GH Update Monday 1/18/16

General Hospital Update Monday 1/18/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny joins Alexis and Kristina at the Metro Court before Kristina returns to school. He wants to celebrate and toast for his daughter's accomplishments. He tells her he's proud of her, knows she's been through some hard times involving “That loser breaking up with her”. But he knows she is focused on school, he assures her. She then announces she will be back before too long and her dad need not worry about not seeing her. She informs him she intends to come back soon because of the “social event of the century” which is her mom's wedding. Hearing that, Sonny is obviously shocked to find out that his daughter's mom is marrying Julian. He evades that subject and wants to know about Kristina's classes, reminding them both that he is paying her tuition this semester. Hearing that, Kristina knows she has to keep secrets from both of her parents about what might be going on with her in school.

After Sam has successfully gotten Dr. Shepherd and his friend to testify on Jason's behalf about having seen the brawl between him and Nikolas, she goes to his room at The Metro court to inform him she has good news. Elizabeth comes to the door in her robe, coldly regards Sam and says: “Can I help you?”, and makes it look as though she is staying with Jason. Jason returns and appears awkward. Jake then comes out to see Sam and is “not courteous” to her although his parents instruct him to have some manner. Elizabeth asks him to let the adults talk privately. Sam then informs them both that she was able to get a hotel guest to come forward and admit that he saw that Nikolas was the “aggressor” in the incident that sent him to the hospital after he fell off the roof and Jason did not intend to push or kill him. Elizabeth asks why it took so long for the witness to agree to do that. Sam replies because he was in the room with his mistress. Elizabeth is happy to know the news although very “guarded” about Sam being there as Sam is also less then receptive to see her with Jason.

Dante is at the station alone on the phone and worried that Johnny has escaped and that he might be with Valerie and/or putting her in danger. Jordan comes out and asks why he suspects that Valerie is there. He shows her the anonymous photos of the two of them together where Johnny has handed cash to Valerie. Jordan attempts to brainstorm the time-frame and the frequency in which Valerie could be with Johnny. She indicates to Dante that this casts suspicion upon Valerie that she might have helped Johnny get away. Dante does not want to believe that although Jordan tells him they have to follow up on that possibility.

Sam leaves Jason alone with Elizabeth so they can privately discuss the “status” of their mutual son, eager for him to see a therapist recommended by Kevin the next day. They're afraid of what Jake went through those years he spent as a captive of the Cassadines. Elizabeth asks if Jake believes that Sam has saved the day to have found him a credible witness to keep him out of jail. Jason admits there is no guarantee the DA will drop the charges, although he has Sam to credit for this very promising new development. Overhearing that, Jake boldly tells his parents that is not true. Sam is "not who they think she is." Jason asks him what he meant by that, to which the boy protests to his parents that Sam is greedy, only wants things for herself and he bets Sam is the one who broke the picture of their family. Hearing that, Jason firmly tells his son he wants him to listen as he declares Sam is a good person. She's Danny's mom. She would never hurt them, and he needs to know that. Jason stresses to Jake that he should not be telling hurtful lies, because it's always a mistake. Jake responds that even if Sam didn't break the family photo, she probably wishes she did, because she wants to break up their family. Jake blames Sam for Jason leaving his mom. Elizabeth decides that's enough turmoil for one night and wants Jake to go to sleep, but he declares he has a stomach ache and can't rest. Elizabeth realizes that Jake's acting out and lying are getting really bad, but Jason cautions her not to panic and goes to get his son some ginger ale to settle his stomach after the late-night ice cream feast.

Johnny has left Valerie alone in the abandoned cabin bound and gagged and unable to free herself. She knocks a candle over and it catches on fire causing a fire in the cabin.

Shortly thereafter, Lulu rushes in her car to find Johnny after he sent her the message that she needs to meet him at the cabin with his stuff and the money to enable him to get away (and for his “services” for her with Valerie). When she gets there, Johnny is not there although Valerie is inside, bound and gagged and the cabin is catching on fire. Lulu has no clue that anyone is inside the cabin not seeing any vehicles (as Johnny has taken Valerie's car). She calls to Johnny that she has collected his stuff and is ready to help him get out of town but he has hurry. Inside Valerie yells and struggles to get out but is unseen and unheard. Lulu is unable to see the fire from where she's parked outside the cabin until it ignites. At that point, she rushes to save Johnny assuming he's going to burn in the fire. Meanwhile, it appears Valerie may have passed out in the chair that Johnny has tied her to.

Downstairs at the restaurant's bar, Sam talks privately to Kristina whom she knows is keeping a secret. Kristina admits to her older sister that she got suspended from school. She explains to Sam that due to some personal stuff, she fell behind in her classes.. Sam asks if she could not have asked her professors for an extension. Yet Kristina reveals she chose “another plan” to get a passing grade, which Sam instantly concludes that her younger sister slept with her professor. Kristina responds that she does not believe Sam is in any position to judge her. She clarifies she did not actually have sex with her professor. What she did was offer to do so and the professor reported her. So, she concludes to Sam, she cannot let either of her parents ever know that. They would both be disgraced and ashamed and never be able to accept or forgive her for that, she tells Sam although Sam assures her that Alexis has issues with her other daughters and Sonny has seen both Michael and Morgan through enough yet not judged them. She concludes to Kristina that she has to come clean and tell their mutual mom and tell Sonny or else Sam will. They will find out sooner or later yet Kristina tells her she is only temporarily suspended so she can stay in a crappy apartment and work a crummy job so that she can afford her own tuition in time and her parents need never know. Sam concludes to her younger sister that she won't let her do that and will help her financially as well as keeping Kristina's secret from her parents.

Not far away, Sonny and Alexis talk privately still unaware of this although they know their daughter is keeping a secret from them about something. He suggests that maybe Kristina is “embarrassed” to have a father who did not finish his education as both she and her mom have. Alexis adamantly assures her daughter's dad that they did not raise a daughter who would be that shallow. Whatever is going on with Kristina and whatever the secret pertains to, it is not that, she assures Sonny. She suggests to Sonny if he has “insecurity” and “incompletion” about that, he could always enroll in college, to which he laughs and they are civil to each other until he reminds Alexis that she is marrying “that bastard”. He reminds her that Julian killed Duke Lavery and he will not forget that. Before they can continue their conversation, however, Kristina finds them. She gets a text from “Parker”, asking Kristina to meet him right away.

At the station, Jordan goes to check on information involving how Valerie and/or Lulu might be involved in Johnny's escape. They call Bobbie to the station to see if she can provide some insight on what Valerie might have decided to do. Bobbie firmly tells the two cops she knows that her niece would never willfully help Johnny. If she cannot be found and/or if the cops are correct that she's with Johnny, it's because he's endangered or coerced her. Dante protests that she might be the only person with answers about what might be going on with Valerie so they need her help. Bobbie assures them that yes. Valerie has been kind of stressed involving the police academy and yes, money may be tight for her. Yet Bobbie assures them, Valerie would never be desperate for “dirty money” from someone like Johnny. However, they all wonder what is “up” with the blatant photo of Johnny handing her cash. Privately, with Jordan, Dante assures her that he would not be surprised if Valerie is being set up and they need to look into that. Right then, Jason comes downstairs and meets with Sam. He clarifies to her that Elizabeth and Jake are temporarily staying at The Metro Court because he had a little scare at the house. He graciously apologizes to Sam for his son's discourtesy to her and explains to her that he had a talk with him where he informed Jake that Sam is a good person and he needs to respect her. Sam tells him she appreciates that but did not expect it.

Lulu rushes into the blaze in the cabin, horrified, scared and panicking as she tries to untie and revive an unconscious Valerie. Yet Valerie does not awaken as the fire rages out of control. Lulu knows there is no time to lose, so she slaps her cousin awake, and is finally successful in getting herself and Valerie out of the burning cabin. They huddle in Lulu's car and realize they do not have their phones, car keys, or jackets and are stranded for the night.

At the station, Bobbie gets up to leave and angrily tells Jordan she needs to find her niece instead of judging her.

Not far away, Dante gets on his phone, out of earshot, and leaves a message for Lulu, angrily telling her he knows she is in the middle of the mess with Johnny and Valerie. He sadly wonders what she has done, fearing that it's something potentially tragic.

Jason runs into Sam at the bar and explains the reason he's staying at the hotel with Elizabeth and Jake. He assures her that he told Jake that she is only after the truth. Sam finds it ironic that it was Jason who taught her the importance of the truth. They say good night. Meanwhile, upstairs Jake wants to know if his parents will ever be together again. Elizabeth is optimistic that anything could happen.

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