GH Update Tuesday 2/2/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/2/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robert and Anna wake up together in jail in Halifax, Nova Scotia, after breaking into the empty cabin where Sabrina and Carlos were staying. After spending the night in the cell without remembering any explanations given, they wonder why they were arrested right when they were so close to bringing Carlos to justice. He's not as worried as she is because he tells her, at least he get to sleep with her again.

Ava is at the penthouse, with a severe cold (or so it appears) when Kiki comes to visit her. She tells her daughter that there's a bug going around. Her nanny called in sick. Kiki assures her that since this is her ay off at the Metro Court, she is willing and able to watch her baby sister. Ava tells her daughter she knows she's upset that her mom won't let Sonny have “extra” time with Avery. However, she tells Kiki, she hopes Kiki will not “go against her wishes”. Kiki tells her mom she need not worry about anything other than getting herself better. She informs Ava there is all the food and amenities she needs. Ava reminisces about when Kiki was a child and the meals she prepared for her daughter. Hearing that, Kiki remembers how she failed to see the person her mother really is during her childhood. Kiki leaves with the baby and when Ava is alone, Paul comes to see her. She reveals she's not really sick and tells him she knows that he is putting her at risk the his deals involving Raj, the guns and the job he wants her to do. Yet he “assures” her she has nothing to worry about since, as DA, he knows everything the cops know. She firmly tells Paul that right now, the cops are the least of her worries. She is very worried about doing business with Raj. It makes her so nervous she could not even have her child with her today when she met with Paul to discuss it. She had to lie to Kiki to get her to take Avery out of the house. Paul does not seem to care about Ava's needs or the risk involved it what he expects her to do, however. At that point, for the first time, Ava puts her foot down to Paul and tells him she refuses to get involved in his mess. Paul reminds Ava that even though the flash drive recording of her confession of murder is missing, it still does not mean that she did not murder Connie nor that the judge is dismissing the case. He makes it clear that he “holds the cards and calls the shots” for whether she goes to prison. She then tells him she refuses to be threatened and demands he gets out of her home.

Sonny is alone standing up for a short time, leaning on a table while talking to Max on the phone about their most recent anticipated shipment. He hopes to bring Ava down. Right then, Michael enters and Sonny does not want his son to know he can stand up. Yet Michael knows something is going on regarding Ava. Sonny obviously has a plan in order to win custody of his baby daughter and prove Ava unfit to raise her although he's not revealing the details to anyone right now.. Michael admits that he is still worried about Sabrina leaving him and leaving town and he knows that Anna Devane also has “interest” in this. Sonny wonders why. Michael replies that Anna is there to attempt to find and bring Carlos Rivera to justice. Sonny again fails to reveal to his son what is going on.

While Anna and Robert are in jail, Mac and Felicia come to bail them out. They inform them that they have nothing to worry about. They were arrested for something completely irrelevant to their “hunt” for Carlos and Sabrina. There was another “couple” whom the local law enforcement took Anna and Robert for and it was a case of mistaken identity. And so, they should be free to go very soon.

At the hospital, Morgan is ready to see Dr. Maddox and finds it more than “coincidental” that Carly has shown up there right at that time. She declares to her son although she has concerns about their most recent conversation where it appeared Morgan was doing “impulsive behaviors” at Corinthos Coffee while with Darby, Carly declares to her son that his parents will now back off and let him live his life. She does, however, tell her son, that she noticed him with Kiki and would like to know what they discussed. Morgan informs his mom that he would like to get back with Kiki and told her that. She “shot him down” however yet agreed to go on one date with him. Carly is really happy that her son has Kiki in his life. While sounding very encouraged, she tells him he needs to “take it slow” and not rush it, as she is very encouraged that he's spending time with Kiki.

Elizabeth and Jason have found Jake after he's been injured and have taken him to the hospital. Yet they still have no clue that Sam is alone and hurt in Elizabeth's basement after falling and trying to find Jake. Right then, Monica comes in to meet with them and wonders why this would happen to Jake. Jason assesses that the doctors have told them the head injury is not fatal and he should make a full recovery. Yet Monica informs them there is still the risk of internal bleeding from the head injury. So the doctors have to run some tests. Yet she assures them, that their son and her grandson will be alright. And this sure makes it look as though Jason and Elizabeth may be “re-bonding” at the very least, over their son.

Sam awakens and asks if Jake is down there and if he can help her. She's still lying on the floor, bloody and unable to get to her phone although she's conscious.

While Monica meets with Jason and Elizabeth in Jake's room, they assume all is well with Sam. Elizabeth blames herself for her son's injury although Monica assures her that she should not feel that way. Yet Elizabeth tells her “would-be” mother in law that what happened to Jake is her punishment for what she did to Monica's son. She knows she was selfish to keep Jason from Danny and Sam. Yet Monica tells her that whatever caused Jake to get hurt, the main thing is that they are there for him so that he can recover.

Jason goes outside and runs into Carly, informing her about the injury of Jake. She asks how this happened. He informs her that Jake ran away from home. He is clearly upset that his parents are not together. He blames Sam for it. He informs Carly that his son told lies about somebody breaking into the house and they have other concerns about his mental health and it's not an easy situation. Right then, Monica finds Jason and informs him that his son is regaining consciousness and he may now go into his room to see Jake.

While Sonny is in his house, Kiki makes a surprise visit with baby Avery. Sonny smiles when he sees his baby daughter. He happily interacts with both of them and informs Kiki that Ava has refused to let him or Carly have any unsupervised visits with his daughter so he does appreciate what she is doing. Kiki assures him what her mom does not know will not hurt her and she affirms to him she believes Avery will become a better woman if she gets to know her daddy.

Michael gets a text from Felix about Sabrina and he goes to see him at the hospital regarding the postcard Sabrina “supposedly” sent Felix from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Michael tells Felix he needs to find Sabrina even if it means traveling to Puerto Rico and the fact that he's not the baby's father. Yet Felix urges Michael not to go through with that.

In the basement, Sam finally manages to sit up and move. Yet there is no heat and it seems like she is freezing and may go into hypothermic shock. Due to her dizziness, she realizes she has a concussion. She is bleeding from the nose.

While Kiki and Avery are at Sonny's house, Morgan comes by and Kiki wants him to join her and Avery going to the zoo and leave Avery alone to be with Sonny while they are gone.

When Jake awakens in his hospital bed, he tries to tell his parents something but they assure him he need not try to talk or tell them anything right now. They just want him to rest and make sure he is ok. Yet he asks them, “What about Sam?”

Sam manages to crawl across the floor and make efforts to stay warm in the cold basement by donning clean clothes in a basket.

Felix calls Sabrina and is able to inform Michael that she has left, is not coming back to Port Charles and does not want Michael to go and find her in Puerto Rico. Michael appears upset and asks if Felix is implying that he should give up.

Anna, Robert, Mac, and Felicia are all attempting to brainstorm who just might be behind Carlos' falsified death, reappearance in Port Charles and where he might have gone.

When Ava demands Paul gets out of her house and refuses to sleep with him and do the “work” he wants her to do, he informs her he does not have to “force himself” upon any woman. Yet she tells him they are done. He tells her he thought they were good together. However he gets ready to leave and tells her if she is not willing to “play ball”, it's her choice so he will leave and let her make her own decisions.

At Sonny's house, Morgan wants to be with Kiki and they go off together to The Metro Court alone and leave Avery alone with Sonny.

When Paul leaves Ava's home, he calls Anna on his phone, pretending he believes she's in Berkeley visiting her family. He tells her she needs her to meet with him as soon as she returns to Port Charles. He also adds to her that he is “excited” to see all the photos of Emma when she returns from sunny California. Hearing that, knowing she's lying and that Paul is probably already onto her, it only fills Anna with more dread.

Morgan and Kiki go to The Metro Court. Ava finds them and asks her daughter where Avery is.

At the hospital, Carly finds Michael and tells him she's sorry that things did not work out between him and Sabrina. She hugs and tries to console her son.

In Jake's room, Monica and the staff get ready to take him in to do some tests, leaving Jason and Elizabeth alone in the empty hospital room.

In the basement, Sam turns on a space heater trying to get warm yet it looks like it's not working and possibly causing fuses to blow while she falls asleep or unconscious.

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