GH Update Monday 2/1/16

General Hospital Update Monday 2/1/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Kristina goes to the door and is surprised to see a woman who tells her she “knows what Kristina is up to and it has to stop”. Kristina tells her she does not know what she is talking about. The woman then tells her if she cannot be reasoned with, then maybe her family can find out what is going on. Right then, Alexis calls for her daughter and makes her presence known and Kristina knows she might have to do what the woman wants in order not to have her mom know her secret.

Dante returns home and Lulu is there to surprise him with a romantic dinner with the intent to get their marriage back. She tells hims that she cannot give up on their marriage as she knows that he cannot either. She tells him she is asking for one hour in which to save their marriage and their family and asks him how that sounds to him. He replies that sounds like a bargain. He tells her he remembers how long ago it was since she last wore the red dress. She brings him a beer and they reminisce how they first met when he bought her one of those at Coleman's bar. They remember that when they first met, her two brothers did not like Dante. It showed her that Dante does not give up easily. They remember their first kiss and relive their history together. She tells him she remembers how they declared their love for each other. He remembers when he determined she was the one and she asks him if she is still the one for him. She reminds him that although many things have changed for them throughout the years they've been together, there are so many things that have never changed. Dante admits that he is not over her and she is still the incredible woman he fell in love with. She tells him they are the same people in their hearts. They just need to, now shut out the rest of the world and all the distractions in their lives and know that their love is still there. Right then, they get intimate but before they can get to sleeping together, she pulls away, admitting to Dante that it's “been a long time”. It appears that they still have some issues and it's not as easy as they were hoping.

Julian goes to the Metro Court and talks to Olivia about her issue with the mayor involving public breastfeeding, expressing to her that maybe they need to let it go at this point. Right then, Nina overhears and makes it clear that she wants to be part of the public protest for Olivia to have the rights of a mother feeding her infant son and they know that now is not the time to forget about it. They need to send a message to all people, Nina tells them. In response to that, Julian tells Nina this is a private matter between himself and Olivia. Yet Nina boldly tells hi she begs to differ since he wrote the article in their mutual magazine. She talks all about how Olivia can and should be famous in Port Charles. She is a hero, doing what a mother needs to do and Nina makes it clear she wants to make Olivia a celebrity while they bring down the mayor. Olivia asks Nina if she is implying that she wants her to appear topless on the magazine and tells her she's not really keen on the idea of exposing her boobs at her age. She then angrily tells Nina she s not concerned about the cause as much as she wants to sell magazines. Nina then replies why can't they do both. Nina protests that Crimson is not just a magazine. It's a forum to raise awareness and social consciousness. Julian objects but Nina comes up with more reasons why they need to promote motherhood and also respect for Olivia's son. Olivia admits that she would be ashamed and afraid it would appear vulgar yet Nina seems to be encouraging her to go forward with the plan. She then protests to Julian that Nina has good reason and every right to do what she plans to do. Both women wonder why Julian is afraid of conflict and publicity the way they are not. Nina tells Olivia if she wants to make a difference, she needs nationwide attention. Julian protests that while they may want to protest for her rights, they have to think about Leo's rights to privacy. He is a baby now but someday will be an adult who might not want his picture and identity exposed on this magazine. Right then, Alexis enters and makes it clear she is on board with making Olivia's protest public. Right then, Franco comes by and meets with Nina. She knows he has something on his mind regarding his work. She tells him she knows he's bound by doctor/patient confidentiality but she believes he might feel better if he talked to her about it. He makes it clear to her that he has concerns regarding a kid who might be in real trouble.

Sam is at Elizabeth's home after revealing to Jake she knows he's lying about “somebody from outside” breaking the window. She knows he might be scamming along with his mom in order to keep Jason in their lives. He runs down the stairs to the basement. Sam runs after him and in the process, she trips on her spiked heels and falls down the stairs. Right then, it appears she is unconscious and hurt with nobody there to help her or know what has happened except for Jake. He clearly indicates that he wants Sam out of his dad's life so it's unlikely he will do anything for Sam.

At the hospital, Franco sincerely expresses to Elizabeth and to Jason that he cares very much about Jake and wants to help him. He has no hidden agenda except the well being of their son. He leaves them alone to talk. They go and talk to Dr. Renault, the child therapist. Jason shows her the picture Jake drew that looks like Sam. He also informs her that it's clear his son is lying about somebody breaking into the house. Jason tells her he believes that Jake blames Sam for fact that his father will not marry his mother nor live in the house. Elizabeth also expresses concerns about her son’s behavior. Dr. Renault tells them she agrees and will address the issue the following day with all three of them. Elizabeth asks if she cannot intervene with Jake now and not wait. Dr. Renault tells her that she thinks it's important that they do not “disrupt the routine” with Jake since they want establish trust. In the meantime, Jake is alone with Sam and nobody else knows what has happened to her.

The woman in question is Kristina's professor, Parker, who has a wife. Alexis comes out and asks her daughter whom this woman is. Professor Parker introduces herself to her student’s mom and neither of them reveal to Alexis what has gone on between them. Alexis has to rush to get to the Metro Court to meet with Julian and Olivia. Alone in the house, Parker asks Kristina how she has managed to lie to her family for all this while. Parker reveals that she has “special feelings” for Kristina and realizes she has a secret involving being married to a woman and a would-be extra marital partner who is a female student. She reveals to Kristina that her wife is aware of the “smear campaign” Kristina conducted to get her professor in trouble for suspending Kristina for what she did. Kristina protests that Parker is making her the bad guy, declaring she did proposition Parker because she knows that Parker wanted it. Parker protests that she wanted to spend time with a student whom she took a professional interest in and saw great potential in. Yet Kristina reminds her that they had drinks and alone-time together which makes it clear her professor was romantically interested in her, which Parker denies, telling Kristina her behavior was immature and unworthy of academic recognition and so that is why Kristina got suspended. They both accuse and warn the other for “pushing it”. Kristina tells Parker she knows both of her parents won't let her professor threaten her, as she reminds her that her father is the well-known and formidable mob boss. Parker then looks romantically at Kristina and tells her of her extraordinary potential. Yet while Kristina “does not budge”, Parker concludes to her she suggests that Kristina takes some time to figure out what she wants, away from school, warning her that her parents might both find it out before anyone else does.

Jason and Elizabeth return to her house and see the window is broken. Right away it appears to them that must mean that Jake is “gone”. Little do they know he's in the basement after Sam has been injured from falling. The sitter is there and admits she hasn't seen Jake. She left him alone for a short amount of time and was unaware of Sam's visit. All they have is what looks to be a “note” Jake wrote about running away from home. Meanwhile, Sam lies unconscious on the basement floor. Jason tells Elizabeth and the sitter he needs to go out and look for their son and find him.

After Lulu has declined to sleep with Dante, she tells him she did not intend for it to go like this. She is very disappointed and protests she just wanted to “fix this” and bring back the memories of how they fell in love. Yet being in their bed together, all she could think about was the very thing that drove them apart in the first place. She tells him that she does not believe that this is “their” bed anymore. He admits to her that they lost a lot and they cannot ignore the mistakes. He knows they both lied and hurt each other really bad. She asks if it will ever go away. He admits he was hoping it would be he does not know. They both declare that they still love each other so much yet they both realize maybe that is not enough.

At the Metro Court, Julian warns Alexis that this whole case they want to pursue for Olivia may backfire. Judges might not rule in their favor. Yet she tells him if he does not get the courage to think out of his comfort zone, he might bankrupt his magazine just as he'd previously planned.

Franco and Nina talk alone at another table where she tells him she's planning on going public for Olivia and asks if he does not think it's beautiful, as she does, for a woman to breast-feed her child. It gives her hope, she tells him. He asks her what it is that she hopes for. Nina replies it makes her hope for a child of her own.

After Dante and Lulu have concluded they may never be able to repair or get back what they had, they get ready to sign the divorce papers. They both cry and say good bye and she leaves his apartment. While she stands outside the door, she cries uncontrollable. Inside, he hesitates but then quickly signs the divorce papers although he is very upset to feel he has no choice except to do that.

Elizabeth gets on her phone to call everyone she knows hoping to find Jake as Jason helps her look outside the house. Right then, in the basement, Sam awakens bloody and says: “help” not loud enough to be heard or known by anyone.

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