GH Update Thursday 1/21/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/21/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Carly meets Sonny and Max at the hospital, apologizing for being late and unable to attend his appointment with him, but she explains that Mayor Lomax held her up at the Metro Court, and she does not like that woman and wishes she would get booted from office. Sonny talks about that social worker that Ava has watching over him whenever he sees Avery. Carly tells her husband they need to realize that Ava will stop at nothing to make their lives difficult regarding his baby daughter. Sonny also informs Carly and Max about his new doctor, Orem Kelly who appears to be on a local television show and knows many famous people yet Sonny does not trust him nor believe he's a competent doctor. Morgan comes out and asks his parents if that famous individual he's seen on television is Sonny's new doctor. Sonny indicates he needs another doctor. Carly and Max leave Sonny alone to talk to Morgan privately. He tells his son he needs to know why he was on the docks during New Years Eve. Morgan evades and avoids the question although his dad tells him he knows there was illegal activity that Morgan was watching and possibly wanting to be a part of on the night in question. Again, Sonny admonishes his son not to get involved in his dad's business and put himself in danger. Morgan makes it clear he's adamant to make his own decisions and Sonny is equally adamant that he can and will ship Morgan's ass out of town in order to keep him safe although Morgan reminds his dad he cannot legally do that because he (Morgan) is now an adult. Sonny reminds his son that when he was Morgan's age, he had a real struggle trying and failing to find the right medication and living with the side effects involved. He knows about how one feels numb and has no feelings and is always tired and unmotivated. He tells Morgan even if he feels like he cannot get off the couch, he has to do it and motivate himself. He assures Morgan it won't always be like this and will get easier. Hearing that, Morgan asks when he can expect it to get easier and when it got easier for his dad. Sonny illustrates one example of how medication “works” for him is today, when she visited baby Avery with the social worker, he knew how not to be angry, lose control and get himself into trouble he does not want. He warns Morgan if he (Morgan) does not take the medication, he will have another break-down. He asks Morgan if he remembers what happened when he went off his medication after he lost Connie. Does Morgan not remember how his dad ruined his engagement party with Kiki a few years ago with that? Morgan remembers and Sonny asks him what that tells him about what happens when someone with bi polar fails to take their medication. Morgan protests to his dad that he knows he's in a wheelchair. His son needs to help him. He needs a purpose, Morgan tells his dad. He needs something to distract him from the way he's feeling all the time, he protests to Sonny. He does not feel like a whole person. It would help him to be able to make himself useful to his father. Sonny then concludes to his son he gets it and informs Morgan he will give him a job. Hearing that, Morgan tells his dad he knows what he has to do and now he needs to get to his appointment. Sonny smiles, acknowledges him and tells his son how proud he is of him. Max then returns to Sonny as soon as they can talk alone with the latest update about the “suspect on the docks”.

Nikolas is on the phone to his son who has been staying with his friend, Mason while he's dad has been in the hospital. He informs Spencer he's returned home and is ready to get him back in the house with daddy again. It appears Spencer is pressuring his dad to move forward with Hayden, asks if he is in love with her and if they are planning on getting married. Hayden enters the living room and she and Nikolas both indicate that they enjoyed spending the night together in his bed. She gets a call which she knows she cannot reveal to Nikolas and needs to take, out of earshot. It's Curtis telling her she owes him money and she better pay up...unless, of course, she wants him to reveal to Nikolas what she is doing behind his back. She return to Nikolas who warns her that Jason may get him in legal trouble for stealing ELQ and he's not afraid of what Nikolas might do to him. Also, he tells her, he's worried. He just found out there's a hotel guest who is willing to testify in Jason's behalf, in court because he witnessed what really happened between them. Hearing that, she reminds him that her offer is still good to marry him so she will not have to testify against him. She knows she has to urgently pay Curtis off after hearing his “threat”.

Kiki is waitressing at The Metro Court when Ava again sits at her table. She indicates to her daughter, indirectly, that she may have had sex with someone the previous night. Kiki resolves she does not want to know the details. It's not her concern, unless, of course, her mom is sleeping with Morgan. Ava assures her daughter that is no longer happening and then asks Kiki if she and Morgan have reconciled and possibly spending time together. Kiki replies that she and Morgan are friends, talk, and hang out frequently and asks Ava why that's her concern. Ava tells her daughter she hopes she can see that her mom is truly happy that Morgan is her friend. Yet, she tells her, she knows Morgan is going through some "issues," to which Kiki comments she knows he needs to take his medication and all. Hearing that, Ava reveals she might know some other specific concerns that Kiki should be aware of regarding Morgan possibly putting himself, as well as her, in danger. Kiki gets ready to get back to work when Carly enters and tells her she'd like to speak to her mother. Ava instantly assumes Carly wants to fight with her, to which Carly tells her she is there to ask Ava for a favor. She tells her it's about Sonny. Ava must know that Sonny has never had any “issues” since the court hearing. Ava knows Sonny would never let anything happen to Avery. Yet Ava “toys” with Carly, telling Carly she wonders about hers' and Sonny's judgment as parents, given their history with Michael and Morgan. Carly tells Ava she'd like to speak about Avery. Kiki overhears and tells her mom she needs to be reasonable to Carly and Sonny and let them have equal rights with Avery. Alone with Ava, Carly tells her she would like it if she would let Avery spend a weekend with her and Sonny. Carly talks about how Sonny cherishes the time he spent with his daughter and she-with him. Ava needs to know that Avery needs Sonny as much as he needs her. So, if she cares about her child, can they please have the baby to themselves for more than a quick little visit? Ava appears smug and makes it clear she will not budge.

When Sam goes with Jason to Elizabeth’s house to attempt to investigate and find out what might be “up” with Jake's suspicion of an intruder, Elizabeth returns with Jake who runs to his daddy, oh so “hopeful”, asking daddy if he's back for good, to which Jason is left awkward and guilty having to tell his son no. Elizabeth makes it clear she does not want Sam with Jason inside her house to have this conversation regarding Elizabeth's son. Jake follows his mom and makes it clear he does not trust Sam in his house. Elizabeth asks her son to let her speak alone to daddy and to Sam while he goes upstairs. Sam asks her if she is not concerned about her son's safety and well-being enough to put her ill feelings about Sam aside in order to let her do something. Or, she suggests to Elizabeth, is she afraid of what Sam might find out?, Sam asks her..... Elizabeth then concludes to Sam she may do whatever she wants if it will get her the hell out of Elizabeth's house. When Elizabeth goes up the stairs, Jason indicates to Sam it's possible Elizabeth is lying to him about something. He goes to spend time alone with Jake. Elizabeth tells Sam now that she's conducted her “search” she can now leave. Yet, Sam tells her that all the evidence makes it clear that she made a false story about someone looking in her windows New Years Eve and breaking into her house to break the family picture. Sam tells her she knows better as she knows so does Jason. She admits to Elizabeth she thinks she broke the picture and made up a story to get Jason to feel obligated to her. She knows Elizabeth is playing victim probably to manipulate him. Jason then returns and Elizabeth asks him if he could do something about Sam making these accusations of her. Yet Sam reminds them that there was no forced entry in the house, no evidence or witnesses that saw anyone or anything on the nights in question. This was obviously staged by someone who lives there. Hearing that, Elizabeth asks Sam why she wants to do this. Will Sam not be happy until Elizabeth loses her kids and until she's destroyed Elizabeth's life? (Elizabeth asks her).

Hayden hastily and urgently goes to meet Curtis outside of Kelly's with the money, asking no questions, indicating she's desperate to pay him off so he won't reveal anything she does not want revealed. He can clearly see that she is in a rush to pay him off in order to shut him up. He asks her why she doesn't even what the report he owes her for her payment. He indicates he knows she is in danger and very lucky to be alive and expresses concern that she's putting herself in danger not looking into who got her shot or if they could strike again. He knows she's living with a prince in a mansion and in a relationship with him and he knows there's something suspicious about that. She assures him she's “perfectly safe” as the man who wanted her dead is no longer a danger to her. He then asks if she's admitting she knows who he is and if she really trust him not to shoot her. Does she have a death wish? Why doesn't she expose this creep? Is she merely doing a blackmail stunt with the attempted murderer? If so, this guy will know if she is playing him. Curtis urges her to go to the cops to put this cat behind bars before he puts her into the ground. She thanks him for his concern, but reminds him he has her money and declares they are done, terminates the conversation and leaves.. Yet when he's alone, Curtis concludes they are not done. They have not yet started.

While Nikolas is alone in his home, Jordan comes to see him and wants to talk to him about the police investigation of his altercation with Jason. She tells him she knows that he is lying about Jason trying to kill him yet he clearly has “some reason” to want to put Jason away for a crime he did not commit. An eye witness has informed the police of that, she tells Nikolas. He protests she must know of Jason Morgan's extensive criminal record and history of violence. Yet Jordan informs him that Jason has been acquitted, due to the evidence and both he and Hayden have no credibility in what they have told the cops about what really happened. She needs to know why.

Ava continues to have Carly “begging and dangling”, making it clear she so enjoys coming up with all the objections for letting her and Sonny have Avery. She has no assurance that Carly and Sonny will not kidnap her child, etc., as Carly angrily protests that Ava knows she and Sonny would never kidnap Avery. Kiki then interjects in the conversation, asking her mom if she knows what her daughter really wanted more than anything throughout her childhood? It was not a pony or a material thing. It was a father. Ava kept Kiki from her father and he-from her, until she and Silas found out, by accident, after she was grown, that they were father and daughter. Now her father is dead and she'll never be able to get those years back. She tells Ava maybe instead of promising to reconcile with the empty words, what she should do is learn how to be a better mother this time around by not preventing Avery from knowing her dad. So she urges Ava to let Avery spend time with Sonny.

Hayden returns to Nikolas, informing him she just got back from a meeting with ELQ. He informs her he might not have the company for long. He just heard the police have a witness who saw what really happened between him and Jason. Jason will probably be exonerated and take back ELQ. He admits that maybe having the company is not that important to him, as he knows he needs to “work on” Hayden for the one thing she can provide for him (marrying him so she won't have to testify against him). Yet she clearly has a “change of heart” about trusting Nikolas after the warning Curtis gave her about him.

Jordan goes into Kelly's and coldly observes Curtis. He mentions her son and she demands he never has anything to do with TJ.

Sonny and Max are aware that Ava is knowingly or unknowingly doing business with the guy on the docks, and thereby putting Avery in danger.

When Kiki gets done telling Ava what she needs to do, Morgan enters. Kiki asks him what it is her mom might know about him “getting into trouble”. He tells her that she need not worry. The only “hot water” he's going to be getting into is coffee. His dad gave him a “legal job” working for Corinthos coffee. Not far away, Ava gets on her phone to get someone not to inform Paul that Morgan was seen on the docks.

Elizabeth protests to Jason that he must know that she would never do what Sam is accusing him of. Yet Sam reminds her that she did not hesitate to falsify Danny's paternity in order to have Jason for herself. Sam also reminds a silent Jason that he proactively admitted to her that he knows there was no forced entry nor evidence of what Elizabeth wants her son to believe. Sam makes it clear that she is onto Elizabeth and so is Jason. Elizabeth dismisses her and shows her to the door. Alone with Jason, she protests that he must know that Sam has gone too far and does not know what she is talking about. Yet Jason makes it clear he believes everything Sam believes about Elizabeth.

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