GH Update Tuesday 1/12/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/12/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

We see Sonny rushing down the stairs on what looks to be the pier on the docks, looking for someone, needing to know where they are, assuring them everything will be ok and that he will take care of them. He awakens on the couch to realize it was a dream and he cannot walk and he is clearly devastated. Morgan comes by, observes and asks what was going on, knowing his dad appeared to be having a nightmare. Yet Sonny clarifies to his son it was a “good dream”. He was able to take action and had the power to help someone. He was not helpless or useless in his dream, he tells Morgan Hearing that, Morgan asks if Max is not handling things for Sonny, which Sonny admits Max is doing a good job although he wishes he could handle his own life. With that said, Sonny knows all too well that his son is going to ask why he can't be permitted to work with Max and continues to adamantly tell Morgan he does not want his kids involved in his business. Morgan protests he wants to help, to which Sonny tells him if he wants to help his dad, he needs to stay on his meds and see his psychiatrist. Morgan protests that he wishes he dad could trust him to handle something serious yet Sonny tells Morgan the best thing he can do is treat his bi polar condition, see his psychiatrist and take his meds. Morgan admits that he doesn't like the way the drugs make him feel but he's taking them but knows, just as his dad knows, what he has to do.

Paul goes to meet privately with a guy who has a briefcase of money for him and acknowledges that he's talking to the district attorney. Paul tells him he knows he need not count it all since it would be bad business for the guy not to pay him in full. Paul obtains what he wants and seems satisfied.

When Anna is alone at Kelly's she is able to overhear Michael and Sabrina's conversation where they awkwardly greet each other and he asks her if she's ok and to let him know if she needs anything. Before he leaves, she expresses her deep regret that the two of them have to behave like strangers. It's breaking her heart, she tells him. Anna listens intently as Sabrina expresses to Michael how she misses him. He tells her he misses her too and wishes he could be “different” and act like he can overlook what happened. He admits he still cares so much about her and the baby. and wants to help her financially although she protests she does not want his money yet he admits that's all he has to give. With that he goes out the door. Anna asks Sabrina to come and sit down beside her and wants to know about Michael and her baby and why they have broken up while she's pregnant. Sabrina is obviously not comfortable broaching that subject to the woman who's fiancé Carlos killed.

Meanwhile, Jordan is in her office reviewing PCPD files on the alleged death of Carlos Rivera when she hears a knock at the door.. Maddox comes to visit, informing her that he was giving testimony in a case and thought he'd find her office. She smiles and seems happy to see him. He brings her a gift which he explains is a jaguar, which in Columbia and Mexico was a symbol of power, which he tells her naturally made him think of her. She remarks most women would consider themselves “lucky” if he sent them flowers. She admits she's impressed but is curious how he'd know about power symbols from ancient Mexico. He tells her he's studied archeology. They talk about his dancing over New Years and his many talents. He asks if she'd like to go out on another date with him. She tells him she'd like that. He tells her he will call her tonight and set up another time

When Morgan leaves Sonny's house to see his shrink, Michael enters and wants to know all about that. Morgan remarks to his brother that maybe he (Michael) should worry about his own life, as he goes out the door. Alone with Michael, Sonny asks him about Sabrina. Michael admits she told him she misses the way they used to be. He admits he misses what he “thought and imagined” he and Sabrina could have. Yet he now knows it was not based on anything real. Having absolutely no clue who is the father of Sabrina's baby, Sonny asks his son if he's really sure of that.

While Kiki is waitressing at The Metro Court, she notices Ava sitting alone at a table. She goes into “work mode”, brings out menus, welcomes the “guest” to the Metro Court and asks if she can start her out with a drink. In response to that, Ava tells her daughter that she could “start out” by saying: “hi, mom”. Kiki admits she's on her break. She informs her mom that Carly did a huge favor to hire her and she does not want to appear to be slacking. She does not want Ava to think that she will ignore her other customers just to chat with Ava. Ava tells her daughter she thought they made progress over Christmas. Kiki admits she is grateful for her mom letting her take Avery to see Sonny. However, that is not going to erase all that has happened. She still does not trust her mother. She admits she wants to set some boundaries so she can be around her mom and Avery without all the anger and would like things to get better for them. Ava tells her daughter she accepts her terms and her boundaries but would like to extend and invitation to take Kiki shopping and bring her little sister along, to maybe develop the little one's eye for fashion. Kiki smiles but right then gets an incoming call. Morgan has texted her that he wants to meet with her after he's done seeing his shrink. Seeing that, she declines her mom's offer. Ava asks her daughter what just happened. Kiki coldly tells her she just gave her an invitation and Kiki declined it. She has the right to set her boundaries and her mom needs to accept it, she tells Ava. Yet Ava tells her she knows something suddenly changed as soon as Kiki read that text. Kiki admits that was Morgan. She does not want to ever discuss Moran with her mom and tells her her break is over. Ava graciously thanks her for sitting down and talking to her and tells Kiki she respects her boundaries. As soon as Kiki is gone and Ava is alone, Paul finds her. She admits she is happy to see him since he's “less cold” to her than her daughter is. He smiles and tells her he has something for her. She opens the briefcase with the money he was able to obtain for her, from his contact on the docks. She is happy to see her money but angry that he has just given her some very dirty money in a very public place, where her daughter works. He reminds her that he is an art collector and she is an art dealer and there's nothing wrong with his meeting with her to discuss a piece of art he'd like to acquire. Hearing that, Ava recalls that Tracy walked in on them having sex and asks him if she's retaliated, to which Paul admits that Tracy did in fact, have him evicted from Monica's house and he's now living at The Metro Court. Hearing that, Ava laughs and asks if she gets a key to his room. He tells her for now, he wants to be discreet. Kiki is very closely observing their conversation. He goes off asking Ava not to “miss him too much” reminding her that waiting can make the “reward even sweeter”. As soon as Paul is gone, Kiki immediately goes over and asks her mom if that was the District Attorney. What did he want? Is Ava in trouble again?

Morgan goes to meet with Dr. Maddox who asks if he's having “any trouble” staying on schedule with his meds. Morgan admits that he has missed a few times. Maddox tells him it's crucial that he follows the protocol. Morgan admits that he slipped and drank not too long ago. Maddox tells him that is a serious no-no. Morgan admits he knows that as a “friend” of his has urged him to do the same. Dr. Maddox is happy to hear he has a friend who wants to motivate him to do the right thing but knows that Morgan is “not complete” about something, to which Morgan admits that he does not know where he fits in with his family. He tells his doctor he wishes he could accomplish something and be something. Maddox assures him that he is accomplishing something but staying on his meds, working with his diagnosis and getting healthy as he reminds Morgan there are many very successful and powerful people who struggle with bi polar disorder their whole lives. Morgan tells his doctor he wishes he could do more with his life than simply “stay stable”. He admits to Maddox that he feels he owes his dad and needs to prove something to him because he's been an ass and blamed it on his dad, angry with his dad because he didn't believe in his son, yet Morgan admits he never gave his dad reason to. Hearing that, Maddox asks what he believes would be the best thing he could do for his father, to which Morgan tells him he thinks he'd be good at helping run his business although there's no point in telling him that since Sonny's made it clear he does not want his kids involved in his business. Morgan admits he wishes he could take care of others instead of having them taking care of him, to which Maddox asks him how he can be someone others can trust and rely upon. Morgan then concludes that maybe he can be reliable by staying stable and if he can't do it for himself, he needs to do it for others. Morgan further concludes to his doc that he notices his dad wants to walk for himself but wants to walk more for the rest of them. He wants to protect his family and be the man that they need him to be. He feels the same way.

Right when Michael is hesitating to tell Sonny about Sabrina's secret, Sabrina is avoiding the same conversation with Anna. She admits to Anna that her child is not Michael's and Anna is surprised that Michael would bail on her just because a baby is not his. She tells Anna it's not that he could not love a child that is not his. Michael's issue is that she could not be honest. Anna then instantly puts two and two together that if her baby was conceived in May, before she started seeing Michael, that was when Carlos came by her house and tied her up, in a panic before he ran away. Sabrina then admits that Carlos is the father of her baby. He did not force himself on her. He was her first love. When she got pregnant, she hoped it would be Michael's but realized it may be Carlos' baby and the sonogram confirmed that. Hearing that, Anna tells Sabrina that regardless of her feelings about Carlos, she is sorry that Carlos “died” before knowing he was going to be a father. Knowing that he's not dead, Sabrina knocks over a coffee cup, revealing she is very uneasy.

Meanwhile, Sonny surprisingly seems ok with the fact that Sabrina is having Carlos' baby and asks Michael if he cannot understand why she hesitated to tell him she was having a baby with a man whom Michael hates. Sonny reminds him that Sabrina may have misjudged him and assumed he'd abandon her and she never gave him the chance to prove that he's better than that. He tells his son he needs to know that he has that chance right now. Sonny tells Michael he now has a chance to have his own family but it has to be his own decision. He tells his son he has to think with his heart and not with his head and ask himself what is going to make him happy.

At Kelly's, Anna can tell that Sabrina is telling her she is “fine” when that is not the case. She knows all too well how she hid her own grief when Duke died. She did not want to face how angry and devastated she was and that she was not fine. Hearing that, Sabrina tells her how sorry she is that Carlos took Duke from her. Yet Anna assures her she has nothing to apologize for and tells Sabrina she may be paying a worse price for what is going on right now having a baby who will never know his or her father. Anna assures Sabrina if she ever needs someone to help, babysit or talk and spend time with, she has Anna's number. Anna urges her to focus on what is right for her life and for this child. Anna then goes out the door and as soon as she's out of earshot, she gets on her phone to call Jordan, tell her she's coming over and there may be a break in the Carlos Rivera case.

When Sabrina is alone at Kelly's, she goes out the door, gets on her phone and leaves a message for Carlos telling him he needs to call her ASAP because she needs to talk to him.

Anna goes to Jordan's office and informs her that she has a very “noteworthy” conversation with Sabrina Santiago where Sabrina revealed to her that she's broken up with her boyfriend, Michael Corinthos and the father of her child is actually Carlos. She found it very “odd” that as soon as she talked to Sabrina about Carlos' death, Sabrina practically jumped out of her skin. It was not “grief”. It was guilt. Sabrina must know that Carlos is alive. Jordan again asks if there is proof that Carlos is alive, to which Anna admits they need to get proof. That would mean monitoring Sabrina's phone calls. They know they need to get proof from the DA. Paul walks in and Jordan tells her they can ask him right now, in person, although Anna knows that is “not what they want to do”.

Right when Kiki is talking to Ava, Morgan comes by, coldly regards Ava and asks Kiki if Ava is “bothering” her. Kiki reminds him that he might want to thank her mother for letting Avery spend Christmas with him and his family, to which he graciously thanks Ava for that. He goes off with Kiki Ava gets up from her table to leave and a strange man approaches her, reminding her that he noticed Morgan spying upon him and one of his contacts while he was on the pier not long ago. It looked like Morgan wanted be part of their illegal business. Hearing that, she is concerned as she overhears Kiki telling Morgan she'd rather be with him than spend the evening waiting tables.

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