GH Update Monday 1/11/16

General Hospital Update Monday 1/11/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Jason goes to Elizabeth's home to see his son, she is panicked and horrified to see a picture of the family that has been smashed and she wonders who might have entered her house to have done that. He goes and finds Jake who is still adamant that a strange man was looking inside the windows New Years Eve although nobody else has seen him nor knows anything about that. Jason assures the boy that he will be ok. His parents will make certain nothing happens to him, Jason tells him. He goes upstairs with his son to look around and it appears that “somebody” might have entered the house. He asks Elizabeth if she knows of anyone besides herself and the kids have keys to the house. She assesses only Laura and family members. The cops come and knock on the door and Jason concludes to Elizabeth that maybe they should be able to sort things out. Jason immediately realizes that the police would see him as a suspect so he admits to the uniform officer he knows the PC knows all about his record of criminal history and that he is currently “out on bail” although Elizabeth does not want him spelling that out to the cops.

After noticing that Dante has “unfounded suspicions” about Dillon moving in on Lulu, and both she and Dillon know that “somebody” is secretly in contact with Lulu, Maxie goes to The Haunted Star to see what is going on. She is shocked to see Johnny there. At that point, she declares she is going to turn him in although Lulu urges her not to. She protests that the last time she “helped” Johnny, she almost got herself arrested. Nathan found out and, now that she thinks about it, he should have arrested her for getting involved in his mess. She's not going to lie to Nathan and defy the cops anymore. Johnny protests that although he took her car to get away the last time they spoke, he left it where it could be found and didn't intend to steal from her or cause any undue hardship for anyone. Yet she wonders why, in all this time that he's been on the run, has nobody looked for him. She tells him she has to call Nathan because she owes it to him. He demands she gives him her phone but she refuses. He asks her if she really has any justification to suspect him of breaking the law, remembering her justifying Spinelli's illegal actions. Lulu then protests to Maxie if she turns Johnny in, Lulu will go to jail with him. She urges Maxie, in the name of their friendship, not to call Nathan for this. Yet Maxie notices that Johnny has given Lulu flowers and immediately concludes that Lulu and Johnny are sleeping together. Believing that, she protests that aside from “legal” matters, she has concerns about Lulu's choice to do this.

Sonny returns to the hospital for his PT session with Carly by his side. Lucas immediately greets them to “transition” them into meeting the new doctor now that Patrick is gone. A new doctor named Dr. Mayes appears and makes it clear that he is not a desirable replacement. He completely focused on business and shows no personal warmth or sensitivity about the people involved. He dismisses Lucas, reminding him if he does not get back to work, his superiors, along with Dr. Obrecht, will take action against him. Lucas leaves and the new doctor coldly and robotically assesses Sonny's situation. Although Sonny tells him about his wife being a major part of his life and his recovery process, as he also comments that Lucas is his brother-in-law and friend and should have the right to be present, the doctor tells him no. In response to that, Sonny tells the doc he realizes he's “new” and so he may not yet understand the way things work around here. He firmly tells Dr. Mayes that he has no right to tell him that he cannot have his wife there. He tells the doctor if he does not want Carly around, then Sonny does not want him around. However, Dr. Mayes reminds Sonny that he is the only doctor qualified to treat him. Dr, Mayes coldly tells Sonny that he needs to make competent and accurate medical assessments without the “opinions and feelings of loved-ones”. Hearing that, Sonny tells him that regarding “this loved-one," (Carly), he needs to keep her informed of all that he does. Carly, however, assures Sonny she is ok with letting the doctor talk to him alone and he need not get angry at Dr. Mayes. Dr. Mayes informs Sonny that Dr. Drake has highly recommended him. Hearing that, Sonny tells him even so, he does not like the way this doctor treats people. He does not want him anywhere around him. Dr. Mayes leaves yet warns Sonny he won't find another doctor with his qualifications, although Sonny confidently tells him he will take his chances because he won't put up with his new doctor's attitude.

At Alexis' home, Kristina makes it clear that she is keeping a secret form her mom and sisters about what's going on in school. Yet she tells her mom she encourages her and Julian to exercise their rights to have sexual freedom. She is clearly having that conversation for the sole purpose of distracting her mom and changing the subject. Sam enters with boxes and Kristina immediately changes the subject again when Alexis asks her about her classes resuming soon. Kristina asks Sam if Jason remembered the necklace she found. Sam admits to her sister that Jason still has not regained his memory yet she is hopeful. Sam concludes that it appears her sister is secretly studying pre-law. Alexis gets her phone and finds out that Nikolas wants her to represent him against Jason. Hearing that, Sam obviously has a “conflict of interests” although her mom states that Hayden is an eye witness that Jason pushed Nikolas off the Metro Court ledge and tried to kill him. Alexis reminds her daughter that although she “believes in Jason” , Sam was not a witness whereas Hayden Barnes was, although Sam wonders why anyone would believe the word of Hayden. Sam goes out the door and Kristina remarks to her mom that the “beauty of the legal system” is that anyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Hayden returns to see Nikolas in his hospital room after Tracy has given her the ultimatum to either deliver what Tracy wants within 30 days or Tracy will reveal to all what she knows about Hayden's big secret. When she finds Nikolas and he admits that he has some difficulties regarding his war with Jason, she tells him she has a solution for his problems. He could marry her. Hearing that, he wonders why she'd want to do that. She obviously does not want to reveal the “real” answer to that question. He explains to her that Jason is refusing to budge on the deal he wanted to make with him about ELQ. He knows if he and Hayden arrange a marriage between them, he gets to keep his corporate kingdom. Yet that would involve having a large percent of his estate and ELQ in her name. He realizes he does not have complete trust in that. She promises him that it will only be temporary so that he can defeat Jason and the Quartermaines. After that is accomplished, she will sign everything back to him, she tells him. Hearing that, he asks her how he's supposed to know that she won't just steal everything out from under him. He reminds her he knows she came to this town in order to do a con. So how can he trust her with this? She asks if that is any “thanks” to give her when she's trying to help him keep his company. She then tells him if he does not trust her, she can sign a prenup and she asks him if that will put his mind at ease. She admits that yes, she likes the luxuries of living at Wyndemere. However, it's not like she's just some free-loader. She works. She tells him that given her history of being part of corporate trading, she knows all too well how money destroys love. She doesn't want to be any part of that, she tells him. So, she urges him, he needs to let her help him protect his interests from the Quartermaines. He tells her that he will access the best lawyers and resources he has to defeat Michael and the Quartermaines and doesn't need to resort to drastic measures like marrying somebody for the sole purpose of doing that. Yet she does not want to abandon him. She asks if he believes her that she might have feelings for him that have nothing to do with money. Does he not believe that they are two people who care about each other and who can trust each other and who are better off together than apart?

At Elizabeth's home, the cops question Jason and he tells them he realizes that they have good reason to suspect him. He asks the officer if he could do him a favor by keeping the patrol car outside so that Elizabeth and her boys can be safe. It doesn't sound like the officer is willing to do that so, as soon as he's alone with Elizabeth, Jason tells her they need to stay somewhere else where they are safe. Jake comes out and asks Jason if he is coming with them. Elizabeth tells him no. Jason need not do that. Yet Jason wants to be there and make sure she and her boys are safe.

Maxie asks Lulu why she would be sleeping with an “old lover” yet not tell her best friend. Lulu clarifies that she and Johnny have not slept together. Yet, she admits that he kissed her and that was it. Maxie then asks what “happened” that caused Dante to want to go on a warpath with Dillon. Lulu admits she really does not know. Maxie admits that she knows Dante made a serious mistake but he is still the father of Lulu's child. So, Maxie concludes, she thinks that Dante has the right not to risk his wife seeing a criminal. She tells Lulu if she wants to salvage her marriage at all, Johnny needs to go. Lulu informs her that Johnny will “leave soon”, to which Maxie tells her that is “not good enough”, informing Lulu if she (herself) does not take action to get him out of there, she is keeping yet another secret from Nathan. She does not want any more lies between them plus if Johnny stays at The Haunted Star, they could all go to prison with him. She urges Lulu to know that in the interest of their kids, they cannot let that happen. She right away assesses that Lulu has something “really going on” that she is not revealing. Johnny assures Maxie he's just here temporarily visiting his friends. She tells him she hopes he does not get her wrong, assuring him she's very happy that he is alive and well. Yet she does not want to risk any surprises. Maxie leaves them alone and Lulu firmly tells Johnny that Maxie is right. She knows if Dante finds out about Johnny being with her and that she's helping him hide, it will be the end of their marriage. He continues to protest that she has to get over Dante and realize that whether he's her husband and father of her kid or not, he does not treat her right and she needs to move on.

After Sonny has dismissed Dr. Mayes, Lucas makes some calls to find a doctor whom he assures Sonny he will be satisfied with.

Kristina continues to look at a “document” whenever she is alone, which she hides whenever her mom and sisters appear. Alexis seems to suspect nothing and is very encouraged to find out that her daughter is pursuing law.

Hayden asks Nikolas to take a leap of faith and trust her. He admits that yes, they do have a connection and he would like to see where this goes. Yet, he tells her, he believes getting married would be a “huge burden” in their relationship. He admits he would not like to sacrifice what they have just to save ELQ. Hearing that, she asks if he just implied he was putting “them” before ELQ. He tells her he just believes it's too soon. He wants them to continue seeing each other and to just see where it goes.

Jason tells Elizabeth that he has to get to the bottom of what is going on. He suspects that somebody is trying to frighten her and he wants to put an end to it, although she tells him he need not do that.

Sam goes to The Metro Court and talks to Carly about whether or not Jason will get his memory and his old life back. They both want to make sure that Jason does not get in trouble for what happened to Nikolas.. And Carly comes across a lead that might accomplish what they want.

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