GH Update Friday 1/29/16

General Hospital Update Friday 1/29/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is alone in the apartment noticing the official divorce document with his and Lulu’s names and the place to put his signature. He's ready to sign it when he hears a knock on his door. It's Mayor Lomax. He's surprised to see her and asks if she wants to talk about Johnny Zacchara. She tells him no. She was hoping to reason with the son since there's no reasoning with the mother. He does not know what she is talking about. She tells him she needs his mother to drop this ridiculous lawsuit against the mayor's office. He tells her he knows all about her harassment of his mother for feeding his baby brother and he backs his mother 100%. He asks her if she's there to tell him he will lose his job if he does not do what she wants. She tells him she is merely managing the city's budget. She winnows that Dante is very active in the local “big brother's” organizations. She notices there is not much city funding for that program. He asks if she is blackmailing him. He does not like what she is implying and demands she gets out. She remarks he is a smug SOB and wonders why his wife has tolerated him this long. He dismisses her while she makes it clear she thinks ill of him.

Meanwhile, Alexis is with Olivia at the Metro court, obsessively brainstorming about all the legal maneuvers they can make, all the publicity and all she hopes she can do with Olivia as her client, to protest against the mayor humiliating and trying to arrest Olivia for breastfeeding her baby in public. Olivia tells Alexis that maybe she does not want all the publicity and should not go so far as to file a public lawsuit. However, a woman comes up to her, looks coldly at Olivia and makes it appear as though she's there to speak ill to her. However, she tells her she thinks it's wonderful that Olivia has the courage to stand up to the dreadful mayor. She shares with Olivia and Alexis that she has been a working mother and knows the rights one should have with things like that. At that point. Olivia is encouraged and motivated to go public and protest her cause.

Not far away, Lulu talks to Maxie about Dante deciding to end their marriage for good. He is angry that she took drastic action against Valerie. Yet, she did not know, until he informed her, that he and Valerie are through. She knows that there are issue between them but Dante still loves her so she is not going to give up on their marriage. Hearing that, Maxie is encouraged and remarks that is the Lulu she knows. She wants to help Lulu get back with her husband except that Lulu no longer has any keys to Dante’s apartment. She knows that Maxie could access the keys that Nathan has to the apartment. Maxie tells her that she does not want to cause any trust issues in her relationship with Nathan. At that point, Lulu knows of one person who has keys as she looks at Olivia at the table with Alexis. She goes over to talk to her mother-in-law who assures her that she protested to Dante that he not end their marriage. Yet her son is adamant and she promised him not to interfere. Lulu protests to her mother in law that she needs to obtain the keys because she is determined to save her marriage.

Sam returns to Alexis' home and talks privately to Kristina who tells her older sister she intends to keep her secret about being suspended from school, finding a job and a cheap apartment and making sure their mom never knows her secret. Sam admits to her sister although she will not reveal the secret, she may not entirely approve of Kristina's methods to do what she is doing. She shares with Kristina that she has concerns about a conversation she recently had with Franco at the hospital. She explains to Kristina that Jason and Elizabeth's son is getting art therapy with Franco. Franco is concerned about Jake's issues and specifically the fact that Jake does not like her (Sam). Hearing that, Kristina urges Sam not to get involved in any drama with Elizabeth's son because it will only ruin any chances Sam might still have with Jason. Sam wants to talk more about Kristin's issue, to which Kristina reminds her big sister she already told her the story that she was failing, offered sex to her professor, assuming he'd “comply”. Yet he did not and suspended her. Hearing that, Sam knows there is more to Kristina's involvement with professor Parker than what Kristina is telling her. They talk about Sam's situation and she admits to Kristina she may not want to get into Elizabeth's drama, knowing how manipulative she is. However, she is concerned about Jason and his son. She concludes she will go to talk to Elizabeth at her house about Jake.

At the hospital, Franco asks Elizabeth if she can call Jason to come and meet with him to discuss Jake's art therapy session. She asks why he believes it is so urgent. Does he have worries about Jake? Franco tells her not so much about Jake. He's worried about Sam in regard to Jake's negative expressions from his drawings. Hearing that, Elizabeth demands to know what Sam might have had the gall to tell Franco about her behind her back. She demands he tells her if Sam blames her for Jake's issues or accuses Elizabeth of staging the break-in or doing manipulative behaviors (scamming, conning, and using Jake in order to get Jason back). She decides to call Jason.

While Jason is noticing Jake's very “dark and negative” drawings, he is silent and lost in thought, as he recalls Jake's adamant and defiant attitude about wanting his dad back, unwelcoming Sam and telling his parents that Sam is “bad” and trying to break up their family. Jason specifically observes a “dark and negative” picture he drew of a woman. He asks his son whom this woman is. Jake tells his dad he does not remember who the woman is except she was connected to a video game. She has long black hair, looks to be wearing a dark jacket, resembles Sam and it appears Jason may suspect that Jake has a “death wish” on Sam.

Jason leaves the house when the sitter arrives. While Jake is alone with the sitter, he looks like he has a plan. As soon as she is gone, Jake looks out the window.

Jason goes to talk to Elizabeth, at the hospital, about Jake. Franco overhears and tells them both they need to listen to him although Jason argues with that.

Dante goes to the Metro Court to find his mom and informs her about Mayor Lomax' visit. She assures her son he need not worry. She can handle it. She tells him she knows he is there to see her about something else, to which he admits that is correct. He wanted to find out if she may have seen or spoken to Lulu. She admits she is his mother and will always support him although she honestly believes that right now, he is acting like an idiot to want to give up on his marriage. He admits to his mom that he went and saw a lawyer and drew up divorce papers. She still tells him she wants him to wait on that. He admits that he drew up and kept the divorce papers in the apartment but has not yet gotten the heart to sign them.

Lulu and Maxie enter the empty apartment after Dante has gone. Lulu has a plan with which she asks for Maxie's help. She wants to plan a surprise evening with Dante where she will arrange candles, a romantic dinner and music and an intimate red dress to wear for him. She talks about her hopes of still getting pregnant. She reflects to Maxie that she and Dante went through so much disappointment and heartache with that. Yet their love stayed strong. And they got Rocco. So that is what she's hoping for. She wants him to know that love conquers all. When Maxie is silent, Lulu asks if she believes Lulu is fooling herself to think she has a chance with Dante. Yet Maxie encourages her to believe she can get her marriage back. However, they notice the official divorce document that Dante is ready to sign, on his kitchen table. Maxie does not want to get Lulu's hopes up, noticing that. Yet, Lulu tells her they must still notice he has not yet signed them so there is still a fighting chance.

Alexis returns to Kristina and tells her daughter she is awe of her being all grown up. She remembers when Kristina was little and she would share everything with her mom and there were no secrets between them. She can clearly tell that her daughter has something she is not sharing. At that point, Kristina admits to her mom that is true. She evades the real issue and tells her mom that she has had her reservations about Julian but now wants to fully support her mom marrying him. Yet Alexis tells her daughter she knows there is something else going on that Kristina is not telling her about. Kristina admits she wishes she could, some day, find love as her mother has. Alexis encourages her daughter to know that some day she will find that right young man and have all the happiness she deserves.

When Franco overhears Jason's and Elizabeth's conversation at the hospital, Jason tells him he needs to mind his own business, stop eavesdropping and leave them alone. However, Elizabeth tells Jason that maybe they should listen to Franco. She leads the two guys into a private room and informs Jason that Franco has concerns about their son's drawings. He is an art therapist and that is his job. Franco asks Jason if he is not also a bit bothered by what they see. Jason argues to Franco he knows nothing about Jason's son. He is not a doctor or a shrink. Franco tells him no. he is not Jake's parents nor a doctor or therapist but he is an artist. He knows that the pictures suggest that Jake is in serious emotional trouble which they cannot minimize or ignore.

Jake stares out the window. We then see a big hole after the glass has broken. His finger is bleeding. The sitter is upstairs unaware that the window has broken or that he's broken it. Sam comes by. Jake answers the door. She greets him cordially and asks if she can talk to his mom but is concerned to see that he appears to be bleeding and asks what happened to his hand. Sam notices and remarks that there is only broken glass outside and not inside. There is no rock nor proof of anyone from outside breaking the window or entering. So, she admits to Jake, she knows whoever broke the window did so from inside the house. Jake angrily and hastily runs down the stairs and shuts the door to the basement while Sam calls to him and tries unsuccessfully to get him to come back.

Olivia goes to find the mayor and confronts her about bothering Olivia's son in his home. Hearing that, they mayor tells her that because of hers' and Dante's hostile attitudes and lack of “cooperation”, she will cancel all events that are scheduled at The Metro Court. At that point, Olivia looks to be scared and worried, protesting the mayor cannot do that. Yet she says she can, remarking that Olivia wants war and so now there is war.

Dante returns home to see Lulu in her romantic red dress. It looks like he might be reconsidering ending their marriage.

When Kristina is alone in the house, she goes to get the door, calling out to Parker. She, then, sees a pretty woman at the door.

Alone with Elizabeth, Jason concludes to her that he knows that nobody broke into the house. Jake has some very serious issues up and she needs to face up to what is going on.

When Sam attempts to walk down the basement stairs after Jake, she trips, wearing her 7 inch spiked heels, falls down the stairs and looks to be hurt and unconscious. Only Jake is there and nobody is there to help her or know what has happened.

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