GH Update Tuesday 2/9/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/9/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita


Nathan pays Maxie a surprise visit to which she asks about. He informs her that he has no heat in his tiny apartment at Kelly's. Hearing that, she happily welcomes him to stay with her while she provides all the heat he needs. While they are intimately together, Lulu comes out and is surprised to see Nathan there. Maxie leaves and Lulu informs him that it's true that she and Maxie may spend a lot of time together in the apartment talking about fashion and “girl stuff”, she can vouch for the fact that Maxie is always checking her messages to stay in contact with him and talks about Nathan very frequently to her best friend. Maxie comes out and does her usually “brain-storming” about ideas for Crimson. Maxie confirms that she wants Nathan to move in with her. However, she tells him if they make it official, maybe they should find a place of their own together. She is ready to get online to look although she realizes she “cannot”. She does not want to leave Lulu alone when she does not have anywhere to live. She remembers when this used to be Lulu's apartment and she does not want to abandon her best friend.

Julian and Alexis are happily together ready to spend an intimate evening alone together when Ava unexpectedly drops by. She has a belated Christmas present for her brother, which is an art sculpture that Alexis may not want in her house. Alexis gets a call that she takes in the other room. It's Monica with information for Alexis about Sam's prognosis after almost getting killed.

Anna goes to see Paul, alone in his office putting into motion the “plan” Robert wants her to partake in (having Paul believing she might be “interested” in him so he will trust her and hopefully reveal his secrets to her). Paul admits to her that he is kind of “depressed” while processing his most recent visit with his son, as he tells her he realizes that parenting has never been his forte. He asks her about her visit with her daughter. At that point, she admits to him that she lied to him, not only about visiting Robin, but about many other things. She tells him she realizes she promised him her “full cooperation” and so she believes she should make good on that, as she admits to him she was not visiting Robin in Berkeley. She was in a jail cell in Halifax. She admits that happened after she was searching for Carlos to prove that he was alive and that she failed. She confides in Paul that she and Robert secretly followed Carlos realizing that it's likely Halifax is the perfect place for him to go for a clean getaway. She knows Carlos did not book a freighter to Halifax. She knows that Carlos is dead. She talks about how she spent many years looking for Duke. Paul can see that she is still in mourning and he realizes that Duke is the love of Anna's life. He tells her with all due respect, she cannot stop living. No one would want that for her. When she confides in him about blaming her for not being there for Robin when she needed her mom, Paul shares with her that Dillon recently disowned him and maybe for good reasons. He realizes that since his son was an infant, he was never there for him and put his own ambitions ahead of Dillon and he knows he also alienated his son's mother. He admits he's never been there for any of his kids, including his youngest Jenny and Susan. Hearing that, Anna remarks that he never talks about Susan. When she tells him she doesn't want to “keep” him when he might need to get home, he reminds her his only home is a hotel room where he stays alone.

At the hospital, while Sam is in her recovery bed, and Jason sits by her side, she informs him she dreamed that he was with her. She is very surprised that he knows what she dreamed of (he told her to run to him). She confirms that's right and that she hung onto him, not only in her dream but in reality. Elizabeth appears outside the door and overhears Jason informing Sam he somehow knew that he'd find her down in the basement (Elizabeth's basement while her house burned). Elizabeth enters and informs them she thinks she knows what happened although she was not there. She asks Sam how she is feeling. They inform her she has a minor concussion and will probably be alright. Had Jason not come when he did, she would have died. He explains that he heard she never picked Danny up from a party so he found out from Molly and Kristina that Sam was last seen headed to Elizabeth's house. Sam is surprised to find out that Jake has been admitted for surgery after getting injured. Instantly, as soon as she hears that, Elizabeth panics as she protests to Sam that Jake “did not mean it” and she will make sure that Sam is alright if Sam will please have mercy on Elizabeth's son and not press charges. Hearing that, Sam firmly clarifies to both of them that Jake did not “do” anything. She fell down the stairs by accident. She explains that Franco discussed his concerns about Jake. She went to the house to see if Elizabeth was there and Jake answered the door. She noticed he had a cut on his finger and the window was broken. They all know that although he lied, Jake smashed the window. Sam explains that Jake panicked and ran down the basement. She ran after him, lost her balance and fell. Jason assesses that Jake thought he caused what happened to Sam, ran away and got hit by a car. Yet he assures everyone Jake will recover. Elizabeth notices Jason tending to Sam. Sam tells Elizabeth she is “so sorry” about Elizabeth's house. Jason confirms the most important thing is everybody will be ok. Elizabeth tells them she needs to leave but thanks Sam for “not blaming Jake”. Alone with Jason, Sam admits she does not want to close her eyes because whenever she did that while trapped in the basement, he would disappear. Jason holds her hand and promises her he is not going anywhere. Elizabeth then goes off alone and cries uncontrollably. She tells him she knows he would have died in that basement were it not for her and she thanks him for that. He tells her he owes her gratitude for not appreciating the fact that she believed in him when he gave her no reason to and he wants to give her back what she lost when he was gone.

As soon as Alexis gets off the phone and Julian hears what happened to their daughter , and about Jason's “involvement” in it, he angrily affirms that he does not want that guy near their daughter. He knew from the start that Jason was no good for Sam. Alexis has to leave. Alone with Julian, Ava expresses she is really sorry as she knows nothing is worse than being afraid for one's child. Julian expresses to his sister he believes his daughter was better off when everybody believed Jason was dead. Ava comments to her brother that,-Sam's bad taste in husbands aside-, things seem to be going well for Julian. He's there with the woman he loves and all of his children including the youngest. He has a legitimate business with no more risk of getting arrested or gunned down. Hearing that, Julian asks his sister if she's admitting she is now in over her head. He asks her if she's having second thoughts about running the Jerome organization. She tells him she is worried about how this could endanger her little girl. At that point, Julian demands his sister get straight to the point and tell him just how much trouble she is in. She does not give her brother specific information but does admit to him that she many times would like to have a normal life with family like he has. He tells his sister that if that is what one really wants, they always have that choice. Yet she confides in him that she does not have simple choices.

While Sam is in her hospital bed with Jason, Alexis rushes in to see her daughter, who informs her mom that Jason saved her life.. Hearing that (while knowing Julian dislikes Jason), Alexis takes him aside, informing him that just for the record, she realizes she has had her reservations of his being with her daughter, in the past. Yet, she assures Jason, she no longer has those doubts and now knows that he's always been there for Sam.

Elizabeth mindfully observes Jason not wanting to leave Sam's side as she recovers in a hospital bed....... being trapped in the basement and his saving her life by getting her out of Elizabeth's basement before the house caught on fire. She goes outside. Monica is able to see that her former daughter-in-law is now homeless and offers to let Elizabeth stay at the Quartermaine house. Elizabeth thanks her former mother-in-law but informs her she will stay temporarily at her grandmother's house. Monica, however, knows Elizabeth may need a "permanent" place to live. Elizabeth returns home to see her house closed off and all of her things gone as well as a broken photo of herself and Jason (when he was Jake) not long ago. When Julian finds out what almost happened to Sam, he tells Alexis he does not want Jason around their daughter. Yet she goes and praises Jason when she finds out he saved her daughter's life. Paul appears depressed and vulnerable. Tracy has thrown him out of her house and wants nothing more to do with him. He's living alone in a motel. Dillon is done with his dad and wants no further relationship with him. Ava won't even sleep with him anymore and is finally putting her foot down with Paul. In perfect timing, Anna comes to "visit" Paul. he's obviously in a "vulnerable" mood, alone in his office and Robert is correct that Paul "likes" Anna and wishes she liked him. He invites her into his office and confides in her that he knows he's a lousy father and she can tell that Paul must have a secret regarding his daughter, Susan. Nathan has moved out of Kelly's and wants to stay with Maxie. She wants the two of them to get their own place together but she realizes she does not want to abandon Lulu who is also staying in Maxie's apartment. The place is obviously too small for the three of them and Rocco and Lulu is alone without a man while Maxie and Nathan are moving forward in their relationship.

Outside in the hospital lobby. Elizabeth finds Jason and tells him that by saving Sam's life, he also saved their son's life, realizing if Sam had died, it would be a serious consequence for Jake. Hearing that, he tells her she need not dwell on that now that both of them have come through and are going to be ok. She assesses that she can see that he has the same connection to Sam that he always had. She thanks Jason for being so good to Jake. Monica comes back to assure them Jake is ok and offers to let Elizabeth stay at her house if she needs to. Elizabeth thanks her but informs her she will stay with her grandmother. Alexis comes out and informs Elizabeth that Sam would like to speak with her privately.

Lulu tells Maxie and Nathan all about her “situation” with Dante regarding how she still cannot believe or grasp how things went so wrong. However, noticing that her friends are celebrating a happy occasion with their relationships, she realizes she cannot ask them to listen to her “issues”. She welcomes Nathan to the apartment although they all know that there won't be a lot of living space with herself, Rocco and the two of them. The three of them sit on the couch, eat and watch television. The women engage in their usual conversation about fashion and television programs they follow, which Nathan might not be as interested in.

Alexis returns home to Julian and Ava. She does not want to discuss the entire issue but assures her fiancÚ that their daughter is alive and well and they owe it all to Jason. Ava overhears makes it clear that she is uncomfortable and tells her brother and Alexis she needs to leave and give them some privately. She tells them she is glad that Sam is alright and she realizes that not knowing what will happen to one's child or having them in danger is any parent's worse nightmare.

While Anna is with Paul in his office, he pulls out some alcohol and asks if she will join him, justifying that they can drink after hours. She tells him he needs to get home and prefers to take a rain check with that and rushes out. When she leave his office, she asks herself what the hell she is doing.

When Ava leaves Alexis and Julian's house, she gets a call from Paul and seems to know what he is up to and what he wants, and she defiantly tells him he needs to find another woman to blackmail in order to give him attention. Alone, Paul appears frustrated, drinks his alcohol alone and throws the glass against the wall.

While Sam is in her hospital bed, she informs Elizabeth she needs to make it clear that Jake not push her. She fell down the stairs by accident. Hearing that, Elizabeth is very grateful that Sam does not want to make trouble or press charges against Elizabeth and Jason's son. Elizabeth realizes if Sam had simply done the very behaviors she, herself has kept doing (failing to tell the truth), Jake would have been tried as a juvenile offender given that Sam could have been killed. Elizabeth leaves and Jason comes in to talk to Sam. She asks if he could do her a favor. She tells him that she's heard that her dad is pretty “upset” about this situation and will probably Jason for what happened. So she asks if Jason could please just not listen to her dad, as she cannot control what he thinks or says. Jason tells her he will do that under one condition which is that Sam gets better. Jason looks like he very clearly does not want to leave her.

Paul is alone in his office when he pulls out a picture of a little girl. His expression is unhappy and empty.

Alone in The Floating Rib, Anna gets on her phone and privately talks to Mac about what she noticed regarding how Paul reacted when she inquired about his daughter, Susan. She realizes that that has been a big mystery without any answers but it could explain a lot of things and unravel the mystery about what is up with Paul. She remarks that she could clearly see that the subject of Paul's daughter, Susan, was his “vulnerability” point.

While Sam is with Jason alone and it looks like they might get back together and he might regain his memory, Elizabeth returns to her burned down house. She sees she is alone in the snow without anywhere to live, no man, not knowing what she's going to do with her kids. She notices a picture of herself and Jason which she picks out of the snow and sees the glass in the picture frame is broken She stands alone when we hear Jason and Sam both talking about how they were always there for each other and making it clear that neither wants to lose the other.

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