GH Update Wednesday 2/3/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/3/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Scott Baldwin goes to visit Franco and brings cheese steaks. He tells his son that since he has not been arrested or in trouble nor had any issues in a while, he thought this would be cause for a celebration. He wants to spend time alone with his son. However, Nina enters and can see that her boyfriend's father is not happy to see her. Scott goes out the door. Franco and Nina want to share an intimate moment. She tells him she wishes she could get pregnant as she tells him there are many ways that people can have children and she thinks they should consider all possibilities and try. He admits that he is not on board with that. She reminds him they are together, love each other and are a team so should that not mean they should consider becoming parents? She reminds Franco he was almost a father to Kiki and she knows how good he is at it and wishes they could have a baby of their own. He then adamantly tells her he does not want to have a bay. He says he would not risk bringing a sweet and innocent soul in the world only to have him or her become a ticking time bomb. Hearing that, Nina assures her boyfriend that he is not “that man” whom he once was. Yet he references to her this “really good kid” with whom he is doing art therapy. Yet he can see this kid is troubled, very angry and very confused. He is worried and it makes him think. He could not imagine bringing a child into this world, looking into its eyes and seeing “himself” staring back. She protests but he tells her he's not ready to make a baby with her. She tells him it that case, they could adopt. In response to that, he tells her he wants to have this conversation at another time although he does not say no to that.

Kiki and Morgan go to The Metro Court and run into Ava who immediately asks her daughter where baby Avery is. Kiki does not answer and instead asks her mom why she appeared to have a cold when they last spoke and Ava asked her to take Avery. Now Ava does not appear to have this terrible cold. She admits to her mom that she let her baby sister see her father, Sonny. Ava makes it clear that she is not ok with that and protests that Avery is not safe with Sonny. Morgan protests that Ava has left his dad with no other choice. Ava asks Morgan if he put her daughter up to this, to which Kiki assures her mom it was her own decision to let Sonny see his daughter and she asks again, of her mother why she faked being sick. Ava continues to demand to know why she did this. Kiki tells her again, she knows all too well what it's like to be deprived of a father. She won't let that happen to Avery. Sonny is Avery's father, Kiki tells her mom and she needs him. Ava angrily leaves them alone. Kiki remarks to Morgan that he is “so chill” about everything, to which he tells her it's probably due to the pills. They go outside together and Kiki admits that she wishes things did not have to be so ill between herself and her mom but she does not know how or if she could every trust Ava. They get closer and kiss.

Sonny is happily with the baby, asking her if she can say daddy. Carly walks in and is overjoyed to see her stepdaughter. She picks her up and greets her but asks Sonny how that was arranged, as they both know Ava will not give an inch in letting them see the baby. Sonny informs Carly that Ava need never know. She asks him if he could just tell her how this happens before she hears this on the news and expresses concern to Sonny about the problem that will inevitably occur when Ava finds out about this, as they both know she will. Sonny is not worried however and wants to interact with his baby daughter. Carly tells him she wants Avery there as much as he does but has her concerns. They get an incoming call. The doorbell rings and Carly gets it. Ava is ready to break in and enter although a security guard restrains her and demands they give her her daughter. She tells them from now on, the only time they will see Avery is in photographs. Sonny confidently tells Ava she better not put her hands on “his daughter”. Carly wonders why he is so unafraid of confrontations and legal consequences, as they both know that Ava has legal custody and he is in violation of a court order, by having Avery against Ava's wishes. He asks Ava if she did not lie about having the flu and ask Kiki to take the baby. Why would she do that? When Ava attempts to “bluff”, Sonny tells her he is onto her and onto the very reason why she faked the flu. Ava then confronts both Carly and Sonny and tells them she will make sure the judge never lets them see Avery again. She takes the baby. Carly tells Sonny he needs to be mindful that very likely Ava is calling her lawyer right now. As soon as she's out the door, Ava does just that. Carly asks Sonny why he is suddenly so confident and just what he has on Ava that he did not have before. He tells Carly he knows that right now, Ava is playing with fire and if the courts cannot help him, he can use other means to defeat her and take back his daughter.

Nikolas and Hayden are ready to have their wedding at the Camelot Chapel. They both wear crowns and are surrounded by people wearing costumes. He tells her there is something she needs to agree to. Otherwise, he won't be able to marry her today. Before they can continue their conversation, a guy in a costume gets ready to perform the ceremony. He has to leave and return and when they are alone again, Nikolas admits to Hayden that before he can marry her, she needs to agree to a prenup that he presents to her. He's worried that she might not appreciate his terms but she agrees to sign it. Once again, the distrust fades and he looks at her romantically and gives her an engagement ring, ready to marry her and they admit they are a real couple. The justice of the peace comes by wearing a king's robe. Nikolas recites his vows about the reality that he and Hayden will have together and how he wants them to be together no matter what. She admits she did not prepare anything. He wants to hurriedly get them married. The justice of the peace asks them if they take each other as spouses. They both say “I do” and exchange rings. The justice of the peace rushes to pronounce them husband and wife, making it official and then asking for the “next customer” to come through the fast-food line to have their wedding.

At Wyndemere Laura leaves a voice mail message urging her son to call her as soon as he gets this and please, please do not do anything rash. Tracy comes by to pay Laura a visit and asks where she might find Hayden. Laura reveals to Tracy she is “not a fan” of her son's new girlfriend. Tracy knows that Nikolas is also gone and knows he's probably with Hayden. Laura expresses to Tracy she heard that Nikolas gave Hayden a “job” at ELQ but she's certain Hayden does not actually do anything. Tracy wants to find out about the impending lawsuit. Laura tells her that more than likely Nikolas and Hayden are having an impromptu wedding. Tracy asks Laura why she dislikes Hayden, to which Laura admits she believes Hayden is a lying backstabbing little con artist who is taking advantage of Laura's son. In response to that, Tracy angrily reminds Laura how her son screwed Tracy and her family's company over, so he gets what he deserves. Laura admits she loves her son but does not agree with many of the decisions he's made. She informs Tracy she believes that her son loves Hayden. Although she's not ok with them getting married, she believes that is the reason why they are doing so. She is worried that Hayden is going to hurt her son. Tracy admits to Laura that even if they are not friends, the two of them do have a lot in common besides an ex-husband. Tracy then gets up to leave but asks if Laura could do her a favor by informing Hayden that Tracy is looking for her. Laura obviously wonders why. Is it business or something else that Tracy wants with Hayden?

Ava rushes to meet with Scott at The Metro Court and tells him they have to take drastic action against Sonny for having unauthorized visitation with her daughter. Yet, realizing it was Kiki who “violated” the court order by taking Avery to see Sonny, he tells her unfortunately, she won't be able to prosecute Sonny. He assesses that Kiki was upset with her mom for dropping the kid off under false pretenses. Ava then admits to Scott that the absolute truth of why she did that is she's being forced into this “business deal” that is very risky. She wants out but it's not so simple. So, in the mean time, she needs to keep her daughter out of danger. She admits that the person with whom she has this business deal could get her re-tried for murder. Scott tells her that, as her lawyer, maybe she should give the baby to Sonny until all of this blows over. She tells him when hell freezes over. Realizing that he cannot offer her further help when she will not listen, Scott departs. Alone with baby Avery, Ava tells her little one that although her big sister can be a pain at times, she loves Kiki just like she loves Avery. She declares that she will never let Sonny hurt her.

Scott goes to Wyndemere and finds Laura. He tells her he wanted to give an invitation from Helena Cassadine. Hearing that, Laura reminds him that Helena is dead. He tells her he knows. He is inviting Laura to the reading of Helena's last will and testament.

Nikolas and Hayden are happily declaring they are now married. He tells her he has to leave to pay for the extra wedding time but will be right back. A guy enters, notices Hayden and addresses her as Rachel. At that point, her hope fades and she is worried.

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