GH Update Monday 1/4/16

General Hospital Update Monday 1/4/16


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

When Franco and Nina return home and are passionately kissing and ready to go at it, Kiki reveals her presence in the apartment. At first, they encourage her to go out and give them their privacy but when she expresses interest in joining the party at The Haunted Star, they encourage her to stay although she headed out the door. Alone with Franco, Nina admits her hesitation to “go further” with him. She explains that when he told her, at The Haunted Star, that she's beautiful, hot and desirable and he gave her the necklace, she never felt so loved. She admits she's terrified that in 2016, they will ruin everything they've built up, in one svelte swoop, with sex. She tells him she wonders, if it happens, what if he does not like her nor she-him? What if it's not that great or special? What if she's “no good”? What if it's just another disappointment? What if she screws it all up and ruins all the wonderful things he's done for her. He tells her that after all they have been through, he doesn't want them to miss out on all they can have together. He admits he was also waiting for it to be the right time. And he believes they both feel and sense that right now is the right time, as he reminds her that she just told him, tonight, that she's never felt more loved. At that point, she realizes there's not much to say. They proceed into the bedroom, kissing and lying together on the bed when he senses her hesitating and asks if she is alright. He looks adoringly at her and tells her that he had nothing and was nothing until he met her. She emotionally tells him he changed her life. He means everything to her. They declare their love for each other and go to the next level as romantic music plays.

Dante finds Morgan on the docks and wonders what he's up to hanging there by himself and seems concerned that something might be “up” with his younger brother. Morgan does not reveal to his brother that he's spying upon illegal transactions. He tells Dante he knows he's having marital problems which may be preventing him from attending The Haunted Star for New Years. Dante concludes he will go to The Haunted Star to surprise his estranged wife, as he obviously has no clue what is going on with her right now. When Morgan is alone, he is startled to see Kiki show up unexpectedly. He is obviously not “comfortable” being seen by her, having her “witness” what may be going on with him as she sees him alone on the docks, and she is suspicious of him being up to no good possibly being a danger to himself and asks if he is taking his medication. He tells her he wishes she would not see him as “that”, reminding her he thought she loved him. She admits she did love him and thought he loved her but she was mistaken about that. She tells him she wants to always be his friend but she's afraid she's “losing him”. Hearing that, he assures her she will not lose him although she tells him she will if he keeps going on like this. She's worried that he will “go too far” and she won't be able to do anything for him. She admits to Morgan she cannot “help him the way he helped her”. She realizes she does not know enough and is not a psychiatrist. She assesses to Morgan if she “loses him”, that will be “bad”. Yet, if he “loses him”, that will be truly terrifying. She tells him he needs to take his medication and can't drink yet he tells her that's all he ever hears from her, from his parents and from everyone. Yet she needs to know, he tells her, that it's his condition. He is the one with the “risks”. She asks him, given that, why isn't he doing anything to stop it? He replies because he does not like the way the meds make him feel. He would rather skip the drugs and have a beer. Yet Kiki “authoritatively” tells him: “tough break”. She further tells him that refusing to do something about his condition isn't just hurting him. It hurts all the people around him who love him.

Lulu and Johnny are in his private room at The Haunted Star passionately kissing and ready to go at it. Yet she pushes him away and tells him she cannot go through with it. She tells him she cannot cheat on her husband although he asks what she thinks her husband is doing with Valerie right now. Yet she tells him she hopes he'd know her well enough to know that she would not “use someone” to have revenge sex against Dante. He asks her why she would not consider doing that. She replies because it's disgusting. Yet he tells her if she wants to lose her morals, she may do it with him. She also reminds him he's a fugitive and if Dante ever found out, he would be in serious trouble because of her and she does not want that on her conscience. Yet Johnny continues to protest to her that she need not worry about protecting him. This night is about the two of them. He tells her it will be their little secret and the perfect way to start out 2016. Although she continues to raise objections, Johnny asks her if she does not believe she deserves a little happiness after all she's been through recently. She agrees and they “proceed” with what they were doing. She pulls away, however, and tells Johnny that it's confusing for her to be with him dredging up old memories at a time like this. They hear a knock on the door. Johnny knows he has to hide while Lulu opens the door and sees Dante. She coldly asks him what he's doing there. He tells her he needed to see her and asks what is going on. She coldly tells Dante nothing is going on. He asks why, then, she won't let him come inside. She replies she wants some privacy and boldly asks him why he's there. He admits to his estranged wife that he chose not to call her because he was afraid she'd hang up on him. In response to that, Lulu assures her estranged husband she would not do that. He admits he wanted to come by and talk to her and be with her for a little while yet she asks him why this can't wait. She tells him if he wants to talk, while at her door, and without coming inside, he may talk. Dante then confesses to Lulu that he knows things have been a huge mess. He regrets his mistakes. He walks inside the dark room, turns on the light and instantly, he can tell that “somebody” is there with Lulu although he does not see anyone, as Johnny hides. He tells her he heard her “talking to someone”, to which Lulu tells him she was “talking to herself”, reminding Dante, she now has to do that since she no longer has a husband. He asks her if she is there with anyone as Johnny hides in the dark closet, overhearing. Lulu says to him “what if” she was with someone. She reminds him she does not owe him any explanations or apologies or anything else. He gave that up when he slept with Valerie. He protests that he “thought they connected” over Christmas and there was still something between them, to which Lulu tells him he was wrong. Dante then persists in asking her whom she is with because she is obviously not there alone. She tells him he needs to get out or she will call the police, to which Dante reminds her he “is” the police. She tells him in that case, it will be pretty embarrassing for him to have to rely on is colleagues to bail him out. He moves toward the bed and notices the 2016 glasses that Johnny wore and kept on the bed. At that point, Dante goes out the door, discouraged and upset. As soon as he hears Lulu close the door behind Dante, Johnny comes out of hiding. She is upset to have seen Dante making it clear to her that he's done with her and on his way to Valerie right now. Johnny takes her in his arms while she cries on his shoulder and he promises Lulu that Valerie will get just what she deserves.

Spinelli and Ellie walk into The Floating Rib when he notices Sam and Jason standing together and looking like they're ready to kiss. This completely distracts Spinelli. Jason gets distracted from what he was ready to do when his phone rings. We then see Elizabeth looking outside her window as we hear sirens and lights flashing from outside and she tells him he “needs to get there now”. All 3 of them (Sam, Spinelli and Ellie) all attentively listen to Jason asking Elizabeth to slow down and tell him what happened. She informs him that their son Jake had a “little scare” and is asking for his daddy She informs him the police are there. She needs to talk to them and will explain everything when he gets there. Jason then promises to get there right away. When Sam is alone, Spinelli and Ellie invite her to join them and he makes it clear he wants to know all about how things “might be progressing” between Sam and Jason yet she admits there is nothing progressing at this point. Spinelli seems fixated on getting to the truth and contradicting Sam's telling him it's not what he believes it is. He reminds Sam that she thought she'd lost Jason for good. Yet now that he's returned, there has to be something going on between them, Spinelli tells her. Sam admits that things “are better” although she admits being a bit confused and hesitant about what she and Jason may be feeling for each other at this point. She changes the subject by asking her two friends of they watched the ballgame. Ellie engages by telling Sam she's an avid college football fan. Yet Spinelli wants to focus solely on Sam and Jason although both women are not as “obsessed” about that as he is. Sam reminds Spinelli that although she has feelings (and memories) of Jason, she realizes he has no memory of his life or their relationship together. Ellie then tells her boyfriend maybe he needs to stay out of Sam's business as he probes further, yet Sam tells them it's ok. Spinelli is her friend and she is comfortable discussing this with him. So, she tells Spinelli, he may ask her anything he wants. He asks her if she and Jason have mutual attraction and spark together or not. In response to that, Sam assesses to Spinelli that since everyone has met the “new guy, Jake” whom nobody realized was Jason, until it was revealed to them with DNA evidence, and who has no recollection of being Jason, the only “love” he knows of is Elizabeth. Yet Spinelli reminds her, and she agrees, that the “new Jason” is the same honorable and heroic person and friend to many people as was Jason Morgan. Hearing that, Ellie asks if there are not “differences” as well (old vs. new Jason). Sam realizes that the “new Jason” has chosen to be with Elizabeth.

Jason arrives at Elizabeth's home. Jake rushes up to his dad and tells him he's “scared” while Jason holds the boy and assures him whatever happened is over now. After Jake goes up to bed, Jason and Elizabeth talk to 2 uniform cops who are in the house as sirens flash from outside. The one officer informs them they have canvassed the neighborhood and will continue to do so yet have not found any “suspect” that matches the description of what the boy told them he was afraid of. They leave the house and Jason asks Elizabeth what happened. She replies she let the boys stay up to watch the ball drop. Cameron and Aiden fell asleep. She put them to bed when she heard Jake downstairs shouting that there was a man staring at him from outside the window. Jason asks her if she saw anything, to which Elizabeth replies no but Jake was so upset and freaked out. For that reason, she tells him, she called the police. And then, she called him because Jake insisted, she tells Jason. Hearing that, he tells her: “that's good”. She admits that there is no “answer” as to what Jake allegedly saw and assesses the boy obviously appears calmer now. So, she concludes to Jason, there is no need for him to stay. Jason goes over to make sure the boy is ok. Jake urges him not to go although Elizabeth admonishes him that his dad has to get going, and he needs to say good night. Jason tells his son he may call him any hour of the night if he wants to talk to his dad when he's away. Jake asks his dad what if the man comes back again while they are sleeping? What if he hurts them? Jason promises to stay with his son while Elizabeth silently listens and observes. As soon as they are alone, he immediately asks Elizabeth if she believes he's “imposing” and if she's sure she's “ok with this”. She tells him he did the right thing by putting Jake first and she realizes it's all for the best. Jason can sense she has something on her mind, to which she responds that she just wishes she had done “what is right” for everyone while she still had the chance. She states she will not cry or beg him to come back but she wants to reiterate to him that she is sorry. He tells her thank you and assesses what's done is done. She then goes to get him pillows and blankets so he can sleep on her couch.

Franco and Nina are happily together in bed after their first “encounter”, neither regretting anything.

On the docks, Morgan admits to Kiki that she's right that he needs to take his meds. She assesses that regarding how they make him feel “not right” , he should go to his doctor to adjust the dosage or the type of drug they prescribe. They appear mutually compatible and he tells her he wants to take her out to breakfast. She will drink her coffee like a lady and he will man-up, get some water, take his pills and never again miss a dose. She tells him that's a great way to start off the new year and they go off together.

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