GH Update Thursday 1/14/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/14/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Not far away, Robert Scorpio is talking to Mac who wants to toast his brother and hopes he will stick around and stay in town for a while. He asks Robert what he has to say to convince him to stay. Robert assumes there's really no reason for him to stay in town. His daughter and granddaughter are gone and he has a lot of work with the WSB. Yet Mac informs Robert there are many people with whom he has ties in Port Charles, one of them being Anna. Hearing that, Robert chuckles and asks his brother what use his ex would have for him staying in town. Hearing that, Mac clarifies to Robert he could not be more wrong to assume Anna does not have a need for having Robert in town.. Robert reflects that he has not been there for his kids like Mac has yet Mac tells him the world needs heroes like himself, Anna and Frisco who will travel all around the world to find the bad guys. And he tells him he happens to know that Anna is struggling right now and needs Robert's help. He fills him in on Anna's investigation of Carlos and the fact that the new DA is definitely falsifying something. It appears Kyle Sloane has been murdered and Carlos is actually alive although nobody can prove it. When Robert finds out that Paul Hornsby is back in town and making life difficult for Anna, he is definitely intrigued and concludes that Paul gave Anna a job as his special investigator in order to keep an eye on her. They both admit their concern that Anna could be in danger and needs both of their help although they both know she would never admit it.

Anna and Jordan enter Sabrina's apartment after she's already left. They have concluded hat Sabrina would have to be the best source about the status of Carlos, specifically whether he is alive or dead and where he may be. They also conclude that while they were wasting their time talking to their new DA about the matter, Carlos probably contacted Sabrina and she left with him and now it's too late to find him. They notice “somebody” turning the doorknob and they pull their guns. It's Michael. They explain that they are investigating whether Carlos Rivera did, in fact shoot Michael's father. Hearing that, and still believing that Carlos was found dead in the harbor, Michael wonders how or why they'd be doing that. Anna explains there have been some “unsolved crimes” that occurred before Carlos' death and they thought Sabrina might know something about that. Anna tells Michael she realizes this may be “difficult” for him, after talking to Sabrina and finding out the two of them split up and that Carlos is the baby's father.. He informs them that he has come by to tell Sabrina that he made a mistake and he wants her back and is ready to step up and be her baby's father. Yet he knows it's too late and Sabrina is gone. He shows them the letter Sabrina wrote him and they assess that Sabrina gave him no information about where she is going or anything about Carlos. Felix returns and is very surprised to see the three of them, unannounced in his apartment. Jordan clarifies that the cops are looking for information on Carlos Rivera and so they needed to contact Sabrina but it appears she's gone without telling anyone where she's gone. They call her family and confirm they have not seen or heard from her so they wonder where she is and with whom. Michael reminds the others that Sabrina is due to give birth soon and cannot be alone. They all know that she is keeping a secret.

Maxie goes to talk to Nathan at the station, concluding that she will no longer keep secrets from him nor commit illegal activities by aiding, abetting or harboring a fugitive like she did not long ago. She admits to him that she did, in fact, see Johnny when she went to The Haunted Star and found out that Lulu is hiding him there. Nathan calls Dante into the room to hear that and states that the PCPD have evidence that Johnny might be involved in illegal arms trading. She tells them (lying) that Johnny came by her apartment but has had no contact with Lulu or Rocco nor does he know that they are staying there. Yet Dante is concerned and suspects that Johnny might very well find Lulu. Both detectives need to know what Johnny told or indicated to Maxie about what he intended to do or where he'd go. They tell her she needs to make a statement to the cops that Johnny Zacchara has been positively ID'd in Port Charles.

Johnny is able to convince Valerie to give him a ride when his car has broken down. He continues to charm her and they have a friendly conversation. She suspects nothing while he sends a text to Lulu. asks where he needs to go and he informs her that's he's going to a place that serves all locally grown cuisine. He hears her police scanner in her car informing her of the latest happenings. Clearly Johnny is not ok knowing that she has access to possibly knowing that he's an escaped fugitive. She gets into a conversation with him about how she “broke it off” with a guy who is a good man but is married, knowing that was the right thing to do. She asks him if he has any relationship in his life. He admits that he really does not belong in this town and after he's done with his “thing” tonight, he's going to leave Port Charles. They hear through Valerie's police scanner that there is a search for escaped convict Johnny Zacchara. It's a “good thing” he has not revealed his name to Valerie. He hears the voice give a physical description of him, that he's wanted for murder and other crimes and may be using an assumed name and working as a mechanic. Hearing that, Valerie remarks that sounds like “half the male population of Port Charles” and suspects nothing. She asks him if he is leaving town and he tells her the two of them have a lot in common. They both love people who are unavailable to them, as he admits to her that he loves a girl with whom he cannot have a future. While she drives, he quizzes her on her next exam. Yet she wonders why he's having her drive way out somewhere as it seems odd.

Meanwhile, Lulu returns to Maxie's apartment where she and Rocco are currently staying when she sees the text from Johnny on her phone. He tells her he's achieving success with “operation V” (meaning Valerie) and she will be out of Lulu's life tomorrow. Lulu does not appear “happy” when she reads that however. Olivia comes by to see her daughter-in-law and grandson. She informs Lulu that she had a run-in with Valerie at The Metro Court just yesterday, where she expressed that she, like Lulu, wants Valerie to go back to where she came from. However, Olivia admits, Valerie made her realize she really should not be judging or blaming Valerie for everything. Lulu protests that she had every intention of welcoming her cousin into town and encouraged her to develop relationships with her family and make friends in Port Charles. Yet Valerie made a b-line for Lulu's husband, she reminds Olivia. Olivia protests that regardless of Valerie's wrong actions, Lulu needs to realize if her marriage to Dante was so perfect to begin with, how could Valerie or anyone else have been able to break them up? She asks her if she really believes that if Valerie left town, everything would miraculously be solved between her and Dante. She tells Lulu she and Dante need to realize their problems are bigger than that and she thinks they need to get in a room together and work to resolve their issues.

As soon as Maxie is out of Nathan's and Dante's earshot at the station, she calls Lulu to warn him that she tipped them off about Johnny yet she tells her friend that maybe she needs to admit to Dante that Johnny has been in contact with her. Dante comes by to see Lulu. She “plays dumb” and asks if he's there for Rocco. He admits to her that he wanted to give her an update on Johnny Zacchara. He's been spotted in Port Charles, Dante tells her and he asks Lulu if she's seen him. She wants to talk to Dante about their marital issues and evade the question but he is in “police mode” wanting to find out about Johnny and seems to know that Lulu may be lying to him when she avoids the subject.

Julian and Alexis go to The Metro Court when he gets a text from Nina. He admits, and she seems to concur, that maybe the magazine will fail after the most recent issues have come out green and neither Nina nor Maxie are aware of the futility. Yet, they realize one never knows. He talks to her about concerns about his taxes on his business. He tells her that since he's left the mob he's worried he could get in trouble for tax evasion. He tells her he's worried that his 3 kids will have to visit him in prison. Yet she reminds him that she's not just his fiancÚ. She's his attorney and won't let any harm come to him nor anything or anyone take him away from her. Olivia comes by and congratulates them on their engagement with champagne. Yet she senses that Alexis does not welcome her nor does she want an engagement party. Alone with Julian, she says she just wants for them to get married.

Not far away, Anna goes up to the bar and talks to Robert, revealing she might not want him to leave so soon. She does admit to him that she might need someone like himself with international connections. So she graciously asks him if her wants to “help and ex wife out”. He graciously accepts her offer.

When Michael is alone in the apartment with Felix, after Jordan and Anna have left, he admits how he regrets letting Sabrina go without fighting for her. Yet Felix tells him the police commissioner should be able to find her and not let anything happen.

Maxie gives her statement about Johnny to Jordan. Nathan thanks her for doing the right thing and proving that he can trust her. Yet Lulu is not so motivated to come clean to Dante. She assures her estranged husband that even if Johnny “did contact her”, he would never hurt her so Dante need not worry. As soon as he leaves and Lulu is alone, she urgently texts Johnny that he needs to call off the “Valerie plan” immediately and leave town. While riding in Valerie's car, Johnny sees the text and tells her it's “probably just his friends wondering where he is”. She finds it odd that he does not want her to drive him to the restaurant, especially when it's dark and they are out in the middle of nowhere. He tells her he can walk the rest of the way and gets out of her car, after graciously wishing her well and hearing her gracious response. He reveals to her that she has “made a big mistake” and scares her, revealing that he is not someone she can trust or be “safe” around.

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