GH Update Tuesday 1/19/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/19/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Metro Court, Anna and Robert are alone having dinner and he asks her if she is ok with her family so far away. She assures her ex she is ok staying in Port Charles. She has things to do, she tells Robert. Right then, they notice Paul Hornsby enter, to which Anna comments that one of her top priorities is taking the new DA down. She fills him in on the details of all that his been going on in town since he was last there. First of all, Sloane became police commissioner and unseated her while Lomax won the mayoral election when Felicia should have won. And they have gone through several DAs, including Scott Baldwin, then Ric Lansing and now Paul Hornsby whom they know is buddies with their new mayor. He asks if Paul murdered someone. Anna replies yes although they have yet to prove it

Not far away at another table, Paul meets privately with Mayor Lomax, making it clear they have a private agenda together. He informs her he has hired Anna to go after Sonny and also assures her he has no more suspicions of either Ava or Julian Jerome. Paul cannot take his eye off of Anna sitting alone and comfortably interacting with Robert. He goes over, coyly greets Robert, and asks him what brings him into town after so long. Robert tells him he was there for his daughter's wedding. Yet Paul knows that Robert and Anna are together discussing something else that may be related to their previous involvement with the WSB. Robert remarks that he remembers Paul as a young and insignificant lackey on the cartel and now he's the DA, Robert reflects as he laughs. Paul reminds Robert that Anna is working for him as his special investigator and he counts on her to work on organized crime.

At another part of the hotel, Olivia coldly observes Ava ready to attend a mom-and-baby yoga class which Olivia also attends. She first makes it clear to Ava that the woman who had her cousin murdered is not welcome. However, realizing the class is open to the public, she shows Ava where to find it.

At the station, Dante and Jordan look at pictures trying to find out not only what happened to Johnny and/or Valerie. They both also now know that Lulu is missing and probably somehow connected in that.. Right then, Dr. Maddox comes by and reminds Jordan that they had a date that she forgot. He seems to not question nor have a problem with her being busy and forgetting as she informs him one of her cadets is missing with a known fugitive. She notices he has brought her coffee with a drawing and tells him he's charming, understanding and a great cartoonist and asks him if there is anything he cannot do. Right then, Maxie rushes into the station to find Dante and is shocked to see the picture he has of Valerie with Johnny. Right then, he gets a call from Nathan informing him that Johnny has been located. Dante informs Maxie he heard that Johnny trashed Valerie's car and apparently attempted to board a bus to flee to Niagara. Right then, Nathan walks in with Johnny. Jordan introduces herself to Johnny as the new police commissioner. He tells her he has nothing to say without his lawyer and informs him she knows all about his criminal record, reminding him that it is in his best interest to cooperate with her. So, she demands he tells her where is her cadet. Dante confronts Johnny and Johnny admits he's done his fair share of damage in his life but is not a hypocrite unlike Dante. Nathan then steps in, asking Dante to back off and reminding him that Johnny Zacchara is his collar and not Dante's. Johnny reiterates to the cops that he has the right to not speak without his lawyer present and if he cannot afford one, the department has to provide one free of charge. Jordan then asks that someone find a pro bono lawyer for Johnny. Right then, Scott Baldwin appears and reveals he is assigned to have that responsibility which he clearly does not want.. Johnny expresses he does not accept Scott representing him. Scott states he cannot represent someone he knows is guilty while Johnny reflects that Scott abused his power of office to frame Johnny for a crime he did not commit. Jordan then silences both of them and asks if they intend to “work together” or if they prefer other options, to which they both reply they don't trust each other but have no choice in the matter. Not far away, Maxie notices that Dante left without saying anything and she's certain she knows where he went. Jordan concludes to Johnny that this is his last chance to cooperate with the department or he will be charged with kidnapping and many other things and probably be locked up for the rest of his life. He then responds he will answer any questions they have. Scott advises him not to answer who he kidnapped and who might have helped him or why he committed his crimes. He notices Maxie standing nearby however. She confidently affirms that she was not about to lie for Johnny and betray Nathan because she loves him. Hearing that, Jordan concludes to Johnny that Maxie is not the only “former lady-friend” whom they will have to question regarding what he was doing. Hearing that, he informs them that he “threatened” Lulu Falconeri into giving him a place to stay.

Right then, Valerie and Lulu awaken together in the vehicle where they are stranded outside the cabin. Valerie gets up and moves around to get warm remarking she could not feel her toes. She realizes she owes Lulu gratitude for saving her life. However, she instantly questions how Lulu would know exactly where to find her and she directly asks Lulu if she and Johnny Zacchara worked together to set Valerie up. Lulu protests that they could be freezing to death and now is not the time to make assumptions when they have more important things to worry about. Shouldn't Valerie be grateful that Lulu saved her life? Yet Valerie remembers all of her conversations and interactions with Johnny, and goes through chain of events that happened last night and she is able to put two and two together to conclude that Lulu has means, motives and opportunity to work with Johnny on what caused her to be kidnapped and almost burned in a fire. She tells Lulu she knows too many “random coincidences” have occurred, since the first time Johnny came out of nowhere and all the other times they so conveniently ran into each other. He gave her a false name. He told her many crazy stories. She knows that this strange man has never heard of her and would have no motives to kidnap or endanger her unless, of course, somebody was putting him up to it. Did Lulu work with him to plan this? Did she want Valerie dead? Lulu replies no. She just wanted Valerie to get the hell away from Lulu's husband. Valerie reminds Lulu that when she got kidnapped, tied up and almost burned to death, that was Lulu's fault as she knows Lulu wanted her out of the way from day one. Lulu protests she tried to reach out to her cousin but Valerie slept with Lulu's husband. Valerie reminds Lulu that Dante chose to sleep with her because Lulu lied to him and she ruined her own marriage. She tells Lulu she is so stupid. She has everything she ever wanted right in the palm of her hands. Yet she had to make this effort to get Valerie out of their lives. The two women get into a verbal battle and a slapping match. Right then, Dante finds them and pulls them apart, demanding to know what is going on there. Valerie replies that his wife tried to kill her. Lulu protests to Dante that Valerie assaulted her and she tried to defend herself. Valerie clarifies she is not talking about this. She is talking about what happened last night.. Knowing what he already knows about the trail of evidence, Dante does not listen to Lulu's protests that she “can explain” everything to her husband, hoping he will take her version over Valerie's. He demands she shuts up as she will get her chance to make her statement later. He then turns to Valerie and asks her to tell him what happened. Valerie then tells him the whole story about how she met a stranger who turned out to be the fugitive Johnny Zacchara. They first met when he helped her after her car broke down. Another time, she ran into him at the park before Christmas. In hindsight, she tells Dante, she can now see that Johnny was setting her up. She gave him a ride last night right when the police scanner in her car identified him. When he realized she was onto him, he took her into the cabin, made a phone call to an “unidentified person”, as she stares at Lulu, and then he took off with Valerie's car. She informs Dante that while trying to break free, she knocked over a candle that started a fire and she thought she was going to die. Then Lulu suddenly showed up.

After the mom-and- baby yoga class at the Metro Court, Ava asks Olivia if anyone could have turned in baby Avery's stuffed giraffe that they lost and Olivia has it for her. Ava is then able to engage in a conversation with Olivia about the one thing they have in common which is being unexpected middle-aged moms of infants as well as the memories of motherhood in their younger days to their now-adult children. Ava departs and the mayor approaches Olivia asking if she is planning on hosting the luncheon for the governor, to which Olivia tells her yes. She has a list of catered dinners she is preparing for the event. The mayor comments she may not be ok with Olivia having her baby with her while she works. While Olivia holds the baby, she talks to the mayor about the menu she is planning. Right then, she can see her baby is hungry so she breast-feeds him, which the mayor remarks she is “not ok” with. She tells Olivia it is “indecent” to be breast-feeding her baby in public, to which Olivia angrily tells her she is part-owner of this restaurant and does not need permission to feed her child, while working, when he is hungry. Yet the mayor tells Olivia if she does not stop this “public indecency” immediately, she will call security and have the police arrest Olivia. Olivia tells the mayor she'd like to see her try it, adding that feeding one's child in public is not illegal nor indecent. When she continues to argue, a security officer comes over tells Olivia she has to “come with him” and detains her in her own hotel.

When Paul returns to his hotel room, he vents his frustration that Robert gets to enjoy “quality time with his ex” and he remarks: “that smug, little kangaroo-chasing son of a bitch”. He makes it clear he's jealous of Robert for “some reason”, fuming about how “two decades later, he still thinks he can walk on water”. Right then, Ava appears and we know what will come next.

At the station, Johnny admits to Jordan, Nathan and Scott Baldwin that he met Valerie Spencer when he saw an opportunity to have a “rookie cop” in his pocket, as he knows it's worked before. Right then, Nathan gets a call from Dante informing him he found Lulu and Valerie who are both ok. Maxie listens in and announces she is going to find Lulu now. Scott listens and tells Johnny what this means is Johnny is “going to fry”.

Robert and Anna return to her house and he tells her he knows that Paul has an ulterior motive for wanting to keep tabs on her, to which she replies Paul is obviously an arrogant jackass who likes to watch her jump through hoops. Robert then blurts her that he knows Paul has the hots for her. That is why he looks upon Robert as a threat. Paul wants Anna for himself, Robert tells her. He asks his ex if she does not understand that this is her way to bring that bastard down. He tells her he knows that Paul is unworthy of her but, as they know, Paul does not know it, and probably believes he has a shot with her. And so, she can use that to get him to admit to his secret crooked and illegal actions, Robert tells her. He concludes to her that he will find Carlos while she works on Paul Hornsby.

When Ava goes to see Paul, he is obviously disappointed and only sees her as a “substitute” for who he really wants. They have sex and after they're done, she inquires again, just who is buying all the guns he wants her to help her move and sell and he does not answer.

After the cops take Johnny to lock-up, Dante finds Lulu. She protests but he tells her he knows the whole story. He concludes she need not worry. She is off the hook because her “good old pal” Johnny went to bat for her. Dante comments he hates that son of a bitch. But apparently, Johnny has a shred of integrity, which, he adds to Lulu, is more than he can say for her. He walks away angrily. Lulu cries while Maxie rushes to her and comforts her.

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