GH Update Thursday 2/4/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 2/4/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Hayden has officially married Nikolas with the justice of the peace in Las Vegas, a guy named Baxter Corbin comes by, sees her and calls her Rachel. She looks at him stunned and not happy. Nikolas overhears and tells the “stranger” he's sorry. He must have Nikolas' wife confused with someone else. Her name is not Rachel, Nikolas tells him. Baxter replies, smiling, by asking, "Since when?" The guy tells them he heard they just tied the knot, offers congratulations and wishes them good luck. As soon as they are alone, Nikolas asks his new “wife” whom that was. She smiles and replies apparently someone who thinks she is someone he knows and who does not know her real name. She tells Nikolas he's done so much for her. She wants to give him something in return. He's her husband, she reminds him and she wants to show him how much he means to her. They talk about spending an intimate evening together while she realizes she needs to get Nikolas to leave before she does so that she can talk to her “acquaintance” alone. As soon she is alone and the guy is nearby, Hayden tells him they need to talk. He then appears as though he does not know her but she makes it clear that she wants him to leave her alone and not tell anyone he saw her there.

Valerie and Dillon go together to The Floating Rib. He assesses after all she's been through recently, he wants the two of them to enjoy themselves together as friends. She explores whether he sees her as just a friend is due to his “interest” in Lulu. He replies that he is merely friends with Lulu and also friends with her. They go over to play pool when they run into Curtis who tells them he was next and they have to wait. Dillon sits it out while Curtis and Valerie play pool. Not far away, Maxie and Lulu enter. While he's alone watching Valerie play pool with Curtis, he finds Lulu and asks if she might not be comfortable in the same establishment with Valerie. Lulu “rationalizes” that this is a public place and she realizes Valerie has the right to be there. Yet he has his concerns that she might not be “ok” with the situation and given all that has happened recently in her life. Maxie tells Lulu they need to go somewhere else although Lulu tells her that is not necessary. However, Maxie is able to see that Dante and Nathan have just walked into the bar. She approaches Nathan and tells him she is protective of her friend. She approaches Dante and he tells Maxie that since they live in the same town, they realize they will run into each other. They are all surprised to see that Lulu is going up and talking to Valerie. She explains to Valerie how she realized she went too far and offers a sincere apology. Yet Valerie admits to Lulu she does not accept her apology, explaining that she admitted to Lulu that she made a mistake with Dante and offered her apology. Yet it wasn't enough for Lulu. She had to resort to drastic action and blame Valerie for the failure of her marriage and mutual lack of trust they had. Lulu admits to Valerie that she was unfair. Valerie tells her that is an understatement. Not only did Lulu almost cost Valerie her job. She almost cost her her life, so, Valerie asks Lulu how she could expect her, family or not, to forgive her for that. Overhearing that, Dillon offers to get out of there with Lulu. Maxie, Nathan and Dante sit at a nearby both observing and Maxie informs them she is going to try and convince Lulu “they” should go somewhere else, although Nathan tells her he thinks Dillon has that situation “handled”. Dante comments it may be “awkward for a while”. However, he assesses, eventually people will “get used to” himself and Lulu being divorced. Hearing that, Maxie asks if everybody is an idiot, as she assures Nathan she does not mean him, as she assures her boyfriend he is perfect. However, she tells Dante, he and Lulu need to “get it together”. Yet Dante reminds Maxie that Dillon has left with his wife and he needs to accept it. At the pool table, Valerie wants to continue playing pool with Curtis but he remarks that he is very impressed by how she can handle herself and wants to know more about her. She then realizes that although the two of them have known each other for all of a half an hour, she realizes since everybody else in this town knows her story, he might as well also.

After Morgan kisses Kiki, he realizes that maybe he “went too far” although she is not worried and assures him all is well. She asks him if he wants to “get out of there”. They return home and ponder whether they should go skating. He jokes about whether she had her reservations about a “crazy guy with blades”. She tells him that is not the reason she is not interested in skating. She's not good with skates but wants to spend the evening alone with Morgan in Franco and Nina's apartment. He asks her what they have to drink while she goes to the refrigerator and discovers they have organically sweetened soda and grabs two bottles of the drink for them but he just wants to kiss her. She realizes however, that she may be confusing Morgan. She admits she is “tempted” but does not want to screw up what they have. He tells her he agrees that they should take it slow and then suggests they play board games.

At the hospital, Jason assures a worried Elizabeth that Jake will be ok, as the doctors do not anticipate any complications for their son. He encourages her to be positive for their son's sake. Lucas comes out of surgery and informs them there are still several hours left in surgery so he encourages them both to go home and get some rest. They both affirm, however, that they are not going anywhere. She tells Jason he does not have to stay just because she is. He affirms to her that they are both Jake's parents. He encourages her to eat although she tells him she is not hungry. Cameron appears rushes to his mom and hugs her as he asks his mom and “would-be” step-father that he wonders if he should or should not see Jake as a brother and what if Jake dies. Jason takes him aside and assures him he need not worry because, he promises his “would-be” step-son, Jake will soon be good as new.

Sam is still stuck in the basement without heat unknown to everyone after she's fallen down the stairs. Jason arrives while she's sleeping and asks her to wake up. As huddles in the blanket, she stares at Jason and asks if she heard him correctly when he said he needs her to “make a decision”. As she sees him standing over her, he tells her that their life is waiting for them and all she now needs to do is get up and run to him. She then gets up and stands, looking at Jason and focusing upon him.

While with Cameron after Elizabeth has gone and gotten them food, Jason gets on his phone to call Sam and tell her about Jake. Cameron asks if that is so she can tell Danny. Cameron realizes that the first time Jake “went away”, it did not make sense to him. Hearing that, Jason assures Cameron that Jake will not disappear again.

Alone in the basement, Sam runs to Jason but then sees he's not really there. He's just there in her dreams.

Nikolas returns home and wonders why he has to wait so long for his wife. Hayden appears and dazzles him. She remarks that what they did today was incredible. They managed to trust each other, hold hands, look each other in the eye and bare their souls. So, she tells him, she thought their wedding night should reflect that. They get closer and sleep together while romantic music plays.

Morgan and Kiki play a board game but he asks if she wants to make this more interesting. He tells her he has an idea of a game they play where the loser gets to tell the winner their most embarrassing moment. Hearing that, she relives all of the extremely embarrassing things he's known of her life. He laughs and talks about when he was a little kid, he did some crazy things. She wins the game and asks him to tell her his secret. When he does not want to answer, she asks if he wants her to make it up to him. It looks like they are ready to sleep together.

Dillon and Lulu go off together and he asks her where she wants to go, what she wants to do or what she wants to talk about. She replies she does not want to talk, revealing she is upset. He concludes in that case, they need not talk. They can just walk in silence.

After Curtis has “taken in” what Valerie has told him, he assesses that is “a hell of a story”. She admits she just wishes it weren't all true. She assesses she is no longer seeing Dante. She notices, in their pool game, if she makes this last shot she wins the game. At the table with Maxie and Nathan, Dante asks if anyone wants to play darts, to which Maxie says she has to get up early and work with Nina at Crimson. Nathan tells him he also has to leave to get up early. Dante then tells them he knows what they are doing. He appreciates their attempt to help him but if anyone leaves, it will be himself, although they tell him absolutely not. Yet he tells them that “someone” should be able to have fun tonight and it should be the two of them. So, as he gets up to leave, he encourages them to enjoy each others' company on him. Curtis tells Valerie there is no point in her winning this game again. She asks why. He tells her since her “friend” just left with her cousin. She tells him although that is true, she knows he does not want her to make this shot and win. He tells her that he just feels bad that she has to spend the night alone although he can take her to dinner.

Kiki and Morgan are going at it when they know they can't go through with it.

Nikolas and Hayden awaken after making love and he “jokingly” calls her Rachel. He can see she is mortified to hear that yet they both affirm she is now a Cassadine, as he adds to her, she's princess Cassadine.

Meanwhile, the “acquaintance of Rachel” gets on his phone and tells someone they will “never guess whom he ran into in Vegas”.

Elizabeth notices a Get Well Soon card in her son's hospital room when Jason returns. He informs her that he took Cameron home and put him to bed. She tells him she regrets that she cannot be a better mother to her kids. He wants to “raise an objection”, not wanting her to blame herself. She admits that she did something terrible to Sam, to which he tells her that Sam is now moving on with her life. Lucas enters, seeming worried and warns them there has been a complication with the surgery of Jake.

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