GH Update Wednesday 1/13/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/13/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Lulu is alone in the park, Johnny finds her and is dressed wearing a ski mask and startles her. She warns him he cannot take these kinds of changes going out in public now that both Dillon and Maxie have seen and know he's there. He tells her he's not worried about Maxie giving him up but she is not so certain of that. She happens to know her best friend does not keep secrets from Nathan, especially remembering the last time she did that in order to cover for Johnny, it almost cost Maxie the best relationship she ever had.

At The Metro Court, Maxie sits alone at a table staring coldly at the “ruined” issue of Crimson that’s covered in green. Nathan covers her eyes and she jokes that “her boyfriend is a cop so there is fair warning”. She then turns around and welcomes him back form his trip. He asks her if there is “anything he missed” that may have happened during her holiday. She then remember just yesterday, discovering that Lulu was hiding Johnny at The Haunted Star and warning them she cannot lie to Nathan about Johnny again. Nathan can tell that she is lost in thought when she does not know how to answer his question. He sits down with Maxie and she knows she has to tell him something. Yet before she can say any more, Nina comes by and happily welcomes her brother back. She asks if Maxie told him that they have released their first issue of Crimson. She gives him the green botched copy and he wonders what is up with that. Nina very confidently tells her brother that they are “challenging” the fashion industry although Maxie clarifies to Nathan that the printer screwed up and caused this green “appearance” on the magazine. Yet Nina assures them that she bought every magazine sold in the area and is giving them all out for free. Maxie asks if she is aware of what it means for her to have bought out and offered all these issues for free. They cannot possibly predict or know about sales potential when she's giving them all out like candy. Yet Nina has a plan and a theory. Nathan listens and tells both women he believes in both of their passions although he has no expertise or experience in the fashion industry. Nina goes off and Maxie admits to Nathan that his sister is going to regret her decisions.

At the boxing gym, Dante is working off his aggression on punching bags. Michael observes him and asks if he can help and offer him some hope. Dante tells his younger brother he appreciates his support but there is nothing he can do to save Dante's marriage. Lulu slept with another guy on New Year's. He admits to Michael he regrets cheating on his wife and ruining his marriage. He and Lulu had everything. They had a home, a family and a good marriage. With that, he encourages Michael to not give up on his relationship or being a father. That right there inspires Michael.

Sabrina is alone in her apartment with Felix when she suddenly gets a message from Carlos. Knowing Felix may be overhearing and inquiring whom she is talking to she wants him to believe she's talking to her dad. When she's out of earshot, she warns Carlos that she ran into Anna the other day at Kelly's. She asked a lot of questions and made it clear she suspects that Carlos is still alive, and so Sabrina firmly warns Carlos not to come back to Port Charles. Yet he informs her that he is in town as they speak and has never left. He again, tells her he's ready to leave now but not without her. She hesitates but he tells her if she does not come with him, she needs to know that he loves her and to let their child know that.

Jordan calls both Anna and Paul Hornsby into the police interrogation room. She asks Anna to “tell her boss what is going on” with what Anna just informed he she's found out about Sabrina making it clear to her she must know that Carlos is alive and hiding somewhere. Anna admits to Paul, while Jordan overhears, that she made a decision without letting him know. Jordan then informs Paul that the Corinthos shooting and Rivera murder are all “closed cases”. Paul concludes that maybe that is the best thing to leave both of those cases closed. He comments to both women (looking specifically at Anna to confirm the secret she wants him to keep), that Carlos Rivera is dead and buried and they should keep him there. He leaves the two women alone and Jordan demands to know why Anna kept her secret from the DA. Anna protests that she just warned her that there is a very serious “issue” involved. She then blurts out to Jordan that she is certain that the “mole” involved in the falsified murder of Carlos is Paul. She explains her theory that Paul is somehow “working with” Carlos. And, for that reason, she tells Jordan, their “source” who can lead them to Carlos is Sabrina Santiago.

Valerie goes to The Metro Court and fills out an application. Olivia notices her and coldly makes it clear that she does not welcome her there, would not consider hiring her and wants her to leave town. Hearing that, Valerie firmly informs Olivia she is staying in town whether Olivia likes it and won't be intimidated. She tells Olivia she needs to stop judging her. She reminds Olivia that she was a “fine example” for Dante by lying to him about who his real father is for Dante's entire life. Then, recently Olivia slept with a man she vilifies and had his kid and was ready to lie about that. Valerie tells Olivia she has no justification to act superior to her. She concludes to Olivia that she may keep her job because she (Valerie) would rather shovel snow in the streets than work for a self-righteous hypocrite like Olivia.

After Johnny is waiting in the park to run into Valerie while she goes out jogging, Dante finds her at the station again. She tells him she's done with class and needs to go out and release some tension, as she's dressed in her workout clothes. Dante returns to Nathan who might have some feedback for his partner regarding that.

Carlos goes to the docks hoping to meet with Sabrina when Paul finds him and reiterates to him that his instructions are for Carlos to leave town as he warns Carlos “people” are onto both of them. He tells Carlos he has to get on the boat and leave because it's the only way to stay safe, along with the people Carlos cares about. Not far away, Sabrina appears and overhears their conversation unseen. As soon as Paul is gone, Sabrina finds Carlos. He is very happy to see she's come but asks if anyone might have seen her or knows where she is and needs to know if she may have told the police where to find him, which she assures him she did not tell anyone where to find him. Yet she hesitates when she knows he was keeping a secret from her about what he was doing with DA Hornsby. He admits that he has been hounded by the District Attorney to turn on Julian and he refuses to do that. He tells Sabrina he intends to get out this town that has caused nothing but pain for both of them. He asks her why she can't get on that boat, go far, far away from them and start a whole new life as a family.

After being encouraged by Dante not to give up on Sabrina, Michael goes to the apartment but cannot find Sabrina when Felix is there. He tells Michael that it's too late to find her because it appears she's gone. At that point, Michael calls her and urges her to contact him ASAP. Felix hesitates but realizes he cannot prevent Michael from having his chance to reach Sabrina before it's too late. So, at that point, he gives Michael a letter Sabrina wanted him to give to Michael if it ever gets to “that point”.

Meanwhile, Anna tells Jordan they have an urgent matter in finding Carlos which will having Sabrina's phone tapped before she has a chance to warn Carlos and one or both of them leave town. She presents her theory about how they “use” Sabrina in order to catch Carlos, and suggests maybe they should have Dante and Nathan in on this because they can trust their two detectives and also given the fact that neither of the guys have any “ties” with Paul or the DA's office. Hearing that, Jordan rules that they are not going to “bug” Sabrina's phone. What they need to do is bring her in and question her.

Nina finds Olivia at The Metro Court. At first, Olivia views the green magazine and wonders what has happened Yet she remembers her cousin founded the magazine and hears Nina's motivation and encouragement to revive Connie's dream and at that point, she smiles and offers support to Nina. Olivia also remembers being lectured by Valerie that she is not fit to judge and comments to Nina that she really supports Nina's mission plan to do things differently Nina gets a call and asks her private contact if Crimson is a success. She smiles when she hears the answer.

Maxie unsuccessfully attempts to give out all the free Crimson issues at The Metro Court, when Nina comes by, encouraged although she can see Maxie is worried about something. Maxie admits that she has concerns about he future with Nathan. She asks Nina if she knows what it's like to be hiding information that someone like Nathan might need to know yet, at the same time, having conflicting interests with not wanting to cause a serious consequences for many people by revealing this information to him. Hearing that, Nina reminds Maxie that she lied to her ex husband by pretending to be wheelchair bound. Yet she now believes if she had told her brother, it would have been the best thing to do. Yet, Nina reminds her that her “deception” brought her to Franco, which was for the best. Maxie then asks if that means she should keep the secret from Nathan, to which both she and Nina cannot come up with an answer one way or another.

Meanwhile, Dante concludes to Nathan that he cannot continue seeing Valerie. He indicates that he regrets ruining his marriage. Lulu comes by. Dante indicates he is really hoping that she is “coming back to him”, yet she admits she's merely there to tell him that she wants to keep Rocco for another night. Hearing that, he asks her if that is all she wants to say to him. She firmly asks him what he wants her to say. He asks if she wants to have their son and her new boyfriend and have no regard for him. She tells him Rocco is staying with her until he gets over his cold. She walks out and Dante is completely discouraged. Maxie walks in, finds Nathan and tells him they have to talk about something urgent in the private room. He informs her that he got a lead on a fugitive who might want to contact her. And that fugitive is Johnny Zacchara.

Johnny waits to find Valerie jogging in the park. When he finds her, he indicates to her that his vehicle has broken down and needs to call a tow truck. When he gets on his phone, Valerie assures him he “need not do that”, remembering how he helped her out the last time she had car trouble. He agrees to let her help him.

Anna and Jordan go to Sabrina's and Felix's apartment. When they do not hear an answer, they pull out their guns and bust the door down.

Michael is alone in the park where he pulls out the letter Sabrina asked Felix to give to him. He reads that she tells him the few months they had together are some of the happiest in her life. She regrets lying to him and believes he deserves better than she has to give.

Anna and Jordan see the apartment is empty and Sabrina is not there.

On the docks, Carlos concludes to Sabrina that the choice is hers' and asks if she is coming with him or staying there. She finally answers that she is coming with him. They get on the boat.

Michael reads Sabrina telling him that she wants him to find the right person who will be there for him the way she regretfully cannot. She wishes the person for him could be herself. She must only love him from a distance as she concludes Port Charles is his home but it is not hers' so she tells him good bye.

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