GH Update Wednesday 12/30/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/30/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick returns to Robin after dropping Emma off at a sleepover. He tells her how their daughter is fascinated and tells everybody about grandma and grandpa being super-spies. Hearing that, Robin comments that maybe Emma will be a writer when she grows up. He tells her that girl could be anything she wants. She's happy to be alone with him and they intend to spend the evening together alone. She gives him a gift, commenting she did not have time to wrap it. He takes it out of the shopping bag and notices it's a gold perpetual calendar which Robin explains it's good for every day of every week of the year. She wants him to see all the days that they can spend together, which she comments is an “infinite number” to be exact. In response to that, he asks her if she's asking him what he “thinks” she's asking. She tells him they can now plan their future together. He admits that there is only one person he wants to spend every day with and he asks Robin if she will marry him. She also proposes to him and they each ask the other for the answer. They both say yes, hold each other, kiss and reflect how they've missed each other and are so happy to be re-united and want to spend the rest of their lives together

At The Haunted Star, before the party, Johnny does not look like he intends to leave when Lulu warns him he's a fugitive and can't be seen by anyone. Yet he is not worried as he shows her his eye mask with 2016. She smiles and laughs and is clearly happy to be with him. He informs her that the mask has glasses with rear view mirrors.

Dante goes to visit Sonny and Carly in their house, realizing he will be alone and asks if they have plans, to which Sonny replies it will be just a quiet night in. He asks if Morgan might want to go to watch college football with him yet they tell him his brother told them he “has plans” which he did not specify. Sonny comments that they just need to trust Morgan to handle his affairs. He reflects tat part of being bi polar is learning to live with it every day and realizing the consequences of one's actions. Carly protests she knows that, but as Morgan's mother, she worries.

Morgan goes to The Floating Rib alone, first ordering a club soda but then later deciding he wants a beer.

Michael goes to see Sonny and Carly. They happily greet him and he joins his parents and Dante. Sonny asks his son what he and Sabrina have planned, to which Michael hesitates to answer and tells his parents she was tired and didn't want to get overly excited. They encourage him to spend a quiet evening alone with the mother of his child. Dante walks him out the door and wants to find out from Michael what is really going on between himself and Sabrina. Jason enters and Dante knows he's there to see Sonny and Carly. She happily greets him and asks if he has plans. She invites him to visit them and have champagne. He tells her, however, that is not why he's there. He wants to pay off the bail they put up for him. They are gracious and Carly urges him to reconsider and hugs him. When he's ready to go out the door, Michael and Dante invite him to go with them to The Floating Rib to watch the play-off.

Nina goes to The Haunted Star, notices Curtis looking at her and introduces herself to him, informing him she is editor in chief of Crimson magazine. He comments she is the “flyest one in there”.

Franco goes on the docks and secretly meets with a man with whom he exchanges an envelope of “something” for “something”. They depart commenting it's nice doing business.

Nina tells Curtis she needs to ask him for a favor. She asks to take his picture, as she explains her magazine is having a fashion layout of “real men” alongside models, commenting he is very attractive. She gives him her business card and tells him she'd like to set up a date. Franco arrives and makes it clear to Curtis that Nina is his girlfriend. As soon as Curtis hears that, he declines Nina's offer, clearly revealing disappointment that she is “taken” by Franco. Alone with her, Franco tells her it's obvious Curtis was hitting on her. She jokes that that is not true. Yet Franco tells her any man would give his right arm to have her. He presents her with a gift. It looks like it's what he paid the guy on the docks for. She takes it out of the gift bag and sees it's a beautiful expensive necklace. She looks at him not smiling. She tells him it's really beautiful. He tells her he knows she's wondering if he can afford it but he believes only the best for his girl. He tells her he believes it's only fair. She's given him a whole new life. She puts it on and leaves to look at it in the mirror while Franco and Curtis are alone to “contend” with each other. Curtis goes to get a drink and makes it clear he has his eye on Lulu. She informs him she's the owner. Johnny makes himself scarce and hears Curtis telling her she's “far too fly to be working behind some bar” and he asks her for some scotch. He notices Franco and remarks he knows his face. He informs him he used to be a cop for the Baltimore PD and knew all about Robert Frank being on the most-wanted list. He tells Franco he can clearly see him looking for every exit in the building, just like a perp, knowing it must be natural for Franco, always having to plan his escape. Nina returns and Curtis tells her if she “ever wants to shake this clown”, she should look him up. Not far away, Johnny meets privately with Lulu and tells her that that “sweet-talker” (Curtis) has made it clear he's a cop. Hearing that, she tells him in that case, they need to get out of there together. Alone together, they reminisce about their history together and how many New Years Eves they've spent together. They go to his room and he informs her he's always wondered if he had made different choices, then maybe Dante would not have stood a chance with her. She attentively listens as he smiles and tells her he'd be right by her side treating her the way she deserves to be treated.

Sam goes to the docks and Kristina comes by dressed up and informs her sister she's just looking for “fun”, as she comments to Sam she (Sam) looks like she could also use a little also. She informs Sam that she intends to go to the college football game. This game decides who plays in the national championship. Also, she informs Sam, she notices some nice looking college guys.

Valerie runs into Dillon at The Floating Rib and it's clear they are both there by themselves. He can tell that her “previous plans” fell through. He knows that she must be experiencing disappointment over her “unfulfilled expectations” of her future with Dante. He tells her he thinks it's for the best that she and Dante are in the past, affirming that he believes she deserves better. He confides in her that he has experienced a similar disappointment from his father. He hoped to get close to him but found out it can't work. Yet he won't let that get in the way of enjoying the night and celebrating. Sam and Kristina arrive and Morgan talks to his sister, knowing Kristina is keeping a secret. She then tells him she will reveal it to him if he does not tell anyone and she will not tell anyone he's drinking. She's ready to talk when Darby arrives and Morgan gets distracted talking to her and Kristina leaves. Dante, Michael and Jason arrive. Michael immediately notices Morgan drinking and asks his brother what is up with that. Dante immediately finds Valerie. Yet she does not want to “re-kindle” with him. At that point, she is uncomfortable. Dillon tells her he was considering going to The Haunted Star but realizes the last place she wants to be is Lulu's bar. Yet it appears Valerie and Dillon might want to be together or at least leave together. Jason finds Sam playing pool and remarks she has a nice shot. Right away, they get into talking about their hobbies and interests. They both smile and laugh when she tells him she was there to see him be converted him from a guy who never watched sports into an addict for ESPN, explaining that Max and Milo got him interested in football since they were on the college team. Hearing that, he laughs and remarks he will have to thank Max and Milo, to which Sam encourages him telling him they'd like to see him. He and Sam play a game of pool together. Kristina happily observes them together and introduces herself to Jason realizing he does not remembers her. She boldly tells Jason he should see the “amazing thing” right in front of him, which is her big sister, although Sam asks her if she's “finished”. At that point, Kristina leaves them alone to talk. . After Darby leaves and Morgan is disappointed, Michael tells him he cannot mix alcohol with his meds. Morgan gets up to leave not wanting to hear a lecture.

As soon as he can get away, we see what Morgan is secretly doing when he's out at night. He goes to the docks to spy and overhear the two guys doing their illegal “exchange”.

Alone in their house, Carly happily reflects that a year ago at this time, she was spending New Years Eve missing him and now they are married and celebrating alone together. She smiles and comments she's one lucky lady. He smiles and comments he's one lucky man. He tells her he knows it has not been easy, to which she tells him it comes with the deal of “for better or for worse”. He admits, however, that he was hoping he'd be able to walk by now. He'd like nothing more than to take her into his arms and dance together. They admit they love each other and want to be together.

Everybody cheers the winning team on at The Haunted Star. Dante tells Michael he has to get home and wishes his brother a happy new year. Sam and Jason happily watch the game and almost have a “moment” together. Valerie and Dillon leave together and she admits she's happy that her team has a shot at the national championship. He smiles and tells her maybe it's a sign. He kisses her. They admit they don't want to “go there” at that point however, they both admit they could each use a friend and welcome each other for that. Right when everybody is counting down and ringing in the new year, we see the fireworks and new beginnings in peoples' lives.

Patrick and Robin go to their bedroom alone together and romantic music plays. We also see Sonny and Carly alone together.

When Morgan is alone on the docks, Dante finds him and asks him what he's doing there.

Johnny and Lulu kiss for New Years. They find that it's not just a “tradition” and they kiss longer and harder like they really “mean it”.

Sonny can move his leg and might be able to walk yet.

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