GH Update Friday 1/22/16

General Hospital Update Friday 1/22/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the boxing gym, Dante makes it clear he's angry and ready to take out his frustrations as he spars with Michael in the boxing ring. Sonny enters and can clearly see that his oldest son is taking out his aggression and trying to distract himself from his situation with Lulu. Sonny is concerned both about Michael losing contact with Sabrina right when he wanted to commit to her and the baby and about Dante's marital problems. Dante admits to his dad that he and Nathan found Johnny and prevented him from escaping. Yet he has concerns about how he made it a priority to find his wife and realized she could have gotten charged with a felony and gone to prison for kidnapping and attempted murder, had Johnny not taken the rap for her on that. He tells his dad and younger brother he now knows that in Lulu's desperate attempt to get Valerie out of town, she worked with Johnny. At the very least they both wanted to make it look like Valerie was corrupt in order to get her thrown out of the police academy. He admits he's not clear on whether kidnapping was part of Johnny's original plan or not. But he does know that Valerie almost died and Lulu almost got charged with attempted murder. Sonny and Michael ask if that has been “cleaned up” with Valerie being unharmed, Lulu cleared of charges and Johnny back in prison, indicating if those things have happened (favorably), then Dante need not have concerns. He replies yes to all 3 of those questions. However, it's not ok with him that he does not know how or if he can ever trust his wife again. Hearing that, Sonny asks his son if he really wants to give up on his marriage, reflecting that he made the same mistake with Carly. They spent too much time away from each other, focusing on the anger and problems they've had without working things out and he doesn't want his son to make the same mistake he did. Yet Dante tells his dad that maybe his situation with Lulu's is different than Sonny's with Carly.

While at Maxie's house, Lulu tries to send a text to Dante which he ignores and she hears her mom enter. Laura informs her daughter that Rocco is safe and sound with a childcare attendant at Wyndemere. With that, she firmly asks her daughter why she has not returned any messages and what is going on. She demands an explanation as to why Lulu is refusing to talk to anyone. At that point, Lulu cries, rushes to her mom and admits she made a big mess. Lulu explains that she did, in fact work with Johnny in order to get Valerie out of town. Laura asks why she did that. Lulu admits that Valerie was with her husband and with her kid and she saw the need to take drastic action to get her cousin out of their lives. So when Johnny showed up and offered to get Valerie out of town, she took him up on his offer. She made it clear that nobody intended to harm or threaten Valerie's life. Yet, unknown to her, Johnny kidnapped Valerie when he panicked after learning the cops were hot on his trail, took her car and had her tied up and stranded in a cabin that caught on fire. Hearing that, Laura is horrified and asks if Johnny intended to set the cabin on fire. Lulu tells her no. it was and accident., as she protests to her mom that realizes it looks as though she intended to get revenge upon Valerie. But she just wanted to get Valerie out of their lives so that she could have a chance to repair their marriage. Laura asks if Dante knows all about it. Lulu replies that she's never seen her husband so angry and is afraid that their marriage is over and it's her fault. She's afraid that she may have pushed Dante into going back to Valerie. They may be closer than ever and it's her own fault. Yet she protests that Valerie seduced her husband and wanted to ruin her marriage. Doesn't she have the right to be angry and to be forgiven for her actions getting out of control? Laura concludes to her daughter that she was reckless and needs to think about what she did. She tells to her daughter she has to go home but affirms she loves her and that will never change. Right then, Dante returns and Laura leaves. He asks Lulu if they can talk.

Hayden has just gotten done talking to Curtis and he's told her he can clearly see she is covering for the man who got her shot, and thereby putting herself in danger. Knowing she's living in that very man's house and he wants her to marry her in order to help him beat legal charges, she hesitates when Nikolas wants to touch her and talk about their future together. He asks her why she's turning away. Hayden explains that she's “very flattered” that Spencer believes his dad is in love with her. Yet, she admits to him, for months, they have been playing games with each other. He tells her he thought they agreed to get past that. Yet she attempts to explain that this is “new” to her. She does not know what to do with what he is giving her, what to think, feel or do at this point. He tells her he wants to love her and asks if she's ever been in love before. She admits to him she never has when she was with her ex husband, all they thought about was business and money.. Yet he tells her that she “changed” what he was feelings so that he is no longer concerned about scrolling numbers and bank accounts as much as he is about being with her and the love he feels. She admits that she is not ready and “afraid” to feel the feelings that he is apparently feeling. She concludes to him that she believes she may not “deserve” him. She reflects to him that she committed blackmail and lied to him not long ago. Maybe she just has too much baggage and so the best thing to do would be to leave right here and now. Yet he does not want her to do that. He does not just mean he wants her to stay for the night. He wants her to stay forever. She clearly does not know how to respond to that.

Carly is wasting no time meeting with the culinary staff at The Metro Court and putting plans into motion to prepare a cake, food and festivities for Jason's birthday party. Sam comes by and asks her what is going on. She replies, assuming Sam must be on board and also remembers all-too-well Jason's birthday coming up. She reminds Sam that both of them, Sonny and Michael all know the significance of this day, as well as the importance of why they should celebrate it now that they've find out Jason alive, back in their lives and beat prison sentencing. Yet Sam expresses reservations given that although they all know and remember his birthday and what it mean to him, Jason has no memory or recollection of it. Yet Carly urges Sam to explain to Jason the significance of it and let him choose his new life. Sam then informs Carly about Elizabeth's latest little “stunt” involving having him falsely believing someone broke into her house to endanger Jake, which Carly whole-heartedly agrees with Sam that Elizabeth must have done it in a desperate attempt to hang onto Jason. She concludes to Sam, all the more reason why he needs to forget about Elizabeth and be with the people they all know of who are important in Jason's life. Yet Sam is very adamant to Carly that they do not want to pressure Jason into anything he's not ready for right now.

Alone with Jason, in her house after Sam has left, Elizabeth protests he can't “possibly believe” Sam's accusation that she would fake a break-in in order to scare her child into believing there was an intruder in the house when it did not happen. In response to that, Jason coldly reminds her that the last time she told him Sam was falsely accusing her of lying about something in order to “keep” him, Sam was correct so why would this time be any different? He knows that she would deprive Danny of his own father. What he also knows is that nobody broke into her house and she's lied in this manner in order to manipulate him before. She reminds him there was a time that they were in love. He reminds her the first time she “declared” she loved him was right after she found out who he really was and decided to lie and prevent him from knowing that. She then asks what about their friendship before she found out. That was real, she said. Yet he makes it clear that he cannot trust her. She affirms to him that they are his parents and regardless of their differences, they have to agree to put Jake's best interests and well being first. He asks her if she and Jake will be ok. She replies yes. He goes out the door. Right then, Jake comes out and asks his mom if Sam made his dad go away again.

Jason walks into the bar at The Metro Court. Carly sees him and tells him she wants to celebrate the fact that Sam got those bogus charges dropped even if he does not remember his birthday. Yet both he and Sam want Carly to slow down with that. He tells them he has “seen” his birthday many times and knows he was not born in January. Carly then explains to him that after he had the accident many years ago that made him lose the memory of being Jason Quartermaine, she remembers he declared his birthday to be Jan. 22. She persists and does not accept Jason's objections until he demands she stops. He tells her he knows she “misses her friend”. Yet, he tells her, yet again, that he is “not that guy”.

Elizabeth is alone with her son trying to “do the right thing” letting him know that both of his parents love him very much, his daddy will be there for him, but he won't live there and she and Jason are not getting married. Right then, Laura comes by to check on Elizabeth and tells her she's “assuming” everything is ok. Yet Elizabeth admits to her former mother-in-law that things are not ok. She tells her about the “accusations” Sam is making of her and how it's clear she wants to poison Jason's mind against Elizabeth. Right then, Jake is sitting at the top of the stairs overhearing and drawing.

After Dante leaves the gym, Sonny tells Michael that he is concerned about his sons giving up on their lives and happiness. He reflects that he cannot do anything about being in this chair. He hates these exercises and going to this gym without being able to do what he would like to do. Why does Michael think he does it? Sonny asks... He tells him he does it for his family. He encourages Michael to go to the Metro Court to help his mom plan Jason's birthday party, while his dad stays behind and works on more reps. Michael gets ready to leave and assures Sonny he learns from his dad's example every day.

Dante talks to Lulu alone about what she did and how it cannot just be overlooked and forgotten about. She must have no regard to Rocco to have put him in harms way having Johnny Zacchara near him and she could have gotten 15 years in prison unable to be a mom to their child for her involvement in Johnny's plan. Valerie could have been killed. She protests that she risked her own life to save Valerie from the fire. She asks her husband if they can't get past all their previous mistakes, rebuild and fix what went wrong She admits nothing excuses her actions but she did it because she loves him. He asks if she almost got Valerie killed, harbored a fugitive whom her husband despises because she loves him, which she replies yes. She tells him she wanted to save their marriage. She had to get Valerie away from her husband. Right then, Dante informs his wife, for the first time that Valerie initiating breaking things off with him. She concluded she does not want to be her cousin's husband's mistress. She asks him if he has “sad or disappointed” that Valerie ended it, to which Dante replies he was relieved. He knew he only wanted to get back with Lulu the whole time. So, Dante concludes to Lulu, she did to have to resort to the drastic measures she took to get Valerie away from her husband. Hearing that, Lulu urges him to have hope in them, realize they love each other and do whatever they need in order to get back the marriage they once had. Yet he tells her the best thing they can do for Rocco and for everyone involved is divorce. She sobs and protests that he is wrong but it's clear his mind is made up that this is for the best. She asks him if the reason for that is he's done with her and ready to pursue a relationship with Valerie.

As soon as Sonny is alone in the boxing gym, he struggles alone to pull himself out of his wheelchair and attempts to stand up and walk.

After Carly has left Jason and Sam alone at the Metro Court, he goes out to the terrace. He seems comfortable to be alone with Sam. She's not putting any pressure on him. Right then, it starts to rain and they run inside. Right at that point, Jason seems as though he remember a very significant time they spent together on the roof in the rain, when they were falling in love.

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