GH Update Tuesday 12/29/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/29/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny is at The Haunted Star alone when Lulu finds him getting the place ready for the New Years Eve party. He reminds her that since he's still part owner of The Haunted Star, he thought he'd help her get ready for the up and coming party. Hearing that, she tells him he's already earning his keep by driving Valerie away. He then admits to Lulu that he's wondering, once Valerie is out of the picture, what is going to happen with her and Dante. She admits that she and Dante managed to be “civil” with Rocco and his family over Christmas. When Valerie is out of the picture, she will have a chance to “see what happens”. Johnny, however tells her, as her friend, he would be “remiss” if he did not tell her he believes Dante is all wrong for her and she deserves somebody “better”. Hearing that, Lulu asks him who he means by that. Himself? He asks her why not?

Dante gets off the hospital elevator and runs into Sonny. Alone with his son, Sonny tells him he is working on his P.T and trying to focus on the positive things like having the family all together at Christmas. He remarks it was great watching Dante and Lulu with Rocco and being able to have Avery in his arms, for which he appreciates Kiki for making that happen. Hearing that, Dante asks his dad if he gets along with Kiki, maybe he can forgive and make peace with her mom who is the mother of his child. Hearing that, Sonny tells Dante he will never reconcile with Ava. She has no humanity. Especially now, he remarks, to which Dante wonders why he'd made that comment. Is there something he knows about Ava? Does that have anything to do with this gun-runner named Raj running around town? Sonny assures his son he need not worry about him and reminds Dante he needs to figure out where he stands with Lulu. Sonny comments to Dante that he could see, when they were together with Rocco for Christmas, they had a connection whether Dante wants to admit it or not. Although Dante tells his dad he has to accept that his wife served him with divorce papers, Sonny tells his son he thinks he's making a mistake and needs to swallow his pride, admit that he still loves Lulu and get past their issues. Yet Dante doesn't want to discuss that and tells his dad he needs to take care of the business he came to the hospital for.

At the station, Valerie is able to overhear Jordan happily on her phone having a “non-work related” conversation and attentively overhears. When she gets off her phone, Jordan admits that since she knows she's been in Valerie's personal life, she believes it's only fair she confides in her about her own personal life, as she happily informs Valerie she met a guy whom she likes and plans to go out with on New Years Eve. She explains that she believes that since this man has nothing to do with her work, she can't cross the line of fraternization, which she warned Dante and Valerie of and (so she assumes), they have seen the error of their ways and are no longer pursuing. Hearing all that, Valerie realizes her boss may be right that she and Dante have no future together.

Hayden talks to Nikolas alone in his hospital room and finds out he has a “plan” involving manipulating her into being afraid he was dead after Jason pushed him off the ledge. Hearing that, he asks her if she is indicating that she would miss him if he were gone. She admits that she would miss having a place to live, all the luxuries of Wyndemere, a prestigious job at ELQ as well as being with him and with Spencer. He tells her that he did survive. He's fortunate to be ok after the fall. So, he suggests to Hayden, maybe they should stop dancing around their feelings for one another and see if they can be honest and trust each other. Dante comes by to get Nikolas' “account” of the events involved in what happened when he fell off the Metro Court terrace. Noticing Hayden there with him, he tells her he wants to question her separately although she tells him she does not think that's a good idea. Hearing that, he asks her if she's afraid their stories won't match up.

Kiki is working at the Metro Court when Morgan wants to talk to her although she reminds him she's on work time. Yet, he reminds her that his mom will probably allow her to slide, given that his family must believe she can do no wrong after she brought Avery to the house. He asks her the status of her and Ava, to which she admits that hating her mom did not get her anywhere and only kept her away from Avery. She admits she does not trust her mom and doesn't believe she ever will but she loves her baby sister so she's willing to tolerate Ava.

At the station, Jordan is on the phone on a personal call. Valerie overhears and wants to know about it. Jordan admits that since she's gotten into Valerie's personal life, she can tell her so she shares that she met a man and plans to go out with him on New Years Eve. She tells her it should not be a conflict of interests because she does not work with him, as she reminds Jordan that she's “glad she and Dante have ended their inappropriate involvement”. Hearing that, Valerie realizes she does not want to admit the truth to her boss about Dante.

While Patrick is alone at the house, he opens the Christmas ornament Danny gave him with his hand print. He hears a knock on his door. It's Maxie. She tells him she could not wait one more second to see Robin and asks him where her cousin is. Patrick tells her she's going to have to wait for Robin to return. She's out. She can see Patrick is happy to have his daughter's mom back. She asks how the two of them explained to Emma what happened. He replies they told her a “bad man” kept mommy away, which he admits to Maxie, answered Emma's questions although it's not that simple for him. He admits that he blamed it on PTSD. He thought Robin was putting her work before her family. Yet, truthfully he did not try to find her or connect with his estranged wife. He was too busy moving on with his life while Robin was in captivity and for that he doesn't know how he's going to forgive himself. Hearing that, Maxie tells him he better find a way before he blows the best thing that ever happened to him. He tells her things are complicated and he knows of the terrible ordeal Robin has been through. She reminds him that Robin never chose to leave him or Emma. That was all coerced. Right? He admits that he is hesitating because he doesn't want to go through with losing Robin all over again. Yet Maxie reminds him that while he waits and hesitates, given how uncertain life is, what if Robin gets hit by a bus? Would he be happy he waited and protected his heart? Or would he bitterly regret wasting that precious time after he finally got another chance with the woman he loves? She tells Patrick only a fool would do that and she knows that Patrick is no fool.

Jason goes to the bridge in the dark and runs into Robin. Having no memory of her yet having seen her pictures and remembering people talking about her, he asks if she is Robin. Not recognizing Jason's “new face”, Robin also asks if that is Jason. He tells her he is really honored to be able to talk to her, happy she is back and going to be ok and he tells her he owes his life to her. She tells him that she believes she owes her life to him. He tells her he thought she would be in Paris. She replies that there's a long story about how she was held captive by Helena Cassadine and Jerry Jacks and how her life was saved. He tells her he knows due to the fact that the lab blew up, under the direction of those two people, he could have died yet she risked her life to save him. He tells her it's not fair as he regrets not being able to save. Yet Robin assures him he's wrong. It's because of him that she has a life to come back to. They both find it a coincidence that the other is on this very bridge which is very significant and symbolic to both of them with how they developed their relationship and fell in love many years ago.. Realizing that he has no memory of Robin or her past, she explains to him that she found out that her boyfriend was dying of AIDS and she had been diagnosed with HIV. She was only 18. Back then, HIV was a death sentence so she thought she was going to die. She ran into Jason right at this very place. At that point, all she'd known him as was Jason Quartermaine, which he did not remember, after losing his memory and joining forces with Sonny, all those years ago. Yet she found that Jason was very special to her as the man he was. He tells her that he can see how all the people in this town who knew Jason want him back. Yet he has no memory of being this man they all talk about. She tells him that she is in kind of a similar situation as he is in except she has a future. And that is all because of him, Robin tells him. She tells him she was really lucky. Despite the stigma attached to HIV and AIDS during those days, she got a lot of support from her family and the community. She shares with him that part of the pressure she had was having to be positive and cheerful all the time. However, she informs him, when talking to Jason, it was not like that. She was able to share everything honestly with him. Hearing that for the first time, Jason wants to hear more and asks her how her treatment went with HIV. She tells him she had to do the “cocktail treatment”. She was required to take the drugs 30 times a day every day yet there was no guarantee it would work. So she gave up and later realized that was just her excuse. She was ready to give up and accept dying. So she went and talked to Jason and asked him what he thought. He listened and understood the way nobody else could and respected her choice to refuse the cocktail because she had the right to do so. He thereby encouraged her to want to live and have a future.. So, she concludes to him, everything that happened in her life, after that, with becoming a doctor, a wife and Emma's mom, was all because of him. He then asks her, after they fell in love, what “happened”. She replies that he chose to be part of the life she could not have. He chose Sonny over her. Hearing that, he is very surprised as he could not imagine himself doing that. After she's gone and Jason is alone on the bridge, he is able to envision his very close bond with Robin many years ago.

Paul is in the Metro Court texting Raj about a transaction while Morgan and Kiki are not far away. Dillon walks in and demands that his father answer to him about why he'd screw Dillon's mother over again. He tells Paul that he finds it reprehensible that it appeared he worked so hard to regain Tracy's trust, when he was screwing another woman behind her back. Paul wants to “smooth it over” with his son, as he tells him he did not intend to disrespect Dillon's mother. Yet Dillon wonders why he came back to town in the first place, now that he knows he has no regard for his son's mom or anyone else. He was playing them both. Paul then admits to his son that maybe, in retrospect, it was a mistake for him to get so close to his mother. He tells Dillon he came back to Port Charles for him. He wanted to have a relationship with his oldest son. Yet Dillon affirms to his dad that he has done just fine without him for a long time and he's sure he can continue to do it again. Yet, he may not be as confident of that as he wants his dad to believe when Maxie finds him. She encourages him not to give up on his future and takes him to meet her daughter, Georgie

While waiting in the hospital hallway outside Nikolas' room while he talks to Dante, Hayden gets a call from Curtis informing her he's gotten the information he needs about the bullet that was fired at her. He can get her all the proof she needs when she pays him. Yet she does not trust him and is not willing to meet him on his terms. Dante finds her and she knows she needs to evade his questions. He want to hear her version of the chain of events that lead to Nikolas falling off the ledge. She tells him she is still a little confused but will contact him when she can think more clearly. In the meantime, she tells him, she has to get back to Nikolas.

Not far away, Max goes to meet Sonny who asks if he's been able to locate Raj, to which Max tells him it appears the guy is a “ghost”. Sonny informs Max he's expecting a phone call that should “shed light on the situation”. He informs Max after he's done with his P.T., he'll inform him of his next plan. It doesn't take long for Sonny to hear back about Raj's plans and he informs Max they now need to shut him down

Curtis goes to the police station to, once again, meet privately with the uniform cop with whom he has secret “business” in the evidence room. He returns the gun he previously kept in a plastic bag to the officer, telling him his “gratuity” is at The Floating Rib where they agree to meet and socialize with their respective women, later. He goes to find Jordan who, once again, tells him she wants him out of Port Charles. Again, he tells her he's not leaving town. They reveal in their conversation that he was once a cop or affiliated with the PD. He remarks that he never thought she'd become the police commissioner. She remarks that it does not surprised that he would lose his badge and be living the life he is now living. Hearing that, he confidently tells her he believes things will turn around for him and that she will play a big part in changing his future

Dante returns to the police station and finds a “false excuse” to talk to Valerie alone. She concludes to him that she's now doing what she should have done long ago. She's bowing out. She knows they have no future together.

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