GH Update Friday 1/8/16

General Hospital Update Friday 1/8/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny returns to The Haunted Star wearing a disguise. Lulu is very concerned and demands to know what was so important that he had to risk being seen out in public. He answers the question by presenting her with flowers. He notices that she has not smiled or been happy in a long time. She continues to protest that she is still upset over losing Dante and over their most recent falling out when he knew she was “with someone” (Johnny) alone in the room, over New Years.. He tells her he wants to be there for her and not let Dante's behavior upset her because she deserves better. She tells him she appreciates his support but still needs to know what he intends to do with Valerie.

Valerie is at the police station in training when it appears people know what she has been doing. She's also discontented that she has not done well on a crucial exam.

At Kelly's, while Maxie is talking to Dillon about new ideas for Crimson, Dante comes up , interrupts them and demands to talk to Dillon. Neither Maxie nor Dillon have a clue as to why. He tells them Dillon owes him an explanation for what he is doing with Dante's wife. Maxie tells him he's being rude and needs to leave Dillon alone. However Dillon goes off to talk alone to Dante. Assuming Dillon knows full well what he is talking about (Dante assumes it was Dillon whom Lulu was secretly seeing over New Years), Dante admits to him that he knows he screwed up his own marriage and that is on him. However, if Dillon is taking advantage of Lulu during the falling out, then he will answer to Dante. After Dante leaves, and Dillon returns to Maxie, she asks him what is going on. He admits he does not know but has to find Lulu in order to find out what is going on.

When Elizabeth returns home and hears a noise, knowing there is someone in her house, she demands to know who is there. It's Laura and little Jake returning home. Laura explains to her ex daughter in law that when Jake returned to school, he found out he had a sore through. Elizabeth could not be reached so they were able to contact Laura first. When the boy goes up to bed, Elizabeth tells Laura that she has real concerns about Jake regaining and then losing his dad. Laura knows very well that she is not concerned about Jason leaving Jake as much as she is about losing Jason for herself. She knows that Jake is listening in at the door. Laura suggests Jake see a psychiatrist. Elizabeth somewhat agrees but informs her it's not all in his head because a strange man was spying upon him through the window, New Years Eve. Laura is concerned about that but also knows Elizabeth is not “complete” about losing Jason. She warns her that Jason is likely to go back to Sam. It may take a while but it will happen. She knows it will hurt Elizabeth terribly and she hugs her. She assures her former daughter in law she will always have her former mother-in-law's support. She reflects to Elizabeth that she has her sons and her family. Laura tells her she has to run as she promised Spencer she'd help him with a school project. Before she's gone, she urges Elizabeth to call her if she needs anything or if there is “another incident”.

Tracy tells Hayden she is onto her. She knows her real name is not Hayden Barnes and asks her what she plans to do with her scam. Hearing that, Hayden reminds Tracy that Tracy does not have anyone in business or in her personal life whom she can trust or who cares about Tracy any more than she (Hayden) does. Hayden reminds her she knows all about Luke swindling Tracy and the fact that Nikolas has taken the company and even if he did not, Tracy has no allies. Yet Tracy affirms to Hayden she will not be intimidated. She tells Hayden she has found out her real name. Hayden asks her how she found out. Tracy tells her it was no secret that Hayden did not get education at Beecher's corners nor has the history and resume she wants people to believe she has. Tracy further informs her that all of this leads right back to Nikolas.

When Nikolas gets ready to leave the hospital, he calls Jason and tells him he is terms and conditions for not pressing charges and having Jason charged with attempted murder. He tells Jason that he is not going to profit financially from his ELQ shares so it's not in Jason's best interest to keep them and suffer the consequences.. Jason asks Nikolas why he thinks he would not contest him and take back his company. Nikolas replies that he can decide whether to press charges against Jason or not. He reminds him that Hayden was a witness that Jason tried to kill him and he knows that Jason has motives to want him out of the way. He reminds Jason that if he told the police that Jason pushed him, it might not be what Jason wants. He tells him he is willing to tell them it was an accident if Jason agrees to sign over his ELQ shares to Nikolas. Jason asks him why he'd do that and gets ready to go out the door. However, Nikolas reminds him he might want to “reconsider” if he were Jason, before “somebody else gets hurt”. Jason reminds Nikolas that if Hayden is the only witness to their altercation who will testify to attempted murder, Nikolas needs to realize she doesn't have credibility in the court. Yet Nikolas has other ways and strings to pull that will motivate Jason to do what he wants, as he reminds him that with his record, he could be locked up in prison for a long time or worse. Hearing that, Jason informs Nikolas that Elizabeth told him about his sister Emily, whom Nikolas was in love with for a long time. So, he tells Nikolas, he wants to know how he went from the guy Emily loved so much to the dishonorable person he is now. Knowing he's being threatened with going to prison and having to have his kids see him through Plexiglas, he tells Nikolas he'd rather have that than have to face them knowing that he's committed the dishonest, dishonorable acts that Nikolas has done.

At Kelly's, after the “exchange” with Dante, Maxie tells Dillon that, regarding Dante's charges of Dillon's moving in on Lulu, she has some reservations about how he exposed Dante's and Valerie's affair at The Haunted Star and publicly humiliated Lulu. She admits that she has tried and failed to talk to Lulu and see if she might forgive Dante yet she refuses. He's continuing to be with Valerie. She realizes that is not Dillon's fault. Yet she realizes that he is manipulating the situation and would probably like to take Lulu from Dante. At that point, he knows he has to go and talk to Lulu leaving Maxie alone to talk to her business contacts.

At The Haunted Star, Johnny informs Lulu that he's spoken to Valerie and believes he might be “developing trust” with her and getting her to confide in him so that they can find out more about her. She tells him she is all about having Valerie leaving town although she's concerned about it being at the risk of Johnny being found out for being seen in public. Right while they are talking, Dillon returns and Johnny knows he needs to hide. Dillon informs her that Dante confronted and falsely accused him of sleeping with Lulu on New Years, which they both know is impossible since they were not even together on that night. So, he asks Lulu, who it was that Dante “sensed” she was with. When she refuses to answer, knowing that whoever it was had to hide, Dillon can tell right away that it must have been Johnny. He tells her he is concerned about her aiding, abetting and harboring a fugitive. She denies that Johnny is there but he asks if it was not Johnny, then who did Dante catch her with New year's eve? She replies just some random drunk who hit on her whom she never saw again. Dillon informs her that Dante just went to confront him and gave him a big long speech about how Dillon was moving in on Lulu when she was in a fragile state of mind on New Years Eve. He assesses to Lulu that he is not intimidated by her soon-to-be ex but if she gets into trouble because of Johnny, he could never forgive himself. He gets a call and tells Lulu he has to go but asks if she is ok. She assures him everything is fine and he need not worry. As soon as he's gone, Johnny comes out of hiding after overhearing everything.

Dante finds Valerie at the station and can see that she is upset. He asks her what is up and she admits to him that she is in big trouble. She informs him that she is not doing well with her exams. She might not have a chance to make it up and get her grade point average up so that she can get her certification. Also, it does not appear the department is going to give her “another chance” with all the gossip going around. So, she concludes to Dante, that is the reason why she can't be around him. Although he denies that he feels that way and tells her he wants to be there for her, she knows it's not that simple. He tells her maybe they can just be friends but she informs him that is not an option. She knows that will just give her too many excuses, reasons and temptations to see him; having him help her study, wanting to cook him dinner to offer him gratitude, things of that nature. She knows they cannot see each other anymore. He then concludes to her that for what it is worth, she will finish the police academy and make a fine officer. She tells him she really appreciates his encouragement.

Tracy tells Hayden she is giving her no more than 30 days to deliver the stocks to her. Or else, she will give Nikolas proof of who Hayden really is. Hearing that, Hayden admits she is worried and no longer smug and confident and informs Tracy she cannot do that. Tracy then tells her, in that case, she can make some phone calls, to which Hayden then agrees to deliver what Tracy wants in 30 days. Tracy warns her just in case she is considering moving to another city under another assumed name, she needs to know the resources Tracy will have to hunt her down and find her. She assures Hayden she knows she will succeed because Hayden has no choice. At that point, Hayden goes out the door appearing stunned and not knowing what to do.

A cop goes to talk to Nikolas and get a statement from him in his hospital room. He declares that Jason pushed him and tried to kill him. Hayden returns to him. As soon as the cop is gone and he's alone with Hayden, he declares that Jason would rather go to prison than give up his shares. She reminds him that given Jason has a family, he is selfish not to put his kids first. He asks Nikolas if he would not do that if the roles were reversed. He tells her he's not certain but now knows what happens next is the Quartermaines go to court and Jason goes to prison. She asks him if that is what he wants. He admits he does not want any of this. He knows that even if he wins, this will have to drag through the courts forever and there is no guarantee that the Quartermaines won't defeat him. Hayden then informs him she knows of one solution to his problems. He could marry her.

Jason returns to Elizabeth to see Jake and wonders why she left her door unlocked. She tells him she is certain she locked the front door. They discover a very important and treasured framed family picture has shattered and there's broken glass all over the floor.

When Johnny is talking to Lulu alone at The Haunted Star, and they are unaware, Maxie suddenly walks in, discovers him and now know that he was the “mystery man” whom Dante knew that Lulu was with New Years' Eve.

Dillon returns to his mom. Tracy tells her son she is not worried about Paul or anything. She's going to travel, have fun and not worry about anything. By the time she returns, she assures her son, she will have a whole new outlook.

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