GH Update Friday 2/5/16

General Hospital Update Friday 2/5/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco and Nina are at The Floating Rib when he expresses to her his concern about Jake in art therapy. She talks about how there are tons of babies waiting to be adopted by able, loving people. He reminds her that they decided to put that discussion on hold. She tells him that she realizes it will take a while to go through the adoption process and nothing will be rushed. Hearing that he tells her there will be no “adoption process” as he tells Nina he hates to be the bearer of bad news but no adoption agency on the planet would let the two of them adopt a child. She tells him that although there might be some “issues” with a background check on him, perhaps he could explain he is now a “changed man”. He tells her that anybody and everybody knows all about his history and how the two of them kidnapped a baby. She asks if he is also doubting whether she is “fit” to be a mother, to which he assures her he believes she will be a great mother. She is worried that there's no way she can have a baby biologically and he has these reservations about adopting. So, she concludes, she can adopt on her own without him. Hearing that, he tells her she can't just adopt a baby by herself. She asks if he does not want to be a part of that and will leave her high and dry. He asks her if she is not busy with work. She tells him she will have a nanny. He asks her, given that they kidnapped Avery and fled to Canada, why she'd think this could ever happen. He also wants to know why she wants a baby now all of a sudden when she did not express that to him before. She asks him if he does not believe they can have more love to give. He tells her he does but asks if she wants to test their relationship by adding a third person because he does not. She then concludes that she has faith in them but can clearly see he does not, as she walks off.

Kristina calls Molly to meet her at The Floating Rib, in a panic needing her help but hesitates to tell her what is going on. Molly firmly tells her sister after she's sent her the urgent message that they meet, she thinks Kristina, at the very least, owes her an explanation as to what is up. Kristina then declares that her life is in the toilet and she is the “most screwed-up Corinthos”. Molly assures her sister she is not implying that she is screwed up but she knows Kristina is in trouble with something more than her grades, given that Kristina is keeping this secret from their mom. She wants to know more. Molly admits she's noticed Kristina's private diary when she speaks of her romance with “P”. She assumes there's a “guy” with whom Kristina is involved and has something to do with her trouble in school. Kristina continues to hide the secret from her sister yet Molly declares whomever “this P” is, “he” has obviously gotten Kristina all messed up. Molly wonder why Kristina does not have an address if she is not in the dorms. Kristina admits she is “homeless”. Molly finds that surprising and wants to call their mom so she can help them although Kristina demands she not get their mom involved. Molly however, demands that Kristina stops hiding what is going on from her family. Kristina admits she was going to “trade sex” with a professor for a grade. “Parker”, she explains, seemed interested in her yet there was a “wife” in the background. Molly asks if “he” is hot, to which Kristina replies “hot” does not begin to describe it. Molly surprises her sister by sounding like she may support Kristina's situation as she assures her she will not be homeless. Kristina can live with her.

Meanwhile, Kiki and Morgan are alone in the empty apartment kissing yet he pulls away and tells her he has to go, as he makes it clear he wants to avoid and evade something. Yet she demands to know what is going on, very offended to see that he can act as though he wants to be with her and when her guard is down, he has to bail. He tells her he's worried about what is going on with him. He assures her it is not her. She is beautiful, sexy and perfect and it has nothing to do with her. Yet he does not want to talk about this. She asks if he does not still want to make things work. He assures her of course. He apologizes for yelling and expresses “this has never happened to him before”. She tells him maybe they should take a breather and relax and then try it again. Maybe just take things slow, she suggests. She tries to get him “in the mood”, yet he sees that he cannot go through with it. He tells her he's afraid she must see him as “pitiful” and it's all because of his damn medication. She tells him there are ways to take care of “that” side effect. Yet he tells her there are many other side effects that he cannot live with. He's too tired to do anything, has to urinate all the time and cannot get it up. She urges him to know that the pills are for his mental health although he protests to her that he cannot do what he wants and needs to do so how is his life or his mental health of any value? He concludes he wants to get rid of the pills because they are not working for him. Knowing that he believes he's “failed her” because he can't perform, she asks him if he thinks she sees him as nothing more than someone to have sex with. She urges him to know he means more to her than that. He asks her if she is saying that she'd be alright if they could never have sex again. She tells him sex is a bonus. If that was the only thing not working right now, she is ok with that. He tells her maybe he “should” be satisfied with kissing, hugging cuddling and other things than sex but that is “not him”. She wants to encourage him to know she is ok with him but he gets up to leave, telling her he cannot do this right now.

While Elizabeth and Jason wait in the hospital to hear the outcome of Jake's surgery, Lucas comes out to inform them that there has been a “complication”. Elizabeth frantically urges him to tell him their boy will be ok. He assures her that Jake is fine now. The surgery was successful and they were able to stop the internal bleeding. He tells them they are not entirely certain what could happen or if he will need further surgery but Jake is stable and they were able to address the immediate issue. Jason asks if they can see him. Lucas replies yes but one at a time. Elizabeth rushes to her son and Lucas tells them if they need anything, he will be right back. While Jason looks through the window at his son with Elizabeth, Sonny and Carly come over and Carly puts her arms around Jason. She wants to know all about his son. Jason is worried about the broken bones from the accident although he wants to believe Jake will pull through. Carly wants to encourage him to know that she is there for him.

Meanwhile, Sam is still alone after being injured and without heat in the basement of Elizabeth's house.

While Carly is talking to Jason, Sonny goes into the chapel. A guy talks to him about how they are both talking to a higher power asking for something they cannot accomplish for themselves. Sonny tells him maybe “they” just need a helping hand, to which the guy remarks about how things like that occur for “control freaks like themselves.” The guy, who clearly does not know Sonny, asks him if he's been in a wheelchair his whole life. Sonny chuckles as he talks about how it happened to him. He assures the guy that GH is incredible and anyone unfamiliar with the facility must know it's the “beating heart” of this town. The guy thanks Sonny and tells him he needs to leave and get somewhere. Sonny notices the guy has dropped something and knows which “saint” his piece of jewelry represents. Sonny talks about St. Aloysius, patron saint of the blind of the past. The guy tells him the spirit is now the patron saint of AIDS and children in need. Sonny talks about how he lost someone to AIDS long ago just like the guy recently has. He then informs Sonny he has to go and apply for a job.

After Elizabeth gets out of the room where Jake is unconscious, resting and there is uncertainty, Carly can see she is upset and assures Elizabeth that while she and Sonny wanted to be there for Jason, they want to be there for her too. Inside, Jason talks to his son, assuring him things will be ok. Yet Jake wants to “urge” his dad that “it was just an accident” and “he did not mean to do it”. Hearing that, Jason asks his son what he did not mean to do. Jake replies he “did not mean to hurt her”. Outside, Carly is concerned when she sees Elizabeth blaming herself for letting Jake out of her sight and causing this to happen. She firmly tells Elizabeth she needs to listen and know what a great mom she is and that nobody is going to give up until her little boy is all better. Elizabeth cries and tells Carly she owes her and Sonny and their family for all she's done to them. Carly tells her she knows she's thrown that up in Elizabeth's face so many times but now wants to offer her support. Lucas calls Elizabeth and Jason into the other room to talk to them. He urges them to go and please eat something. Jason tells Elizabeth he will go and pick something up while she stays.

Sam is asleep, unconscious or going into shock in the basement where she's turned on a space heater. We hear it beeping and sounding an alarm which she is unaware of. It looks like it might start a fire while she is trapped in the basement. Right then she coughs. The smoke fills the air and the smoke detector continues to beep while Sam coughs, sits up and remembers seeing Jason. She asks where he is and knows she might need him to save her.

The guy whom Sonny was talking to in the chapel leaves and Carly enters. She seems intrigued to see that her husband was talking to a stranger who seemed like a friend. The guy passes Lucas not recognizing him and asks where to find Human Resources. They reveal they know each other. The guy's name is Griffin Monroe, an old friend of Lucas' from med school. He informs Lucas he is applying to be GH's new neurosurgeon to replace Patrick.

Jason goes to The Floating Rib and finds out that Sam did not pick up Danny from a birthday party although the contact assures him Danny is ok. He is then, determined to get to the bottom of this. He notices Kristina and Molly and asks if either of them have seen Sam. They admit they have not, since yesterday. Jason asks where they last saw Sam. Kristina replies Sam was on her way to Elizabeth's when they last spoke

The smoke detector continues to beep. The space heater continues to smoke and is ready to catch on fire. Sam continues to cough and finds it hard to stay awake and sit up.

After Morgan has left Kiki alone, she leaves a message for him telling him she wants to see him again and urges he calls her when he gets the message so they can have their second date. Morgan then walks outside the building. He phone alerts him that it's time to take his meds. He pulls the bottles of pills out of his pocket and throws them in the trash. Franco and Nina return to the apartment where Kiki is alone in the dark. He asks Kiki how was her date with Morgan and if she is “alright”. Kiki replies it's a little bit complicated but she thinks she will be fine. She gets up to leave. Alone with Nina, he asks her if she really believes he's a “great surrogate parent” when Kiki walks out the door. He asks her if she does not see that since they've been together, they've either been on the run or trying to catch their breath in order to have time together. So should they not wait before having a baby together and in the mean time, get to enjoy some alone time.

Morgan rushes to The Floating Rib and urgently orders a beer. He's surprised to see Kristina and Molly. Kristina notices her brother ordering alcohol and asks him if he is not supposed to refrain from drinking. He admits that's true but asks isn't she “supposed to be in school”? When she does not replies, he promises he will not tell if she does not.

When Carly expresses her worries to Sonny about all that Elizabeth and her boys have been through, he is not worried that anything terrible will happen. Inside Jake's room, he urgently protests to his mom that he “did not mean to” and is “sorry”. She asks him what he is sorry for. He replies he “killed her”.

Jason rushes to Elizabeth's home, hears the smoke alarm but cannot find Sam. He urgently tries to find her although she does not make her presence known.

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