GH Update Wednesday 1/6/16

General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/6/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Sam goes back to her and Jason's apartment, Jason shows up. He explains to her that he was looking for an apartment. When he found this place, he realized it was hers so he thought he'd come by to say hi. He realized he did not have a chance to say goodbye on New Year's Eve when he got the urgent phone call about Jake having a scare and needing his daddy. Knowing (although he does not remember) that this was Jason's home, Sam assures him she has no intention of selling the place out from under him. He tells her it's fine with him if she sells it. Jason then decides he wants to walk around the place and see it for the first time. While with Jason in the old apartment, when Sam attempts to climb the stairs in her spiked stilettos, she is ready to fall when Jason catches her, lifts her up and carries her. They stare into each others' eyes and look like they are ready to kiss. Yet, only seconds later, he puts her down and they go back to their “friends-mode” conversation. He informs her about his encounter with Robin on the bridge. He tells her he and Robin had a conversation about their history together when they met and had a relationship many years ago. He tells her he remembered being “visited” by Robin not long ago, right in this very living room, after Helena “programmed” him by giving him order to kill Sam. Right when she had her “first time” with Patrick. He remembered hearing Robin tell him (although she was not actually in the room) that he cannot go through with what Helena wants him to do. Hearing that, Sam suggests maybe Robin is his guardian angel. She knows, and he confirms that Robin knows that he is “not a bad guy after all”. He further tells Sam that Robin told him she has “faith in his future”. He also informs Sam that when Robin left him alone on the bridge, he could see her, when they were both younger. Sam listens to that attentively and tells Jason that is amazing. He further informs her that he remembered, when he ran into her and Danny at the park over Christmas, she was wearing a necklace. He had a memory of putting it on her. Hearing that, Sam is obviously intrigued to know that, since she remembered having found that necklace, out of nowhere, when she thought it was gone and she'd never see it again. They smile and laugh as she tells him the person he was, with all his great qualities as well as his issues, which they both find very amusing and mutually happy for her to remember. She talks about how he used to be able to cook anything on a whim in her kitchen. Music plays while she tells him she just wants him to have his memories back. She tells him she wants him to be “whole”, as she adds, “whatever that means to him” After he looks around the apartment, he tells Sam he likes it but won't buy it right now. Hearing that, Sam “thanks” him, as she informs him that she and Danny really like it there. It's the only place that's ever felt like home. He then gets ready to leave but asks her if she's not busy right now, if she'd like to go and have coffee with him. Sam replies that she would really like that.

Elizabeth takes Jake to work with her and wants to make certain he's ok and gets medical care if necessary. Elizabeth takes her son, Jake to the hospital and “tries” to entertain him, not realizing his tablet his gone dead since they forgot to charge the batteries. Franco appears and asks the boy if he likes to color, to which Jake informs Franco that his mom told him not to talk to Franco. Franco informs Jake that he's the “number one art guy” in the hospital. Jake can see his art utensils and seems attentive, (although Elizabeth clearly does not want her child talking to this man). Uniformed cops arrive, clearly indicating Elizabeth has called them to her work place to talk about “the other night”. She “allows” her son to engage in art with Franco on the bench while she and the cop carefully watch over them and supervise. She keeps telling the cop about the “suspicion” about “somebody significant” looking in her windows at Jake. Yet he informs her the PD has looked all around and found nothing. He assures her that “she and her husband” have nothing to worry about. Elizabeth hears that and is obviously not ok. After they leave, she talks to Franco alone and informs him she brought her son to work and called the cops because, New Years Eve, Jake noticed a strange person looking at him through the window. As soon as Franco hears that, he reflects to Elizabeth how he knows all too well, that she (and Jake) were very empty without Jason. She clearly does not want to listen to him when he tells her he thought the two of them had a “breakthrough” at the Nutcracker Gala. She asks him what he really thinks is going on there. Does he think they are becoming friends? He replies yes and asks her if they can become friends. They both realize that she may not like the fact that he kidnapped Aiden and gave him to the “woman” who raised him. He tells her although she may say the two of them have nothing in common, they both know what it's like to be alone. And so, he tells her: “here is the deal”. If she feels like she needs a friend, his door is open. She doesn't want to listen and instructs Jake to get out of there, while they leave his art supplies behind on the hospital bench. Franco observes what Jake has drawn on the paper and sees what appears to be dark and angry houses. Elizabeth takes Jake to Kelly's but as soon as she sees Jason with Sam inside the window, she tells her son they need to go elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Julian is alone with Alexis in their new place while she remarks to him that, regarding their attempts to sell the new place and Sam staying there temporarily, she is concerned about her daughter being alone without Jason and without Patrick. He reminds Alexis that their daughter still has them. Alexis tells him for that reason, she believes Sam should stay with them since she's too proud to admit to them how she is hurting. He assures Alexis their grown daughter will be ok and they kiss. Olivia comes by, unannounced with a Christmas present. He is happy to see the large picture (or painting) of herself himself and baby Leo with their identical Christmas sweaters. Yet Alexis makes it clear, by her expression, that she is not happy with the thought of having that hanging on her wall. Julian gets the text from Crimson and he knows he has to go and leaves the two women alone. Olivia can sense that Alexis does not like the picture of her with Julian and their son although Alexis denies it and tells Olivia it's fine with her if she puts it anywhere she wants. Yet, Olivia notices Alexis' new ring and asks if she and Julian are engaged. Alexis replies yes. She and Julian are, in fact, engaged. She informs Olivia that at The Nutcracker Gala, Julian rounded up all the girls before proposing and it was very “old school”. Olivia congratulates her but remarks she finds it odd that Julian did not mention that to her. Alexis asks her if that is a problem. Olivia assures her “no” but reminds her that this will make Alexis her kid's stepmother and she wishes that Julian would have found a way to let her know that she will be a part of his family.

Meanwhile, Jordan is on her phone while at Kelly's, and asks “someone” if they want to just meet her there while she talks to Anna. She smiles and reveals that she is having a second date with someone. Anna asks her if this “second date” has a name, to which Jordan replies, for now, she will call him “no expectations”. She wants to engage Anna in talking about finally having Robin back from Greece and comments she must be so happy to have her daughter back after all this while. Anna admits she is happy although she feels guilty not to have questioned why her daughter would abandon her family and not try to find out more. Jordan assures Anna she need not blame herself when Robin asked her to let her have her space and move away. She was abiding by her daughter's wishes. She clearly wants to re-unite with her daughter and assumes she will be able to do that now. As soon as she is alone, Anna runs into Dr. Maddox. He clearly wants to know her secrets, regarding Carlos and everything else and wonders why she has not scheduled an appointment with him. Jordan returns form the ladies' room and Anna introduces her doctor to her friend, the Port Charles police commissioner. Jordan stands beside Maddox, smiles and happily confirms to Anna that she and Maddox already know each other. He is her date.

Emma returns home with her parents and wonders why they are taking her out of school and why they want to talk to her. It's not going to be her birthday for a while. Her dad acknowledges it's not for that. She then asks is she in trouble? They assure her of course she is not in trouble and everything is ok. They need to tell her something. They have decided to move to California. Hearing that, it's clear that's a lot for Emma to take in, as she expresses to her parents that she is a little scared and uneasy about moving that far away. Her mom tells her that part of taking the next step to have a new life together is being unafraid of adventure. She reminds them she will miss all her friends. They assure her that everyone she knows and loves are only a plane ride away. She tells them she will really miss her grandma.

While at Crimson, Nina and Maxie are celebrating their success with champagne when Dillon brings in a shipment of office copies of the first issue of their revived Crimson. As soon as Dillon opens the box, they can see that something is wrong. Maxie rushes over and is horrified to see that each copy of the magazine is ruined by some green “coloring” on it. Every feature, every photo and every article is green, she exclaims and they are all three upset knowing there's a serious mistake here. Dillon immediately gets on the phone to inform whoever finalized and sent the issues (copies? Editions?) of the magazine that there's a serious mistake. And no! This was not their “creative touch” to the new magazine being revived. Nina then announces that they will have each magazine “re-printed”. Yet the others tell her they do not have the budget for that. She tells them, in that case, they will have to ask Julian to increase their budget. Julian promptly arrives and argues with Nina about the expense so that they can fix the “errors” of the first printing of the magazine. She asks if it is not worth it if it can turn this magazine around. He concludes to her that it's too big of a risk and tells her they will just have to “eat this one”. Although Nina protests to him, he tells her they will just have to accept their losses, not take it personally and “better luck next time” as he walks out the door. Inside, Maxie declares that the end of Crimson is the end of her career although Dillon urges her not to give up. Nina then declares that Julian hired her to “save” this magazine... and that, she tells them, is what she is going to do. Hearing that, Maxie asks her how. Nina then, confidently replies that Crimson is about to break any sales records. And, not just “any crimson” she tells them, green crimson (as she shows them the batched printing of the first issue). She tells the others that they have to save this magazine however it is done and asks both Maxie and Dillon if they are with her on this or not. Maxie declares she is “in”.

Right when Anna is with Jordan and Maddox , she gets a call from Robin asking her mom if she can come by the house so they can talk in person. Anna tells her daughter of course and departs. Anna rushes to Patrick, Emma and Robin's house. Robin asks her mom to “sit” and Anna is instantly worried when she hears her daughter inform her that Obrecht is not going to let her do her old job at GH. Yet, Robin assures her, she just got a much better opportunity and so did Patrick. However, she knows her mom may not like the fact that Robin's new dream job is in Berkeley and she, and Patrick and Emma are moving to California. She explains to her mom that she has to get out of GH. She practically grew up in the place and is afraid if she stays there, she may be as “programmed” as Obrecht is. Yet Berkley is a new opportunity for her. It's a new way to start over, get away from all the drama of the last 4 years, have a house and a yard and a normal life. She knows this will be a real adjustment for Emma. She tells her mom she will finally be able to do all the things she dreamed about. Anna then assesses that nobody can argue with her daughter being able to make all her dreams a reality. Yet Robin can tell her mom is not ok. She knows Anna misses Duke although Anna assesses that there is no easy way to get over grief. Robin does not want to leave her mother alone although Anna assures her she is not doing that and encourages her daughter to go to Berkley and be the woman who can make her mom proud. Robin asks her mom to come with them although Anna knows she cannot. Yet she promises she will visit and encourages her granddaughter to enjoy their new adventure. She asks when and Patrick informs her they leave tomorrow. She tells them she supports them but must first throw them a party and have a wedding. Emma tells her parents they have to do that even though they do not have time, before they move to Berkeley.

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