GH Update Monday 1/25/16

General Hospital Update Monday 1/25/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jordan goes to the Metro Court restaurant to meet with her son who has not yet arrived. She does, however, see Curtis and wonders why she just so conveniently happens to see him at the same place. She asks him if he is following her. He asks her how he could be following her when he was there first. She replies he may have checked her schedule at the PCPD. She knows his tactics and how he operates and she remarks this place is “a bit pricey” for him. He responds that first she tells him he has no right to contact his nephew. Now she tells him where he can and cannot go. She reminds him she could have him run out of town and arrested for crimes very easily, knowing his history and given that she is now the police commissioner. He then replies what if he was following her.

Tracy is on vacation, in what looks to be a spa resort while on the phone to Ned She tells her son she's really happy to be out of Port Charles rid of Paul and all the men who want to take advantage of her. She is contented until she hears something that causes her to hang up. She notices someone smoking and demands they have the courtesy to put it out. She notices it's Larry Ashton Ned's father. She tells him to go away but he clearly does not want to and wants to talk to her. He asks her what brings her to this place. Is it a second honeymoon with Luke? She replies no. She and Luke are no longer together. She also reminds him that, not long ago, he was in cahoots with Jerry Jacks. He responds that he had to make a living somehow. Again he asks her what she is doing there. She tells him she is taking a break and getting away from shiftless losers like him. Larry, however, tells Tracy that he is there for the same reason she is. He has had to “find himself” after suffering personal setbacks as she has. Suddenly she laughs with him and seems to enjoy his company. She realizes that maybe he needs to stop believing that she should have a man who can complete her. Maybe she should just be able to have some fun with someone as Larry reminds her how they used to really enjoy being together. For a while, she enjoys his company, smiles and laughs with him.

Nikolas proposes to Hayden at Wyndemere. He gets down on one knee. Yet she clearly hesitates, knowing the reason is only to save himself from being prosecuted and for no other reason. He asks her why she first offered to marry him and is now drastically changing her mind and not wanting what she first offered. She asks if his main reason is not simply so that he can retain ELQ shares and so that she can't testify against him. He admits that he wants her to be able to help him with that. However, he has feelings for her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She is back on board and agrees to marry him. At that point, Laura enters and he announces to his mom that he and Hayden are getting married. When Hayden leaves them alone to talk, Laura demands her son tell her just what on earth he is doing. Nikolas tells his mom he is an adult and has the right to make his own decisions and does not need her permission.

Julian is with Alexis when she tells him she is very motivated not only to represent Olivia if she gets prevented from exercising her rights in public. She wants to take this to court even though the mayor dropped the charges and Olivia is no longer prevented from breastfeeding Leo wherever she wants. She does not want her daughters to ever be ashamed to of being women. She wants him to publish an article in his magazine about that. He wants to get married. Right outside the door, TJ walks Molly home and she informs him her mom has called her so that she can tell her and her sisters some things. Kristina enters and notices that it appears her younger sister and her boyfriend look like they may “need a room'. Yet Kristina remembers not long ago, Molly telling her she never plans to have sex. She indicates she might want to commit “blackmail” given that she knows “somebody” leaked her secret to Sam and it's just a matter of time before their mom finds out. TJ leaves to go and meet his mom at The Metro Court. Inside, Alexis expresses to Julian that although she's not very religious she realizes she has never been able to have a wedding in a church before so she thought that might be a good place to marry him She tells him she wants to make it official and celebrate their union together as well as his becoming a changed man. She announces to her two daughters that she and Julian have set a date and plan to marry in a church. She tells them both she wants them to be part of the ceremony and so she would be honored if the two of them and Sam could be her three maids of honor. Hearing that, Molly admits that she can see how happy Julian makes her mom so they have her blessing. Kristina also tells them they may count her in. Yet Alexis needs to know more about Kristina and her classes. Kristina obviously cannot answer that.

At the metro court, Jason and Sam go out on the rooftop terrace when it starts to rain. Right then he remembers being with her in the rain on this very rooftop when they were falling in love. He tells her he remembers them kissing. He remembers the way he felt and what he smelled and all that happened. He does not remember why or how they were there or when or what was going on. He does, however, remember that it was very “real” somehow. Hearing that, Sam clearly indicates she is in awe and she responds that yes, it was real. She then realizes, as she walks him through all the details of that very encounter, that she consciously remembers it all even though he does not. Yet, she concludes to Jason that she has reservations. If he needs someone to help him get his memory back, she does not believe that person should be herself. Sam tells Jason she cannot be involved because his old life is her old life too. She realizes she cannot be impartial or objective and therefore she cannot be involved in his process or his journey right now. She realizes that this has to be about him and the things he's trying to find that may or may not have anything to do with her. She tells him she just wants him to trust himself with whatever is the right thing for him to do.

While Jordan is with Curtis at The Metro Court, TJ enters and asks his mom if she planned their dinner and invited Uncle Curtis. She does not reveal to her son that she did not want nor plan for Curtis to be there while she sees he welcomes his uncle. He informs his mom and uncle that he wants to pursue pre-med and believes he has the science aptitude for that. Curtis wants to know about his nephew's personal life and about his girlfriend. He tells TJ he's really sorry he was not there when his father passed. It seems both TJ and his mom know what Curtis was doing while he was away.

While Tracy is on her vacation, she gets a call from Hayden informing she that Nikolas proposed to her. She thought that Tracy would be happy to hear that. She is and admits to Hayden that hopefully she will get ELQ and Hayden will get her freedom. Tracy then returns to Larry. For the first time, she realizes and tells him she will not be fooled. What she needs in her life is to get as far away from people like him as possible. She tells him he needs to stay on his end of the resort and leave her alone. She now knows that the only way for her to be happy to reclaim what is hers.

Laura asks Nikolas what his motives are for wanting to marry Hayden. She questions whether he really has genuine feelings for her, like he says he does. She leaves them alone to have their champagne together. After having been able to call and inform Tracy while Nikolas was talking to his mom, Hayden is now smiling and encouraged to get married. She does not want to waste any time. She wants to get married right away. Nikolas, however, cannot help finding it odd that only minutes ago, she was extremely hesitant and now she wants to get married right away.

TJ tells Curtis he knows that he was instrumental in his shutting down a major drug operation. He admits that he did not support his mom's “undercover” assignment of appearing to be a drug dealer. Yet he now knows she did the right thing and he's proud of his mom's achievements. He announces to them both that he wants to start med school. Curtis tells his nephew he knows his brother would be very proud of his son as he knows TJ will make a fine doctor. TJ leaves them alone to talk. Jordan firmly tells Curtis she does not trust him and if he hurts her son, he will answer to her. She urges him to tell TJ the truth and promise he will not break her son's heart.

At Alexis' home, Kristina gets a call that she takes outside and out of earshot. Alone with Alexis, Julian tells her that he has no worries about their wedding going the way they want. They go upstairs together.

Alone on the phone, Kristina is talking to Parker who is threatening to blackmail her. She tells him “here is the deal”. If he says nothing to her parents, she will say nothing to his wife.

Jason tells Sam he is recovering not only the memory but the emotions and feelings of it. He does not want to stop until he gets all the missing pieces of the puzzle.

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