GH Update Tuesday 1/5/16

General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/5/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At Kelly's, Anna is on the phone confirming that she will have a meeting at the PD that will hopefully confirm she has all the evidence needed to prove that Carlos is alive and she will be able to arrest him. She notices Julian walk into the restaurant with Alexis, Sam, Molly and Kristina. Kristina wants to inform the others that Sam and Jason may be getting back together when she witnessed them together at The Floating Rib. Hearing that, Alexis, Julian and Molly are all fascinated and “all ears”. Yet Sam clarifies all they did was play pool. She asks if we can drop this, please, although Kristina wants to persist. Molly tells her sister, they could, instead, talk about Kristina's school. Or, Sam suggests, they could talk about Alexis and Julian's up-and-coming wedding. As soon as Anna overhears that, she confronts Julian, coldly asking about his “joyous” wedding plans and indicating that he prevented her from having her wedding, along with Carlos, when they had Duke murdered. She leaves and Alexis gets a call from a realtor who may be stalling finding a place for Sam and Danny. However, at that moment, Julian knows he is unwelcome and leaves and Alexis asks which if her daughters “drove him away”. Both Molly and Kristina admit their suspicion about Julian and Molly declares to her mom she plans to move out and live in a dorm. Hearing that, Sam confronts her sister about whether she is doing that in order to punish her mom for choosing to be with Julian. Molly protests but Alexis tells her daughter she wants them to stop arguing and assures Molly she will support her in her decision to move out of the house.

Before Jason awakens on Elizabeth's couch, he is clearly having a distressing and disturbing nightmare and talking in his sleep when she attempts to awaken him. He is startled when he awakens to see her and she seems concerned. He appears to have no memory of whatever he was dreaming about. She assesses to him that he may have planned to spend New Years Eve the way it ended up, as she implies wanting to find out what Jason “wanted” to do the previous night (which does not include being with her).

Paul Hornsby walks into Jordan's office and asks what is up with the recent situation regarding Anna Devane. Jordan informs him that Anna's long-lost daughter has returned to Port Charles and it appears Robin has been missing under suspicious circumstances. She states to him that after what has happened to Robin, Jerry Jacks will no longer see the light of day. Hearing that, Paul reveals he may not be entirely contented. He wants her to find Anna, to which she reminds him she is not his secretary. She is the police commissioner. Hearing that, Paul “praises” her for the fine job she's done although she knows it is not sincere. He goes out the door. Anna appears and informs Jordan she needs to talk to someone who is out and asks if Jordan knows the whereabouts of her contact. Anna is obviously stressed not to be able to contact the person she wants to talk privately to regarding what she intends to do. Anna admits to Jordan that she believes that Carlos may not have shot Sonny although Jordan wonders why she assumes that. Anna also admits to Jordan she believes that Carlos is still alive.

Julian goes to Sam and Jason's old apartment and runs into Paul Hornsby. Surprised to see the new DA, Julian wonders why he's there. Paul seems to want to buy the property. Julian tells Paul he can give him a good price in exchange for a favor. Paul asks him what favor. Julian replies that he calls off Anna Devane. Paul tells Julian that his office is no longer involved in that yet Julian tells him he knows and wonders why Paul would not know, that Anna is up to something.

When Jordan finds out that Anna is revealing that Carlos is alive, she asks her how, on earth that could be. Anna admit she “saw” him and first assumed she was hallucinating. Yet Jordan knows there was a body that was not cremated that was identified as Carlos. Yet Anna tells her she knows, for a fact, that that body found in the harbor was not Carlos. Jordan does not understand how or why some other dead body was falsified as Carlos, who would have done that, how it could have been done or who might have murdered the other individual, who the other murder victim is or who is behind this. She asks Anna if she is implying there is a “mole” among the Port Charles law enforcement or administrative offices. Anna tells her that is exactly what she believes. Anna tells her she knows a person named Gallagher was ready to investigate that. Jordan tells Anna she needs to know whom Anna believes is this “mole”. Anna assesses all she knows is that Carlos is alive and “somebody” is falsifying his death. Jordan then informs her that she just recently had a conversation with someone who might know about that. That would be Carlos' ex, Sabrina Santiago. She wants to bring Sabrina in to find out what she might know. However, Anna tells her that that won't work. Sabrina will not reveal what they need and they can't let anyone know they are onto Carlos.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick talk about their future and she wants to get her old job back at GH.

In a private hospital room, Michael encourages Sonny to believe that since he now has movement in his legs, he will soon be able to walk. Sonny wants to find out about his son “having a baby” and wonders why Michael is not ok to hear him bring that up. He asks his son what is up. Before they can continue their conversation, however, Patrick brings Robin into Sonny's room. Sonny smiles, happily greets her and demands Robin get over there so he can hug her. He welcomes her back and asks if she and Patrick are getting back together. She admits they need to take it slow but she and Patrick both clearly indicate they are growing closer. She asks Sonny about his ring and his new baby, sounding very happy for him and his future. He wants to make certain she is ok and not ill, from being held in captivity for so long. She assures him that, given the fact that Helena needed her research, she made sure to take good care of Robin. In the end, Jerry Jacks concluded he had no use for her, she explains, so she found a way to leave. He asks her about Jerry and she assures Sonny he is in a prison in Steinmauer. She wants to find out about his wheels but has an appointment. Robin leaves Patrick alone with Sonny and his family and wants to know about the “recent development” of Sonny now being able to move his legs. He tests Sonny's reflexes and Michael wants to know about his dad's prognosis. Patrick assesses it's a little early. They will have to run some tests. But he is optimistic.

Outside Kelly's, Felix and Sabrina have hot chocolate together. He can see she is “missing” something or someone and asks if it's the luxury of the Quartermaine mansion. She states that she misses Michael. She tells him she feels terribly guilty and regretful to have lied to and ruined the trust of somebody she loves. She assesses she will have to raise this baby on her own although he tells her he does not intend to go anywhere and will be there for her. Sabrina feels a contraction and is afraid that something is wrong. Felix then realizes he has to rush her to the hospital.

When Sonny is alone in his room to talk to Michael, he demands his son tell him what is going on. Michael admits to his dad that he's just found out that he is not even the father of Sabrina's baby. He's ready to reveal to Sonny the father's identity but before he can do that, he hears a call from outside in the hospital hallway, from Felix, that Sabrina is in trouble, after she's been brought into the hospital in a wheelchair. He rushes outside to intervene. Yet he is “torn” knowing what will happen if his father ever finds out that Sabrina is carrying the baby of the man accused of trying to kill Sonny. When Michael returns to his dad, and Sonny suspects nothing beyond finding out that Michael is not the “bio dad” of his girlfriend's baby, he asks why Michael, of all people, would not understand how biology is not important and want to be committed to the baby. Michael protests that it's not the baby's biology. It's the lies Sabrina told him. Yet Sonny does not understand and Michael obviously hesitates to reveal what he clearly does not want Sonny to find out. Michael then returns to Felix who is very protective of Sabrina and assures Michael she will be a lot better without him.

Robin goes to meet with the new chief of staff. Obrecht coldly greets her and asks what she has recently been up to. Robin informs her that she was held captive and forced to be the in-house researcher for Helena Cassadine and Jerry Jacks. Obrecht tells her she's heard that and knows she's there for another reason. Robin admits she is there to get her job back. Patrick joins her to protest to Obrecht. Yet she firmly tells them the hospital cannot fund the research that Robin wants to do. She tells them she can pursue other options if she so chooses but that is final. They are clearly not ok with that. She leaves them alone. Patrick can see that his wife is not discouraged and has big plans and he tells Robin since she's had the last 4 years of her life stolen, he will support her decision with whatever she wants. He tells her he will encourage her to “go big or go home” if she wants, to which she declares she wants to “go big”.

After Jason and Elizabeth are both up and ready for their day, he asks her how Jake is. She tells him he's “fine”, indicating she is not complete and apologizes for calling Jason over, promising it won't happen again (and obviously hoping he will say something to her that he does not say, in response to that). He tells her that he is her son's father and is committed to him. He then suggests to her that maybe they should “make it official”. Hearing that, Elizabeth eagerly asks him what he means. He tells her maybe he can petition the court for joint custody so Jake can live at his house and be in his life and he can share the responsibility in raising their mutual son. She is clearly not ok to find out that Jason is ready to “move on” and commit to his son without her. She does not want their son to be shuttled back and forth between two homes where they share custody. Yet he is clearly all about business and expresses no interest in making her a part of his life.

Outside Kelly's, Molly assures Sam that she only wants what is best for her family and for her oldest sister. Sam graciously tells her she really appreciates that as they both realize that Sam's future with Jason may be uncertain but things are good.

While Anna is “on the hunt” for Julian, Sam is ready to consider moving into hers' and Jason's old apartment although Julian has reason not to let her do that.

Molly admits to her mom and sister she is never going to have sex with anyone and risk the consequences of all the emotional attachment and all that goes along with that. She talks about what if someone lies about something that is crucial as we see Michael noticing the sonogram of the baby reveals that Sabrina is carrying someone else's child. Molly asks about someone falsely believing in the wrong person who is not committed to them and living a lie, as we see Elizabeth completely discontented without Jason. Yet Alexis tells both her daughters (Molly and Kristina) that were it not for a “mistake” that she made, they would not both be there. Molly then asks her mom if that means they should both go out and have babies. Alexis admits she cannot answer that question.

Sonny really needs to know why Michael is not committed to Sabrina and the baby. Michael cannot answer that.

Patrick and Robin come to talk to Sonny, encourage him to work on his recover. Yet Patrick admits to Sonny that he will have to refer him to another doctor because he (Patrick) and Robin are moving away together.

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