GH Update Wednesday 12/23/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/23/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

In the park, Valerie and Dante are together representing the PCPD and observing the kids, caroling and Christmas celebrations in town. She remarks to him that she knows she missed her gun range time on that day when her car stalled and she had to rely on this' Good Samaritan”. She met with him shortly thereafter on that day. That was the last time they were together. She makes it clear to Dante that they have very little time together. They rarely ever see each other. So, she asks him, where is this going? He tells her he does not blame her if she “feels confused”, as he realizes he may be uncomfortable being pressured by her. They both realize (at least intellectually) that they have to keep their relationship a secret. She asks him if he is having second thoughts. When he does not answer that question, he admits there is no real answer. He is experiencing a big mess. Although he is separating from Lulu, it does not mean he does not have feelings for his wife. He reminds Valerie that Rocco comes first. She makes it clear that she wants more but does not want to pressure him. Yet he “distracts” her by kissing her and making it clear that he has desire and interest in her. Dante is now in clear view of binoculars (or a gun?)

At The Haunted Star, Johnny awakens in the bedroom and Lulu comes to see him. She tells him she wants some answers. Hearing that, he smirks and asks her if that is all she wants. She tells him she needs him to tell her his next step in his plan to get rid of Valerie. She reminds him he told her he found Valerie's vulnerability and was ready to exploit it. So, she tells him, she needs to know what he is about to He evades her questions. She tells him she does not want her cousin physically hurt but needs explanation and clarification. Johnny then tells her that he purposely messed with Valerie's car in order to give her time to reveal to him what her priorities (and her weaknesses) are. He noted that Valerie revealed to him that she wants to honor the memory of her deceased mom. She wants to succeed as a cop. She has feelings for Dante and feels guilty for having involvement with a married man. Johnny has to leave while Lulu is alone in the room. After he's gone, Laura comes by and instinctively knows that her daughter might be doing something she might regret although she's not aware specifically of what it is. She tells Lulu she might be making a big mistake and wishes Lulu could make some time for her mother to talk. Noticing that Lulu is making up a bed in a private room, Laura tells her daughter she knows all too well what it's like to have a cheating husband and feel betrayed. Knowing what her mom is assuming, Lulu clarifies that she is not having “revenge sex”. Yet Laura tells her daughter she knows that her emotions are running the show and if Lulu is not careful, she will do something she deeply regrets.

When Jason goes to confront Nikolas, they get into a brawl, Nikolas takes the first shot and hits Jason. Yet Jason manages to throw Nikolas over the ledge of the hotel. Hayden screams for help. Elizabeth comes out of hiding. She urgently rushes to save the only friend she has and the only person besides herself who kept the secret. She calls for help and urges Nikolas to say with her while he lies on the ground and appearing to be unconscious. Hayden calls the cops. Jordan appears and asks what is going on. Elizabeth tends to him, urges Nikolas to stay awake, reminding him that Spencer needs him. She needs him. He has to keep breathing and stay awake and alive, Elizabeth tells him. Not far away, they hear sirens. Elizabeth calls the paramedics to attempt to revive Nikolas. On the ledge, Hayden tells the police commissioner that Jason tried to kill Nikolas.

Carly wastes no time taking Sam to hers' and Sonny's house. He greets Sam, remarking they have not spoken in a while. Sam admits to him she has been on a crazy ride involving finding out that Jason is alive. Carly informs her husband that the party was a success in more ways than one. Sam admits to Sonny that she and Jason talked and it appears that maybe things are going right for him. Carly gets an incoming call informing her that there has been an injury during a fight at the Metro Court. A guest has been rushed to the hospital and the police are involved. She rushes to intervene.

When she arrives at the hospital, she hears Hayden accusing Jason of criminal violence and attempting to murder Nikolas, she angrily tells Hayden she does not know what she is talking about to be making these accusations of Jason.

Johnny, with another guy equipped with guns, observes Dante and Valerie alone in the park He reflects that Lulu deserves so much better than a husband who is sleeping with her cousin. He asks his partner what they should now do with “cousin Val”.

Dante wants to “make plans” with Valerie. Yet, realizing there's not much they can do in public together, he knows the best way to spend time together is to watch the cotton bowl with her alone in his apartment. He gets a call from the PD alerting him that somebody has been injured at the Metro Court. As soon as Dante is gone and Valerie is alone, Johnny finds Valerie. She remembers him as the guy who “helped” her with her car and that he's introduced himself as Greg. She finds it odd and “more than coincidental” that he has, so conveniently, shown up to find her again.

Alone with Sonny at his house, Sam asks him what is currently up with him. She notices him in a wheelchair and wants to express how “sorry” she is. Yet Sonny does not want that and wants only to know if she encourages him to walk, which she does encourage him to do. He asks her if she is moving forward with Patrick, to which Sam admits they have broken up due, in large part to finding out that Jason was alive. She admits that maybe she did the wrong thing to reveal the truth. They both know that Carly has gone to intervene in Jason assaulting Nikolas. Sam admits that Elizabeth and Nikolas both knew the truth about Jason, have equal responsibility and should suffer equal consequences for what it has caused not only Jason but everybody who knew and loved him.

After Nikolas has been taken to the hospital after Jason has thrown him over the ledge, Dante arrives and meets with Jordan who informs her detective it's entirely possible that Nikolas will die from the altercation. Dante attempts to talk to Jason who tells him he has nothing to say without a lawyer present. At that point, he calls Lulu.

At The Haunted Star, while Lulu is talking to her mom about her “falling out” with Dante, she suddenly gets a call from Dante. Lulu obviously has no interest in talking to her estranged husband until he informs her that a fatality has occurred. Nikolas has been injured. Lulu informs her mom that her brother and Laura's oldest son has been fatally injured. They both put their conversation aside and rush to the hospital.

When Valerie is alone in the park, immediately after Dante has left her alone, and Johnny shows up to engage with her, yet again, she tells him it's a little odd that he so conveniently shows up. He admits she may be correct. He informs her that he attended a kid's choir event. He “plays on her sympathy” about his being alone for the holiday without anyone to spend it with, although she asks him why he did not simply admit to her what he was doing when he found her. He apologizes. She tells him she “thinks it sweet'. Johnny then shows her “evidence” so she knows he is not trying to scam her, to which Valerie laughs and seems receptive.

At the hospital, Jordan asks Hayden what is going on. Why and how did Jason injured his hand. Hayden replies she does not know but she saw Jason attempting to kill Nikolas. Carly tells her she is a liar. Jason would never do that. When Laura and Lulu arrive, Lucas meets with them, assuring him the hospital staff will make certain they can do everything they can to save Nikolas. They are all grateful that he will give him the best medical care. However, they, along with the cops, need to know how and why Nikolas got pushed off the hospital ledge.

At Sonny's house, Sam talks to him about her conversation with Jason at the Metro Court. She reflects to Sonny, that, as they both know, Jason does what he chooses to do. Sonny probes Sam for information and encourages her to consider getting back with Jason. She tells him they both agreed to have “no expectations”. Sonny tells her that he does not want to pressure her but wants her to know he is in her corner. Right then Sam gets a call from Carly telling her she does not want her to tell Sonny anything but needs Sam to know what has happened to Jason.

In the hospital. Laura confronts Jason although he refuses to talk without a lawyer. Jordan asks Jason what is up. When he refuses to answer without a lawyer, she places him under arrest. She asks him if he is aware of his rights; When it appears that maybe Hayden is the only “witness”, Carly urges Jordan not to listen to the testimony of someone whom nobody can believe the word of. Yet Jordan reminds Carly that Hayden may be the only witness of what really happened. Hearing that, Carly concludes she has to call Diane in order to protect Jason’s rights. While he tells Carly that “may not be necessary”, she protests he is her best friend and she won't let anything happen to him. Laura takes Hayden aside and demands she tells her what happened. At the hospital, Laura asks Hayden to tell her, truthfully, if she told the police the honest truth. Hayden replies she will. Lucas tells the others that they have Nikolas in ICU. He is unconscious and they need to do their job. Yet he agrees that maybe Nikolas needs to be with his family. Dante finds Lulu and asks her what happened. She tells him that her cousin (Lucas) told everyone that only family can be with Nikolas right now. The cops talks to Jason when Elizabeth comes in, informs them she is a nurse and friend of both guys and asks if she can have a word alone with Jason. Alone with Jason, Elizabeth needs to find out what really happened. She tells him the reason he is there is because she bets Hayden is lying. He would not just attack Nikolas without provocation. He asks her why she is there. Elizabeth replies because she “knows him”. When Nikolas has regained consciousness, Laura privately talks to her son, telling him she's so grateful. She admits she does not know what has happened, but informs her son she knows he's been given a second chance. She privately tells him they both know there must be a reason for that.

While Johnny's “helper” overhears the conversation Johnny is having with Valerie, he gets out his gun and is ready to take action.

Carly returns to Sonny and informs him that she knows Nikolas and his girlfriend, Hayden, have provoked Jason. Nikolas will be alright, she informs Sonny, which hopefully should lessen the consequences for Jason. However, she informs her husband, given Jason's record, they both know that it's unlikely anybody will believe his word over Nikolas' and the others'.

In the hospital room, Elizabeth talks to Jason and assures him she will be there for him whether he wants that or not, because he is Jake’s father.

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