GH Update Thursday 1/28/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/28/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sam goes to the hospital looking for Monica when Franco sees her and wants to talk to her. She tells him she is not going to speak or be cordial to him because of Jason. She asks why he wants to “work on her” to have her believing his really a good guy and should be absolved of his actions. She tells him she does not know nor care if it's true and wants nothing to do with him. He informs Sam that he may be getting through to Elizabeth and helping her with her son so he wishes she would reconsider her opinion of him as Elizabeth and Jake are doing. Sam tells him she bets all he's doing is playing a mind game on Elizabeth and on Jake and she bets it was he who broke into the house. She tells him she bets that it was he who was looking in the windows, who staged a break-in and broke the picture in order to scare Elizabeth and make her insecure. Either that or maybe Elizabeth put him up to doing it. Hearing that, Franco asks Sam just what she is accusing him of; wanting to antagonize Jason and/or Elizabeth and/or their kid? Sam replies she really cannot begin to understand his sick twisted mind. He reminds her that he has a good job, pays his taxes, has a wonderful relationship with a hot and successful woman. Why would he want to mess with a hit man. She wants to know what he might know yet he tells her because she is not a provider, he cannot share confidential information with her. He knows she does not understand how art therapy works. Yet, he suggests to Sam, maybe she should try it and realize she may have her own mental health issues that could be worked on with what he does.

At Elizabeth's home, she tries to encourage Jake to engage in activities. Yet he will not speak to her and shuts her out. Jason comes by to make sure his son is ok. She remarks he does not have to knock. Although this is no longer his house, she tells him, Jake is his son. Hearing that, Jason does not smile and replies that he does intend to knock in the future whenever he comes to her house. As soon as Jake sees his dad, again he rushes to him and demands to know if he's coming back and won't accept the answer which is no. Jason “plays daddy”, trying to reason with his son, instructing him not to disrespect his mom and to listen to what his dad says. Elizabeth reveals she is not contented with what is happening. She does, however, inform him that Dr. Renault has made progress in getting Jake to open up. She does not reveal anything about Franco to him however. Jason admits to her that he is getting his own therapy and wants to pursue hypnosis. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks him why. He replies that he has had memories and visions of himself and Sam. Hearing that, Elizabeth is obviously very disappointed that Sam may be a priority to Jason. She leaves her son with Jake until the sitter gets there.

After Morgan is done with work at Corinthos coffee and has been grilled by his parents about his impulsive behavior, his meds and Darby, he goes to the Metro Court to find Kiki. He assesses to her that she is not just a friend to him. She is his best friend. She's been there for him throughout everything and she is the one positive thing in his life. And so, he declares to her, he wants them to be more than friends. When she objects, he protests, telling her they share a serious bond and are great friends. She tells him she now knows that they are best as friends and nothing more than that. She asks why he has this idea that they should get back together. She does not trust it and assumes he's “seeing” Darby yet he clarifies to her he is not with Darby. He is only interested in Kiki and seems at though he will not take no for an answer from her. He asks her why she would not consider his offer when he's poured his heart out on the table the way he has. Does she not have the same feelings for him that he has for her? If she only wants to be friends, why would she care if he's with Darby? She admits that she cannot be more than friends wit him because she does not know him anymore. Whenever she sees him, she does not know what kind of person he's going to be. She cannot accept living with a mystery or being with a stranger. He tells her he realizes she's correct that he's been “all over the place”. Yet he has a diagnosis and a treatment plan. He's feeling normal and has gotten a job. He wants her to believe that with all they know about each other, that they could have a real relationship. If she only wants to be friends, he can accept that but he wonders if she is afraid to take a chance on having more than that. Hearing that, she remarks he “never gives up”. He jokes that she must realize how persistent he'd behave if her were not taking his meds. She tells him she is not ready to have a serious relationship but she will go on a “date” with him under the condition that there is no pressure or expectations.

In Halifax, Anna and Robert are finally able to access information from the OB-GYN clinic about Sabrina and Carlos having an appointment and making their presence known. The office administrator warns them, however, that she cannot say anything more about the two of them because the information the medical facility has on patients is privileged information. Anna and Robert protest that this man is an escaped murderer and the woman is very pregnant. They ask her how the appointment and information was entered. She replies online. Anna then demands to know the IT information from the servers so they can track Carlos.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is going into labor in the cabin and Carlos is not certain what to do. He gets a call from Paul, after Carlos informed him in the text that Anna is in town looking for him. Paul warns him he better use caution or else they will both be in trouble. When Carlos is done with the phone conversation, he wants to encourage Sabrina to travel with him. Maybe they can live near the Grand Canyon. He tells her she will love it there. It's warm and not unlike Puerto Rico. He tells her they can rent a bungalow by the beach and sun and surf and have a new life; just them and their baby. She asks if he thinks it's really possible for things to work out as he is telling her. He tells her he believes that and wishes she would also. She admits that she has never doubted his love for her in spite of everything, and she knows he will love this baby.

Paul calls Anna while she's at the Halifax clinic. She wonders why he is calling and doubts he merely wants to make small talk. She lies to him that she is in Berkeley with her family although she realizes he knows otherwise.

When Sonny privately gets himself out of the wheelchair and stands, he is “accidentally” seen by Carly. She is elated and happy but he is not ok with seeing how people might think it's “ok” to only be able to do this much. He still cannot walk and does not want to get anybody's hopes up. He demands that she not tell their kids. When she pleads her case to do so, he tells her he knows that she is going to go and announce to everyone all the things she is “projecting” which may or may not happen. He tells her he does not want people falsely encouraging him to have hope when they still see him crippled and are lying and secretly pitying him because he is weak. He tells Carly she has to understand what he is saying and respect his choice. She then assesses this is his recovery and he has the right to make his own decisions. She promises she will not reveal it to anyone. However, she does not want his pride to get in the way of his progress. She does not want him to be too proud to ask for and accept help from the people who love him. She assesses she will keep his secret but he needs to know she will never pity him. He is too damn arrogant and she knows him too well. Max walks in and wants to talk to Sonny alone. Carly leaves and Sonny admits to Max he's upset that he just lied to Carly's face that he's not getting his legs back when he is.

Paul talks to Anna on the phone and tells her as soon as she returns to Port Charles, they have a “little chat”. She asks about what. Her work? Is there a problem? She realizes she has taken some personal time and all. Paul tells her that is not it. He has just concluded their new professional relationship may not be working out. He thinks that maybe she would be more suited for other types of endeavors. He wishes her “safe travels” and hangs up. She tells Robert she knows that Paul is onto her.

Sabrina asks Carlos what he plans to name the baby, if he hopes for a son and if he plans to name him after himself or his father. He tells her he wants a healthy child and would not mind a daughter who is as beautiful as her mom, whom he can spoil and make sure she will never be lonely. He will always love her and be compatible with her. Yet Sabrina tells him that will only last until the daughter becomes a teenager with a mind of her own and gets involved with the wrong crowd. He laughs but tells Sabrina their daughter will never get into that. She will be smart and successful and maybe some day, she will meet a guy who is “almost good enough” for her. If they have a son, he tells her, he will be honorable, with good character and morality and will not waste his life chasing an empty dream. Their son will make something of himself. Sabrina asks him if can help her onto the bed as it looks like it's time to push. Shortly thereafter, the baby comes out but does not make a sound. He looks worried and Sabrina demands to know what has happened.

In Halifax, Anna panics and tells Robert that after she's just gotten that “urgent” call from Paul Hornsby, she has to get back in order to find out what he is up to. They need to realize how dangerous their new DA is. Yet Robert has a better plan involving staying there, wasting no time in finding Carlos and bringing him to justice once and for all, right away.

Sonny admits to Max that he needs to keep the secret. He cannot ask Carly or anyone else to lie. It's bad enough that he's lying. He does not want her involved in his business. Max then asks him what is his plan. Sonny replies that when he is steady on his feet and can not only walk but run if he has to, he's going to take back the city. He's going to rid the streets of Raj and all the threats that are there. He figures for now, everybody can believe that he is weak, helpless and trapped in the chair. And while they continue to think that, one day, he will “surprise” them all and they won't know what hit them. He expresses his concerns about what he knows Ava is doing. He protests to Max that he's warned his baby's mom not to mess with Raj but she has not listened. He sees the urgency to get his baby girl away from that although he realizes it may not be as quick and as easy as he needs it to be.

At The Metro Court, Paul gets a table and remarks to Carly that he has “all the time in the world”.

Anna and Robert find the cabin after Sabrina and Carlos have already left. They get arrested by local cops for breaking and entering.

After Franco is done talking to Sam, he sits looking at the hospital file on Jake Webber.

Alone with Jake, Jason watches his son color. He suspects nothing but is a bit concerned when he sees all the “morbid and black” drawings and negative expressions from people and houses that he draws. He then remembers his son speaking out against Sam. Jake asks his dad if he “likes his pictures”. Jason is lost in thought and does not answer.

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