GH Update Wednesday 1/27/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/27/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Anna and Robert go to find Sabrina and Carlos. They arrive in Halifax at what appear to be a OBGYN clinic. The administrator greets them, tells them she was warned that the two former FBI/WSB agents would be visiting. Anna shows her a camera photos of both Sabrina and Carlos and asks if she might have seen either of these two people. She goes and does some checking, then promptly returns to tell them that nobody at this clinic has seen either of them. Anna reminds her that the woman is very pregnant, ready to give birth soon and it would seem she'd be at a clinic like this. Yet it appears that nobody has seen Sabrina or Carlos. Alone with Robert, she admits that is very odd. They may have mistakenly gone to the wrong location given that it would seem the only OBGYN clinic in the area would have seen and remembered Sabrina during her pregnancy. Yet Robert reminds her that this is not just a “typical” pregnant woman they are tailing. She is with Carlos. They should both know that he's not going to let either of them be seen in any public place.

Right then at the hospital, Sonny warns Julian that he has not forgiven him and still intends to take him down for the murder of Duke. Julian looks like he wants to call a truce although Sonny clearly does not trust him and tells him he can arrange for Julian to die. Julian asks Sonny if he's threatening him from a wheelchair. Sonny confidently tells Julian he (Julian) has been skating on thin ice for too long. It's time to take action. Although Julian, again, assures Sonny that he's no longer in the business, Sonny tells him he can hide behind Alexis all he wants. He still knows that Julian is a threat to him. He knows Julian cannot and will not be able to stay out of the business any more than he(Sonny) can. Julian can use his sister as a “figure head” all he wants. Sonny still knows that Julian is a part of a crime family. He tells Julian he is not afraid of him but maybe he (Julian) should be afraid of him (Sonny).

Meanwhile, Kiki is waiting tables at The Metro Court when Paul enters and she serves him. She notices he's given her a very “generous” tip and wonders why. He wonders why that would be a problem. She asks Paul if it's because of her mother. Paul tells her there is no reason to make assumptions or imply that she “knows something” about his “relationship” with her mother. He reminds her that he is the DA and it's up to him whether her mother goes to prison for murder. He realizes Kiki has seen him with her mother but, he tells her, he needs to clarify that she really need not know about his involvement with her mother. And, as for her gratuity, he tells Kiki, all she need know about that is he's a generous tipper. Hearing that, Kiki thanks him and apologizes for bothering him. He tells her it's fine but is obviously worried about that.

Right then, in the cabin in the wilderness, Sabrina tells Carlos she needs to get to the clinic to make sure her baby is safe, even though he adamantly objects. She tells him that losing Gabriel destroyed her and she won't let it happen again. She needs to go to a clinic with or without him and if he insists on staying there, she needs to return to Port Charles with or without him.

Morgan gets done with his job for Corinthos coffee when Darby comes by. He asks her the reason for her visit. She informs him she attended a party that he was not able to attend the previous night and would like to show him pictures of what he missed. He looks at her phone pictures and admits he may have “missed something”. Yet she makes it clear she wants to “move forward” and kisses him. Yet she can clearly see it's not in the mood and needs to know why. He can't exactly get fired from his dad’s business, she reminds him. He tells her it's “not that”.

Not far away. Ava goes to see Carly at the front desk and sounds gracious, informing her that since they last spoke, she's given some consideration to what Kiki told her was in baby Avery's best interests. Hearing that, Carly hopes and assumes it's possible that Ava has reconsidered her original plan to not let Sonny have any unsupervised time with Avery. Ava admits she seriously “considered that”, but has now come to the conclusion that there is no way that's going to happen. Hearing that, Carly angrily asks her why she had to come all the way out there to tell her that after getting Carly's hopes up and wasting her time having to hear Ava's self-serving drivel. In response to that, Ava tells Carly she did not appreciate her using Ava's daughter to “brow beat” Ava into doing what Carly wants. Carly clarifies that she did not ask Kiki to speak in her behalf. She did that all on her own. Maybe Kiki believed it would be the right thing for Ava to do, letting Sonny see baby Avery. Not that Ava would understand anything about that, Carly adds to her, since she (Ava) does not have an unselfish bone in her body. Hearing that, Ava tells Carly that is not true. She admits her daughter did, in fact, make some excellent points. However, after Ava gave it more thought, she wondered what would happen if the “positions were reversed”. Would Sonny or Carly respect her right to see her daughter? Carly replies that Ava can expect the positions to be reversed. She and Sonny will soon have custody of Avery. When that happens, they will put her interests first. If that means letting Ava see her, they will do that. They want what's best for the baby because they love her, unlike Ava who only sees her as a weapon to use against her opponents. Ava angrily retorts that she loves her daughter very much and she will never, ever let Sonny get closer to her. Carly angrily replies that is because Ava is selfish spiteful and does not care about Avery just like she did not care about Kiki. Carly add, however, that luckily for Avery, she will not have to deal with Ava much longer.

After being “asked question” by Kiki, about his “relationship” with Ava, Paul rushes to find her and demands she tells him what she might have told her daughter about him. Ava assures Paul all she told Kiki was that he's an art gallery customer interested in buying art. Right then, he indicates he believes Ava is not lying to him as she has as much a reason to keep their “involvement” a secret as he does. Ava remarks she can see that Paul is really “on edge” and asks what got him so jumpy. He tells her he is very worried about a “contact” who has disappeared on him, whom he does not know what to expect from. He knows not to tell Ava “very much” and she knows he's keeping secrets. However, he asks her if she's heard or knows anything about what Anna Devane might be up to. Ava admits she has not heard anything about Anna Devane. Paul gets off the elevator and back to his room while Ava appears to be “taking note” of his worries about Anna Devane.

While Morgan is with Darby in the back room of the coffee shop, Sonny enters with Max pushing his wheelchair. Only minutes later, Carly appears. They all reveal that they've never seen this girl before and would like to know who she is. Morgan does not respond nor introduce them yet she introduces herself. She leaves Morgan alone to talk to his parents and they both give him a major “third degree” needing to know secrets he may be keeping from them about Darbie and possibly many other things. Carly tells Morgan she realizes she can't watch over her grown son all the time but has concerns because his behavior is “impulsive”. Sonny tells his son he needs to realize the importance of continuing to take his meds. Morgan protests that he does not like the way the drugs make him feel. Morgan concludes to his parents that he realizes he's bi polar and is doing what he needs to do. He's seeing Dr. Maddox and taking his meds. He took this job his dad offered him that he really did not want because he realizes he has to follow some guidelines, be responsible and accept the realities of his life. So, what he'd like, in return, is for his parents to trust him, stop second-guessing and looking over his shoulder. They need to let him make his own decisions and judgment calls. He leaves and Sonny admits to his wife that he sees their son's point. They have to let go at some point and trust him.

Later, Julian goes to The Metro Court and greets and has a mutually cordial conversation with Kiki while she works. He tells her he's glad he's there early before his contact arrives because Kiki is the person he would like to see. He informs her that he and Alexis are getting married and he'd like for her to be an honored part of his wedding. He'd like her, her mother and her baby sister to all share in on their joy. She tells him she will happily be there although she admits that she is still not entirely trusting her mom. She does not want to get her hopes up and now realizes that her mom always manages to disappoint her throughout her life.

Carlos surprises Sabrina with a ring. At that point, she's happy and receptive to him and has, at least temporarily, forgotten wanting to get to a hospital with or without him. He then agrees to go to the hospital with her. However, as soon as they get in the door, he looks all around and notices Anna and Robert although they do not see him and he immediately tells Sabrina they have to get out of there. They return to the cabin and she demands to know what is up. He tells her they cannot go back there because he knows that they are being followed. Yet she tells him her medical needs are urgent and if they can't go back to the clinic they were just at, they need to go elsewhere and find another facility because she needs to make sure her baby is ok.

Ava goes to find Kiki, yet again, while she's busy working. She assures her daughter this will not “take long”. Kiki, right away, knows this is about Carly asking Ava to let baby Avery spend some time with her daddy. Kiki already knows, without having to ask, that Ava has refused to consider letting Sonny and Carly have time with Avery and she wasted her breath trying to get through to her mom. She makes it clear she's very disappointed, does not want to discuss this further. She has to get back to work and she dismisses Ava. Ava goes in to meet with Julian. He informs her about his “unsuccessful” attempt to make peace with Sonny. Remembering Sonny informing him that he “knows something” about what Ava is up to, Julian firmly lays down the law to his sister, reminding her that he has left the dirty business. He is changing his life, becoming a law abiding citizen and father. He is marrying Alexis. He knows she is up to some sort of illegal business even if he does not know the specifics. He tells her he will not let her ruin it for him.

Carly informs Sonny that she “nicely” asked Ava if they could spend a weekend with Avery. Ava told her absolutely not. Right then, however Kiki overheard and vehemently protested to her mom and went to bat for them. She admits to Sonny, she mistakenly assumed that Ava might, at the very least, listen to her daughter. But she was wrong. Ava is not budging on letting Sonny have any rights with his baby daughter. Yet he is not worried. Although he does not reveal to Carly why he is suddenly developing confidence, he assures her that all they need to do is wait until the next court hearing and they will get their daughter back. She is not convinced of that although Sonny is. As soon as he is alone, he makes effort to get out of his wheelchair and stand up.

Morgan talks to kiki informing her that he had a “bad day” the other day. But then, as soon as he got her text, suddenly he felt ok. He realized she is not only his friend, she is his best friend. She is always there for him no matter what and he wants to always be there for her. She does not sound as excited as he does and asks Morgan where this is going. He then announces to her he wants for them to be more than friends.

Carly goes to the private room and is startled and in awe, overjoyed, and unable to believe what she sees when she notices Sonny is able to stand. He looks at her, perplexed not certain what to say.

When Paul is alone, he gets a text from Carlos informing him that Anna is in Halifax.

Right then, the clinic administrators are able to access the appointment that Sabrina scheduled and then canceled. She then informs Anna and Robert that she is aware of the pregnant woman in question and the man with her.

Carlos struggles to run for cover and is ready to take Sabrina to a clinic, as a “secondary priority”. Right the, however, she feels a pain, her water breaks and she informs him that the baby is coming right now.

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