GH Update Thursday 12/24/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/24/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu and Maxie take Rocco to sit with Santa and happily take pictures of him in the park. When Santa asks the little guy what he wants Santa to bring him this Christmas, Rocco replies he wants his daddy. Maxie tells her she's so sorry this is happening to her, especially on the holidays. Lulu informs her she woke up today and realized it was hers' and Dante's wedding anniversary. She remembers how happy they were, 4 years ago today, when they declared their love and commitment and promised to always be faithful. Yet, she now knows that Dante broke their marriage vows. Lulu admits, as she knows Maxie wants to encourage her, to let go of her anger, at least for this day and admit she loves Dante and knows he loves her. Yet it's easier said than done, Lulu tells her. Maxie admits she does not have anywhere to go. She can't work since Nina has gone away on a ski trip. Nathan is away after assuming she would be working. It's too late to book a flight to see Georgie. So it looks like both women might not have any Christmas plans. However, to her surprise, Spinelli and Ellie appears and bring Georgie to see her mom. She runs up and Maxie picks her up, holds her, kisses her and joyously greets her. Yet she wonders how they suddenly showed up. They reply that Nathan arranged for them to surprise Maxie with her daughter. Lulu then concludes that she and Rocco have to get home. Although she wishes she could be more positive, she concludes, she cannot just “wish away” what Dante did.

Dante goes to join Michael and Morgan at their parents' home to wrap Christmas presents. He can see that Morgan is not ok with the pressure and obligation to continue taking medication. He can also see that Michael is not ok given that he thought he was going to be a father. Michael admits to his older brother he found out that he is not the father of Sabrina's baby. Carlos Rivera is. Dante admits he is not ok either ,with his marriage on the rocks and without his son. He realizes today is his and Lulu's anniversary. Although all three brothers have reason to believe this might not be their happiest Christmas, they all reflect upon the Christmases they all remember with their families, while growing up. They also all realize that one member of their family is missing.

At the Christmas park, Ava arrives with baby Avery. She smile and engages her little one to sit on Santa's lap. However, she notices Kiki working there and disregarding her. Ava asks her what she's doing working there when she thought Carly hired her to work at The Metro Court. Kiki tells her mom she does not have enough shifts to pay the bills since the place will be closed on Christmas Day. Ava then assures her daughter she can help her out if Kiki needs that but Kiki tells her no way. Ava asks her if she does not, at the very least, miss and want to interact with her baby sister. Kiki smiles when she sees baby Avery and although she does not warm up to Ava, she asks if she can hold her baby sister. Ava smiles and comments on how good her adult daughter is with her infant daughter. Kiki realizes that when she was practically a mother to the little one, she suddenly lost Avery as well as losing her dad and her mom and Morgan. Ava again urges her daughter to one day forgive her. Kiki realizes that it's Christmas Eve and she needs her little sister. Ava asks if she means she wants to spend Christmas with her mom and the little one, knowing that Morgan has invited her to spend it with him and his family. Kiki admits he has and she turned him down. They are Morgan's family. Avery is her family, she declares to her mom. Ava wants to happily embrace her daughter but Kiki refuses to hug her mom, telling her it's too soon. She clarifies that she wants to spend time alone with Avery and Ava grants her that.

Sam returns to Alexis' home with Carly, after they've been making every effort they can to visit or get Jason released from jail. Kristina notices how they've resorted to drastic measures such as the “wife card”, where Carly reminds her that Sam is Jason's legal wife. Kristina reminds them that Jason has no memory of that., Carly reminds Sam that Jason's arraignment hearing is today and, given what she observed last night between the two of them, she's certain Jason would want Sam to be there for him. Hearing that, Kristina reminds them that Jason has a criminal record and it might be best not to get their hopes up assuming a judge will let him out on bail. Carly tells her step daughter she wishes she'd be more positive. Yet Kristina reminds her that she has studied law, wanting to follow in her mom's footsteps. Carly assures Sam she will move heaven and earth to get Jason back with her for Christmas day. Sam takes Kristina aside and asks her about the secrets regarding school that she might be keeping from their mom. Kristina obviously does not want her big sister in her business and asks if she should not be thinking about Jason. Sam admits it's complicated what she should now do regarding her canceled future with Patrick and/or her unexpected future with Jason.

Elizabeth is at her house, privately on the phone and out of earshot from the boys, calling the courthouse attempting to find out if Jason's arraignment hearing is on the dockets or not. Yet they can't tell her anything when she admits she is not a “relative”. In the living room, the three boys are gathered and wondering about the big secret involving their “would-be” dad. Elizabeth comes out and informs the boys all will be well for the holidays. They know that their dad is mad at her and has left her and need her to tell them what is going on. Not knowing how to answer that, she tells them about the tradition with her family and has them all gather around and tells them about the birth of Jesus Christ and how Christmas was first created.

Sonny goes to visit Jason in his jail cell. He arrives in his wheelchair and has a gift for him. He also assures Jason he can all but promise he will be out in time for Christmas because he called in a favor. Jason tells him he “did not have to do that”, to which Sonny assures him they are family and that is what they do. Sonny asks, however, if Hayden Barnes is correct in telling the cops he did purposely intend to kill Nikolas Cassadine. Jason admits he did not “mean” to push Nikolas over the ledge yet Hayden was the only witness and wants him prosecuted. Sonny assures him he and Carly can get him out of there for the holiday, but realistically, due to Jason's record, he will probably have to do some time in jail. Realizing his best friend does not even remember the actions that got him in trouble, Sonny tells him he wishes he had better news for him. The guard announces to Jason it's time for his arraignment. Sonny assures him he will be out for Christmas. Jason thanks him and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

While Emma and Patrick are alone in the hotel in Paris, she tells him all she wants for Christmas is her mommy to come back. Robin appears, happily greets her daughter and they are back together, re-united as one big happy family. Patrick watches and smiles. Emma obviously needs clarification that this time is different than all the other times when her mommy promised never to leave her again. Robin promises her daughter, while Patrick confidently listens, that this time she will never again go away. She pinky-swears to Emma that she would have been with her every day if she could have. There's a knock on the door and Anna and Robert enter wearing Santa suits, carrying gifts and ready to interact with their daughter, granddaughter and former son-in-law. They area all happily together. Yet Emma has questions about whether her mom did, in fact never stop loving her. Although Robin assures her daughter she has always loved her, Emma needs to know if her mommy did, at one point, stop loving her daddy, as she heard it happened and needs clarification if it's true. She remembers when daddy was going to marry Sam and mommy was away .They were divorced and she needs to know what they plan to do in the future regarding that. They admit it's a bit complicated. Yet both her grandparents want to find a decorate a tree with all the Christmas festivities on this happy occasion. They take Emma with her. When Patrick and Robin are alone, they know that maybe they need to talk about the answer to Emma's question on the status of their relationship.

When Elizabeth is in her house with the boys, Jason returns unexpectedly. Although he coldly regards her, he informs her he made bail and wanted to see the boys. They rush up to him and have the same question for him that she has; Is he home for good? They remind Jason that their mom just told them the story of the birth of Jesus Christ who was all about compassion and forgiveness. So, they ask their dad, shouldn't he forgive their mom? Jason then sits them down and assures them they have the best mom in the world. He assures them he will always love them. However, he informs them, he cannot stay there.

Patrick tells Robin that they need to realize they don't have simple answers for Emma. They both need to figure out what they mean to each other and what they want. She asks if he has willingly broken up with Sam. He tells her yes. She admits to him she realizes that he and Emma have believed that she chose to leave them. So, she tells Patrick, he needs to know how sorry she is and that she never stopped loving him. He tells her he had to convince himself that there was no love left in her heart for him. And so he gave up. She affirms that she was forced to have him believe that. He reflects how he felt he had to find somebody knew. He and Sam were together and planned a future. However, they found out that she never stopped loving Jason. He has now discovered the same thing about Robin. He has never stopped loving her, he declares as they happily re-unite and kiss. Emma returns with her grandparents and a small tree. They give Robin an angel to put on the tree. She states to her daughter that all of her wishes have come true so Emma gets to do the honors by putting it on the top of the tree and making a wish. She tells them she wishes for them all being a family together again. Anna remarks to her granddaughter that this wish might come true.

At Sonny's house, Carly wastes no time brainstorming about how she can have Diane absolve Jason of all charges although they want her to give it a rest and focus on Christmas. Dante, Michael and Morgan are impressed with how Sonny and Carly know how to pull strings to get Jason arraigned and able to be out of jail and with his family for Christmas. Carly presents stocking for all the members of her family including Avery. They all miss her.

At Alexis' home, Kristina surprises Sam with a long-lost necklace Sam never thought she'd see again that Jason gave her. Sam is very grateful to her sister and it may symbolize something else she thought she lost but has now found.

In the park, Spinelli and Ellie surround Maxie while she calls and leaves a message for Nathan telling him she loves him. He is the kindest and most generous man in the world to have given her this and Georgie loves him. They are all happily together and she thanks them all for giving her the most wonderful Christmas present ever.

At Sonny's, Lulu comes by with Rocco to let him visit his family. Michael and Morgan hug and welcome their nephew. Dante is clearly not over his wife and wants her to stay and feel welcome. Kristina comes by yet wonders why the “whole family” is not there. Carly leads Kiki in the door with baby Avery. Sonny looks at his baby daughter and smiles as they all welcome her. Morgan takes a picture of the whole big family together.

Jason leaves Elizabeth's home and goes to meet Sam and Danny in the park. He happily engages with his son and he notices the necklace he gave to Sam when they were together, years ago, which she thought she'd lost.

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