GH Update Monday 12/28/15

General Hospital Update Monday 12/28/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Sabrina views the tree in Sonny's house and awkwardly meets with Michael, asking if he had a nice Christmas. He informs her that it was good and he was able to have his extended family there with all the children. Knowing she's just dropped a major bombshell upon him, revealing baby he thought was his is really Carlos', she wonders what his plans are. He tells her he hates being lied to. He realizes that Kiki lied to him and that, alone was a deal breaker. He tells Sabrina he thought she was different. If she had just been honest with him about Carlos being the baby's father, they could have gotten through it. He knows, all too well that biology does not matter and so he could have been the baby's father in spite of knowing that. The problem is not that she slept with Carlos but that she lied to Michael. He also recalls when he first found out she was pregnant, he asked her to marry him and she turned him down. Was that the reason, he asks her? She admits that she could not marry him under false pretenses. He tells her she was correct that they had not yet known each other long enough to commit yet he now knows that he really does not “know” her. He wishes she could have trusted him enough to tell him the truth. She then protests to him that, as he knows, a baby's biology does not matter. Love is what matters. So she asks him if he can get past this. He admits that he cannot. She realizes that's the way it has to be and gets ready to leave. Yet he realizes he has a present for her under the tree to give to the baby and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Paul goes looking for Tracy at the Quartermaine house and is surprised to see her sitting calmly contentedly and as if nothing happened, on the couch, on her tablet, after gathering and packing all of his things. He asks her why. She replies, still not putting her tablet aside, facing him, or acting as if she cares, that it would have been “overly dramatic” to throw his things out the window. She reminds him this is Monica's house, her sister in law obviously has no problem booting him. He attempts to protest that she may not be entirely certain what she “walked in on” when she saw him in bed with Ava. Yet she tells him it was very clear and she is now certain that she was a “means to an end” for him. He saw a way to further his political career and maybe, to get closer to Dillon. Although he tells her he does not want their son “brought into this”, she reminds him that Dillon will certainly notice and ask why Paul is gone and when he asks, she informs Paul, she has every intention of telling him why his father was asked to leave. Hearing that that, Paul attempts to “appeal”, telling Tracy he “knows she's hurt”. Yet she coldly and calmly clarifies to him that order to be “hurt”, she would have to care and she does not. He tells her he does not want to lose their friendship, as he reminds her how they spent so much of their lives ignoring each other and he does not want to go back there. She admits to Paul that after losing Luke, she obviously had a need for someone to “fill the bill”. She realizes she failed to see the signs and wanted to believe Paul was sincere because of Dillon. She also knows that he wants her to believe he cares for her and make her feel “appreciated” is because if she discloses that he's been sleeping with a known criminal like Ava Jerome, he will be in serious trouble. She asks him if he can give her one good reason why she should not make that happen. Yet she concludes that doing that will cause her public embarrassment that she does not want. So, she will have to let him off the hook although she tells him she will find a way to “pay him back”. She is still done with him and she wants him out.

Mac goes with Anna to Patrick's home to welcome Robin back. They later leave to have a private meeting. When Robin and Patrick are alone together, they happily embrace. Right then, Sam walks in and seems surprised to see them together. Realizing that she heard that Patrick was on an extended leave of absence, she admits she did not think he, much less he and Robin, would be back so soon. She gives Patrick a Christmas gift bag with an ornament Danny made for him, to which he smiles and remarks that was sweet of his “almost” step-son. Sam and Robin greet each other cordially. Sam asks the two of them if they are together, to which Patrick hesitates to answer and Robin explains that it's a “convoluted story”. She concludes she will let Patrick tell Sam that while she (Robin) has to get to her doctor's appointment. She remarks to Sam that she owes her gratitude, as Emma has told her mom how great Sam was with her. Sam graciously tells Robin it was a privilege to have a relationship with her daughter. As soon as Robin is gone and Sam and Patrick are alone, he tells her he thinks he owes her an explanation. He admits to Sam that he previously concluded that the two of them could not be together because she still held out hope for herself and Jason. Yet it's turned out, there is hope for himself and Robin also. Sam is shocked to find out that all the while Robin has been gone, she's been held captive and threatened into telling him and Emma that she wants to be out of their lives. He regrets not trying to find out more and not trusting Robin. She assesses to Patrick that she failed to see that Jake was Jason due to very similar circumstances. He then concludes to Sam that Robin's rescue can be credited to her for finding Jason. They both remain gracious to the other for how they have committed to their life together before they realized their respective spouses were alive. Sam assesses that they both realize that they need a chance with their respective true loves. They both admit that they are uncertain about the future but are grateful for right now. They both realize when someone was taken from you and it was no one's fault, and then they come back, it's kind of like a miracle. Patrick finds out, for the first time, about the “scuffle” between Nikolas and Jason and asks her what she thinks. Sam replies that she believes Nikolas started it. They both realize they will always back their respective loves although they will never regret the time they had with each other.

When Mac and Anna are on the docks, he gets a call and informs her he contacted the medical examiner while she was away. He explains that before she left, they gathered DNA to compare Kyle Sloane to Carlos Rivera, and he's certain they can now prove that Sloane is dead. She assesses that she was able to prove with DNA samples, that Carlos is alive. That means Carlos either miraculously survived 4 bullets to the chest or he was part of a setup engineered by Sloane. Mac knows it was Sloane's body pulled from the harbor, shot at close range. Paul wanted Sloane's body to be misidentified as Carlos and wanted the remains cremated to avoid an autopsy. Sloane had access to Paul's cell number. She knows she got a text from Sloane's phone after he was already dead. And, they conclude the common denominator in all of this is DA Paul Hornsby. She presents a theory that Paul and Slone met on the docks. Sloane explained the whole “set up” to Paul. Paul realized that Sloane believed she killed Carlos when he knows otherwise. Paul realized, at that point, Sloane was ruining his plans. Mac concludes that Paul shoots Sloane, throws his body in the harbor and passes him off as Carlos so that Carlos would be declared dead and Paul has leverage over Anna. He concludes that with the medical examiner's report and Sloane's phone in Paul's possession, that may be all they need to prove their theory.

Hayden attentively sits over Nikolas' hospital bed waiting for him to wake up. As soon as he's awake, she wastes no time urging him to know that Jason deliberately pushed him off the Metro Court terrace and intended to murder him. Immediately thereafter, Elizabeth enters and asks Hayden if she's “sure about that”. She rushes in, clearly in a desperate attempt to “shield” Nikolas from talking to Hayden, and assures him that the doctors are confident he will make a full recovery and be alright. She clearly wants to make herself look like his hero for saving his life, by administering her top-notch nursing skills while riding in the ambulance with him. She tries to convince Nikolas that it was “unclear” what happened between him and Jason, to which Hayden firmly states it's very clear. Jason tried to murder Nikolas. Elizabeth wants Hayden to stay out of her conversation with her friend although Hayden protests that she is the soul witness to what happened. Elizabeth urges Nikolas to tell the police it was a mutual argument that got out of control, to which Hayden demands to know why Nikolas would protect the man who tried to kill him. Hayden reminds Elizabeth that she (Elizabeth) can only blame herself and no one else for betraying Jason. Nikolas, she tells her, was kind enough to keep the secret, solely for Elizabeth's benefit. And, as a result of Nikolas' courtesy for Elizabeth, he almost died. She tells Elizabeth that instead of thinking what she “owes” Jason, maybe she should think of what she owes Nikolas, which would start with a little support. Maybe Elizabeth needs to inform the cops that Jason has made repeated threats against Nikolas. Elizabeth continues to “counter” her , urging him to please tell the police he fell by accident. She knows the only reason Hayden is “backing” Nikolas is because he's paying her bills. Whereas, she (herself) and Nikolas go way back and he needs to trust her before trusting Hayden. Nikolas does not speak throughout this whole exchange.

 Elizabeth goes out the door and runs into Robin. Robin tells her she's so happy for her to be back with Jason and now engaged. Yet, Elizabeth awkwardly admits to Robin that Jason broke their engagement when he found out she knew who he was and lied about it. Robin admits that she's shocked that Elizabeth could do that to Jason. Elizabeth tells Robin the reason she did what she did was because when she first met Jason, he was Jake Doe. And she fell in love with him. She knew as soon as it was revealed that he was Jason, Carly would drag him back into his old life, where he's with Sam who is the only woman who can tolerate Carly. So, admitting she did not want that. She needed to have him in her life with her boys, and would do it again. She can only assume that Robin will judge and hate her for that but Robin does not judge and gives Elizabeth a hug. She admits to Elizabeth she could not imagine falling in love with Jason yet not knowing it was him, to which Elizabeth remarks that nobody recognized Jason all that while.

Spinelli finds Jason in the park and happily greets him, admitting that he heard about the “accident” where hopefully Diane will help him beat the charges. Hearing that, Jason coldly asks him if it bothers him that Jason almost killed a man or if that is what Spinelli would expect from his old buddy, Stone Cold. Jason admits to Spinelli that he is really upset because he found out Elizabeth lied to him, having known for a long time whom he really was, yet did not say anything. Spinelli admits that he was appalled to find out that Elizabeth would be so selfish and dishonest that she'd do that in order to keep Jason all to herself, without regard for Sam or Danny or anyone in Jason's life. Hearing that, Jason admits to Spinelli that talking about that does no good. It only pisses him off more. He realizes no matter what Elizabeth has done, she is Jake's mother and so, for his sake, she has to stay in Jason's life. Spinelli then asks Jason where things stand between himself and Sam, as Spinelli realizes she is Jason's wife. Has Jason given thought to getting back with her? Jason then informs Spinelli that when Sam got to the truth and confronted Elizabeth, he immediately sided with Elizabeth. He admits to Spinelli that he thought Sam had an agenda and Elizabeth was telling the truth. Spinelli wants Jason to believe that Sam has forgiven him, given everything. Jason admits she does yet he feels horrible about the way he treated her. He's known, ever since he first met Sam and heard about her deceased husband, how much she loved and has not completely gotten over Jason. Yet, he knows he is not the same person Sam married. He does not know who he is or if this guy is ever going to come back. He admits to Spinelli that he's surrounded by many people who knew all about Jason. That may be why they don't bat an eye when he does what “Jason” would do. He now realizes that as angry as he was as Nikolas, he realized that beating the crap out of him will still not give Jason back the time he's lost. He admits that all he knows is that he was married to Sam and he killed people for Sonny, to which Spinelli tells Jason that is an over-simplification. He concludes to Jason that people who see him as a killer don't know him whereas people who see him as a friend and a loyal, generous, fair and honorable man do know him. He tells Jason he hopes he regains his memory, but even if he does not, Spinelli affirms, he is still Jason's friend. Jason assesses that he can understand why “he” valued Spinelli's friendship even though he has no memory of it. He can see what a great friend Spinelli is.

Alone in his hospital room with Hayden, Nikolas admits to her that he had a “strategy” involving how the can “play” the fact that Jason tried to kill him, to their advantage. He reveals that he falsified, to her, that he was fatally injured, in order to “buy some time” and plan his next move. He tells her thanks to her, his options are wide open where Jason is concerned. While she tells him it's obvious Jason should be locked up, he tells her he does not want that. He believes that a free Jason will be of more benefit to them than an imprisoned Jason.

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