GH Update Friday 1/15/16

General Hospital Update Friday 1/15/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Elizabeth is staying at the Metro Court with her kids when Jason comes to update her on his progress in the investigation of who might have been lurking in the windows to spy upon Jake on New Years Eve.. He reports that nobody has any information about that. Elizabeth tells Jason in that case, maybe she and Jake should return home. He asks her why. She replies for reasons they both know, he has no more “obligation” to her or to Jake. She tells him that if Jake sees the two of them together, it will only confuse him more. Yet he tells her that he is concerned, knowing that someone did, in fact, break into her house and smashed a picture New Years Eve so he needs to be there for her and the boys. She is clearly not over Jason although she realizes they have to part ways and so that makes it all the more difficult for both her and Jake to have Jason there temporarily knowing he's going to leave and get on with his life without them.. Jake comes by and is very happy and hopeful to see his dad asking him if he's “back”. Both of the adults hesitate to answer that.. He asks Jason if he's taking his son out for ice cream tonight. Elizabeth then encourages the two of them to go off without her, realizing she and Jason cannot have their son believing they are together.

Tracy is getting a professional massage and her massage therapist remarks that she is very uptight and stressed. She realizes much of it involves her “war” with Nikolas, needing to take back ELQ and Hayden's inability or unwillingness to help her with her goal.

Nikolas and Hayden awaken together. She gives him his breakfast and his prescription drugs while he's still bedridden, he gets a call from his son. She overhears and is very interested to hear that Spencer wants to be a “toy philanthropist”. She asks if Spencer wants to buy friendships. Nikolas remarks that ever since Spencer found out that his deceased mother was a “townie”, he now wants to embrace the town's people. He reflects that he doesn’t know what he would do without that boy, realizing he could risk being in trouble and facing jail time if Jason gets the goods on him. Yet they both know that Jason has a long criminal record so maybe he might reconsider crossing Nikolas after their most recent scuffle. Plus, Nikolas assesses, there is nobody to corroborate Jason's story about what happened the night in question.

Sam goes to the Metro Court, realizing there is a hotel room that overlooks the very terrace where Jason and Nikolas had their brawl the night of the Nutcracker Gala. She knows that whoever stayed in that room on that night would have a perfect view of what really happened. She goes see Dr. Shepherd, who was in that room on that night. He does not appreciate having her barging into his room and knowing his business. However, she urges him to know he's her only hope with something she needs. Dr. Shepherd reveals he cannot be found out for staying in that room and so he can't get involved in being a witness to anything that would require going on the record to give a statement to the police. The reason being, he's secretly there with his mistress. Sam urges him to know she respects his privacy and confidentiality and merely needs his help in proving what he saw. He admits that he saw a guy who matched Nikolas' description take the first strike at a guy who matched Jason's description and Jason merely defended himself by “accidentally” causing Nikolas to fall off the terrace. He assures Sam he knows that Jason could not be accused of attempted murder. Yet he tells her he can't talk to cops and reveal where he was when he witnessed the incident. Sam protests she needs to protect Jason from being falsely accused of a crime he did not commit and facing the detrimental consequences. He finds out that she has already recorded this entire conversation without his knowing. He is not ok with that although she tells him she knows that is legal in the state of New York. He tells her if she gives that statement to the police, he will tell them he was lying in order to get Sam out of his room. His mistress comes by and Sam tells them she is terribly sorry and does not intend to violate their privacy or bother them yet she protests that they all know that the guy in question (Jason) is being falsely accused of committing a crime. He asks Sam if this guy is her client. Sam emotionally responds no. He is a person who means so much to her. She's known him for a long time. He was her husband. She can't bear the thought of what will happen to Jason if there are no expert witnesses that can corroborate what really happened. She urges them both to please help her and the man she loves. Sam hears Dr. Shepherd's mistress confirming that she will support whatever he wants to do. She listens when he declares that he loves this woman (his mistress) very much and maybe he needs to make sacrifices in order not to lose her, as he hears Sam's commitment and devotion to Jason. Maybe that could mean being unafraid to go public, with his relationship, he concludes. Hearing that, Sam is relieved and grateful to hear that the two of them are willing to go on the record that they saw what really happened between Jason and Nikolas the night in question. As soon as Sam shows her the pictures of both guys, Dr. Shepherd and his mistress reveal that they know both Nikolas Cassadine and Jason Morgan. Dr. Shepherd reveals to Sam that he worked with Carly to run the DNA test to prove that Jason was the real Jason in exchange for Carly comping him a room and protecting his discretion. They both want to help Sam and Carly along with Jason.

Dillon goes to the police station hoping to find Valerie since they were supposed to have dinner at this time. He hears, and finds it very noteworthy that the cops have a search out for Johnny Zacchara. Nathan confirms that to him and tells him hopefully they will catch Johnny before he leaves Port Charles. Dante notices Dillon and asks him what is going on and what he might know about Johnny Zacchara. Dillon protests that Johnny is a criminal with whom he has no association or information much less would he want to aid and abet. Yet Dante realizes, and Dillon admits he's correct that he does, in fact, know “something” about where the cops might find Johnny. Both Dante and Nathan demand he goes into the interrogation room and warn him if he is withholding evidence about Johnny, he can go to jail with him. Dillon protests that he does not have to speak without his lawyer. They both wonder why he would want to put himself at risk in order to protect Johnny and realize Dillon would have no “incentive” to do that. They then conclude that he must be covering for someone else. And from there, it's not difficult to conclude it would have to be Lulu who is harboring Johnny.

Lulu immediately texts Johnny to call off his plans with Valerie and leave town immediately now that Dante and the cops are onto him. Her mom comes to see her. Laura informs her daughter she was watching the news and found out that Johnny Zacchara was in town. She urges Lulu to please tell her she has nothing to do with this. She knows Lulu is lying to say she has not seen or heard from Johnny just like when Lulu denied that she was keeping him at The Haunted Star during the Nutcracker Gala. If she was not hiding Johnny, then who is her mystery guest? And why is Lulu trying so hard to cover Johnny's tracks? Lulu replies to her mom if she wants to know who stayed in that room, it was herself. She lost her husband and had nowhere to go, Lulu reminds her mom. Laura knows that is not true when she saw the unfamiliar duffel bag in the room that did not belong to Lulu. They hear Lulu's phone ring and Laura tells her daughter she is certain the call is from Johnny. She tells Lulu it's very obvious that she's covering for Johnny and putting herself in danger in order to do so.

Johnny kidnaps a terrified Valerie and takes her to an abandoned cabin in the dark, out in the middle of nowhere. She screams for help but he informs her that nobody can hear her. He takes her into the cabin and ties her hands and feet to the chair so she cannot move. She demands to know why he would do that. They don't know each other. She is “nobody important” to him. He asked her to give him a ride and she needs to now what is his incentive to kidnap her. She suspects nothing about Lulu and assumes he must be working for her uncle Luke. Yet he angrily affirms to her that he will not answer or tell her a damn thing so she needs to keep her mouth shut. He can hear sirens nearby and sees he might not be able to get away with what he is doing. She reminds him that it appears he has not really thought out his plan and might very well be working for someone else, as she knows this guy does not have his “own” agenda with her. She urges him to realize that turning himself into the police might be his best option as he won't be able to run and get away with it. Yet he tells her he has another plan. He gets on his phone and she demands to know who he is calling.

While with Hayden, Nikolas concludes to her that he knows she has shown the world a hard-as-nails exterior but since his fall, he's been able to see how much she cares about him and that she does have a kind and generous loving heart. She gets a call from Tracy which she knows she needs to hide from Nikolas. Tracy reveals she knows that Hayden's real name is Rachel and asks her how things are going with Nikolas. Hayden/Rachel knows she cannot have this conversation and lies to Nikolas, when he asks, that it's the nursing company. Hearing that, he asks her to give him the phone so he can talk to them. Yet she is able to distract him and hear that he does not want her to leave. He informs her they have the whole house to themselves. He admits to her that he does now need her and is not afraid to be vulnerable. They get closer and enjoy being together.

After calling and asserting her “leverage” to Hayden, Tracy finds she can relax during her massage after all. She remarks to the MT that she’s had so much taken from her throughout her life and now that is about to change.

Jason is having dinner with Jake at The Metro Court when Dr. Shepherd and his mistress find him and inform him they are about to testify in his behalf so he can clear his name for what happened on the terrace with Nikolas. He informs Jason that his “wife” (Sam) came by and convinced them they need to do the right thing and go public. She helped them see how much they mean to each other just as they know how much Jason and Sam do. Dr. Shepherd further remarks to Jason that he has a good woman whom he doesn't want to lose and he better hang onto her.

Sam goes to find Jason in his room and is very surprised, wondering what to say or believe when she sees he's not there but Elizabeth comes to the door in her robe and looks smugly at Sam.

Dillon finally admits to Dante and Nathan that he did see Johnny over Christmas at The Haunted Star. Lulu assured him it was just for one night and so he did not question that nor turn them in at that point. Dillon admits he has no “proof” that Johnny has stayed there since then. He admits that he's visited Lulu recently and she's denied it. He had no proof that Johnny was there but now that he learns that Johnny has been seen, he bets that Lulu has been keeping him at The Haunted Star throughout the whole time since then. Dante gets information when he is able to see a picture of Valerie and Johnny together.

While Lulu talks to her mom, Johnny remembers his conversation with Lulu about his plan with Valerie. While with Valerie alone in the deserted cabin, he ties her and gags her mouth so she cannot be heard while he gets up to leave. He knows that he might not be able to pull off his plan however. Yet he's determined to escape and leave her there tied up, bound gagged and where nobody can find her.

Rocco awakens and Laura goes to him. As soon as Lulu is alone, she gets on her phone to hear Johnny's voice mail message asking her to help him, reminding her she “owes him” after what he's put himself at risk for in order to help her. He informs Lulu there have been “some complications”.

Valerie is unable to get out of the cabin, since she is bound and gagged. A candle falls over, and the entire cabin catches on fire as she's unable to get out.

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