GH Update Thursday 1/7/16

General Hospital Update Thursday 1/7/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Robin gets ready for her wedding with Emma and Anna all dressed up and ready to do the ceremony right in town and not in California. Patrick is rushing to prepare the champagne. They invite Maxie to be their wedding planner. She rushes in and engaged attends to the women's hair and clothes. Sonny comes inside in his wheelchair dressed in a suit, by himself. He informs them that he's there to support Robin and see her off.

Laura finds Tracy at The Metro Court and tells her she wants to talk about their mutual ex husband Luke. She admits she cannot locate him nor knows how to get a hold of him. Tracy informs her that she has no way to contact Luke either and can't help her. Laura tells Tracy she wants to get the word out to Luke that his “enemy” is gone. Hearing that, Tracy asks her if, by that, she means that Luke's “enemy” is good common sense, responsibility and things of that nature. Laura clarifies the enemy that Luke no longer has to worry about is Helena Cassadine. Laura admits to Tracy that she just wanted to find out Luke's thoughts and feelings about that, given his history with Helena and otherwise would not have bothered Tracy about Luke, realizing she is not comfortable having to dredge that subject up. Tracy assures her she has no ill will toward Luke. In response to that, Laura remarks that it appears to her that Tracy has moved on when she saw Tracy happily with Paul Hornsby at The Nutcracker Gala. Hearing that, Tracy smugly remarks to Laura that she is clearly not up with the times, as she informs her she's now discovered that Paul Hornsby is nothing more than a slimy dishonest opportunist who will never again be in her life. She admits that her “involvement” with Paul Hornsby was a serious lapse in judgment and she wants to be done with that. Laura then tells Tracy maybe she needs to take a page out of Luke's book, to maybe assess why she keeps trusting the wrong people and maybe go off and find herself as Luke has. Tracy assures Laura she is fine but might consider that at some point.

Right when Nikolas is ready to leave the hospital with Hayden, they find out that they have been served with court papers. He sees there is a petition to freeze all of ELQ's assets. Michael is serving them along with Jason. Nikolas notices the document alleges that Michael and Jason have the right to all of what was previously Nikolas' majority shares. Hearing that, Hayden concludes that could be one more reason why it's best for them to have Jason behind bars where he will not be able to have that power. Yet he is happy to be getting released from the hospital relishing the thought that she may have missed him. Before she can continue that conversation with him, however, she gets a call from Tracy urgently asking her to meet at the Metro Court. Hayden tells Nikolas she has some ELQ business to attend to but will return soon for his welcome home party. After she leaves, Laura comes by and continues to ask her son why he could be involved with that woman given that he had her shot and he needs to know it's only a matter of time before she finds that out. Laura tells him the lies and secrets he's keeping are eating his soul and urges him to tell her that it will end. She reminds her son he has been given a second chance to live and urges him not to waste that. She tells him he can now get his life moving in the right direction and be the man he wants to be. He asks her if she is implying he needs to give up control of ELQ because he will not. She agrees that she will not get involved in his feud with the Quartermaines and realizes they have done far worse to him than what he is now doing. However, she is concerned about the wrong path Nikolas is now taking. She reminds him that Hayden was hired by Ric Lansing to scam Jason into believing she was his wife. So, she urges Nikolas not to trust this woman and give her a chance to break his heart or worse.

Hayden goes to meet with Tracy about their mutual plan to overthrow Nikolas. Tracy demands to know what she is now doing and why it's taking so long. She reminds Hayden she needs to realize she is not exactly “Miss popularity”. Tracy may be the only friend she has, she tells Hayden. So Hayden better not get up on her high horse and lose sight of the fact that nobody cares about her or would bail her out of Tracy turned on her.

Elizabeth goes to Patrick's house to attend the wedding. They greet and welcome her. However, she is stunned when she gets the door and sees Jason. Patrick and Robin welcome Elizabeth however. Robert is there to give his daughter away Mac is there with Felicia when Maxie is worried that they have not found anyone to marry the couple. Mac tells them he can do that. Robin finds Jason and admits that she invited him to her house without telling him she was having a wedding, knowing if she told him that, he would not have acme. He happily congratulates her. Mac then gathers everyone and asks Patrick and Robin if they are ready to get married. They stand with Emma and affirm yes. Mac stands beside Patrick. He observes Anna and Robert standing beside Robin and walking her down the aisle with a bouquet. They play romantic music. Carly comes by with a gift and sits beside Sonny. Mac then announces they are gathered there for the union of Patrick and Robin. Patrick talks about how he has missed out on second chances with so many things but got a second chance, or a third with her and would not trade it for anything else in the world. He tells Robin she makes him want to be a better person, a better husband, father and a better man and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. She reflects all the time she spent away from him. She remembers their first and their second wedding. She remembers their history with getting married and being with Emma. She tells him she thought about their time together all the while she was away. And the memory slipped further and further away. And now that she's back, she now knows how lucky she is. Now that they are together, all that other stuff is just a memory. Emma then reminds her parents that now is the time for the wedding vows. Yet they tell her they are not going to say them to each other. Patrick gets on his knees and promises his daughter he will do everything in his power to give her a great life in California. He tells her about the trolley rides, the chocolate factories, the oceans where they can surf and Disney land. He promises her he will do everything he can to make California just as special for her as the life she's known in Port Charles. Robin vows, to Emma that she will never leave her again. She realizes Emma has had a lot of “adventure” and had tons of different people in her life throughout the last few years. But she now promises Emma she will get to go to school and come home, do homework and have dinner with her parents and have a perfectly “boring” life from now on. Emma smiles and tells her mom she loves her. Mac then concludes all that is left now is the rings. He asks Patrick to repeat after him that with this ring he weds Robin. She give him her ring and tells him she weds him. Mac pronounces them husband and wife and Patrick may kiss his bride. Everybody claps. Carly then announces that she has a going away and wedding cake for the couple. They all get ready to cut it and join in. Carly faces Robin and admits she remembers when they last spoke and she confronted Robin about going off again and leaving her family behind and demanding to know how Robin could do that. She remembered Robin telling her what she was doing was for Patrick. Carly now admits to her that Robin was right and she congratulates her. Jason tells Robin he owes her and wants to tell her he thinks he had a memory of their history together after they met on the bridge. It means a lot to him to know that she has faith in him. She tells him whether or not he gets his memory back, she wants what is best for him. She's sorry they can't spend more time together but wants him to promise, if he's ever in California, to look them up. Sonny tells Patrick that he will always be grateful to the doctor who saved his life. Patrick tells him he wishes he could be there when Sonny walks again but can assure Sonny he will have some of the finest doctors there are. Sonny assures Patrick that he knows his friend Robin is in good hands with the right man. Robin tells Elizabeth she hopes she will be ok after losing Jason. She's made some mistakes, Robin tells her. But she encourages Elizabeth not to give up on love. Jason tells Patrick he wants him to be there for Robin. Patrick tells Jason he hopes that maybe he (Jason) can get back with Sam. After the guests leave, Anna takes her granddaughter aside and gives her a plane ticket to come and visit her whenever she wants. Patrick tells Elizabeth he will miss working with her every day. He encourages her not to let Dr. O push her around. She laughs and assures him she will get to spend some quality time on vacation. She thanks him for being a great friend and seeing her through tough times. Patrick tells her she's done the same for him. He hopes she finds all the happiness she needs and he tells her he loves her.

When Jason is at Patrick's, ready to leave, he gets a call from Nikolas asking if he can get to the hospital because Nikolas has something he needs to discuss with Jason.

Elizabeth returns home and is ready to lie on her couch and relax. Yet, she hears a loud and startling noise and demands to know who is there, revealing she is afraid of something.

Jason goes to meet Nikolas at the hospital and they both realize that they can either have their private conversation there or do it in a courtroom.

Anna gets ready to see her daughter and granddaughter off and they say their fond and tearful farewells. Robert tells them that he will always be there for them. Anna reminds them if they want to catch their flight, they have to get going. She tells Patrick he's a good man and she's very grateful he's there for her daughter. She's going to miss him and wishes him all the luck in California. He assures her he has everything he needs.

We relive all the history between Robin and Patrick, form the time they first met, when they did not like each other, argued, went through many things together, started dating, fell in love, and all the adventures they had together, getting married, having Emma and where they are now.

Everybody encourages Patrick & Robin to pursue their new life in California and see them off as they stroll away arm in arm with Emma.

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