GH Update Tuesday 1/26/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/26/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the hospital, Sonny is looking at the article about Olivia almost getting arrested for breastfeeding in public along with the other one about Johnny's escape and capture. Epiphany joins him while he takes her into a private room informing her he wants to talk to her and show her something. He first tells her that he does not want any arrogant jackasses for doctors or providers. She asks if he'd consider her a “pushover”. He chuckles and tells her of course not. Right then, he asks her to watch him “do something”. She watches as he removes the foot rests of his wheelchair and demands to know what he thinks he's doing. Right then, Sonny pushes himself out of the wheelchair and stands up. Epiphany is in awe, congratulates and hugs him. She asks how this could have happened. Sonny then replies that he knows that people need him. He spent enough time being upset and depressed and ready to give up. Yet he awakened one morning feeling hopeful, knowing that he can be the man he used to be and whom everybody needs him to be. He has to be that man and won't accept anything less. Hearing that, Epiphany is in awe and tells him she will now have to work him harder. She wants to tell his family and others. Yet he demands that she tells nobody. This has to be the secret that only she can know. In response to that, Epiphany assesses to Sonny she bets the reason he wants nobody to know about his recovery is so he can blind-side his enemies before they see him coming. When Sonny does not deny that, Epiphany expresses her concerns over how it's all about business for him. She understands he has to out-think his enemies. But what about Carly? The woman who's been there for him throughout all of this? Does he intend to lie and hide that he can walk from her? Doesn't he wants to share this enormous victory with Carly or his kids? Does he want them all to worry about him when they need not? Sonny replies he “knows what he is doing”. Yet Epiphany makes it clear that she's angry and very disappointed in him. She tells him she does not have time for this none sense and walks out the door.

Lucas is on the phone to Brad when Julian comes in off the elevator. He looks at the article and asks his dad if it's true that Olivia almost got arrested for feeding his baby brother. They both agree that it's ridiculous. Julian then asks his son what his plans are regarding Brad. Lucas tells his dad that they are not about to get married and have trust issues to work through. In response to that, Julian admits to his son that he's sorry if now is not the time to tell him this. However, he announces, he and Alexis plan to get married. Lucas tells his dad he's glad he's given up his life of crime although Julian reveals to his son it may not be that simple. Lucas asks his dad what is wrong and if he's in trouble with something. Julian admits to his son that finding out he is a dad to him and Sam and being able to find love has opened up his eyes. What's on his mind is that he wants Lucas to stand up for him and be his best man. Lucas tells his dad he would be honored.

On the roof of the Metro Court, Maxie and Dillon talk about how it appears Nina might have a creative magazine idea about the article of Olivia and the breastfeeding scandal. He reflects to her that he's glad Lulu has been cleared of charges from harboring Johnny and getting Valerie endangered. She affirms that she is not about to lie to Nathan regarding that yet they both have reservations about whether her cop boyfriend is on board with all she is doing regarding helping her friends. Right then, Nathan joins them with coffee. She asks Nathan how he knew he'd find them there. He informs Maxie that Nina told him where to find her. He also offers Dillon a cup. Dillon is surprised and tells Nathan he thought he hated him. Nathan clarifies that is not true. He knows Dillon is a good photographer and friend to both Nathan's sister and girlfriend so they are cool. He does, however, warn Dillon that if he wants to continue shooting his films, he will need a permit. Alone with Maxie, Nathan tells her he knows she lied about Johnny. She admits she lied about a few things in order to protect Johnny. Nathan admits to Maxie that they both know that Johnny lied for Lulu, as he knows Johnny did not coerce or threaten her. He concludes that he's glad Lulu is not going to jail. However, Nathan indicates that maybe he and Maxie still have some trust issues. Nathan asks Maxie if she encouraged Lulu to commit a felony and let Johnny take the rap for her. Maxie tells him no. She admits she did encourage her best friend to be “proactive” with saving her marriage. She realizes that Lulu has blamed Valerie for the failure of her marriage and that is all Lulu can see right now. She admits to Nathan she realizes Lulu made a tragic mistake. Yet she confesses, if she had been in Lulu's shoes, she would have done the exact same thing. She protests that she remembers herself being dishonest and dishonorable in the past but now she realizes she has too much to lose now that she has a daughter and now that she has him. She tried and failed to make Lulu see how important being honest with Dante is. Nathan admits that he was equally unsuccessful getting Dante to come clean and work on his marriage instead of cheating. She assures Nathan she never wants them(herself and Nathan) to go through that type of negativity or distrust each other. She tells him she wants them to be together for the rest of their lives. Nathan tells Maxie he wants that also.

At the Metro Court restaurant, a Hispanic female reporter interviews Olivia asking her questions and indicating she disapproves of Olivia's protest to breastfeed in public. Dante comes by and asks if this lady is harassing his mom. The woman remarks she has a 5 year old who should not be seeing these things in public. Olivia laughs and tells the woman she breastfed Dante until he was about 5. At that point, they both dismiss the reporter and she leaves. Alone with his mom, Dante tells her he wishes he could have been there for her but, as they know, he had to take care of the arrest of Johnny. Hearing that, Olivia comments that she has known Johnny for a long time and cannot believe that he would threaten Lulu. She is very surprised and thought he cared for Lulu. Dante does not respond or reveal what really happened. He assures her that both Lulu and Valerie are fine when they could have burned or gotten sick from smoke inhalation and they almost froze to death. Hearing that, Olivia remarks that is “a lot of good luck”. She asks her son, assuming he will affirm, that this experience (which dismisses both Johnny and Valerie from their lives) has brought him and Lulu closer and motivated them to get back together. Dante does not smile and clarifies to his mom no. In fact, he and Lulu are getting a divorce. He explains it was not Lulu who now wants the divorce. He does. Olivia demands to know why his son wants to give up on his marriage and distrusts his wife. He tells her that Lulu pulled a stunt with Johnny behind his back because of her jealousy and lack of faith in their marriage and blamed it all on Valerie. Johnny took the fall and is going back to Pentonville and if he had not lied for Lulu, she'd be going to prison with him. Dante explains to his mom that as soon as Johnny came back Lulu wasted no time in asking him to “help” her with Valerie instead of trying to work on her marriage with her husband. Olivia asks if Lulu asked Johnny to hurt Valerie, to which Dante replies no. However, Lulu pointed Johnny at Valerie to get her in trouble and driven out of town. Olivia protests that although Lulu made a serious mistake, it was not intended and she merely took drastic action to save her marriage to Dante. She reminds him that he cheated on his wife and falsely accused her of sleeping with Dillon. Dante concludes that there are just too many lies between them. He doesn't know how he can ever trust Lulu again nor she-him. Olivia concludes to her son she knows there are no simple answers. She promises she will always be there for him. Yet she tells him she really believes he and Lulu both need to take some time before making any rash decisions they might regret. She leaves and Valerie enters. Dante asks her how she is. She replies ok. She asks if Lulu is “in the clear”, to which he assures her yes, assessing that between Johnny's and Valerie's statements, Lulu has been let off the hook. He also informs Valerie that he and Lulu have split up for good. She then assesses she knows she made a mistake but she is done with what they had together. She tells him if he's divorced, he's obviously free to see other people but he won't be seeing her.

Right then, the cops let Lulu talk to Johnny alone in the interrogation room. She is very upset and feels guilty although he assures her she need not worry. He admits that it was his fault for breaking out of prison, kidnapping Valerie, stealing her car and almost getting her burned in the fire. Yet Lulu blames herself for getting Johnny mixed up in her problems, needing to have him “take care of” Valerie and now letting him take the rap for her. It's cost him his freedom and cost her her marriage. Johnny tells her he's sorry about her marriage ending although he still believes it may be for the best, as he protests that Dante betrayed her with Valerie. Yet she tells him that Olivia was right that she she cannot keep blaming Valerie for everything. She and Dante have had trust issues and failed to work on their marriage. She tells Johnny she knows he's taking the fall for something she set in motion. She knows had he not done that, she could be in prison. She realizes that all the years she'd be away from her son are unbearable to even think of. Johnny gave her another chance. So, for that reason, she now wants to make herself someone her son can be proud of. She tells Johnny she has always known the good side of him which has, unfortunately, gotten overpowered by his dark side. Although he does not want to believe he should have a bright future, she urges him not to join a gang or give up on getting rehabilitated and released from prison. She cries and tells him she wants him to be the man she knows who is kind and honorable and worthy of a good life. Hearing that, he asks her if he becomes “that guy”, would that give him a chance with her? She does not know what to say to that although Johnny admits that it will make surviving Pentonville much easier for him if he has something to look forward to. She admits to Johnny that she will always love him and he needs to know all the good things about himself. He makes it clear that he is smitten with her. The guard then tells him his time is up. When Lulu is alone in the room, she cries uncontrollably and right then, Dillon comes by to comfort her. He admits to her that he was a selfish idiot to have played that video confession of Dante's affair at the Halloween party, and for how much pain in caused her. He also tells her he should have called the cops on Johnny and looked out for her. He admits the reason he's at the station is to get his permit although he wants them to be friends.

At the hospital, Sonny hears Julian happily discussing his wedding plans with his son. Lucas gets back to work. Julian sees Sonny and asks if he can talk to him. Sonny asks why, making it clear he does trust or want to be cordial. Julian, however, assures him he's starting his life over again and for that reason, he would like to make peace with Sonny. Sonny reminds Julian of all the reasons he cannot trust him. Julian apologizes and asks him if they can now let it all go. He reminds Sonny that whether they like it or not, they are connected. He's marrying Sonny's daughter's mom. Sonny is married to Julian's son's sister. His son with Olivia is Sonny's son's baby brother. Sonny's baby daughter is his niece. Sonny then tells Julian he may have Alexis and Olivia fooled with his “act” but he (Sonny) knows better. He tells Julian he believes as much as they might both like to end their lives of violence and risk, it's unrealistic for either of them to think they can just one day wake up and end it all. He vows to Julian that maybe God can forgive him but he can't. He states whether or not Julian has his wedding and tries to redeem himself in a church, Sonny is going to take him down for killing Duke.

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