover of the next issue. Epiphany enters and Nina announces this is one perfect example.

At the hospital, Carly leaves Sonny and his new doc alone when she has to handle a crisis at the hotel. Griffin agrees with Sonny that he has a great woman and he's very lucky to have someone so encouraging. He immediately gets straight to the point, however, knowing what is really going on, and asks Sonny why he's lying to her.

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