GH Update Monday 2/8/16

General Hospital Update Monday 2/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Paul Hornsby calls Jordan Ashford into his office. The police commissioner asks the DA if there are any problems. In response to that, he asks her if she can “tell him” the answer to that question.

Anna returns from her trip to Halifax and runs into Dr. Maddox at The Floating Rib. She tells him she attempted to find Carlos, asked for Robert's help but later concluded that maybe Robert can do it better and be more likely to find Carlos and unravel the mystery without her so she has returned. Maddox wants to hear all about it although Anna tells him she does not want to interrupt his plans. He assures her that he has all the time needed to discuss the matter with her. Again she is not comfortable and continues to make excuses not to talk to him. He really wants to know the “real reason” why she has returned home. She evades the question and tells him that she is encouraging her daughter going to California although she will miss them. He asks if she's considered moving. She admits she has considered that but realizes it may be selfish for her to “latch onto” her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter's lives. She needs to find her own purpose and get to the bottom of this case involving Carlos. She admits she has had difficulty “letting go”. He tells her that at least her “diversion” has merit. He realizes that she has justification to bring a murderer like Carlos Rivera to justice. She tells him there are still “issues” and a mystery to unravel involving how or why Paul Hornsby would be given the DA position. Jordan appears and it looks like she's ready to have her “date” with Maddox.

After Jake has gotten out of surgery and is resting in his hospital bed, looking pretty banged-up and injured still he has an urgent need to tell his mom something. He expresses his concerned that he may have “killed Sam”. Hearing that, Elizabeth is not certain if her son knows what he is talking about, if he is confused and/or delirious. She asks him if he wants to hurt Sam. Before they can continue that conversation, the attending nurse wants to check Jake's vitals. Elizabeth leaves the hospital room and goes outside. Franco comes by and asks her how her son is doing. She cries and allows Franco to hold her in his arms and comfort her.

Meanwhile, not far away at the hospital, Franco looks at the pictures drawn by Jake that give him cause for concern. Sonny and Carly are not far away, not about to go anywhere until they know that Jason's son will be ok. They get a call from Michael who is at the Floating Rib and informs his parents he'd like to stop by the house to discuss something when they have time. Yet Sonny insists, to his son, that he and Carly go to meet Michael at the Floating Rib instead. Carly tells Sonny they need not do that. They have food at home. She is a bit surprised that her wheelchair-bound husband would want to be seen in public. He responds by appearing “confident and positive” which really surprises Carly. Sonny tells her maybe they should thank Epiphany. She has knocked some sense into him, he tells Carly, about facing his reality. She then happily confirms that they should go to The Floating Rib.

While the smoke detector beeps in Elizabeth's house, Jason is determined to find Sam knowing she was last seen there. We see him rushing down to the basement and noticing Sam lying on the floor in a blanket sleeping or unconscious and unable to get out of the basement while there is smoke leading to a fire. She coughs and is unable to get up the stairs, while we see that she is only dreaming. Jason is not there. She is alone and lying on the basement floor while the space heater appears to be catching on fire. In real life, Jason looks around Elizabeth's house calling to Sam but cannot find her. He looks all over for her but she cannot hear or respond. He rushes down to the basement and finally finds her but cannot get her to wake up. He wastes no time getting her out of the basement and carrying her up the stairs while we see the oil furnace catch on fire and it blow up. Both of them fall into the snow outside Elizabeth's house and are unconscious. We see the fire igniting and burning the house while Jason revives Sam and makes sure she is ok. We see the house engulfed in fired. Knowing Sam cannot walk, Jason carries her to the hospital.

Paul informs Jordan that a murder victim was poisoned by oven cleaner. He informs her that Officer Norton has the report yet may not be available to testify at the trial which is why he needs her help. He reminds her that Judge Williams is a stickler for details. She agrees that the judge is tough so she assures the DA that she will have all the files and evidence needed. He tells Jordan he is confident that she will do what is needed and compliments how she does her job, as he adds he “would not want to be a defense attorney in this town”. She tells him she “appreciates” his confidence in her although it's clear she does not trust him. Paul then asks Jordan if, by the way, she has seen or heard from Anna Devane. Jordan immediately asks why. He is able to see that she may not know, off hand exactly where Anna is right now although he knows they are both keeping secrets from him and distrust him. She concludes she will have the file on his desk by the following day. As she leaves, Dillon enters the office to talk to his father.

Franco goes into the chapel with Elizabeth who tells him that although her son has been seriously injured, everyone tells her his prognosis is good. Franco can tell that she is worried about something beyond Jake's physical condition. She then admits that she just recently talked to her son and he said some very “bizarre” things. Franco asks her why she is so worried and what, specifically Jake said that has freaked her out so much. Elizabeth replies he said he killed Sam. Hearing that, Franco has concerns although he hasn't a clue what has happened. Elizabeth rationalizes that she realizes Jake would not “kill” Sam yet she's concerned about what is going on wit her son. Franco asks if maybe Jake has anger and negativity toward Sam because he sees Sam as the source of his mom's anger. Hearing that, Elizabeth feels very emotional, guilty and upset to know that maybe she is responsible for her son's mental health issues and, in turn, could be projecting that onto Sam. They both somehow know, although they have no conscious awareness of what is now happening, that Sam might be in danger. Franco tells Elizabeth that he had an adoptive mother, as a child, with whom he felt obligated to bond. He had to believe his mother was a quality person when maybe she was not. Then he met his birth mother and had nothing positive to believe about her. So, he tells Elizabeth, his point is that she is not the kind of mother that he had to contend with as a child. She can be there for her son the way not all mothers can. He can see that she is beating herself up and blaming herself for what is going on with Jake but Franco firmly tells her what she needs to do, instead of that, is be there for her kid. Jake needs her and probably needs Jason too, Franco tells her. She needs to realize she is a mom and therefore needs to stop hating herself, he tells her. She cries and thanks him. She gets an unexpected phone call from a neighbor and is shocked at what she hears.

As soon as the fire ignites, Jason is able to carry Sam up the basement stairs before it's “too late”.

Carly wheels Sonny into The Floating Rib when they can instantly hear “gossip” from people who see and know the “mob boss”. She expresses being uncomfortable, remarking that people need to mind their own business although Sonny does not seem “worried, intimidated nor uncomfortable”. Michael finds them and announces that he plans to travel to Puerto Rico to go after Sabrina and attempt to get her back. Hearing that, Carly expresses concerns and reminds her son that it's clear that Sabrina has ended their relationship and has moved on. She tells him that she realizes that he cared for Sabrina and she-him. It's good that they got to know each other but he needs to realize that they can't live a lie being together when it's not right. Sonny tells his son he agrees with his mother. Hearing that, Michael asks his dad if he is not the same one who told him not to walk away from Sabrina. Sonny tells his son that was before she made the choice to leave town and decide she did not want Michael in the baby's life and so Michael has to honor that, Sonny tells him. Carly remarks to her son that he is a “born fixer” and that is why he has the mistaken idea that he has to be there for Sabrina although that is not the right thing for either of them. Michael then concludes to his parents that they made some really good points so he will cancel his flight.

Dillon reminds his dad that he knows his mom kicked him out of her house because she caught his dad in bed with another woman. Paul asks his son to keep the cuff links his dad gave him. Dillon coldly tells his dad he does not want them nor anything to do with his dad. He admits that he owes Paul money for what he invested in Dillon's movie deal. He will pay his dad back. Paul protests he does not care about the material things and knows neither does his son. He tells Dillon he knows he came by for a reason. He wants to be a father to his son, although he knows he's made mistakes, and, he tells Dillon, walking away is not going to do either of them any good. Dillon tells his dad he does have a question to ask of him. He now knows that his father does not care about his mother or about him. So, he needs to know the real reason why his dad came back to Port Charles after all this while. Paul protests that he does not want to give up on his son. He knows that he failed him back when Dillon was a child and he failed Dillon's mom recently but he wants another chance. Dillon tells his dad he's sorry but some things are un-fixable. He laves the cufflinks for his dad and leaves the office although Paul urges Dillon to wait.

At The Floating Rib, Jordan takes Anna aside and privately warns her that Paul Hornsby is “suspicious” so Anna needs to be careful. She asks Anna what she intends to do. Anna replies she guesses she will just have to “be ready for” Paul Hornsby. Anna leaves Anna alone with Maddox, knowing she needs to take care of some “secret business”. Jordan wants to spend time with Maddox but knows she has to work and his busy. He asks her if she ants to reschedule or if she is just plain disinterested. He assures her he is a “big boy” and can take it if she tells him that. She assures him that is not the case. She is interested.

Anna knows she has to implement her “secret plan” with Paul, which she does not reveal to anyone. She goes to find him alone in the DA's office making it appear as though she might want to “be alone” with him.

While talking to Franco at the hospital, after getting the call from the neighbor, Elizabeth is still not certain exactly what has happened. Was there a break-in? Something else? They are clueless. Jason rushes in carrying an unconscious Sam and demands that medical staff do something now. Elizabeth approaches him and he informs her that her house is on fire and both he and Sam are lucky to be alive. Had he not gotten there in time, Sam would have burned in the fire. Elizabeth is shocked to learn that Sam has been in her basement for at least 24 hours alone and nobody has known. The doctors rush to put Sam on a bed and have her on an oxygen mask. Jason goes to find her. She is fully conscious and aware of what happened to her and that Jason has saved her life.

She tells him she envisioned and dreamt of, about him. She looks adoringly at him knowing he saved her life. He holds her hand and looks “adoringly” at her, emotional to think that she was almost killed and he saved her. Elizabeth comes by and views them together.

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