GH Update Wednesday 1/20/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/20/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Franco goes to meet with Nina at the Crimson office while she tells him how amazed she is at the success and sale of the magazine and how she's turned a big failure into a big success. She comments that Julian should see, know and take notice of her accomplishment. She informs him a reporter is coming to interview her and asks Franco how she looks. He tells her he is happy for them as a couple, for her career and for his job as an art therapist. Yet she admits that she does not know how she's going to achieve success on the magazine from here on out. He graciously and confidently tells her she did it once and he's confident she can do it again. He tells her he has to go and get back to his finger-painting patients.

Julian is with Alexis at the Metro Court restaurant while she talks about all the things they could do together. He tells her he wishes he could but there is somewhere he has to be right now. He and Nina are going to be interviewed, remarking there has been “short term” success although he is still not confident that Nina can run and salvage his magazine. He gets a call from Olivia. She asks him if he could possibly take the baby for the day. When Julian says he can't, she informs him it's “kind of an emergency”. Olivia is at the police station after having been arrested. Shortly thereafter, Julian rushes there with Alexis and demands to know how this could have happened. Olivia replies she was attempting to feed their son in her place of business and the mayor apparently had a problem with it. Hearing that, Alexis demands to know if Olivia got arrested for breastfeeding her kid. Mayor Lomax replies no. Olivia got arrested for assaulting her. Olivia protests she did not do that. She merely asserted her right to feed her baby. Olivia admits she may have lost her temper a bit. However, she tells Mayor Lomax that none of this would have happened if her goon had backed off. She resisted arrest, Mayor Lomax tells her. The officers get ready to take her to her cell while Julian asks if this is necessary. Alexis then demands they hold it, telling them they are not taking this lady anywhere. She will be Olivia's lawyer. Alexis adamantly goes to bat for Olivia speaking to Mayor Lomax about the chain of events that occurred that involved Mayor Lomax confronting and intimidating her client. Olivia did not assault or verbally abuse anyone. She merely protested that she had the legal right to breastfeed her child in public. When Mayor Lomax did not accept that, Alexis states, her client merely stood up and attempted to get away from the table and Mayor Lomax and her security officer took it to mean that Olivia did something she did not do. Alexis further concludes to Mayor Lomax that Ms. Falconeri did what is her legal right to do, yet Mayor Lomax did something illegal by harassing Olivia. If this ever goes to court, Alexis warns her, she will say exactly that. Alexis walks away when Julian takes Mayor Lomax aside and attempts to get her to drop her charges, reminding her that they do not want the type of scandal that would occur if the press ever reported what Mayor Lomax did. They hear the baby cry. Olivia is in handcuffs and has no bottle. The uniform cop tells her he doesn't want to cause trouble but when there's no bottle there's nothing that can be done.

Olivia then concludes that the only way to feed the baby is with her breast and with her hands tied, he needs to help her. The officer then uncuffs Olivia while Alexis brings the baby over to his mommy, covers him with a blanket while Olivia breastfeeds him and Alexis takes a picture. Julian reminds Mayor Lomax of how, if it ever got into the press, it could ruin her career. At the station, the mayor knows she has no grounds and wants to avoid consequences for herself. So she decides to drop charges against Olivia and forget all this happened. Olivia happily accepts that and goes off with the baby while Julian walks with her. Alone with Mayor Lomax, however, Alexis tells her they are not going to pretend this never happened. She violated Ms. Falconeri's rights, so Alexis tells Mayor Lomax that she and Olivia are going to file suit against the city.

Elizabeth talks to Dr. Kevin Collins about her concerns for Jake. Kevin recommends a child psychiatrist named Renault to her so she need not worry about her son. Yet he admits Jake is not the one he is worried about. He reminds Elizabeth he knows what she's been through in the last year cannot be easy for her. She found out about Jason's identity right at her own wedding (which is not true). The one friend she had whom she could confide in, Patrick, has left town. Kevin tells her he knows about her history and is worried she could have another breakdown. They talk about how Elizabeth is very diligent with taking care of others yet needs to be mindful of her own physical and emotional well being. Kevin wants Elizabeth to seek help if she needs it. Jake returns to his mom and looks very carefully at her after talking to Dr. Renault. Elizabeth gives Jake paper and crayons and sits him on a bench to draw while she speaks to the therapist privately. Dr. Renault tells Elizabeth that Jake has trust issues and difficulty opening up and she'd like to have him return so they can work on this. She also suggests art therapy and Kevin agrees. Elizabeth is concerned about further contact with Franco, but Kevin assures her it'll be okay.

At the restaurant, Sam meets with Jason informing him she needed to talk to him about something. They sit at a table together. She happily announces to him that she spoke with Dr. Shepherd, a hotel guest who was a witness to the scuffle between Jason and Nikolas. Shepherd now confirms that he could see Nikolas was the aggressor and Jason merely acted in self defense, Sam tells him. Hearing that, Jason confirms to Sam that she might have saved his ass. He does confide in Sam that Jake has informed them that a strange man was looking at him through the windows, allegedly broke in and they discovered a picture being smashed. Yet there has been no sign of anyone there, any forced entry or any evidence of what Jake is terrified of. And, he adds, it's only adding to Elizabeth's stress. He speaks about how he and Elizabeth are through and trust has broken down yet he cannot have Jake believing that his father does not respect nor care for his mother. They also talk about Franco and how he might want to take Jason down. Sam tells Jason she does not trust Franco yet realizing that now that he has gotten his life turned around with work and a new relationship, she's pretty certain Jason need not see him as a threat. He wonders what is up with the fact that it “appears” somebody broke in although Elizabeth swears she locked the door. Sam then concludes what they need is an investigator.

Franco sits next to Jake, since he's met him before, and admires his drawings. While Elizabeth disapprovingly observes Franco with her son, she asks the therapist why she'd recommend this. Dr. Renault asserts that children who have a hard time verbalizing their thoughts can benefit from expressing themselves through drawing and painting. Kevin agrees. Hearing that, Elizabeth tells them she does not have a problem with art therapy. They both know her problem is with Franco, as they concede they know about his history. Yet Kevin confirms to her that it's been proven that Franco gets results. As they observe Jake very comfortably engaging with Franco, while drawing not far away, both psychiatrists tell Elizabeth it's clear to see Franco and Jake have developed a relationship. They assure Elizabeth that if they see anything that appears to harm her son, they will terminate Franco working with him. But, they tell her, for now, they believe it's worth a try. Elizabeth approaches her son and Franco. Jake makes it clear he'd rather stay right where he is and is more comfortable with Franco than with his mom, as Franco remarks her kid is a "regular Picasso." Jake gives Franco the pictures he's drawn so far and then he gets up to leave reluctantly with his mom. Alone, Franco attentively views the drawings Jake made.

Sabrina notices an incoming call on her phone from Felix after she and Carlos have fled out of the Port Charles area. She hesitates to answer it. She finally answers, tells Felix how good it is to hear from him and she is very surprised when she hears, for the first time that Michael attempted to find her and told Felix he wanted to get back with her. Also, he warns her, Anna Devane is looking for her and suspects she has fled with Carlos. Carlos returns, knows she was talking to Felix and states that was a very bad thing to do. She protests that she is not used to being on the run and Felix is her last link to the life she's known. Yet Carlos tells her they have to cut all old ties because at any moment, the cops could come knocking on the door. Hearing that, Sabrina informs Carlos that Felix informed her that Anna Devane wanted to talk to her. He asks if there's any way Anna could suspect he's still alive, to which she tells him that's highly unlikely so he has nothing to worry about. He assures her he will take care of her and asks her why she'd miss Port Charles in the first place, as that place meant nothing but heartaches for her. Hearing that, Sabrina clarifies that is not entirely true. He “theorizes” that she had two men in her life, while in Port Charles, who did not know how to treat her and just threw her away like a piece of trash, yet she clearly indicates she does not see it that way. Yet he hands her her phone and tells her she has to cut all ties to the “old life”. Hearing that, she walks out the door and tosses her phone into the wilderness outside the cabin. He smiles and wants to convince her that “right here with him” is not so bad, to which she agrees. They agree it's just the two of them (and baby makes 3). She tells him she's really curious to see what he's going to be like as a father. He holds her belly, smiles with her and reflects the baby's gonna be there any minute.

When Anna is at her house talking to Robert about their plan with Paul Hornsby and with finding Carlos, she gets a surprise visit from Dr. André Maddox. She declines to let him come in but Robert notices André, greets him and they reveal to Anna that they know each other. Robert informs Anna that André is the contact he spoke of who can lead them to Carlos and Sabrina. André talks to them both about his theory regarding Carlos traveling secretly with a very pregnant woman, expressing that she is Carlos' Achilles heel as he must care very deeply about Sabrina, especially when she's the mother of his child. Robert concludes that means that Carlos is not only concerned with saving his own skin. And that makes him all the more vulnerable. Realizing that neither he nor Robert have met Sabrina but Anna has, André asks her if Sabrina is a friendly and social person who likes to be surrounded by people, to which Anna replies yes. She's seen Sabrina as a people-person. André presents his theory that Carlos has historically not seen Sabrina as an independent person or her own woman and so he will probably use her and manipulate her into going along with his plans. He concludes that Carlos probably means well toward Sabrina and will want to make sure she has medical care when she's ready to give birth. Yet they all know she's very pregnant and ready to deliver soon so that means there is a limit to where he can take her. They then conclude the only place they can go is Canada. Anna concludes they would probably choose to cross the border to Toronto given how much easier it is for her pregnancy. Yet André suggests that with Carlos knowing what a socially gregarious person Sabrina is, he would want to take her somewhere far away from the people she knows and loves where she is isolated. They all conclude that they bet Carlos and Sabrina are right now in Halifax, Nova Scotia. While Carlos affirms, and Sabrina agrees that they will be together alone with their baby in the private cabin, André, Anna, and Robert all conclude they are certain that the two of them have fled to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and they conclude that is where they will go to find them.

Brady, the reporter, goes to talk to Nina at the Crimson office, while she is alone. He wanted to meet her since she's the “brains behind the operation”. Hearing that, she informs him that is not entirely true. She has to credit her co-editor, Maxie Jones, without whom she would not be able to achieve the success she's achieved. It appears the green issue has been a success and not a failure and Brady wants to credit that to Nina. Brady would like to know what Nina has in mind for Crimson's next issue, but she is pretty much clueless and lost, so she follows his lead and affirms that she wants to concentrate on real women. He finally leaves. While Julian is at the station, he calls Nina, apologizing for not being able to make it to her meeting with the reporter. He explains to her he got called away because Olivia got arrested for breastfeeding in public. Hearing that, Nina decides it's a worthy issue for Crimson.

At the hospital, after Franco examines Jake's drawings, he finds Kevin and tells him he wants him to look at the drawings. Franco admits to the shrink that he has concerns, because he, himself, used to do drawings like this as a kid. And, he warns Kevin, it is not a "good thing."

Jason takes Sam with him to Elizabeth's house where they brainstorm and attempt to unravel the mystery of Jake's issue with the break-in. Minutes later, Elizabeth returns with Jake and she makes it clear that she is not ok with the two of them going to her house alone without her knowing.

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