GH Update Tuesday 12/22/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/22/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Before the Nutcracker Gala ends, Nikolas and Hayden arrive together., knowing they need to be conspicuous and not seen by people. He admits his concerns about running into Jason knowing that Jason may have a death wish for him.

Jason finds Sam and although he still does not consciously remember their relationship together, he admits how grateful he is for her loyalty and he believes he owes her for all she's done for him. They are acknowledging their mutual attraction although they realize they are still both in enemy territory so maybe they need not stay there.

Elizabeth still secretly has Jason on the brain and is distracted when she does not see him in her view while with Franco. She notices that Sam is also gone.

After Julian has proposed to Alexis and she has said yes, he puts the ring on her finger and they happily kiss and celebrate their engagement. Molly finds them and cannot hide her skepticism. Alexis tells Julian the fact that he asked for her daughters' blessings before getting to her means everything to her. He leaves to go and find them some champagne. Jordan notices Alexis' ring and is ready to congratulate her until she sees it was from Julian proposing to her. When Molly goes off, Elizabeth finds her and asks her if she has seen Sam. Molly tells her as far as she knows, her big sister has only come by to drop off the check to her mom for Toys for Tots and should be gone by now. Yet Elizabeth notices Sam's car is still in the parking lot although both she and Jason are both out of view.

With Jason, Sam tells him that maybe they can start out as being friends and take it from there. There is an obvious romantic spark between them, however, even though Jason has not regained his memory. Carly is not far away, overhearing as he tells Sam that he believes that what they have is more than just friendship. Sam asks what he would call it, since up until now they have never gone farther than friendship.

Carly knows that Elizabeth is not far away, by herself, still looking for, and possibly stalking Jason while unable to find him. She goes to find her and Elizabeth asks Carly why she is confronting her. Carly tells Elizabeth she knows what is going on, noticing Elizabeth “wandering around”, still wearing her engagement ring, by herself and not ready to leave. Having overheard what she's overhead between Jason and Sam, Carly urges Elizabeth to give it up and realizes Jason is not hers' and never was. She tells Elizabeth she needs to realize she lost and if she wants to continue to wear the engagement ring as a reminder of her selfishness and stupidity, Elizabeth may be her guest. But she, (Carly) will not let her ruin Jason's life with his family and the people who love him. Elizabeth is alone, lost and crying as Carly rushes to complete her mission with Jason.

Franco goes to find Nina and they are happily together.

Maxie runs into Jordan and they both find it odd that they keynote speaker and DA has disappeared without a trace Nobody knows where he has gone and he has not said goodbye or told anywhere where he went. Jordan tells Maxie that is typical and it does not surprise her.

Paul goes to meet Ava in her private hotel room while she entices him to sleep with her. She reminds him that people at the gala might wonder where he went. She reflects she was not only the guest list. Only her art was invited. He tells her the only art he is interested in is the “art” before him. She then asks him if he has had second thoughts about not letting her go to jail, remembering that he has reminded her that she is a known criminal and he's the DA. He tells her he does not intend to send her anywhere and wants her with him as he takes off his tie. They take off their clothes and go at it.

Michael goes to Sabrina's and Felix's apartment. He tells her he finds it very odd that her baby is too large and the due date is too soon, if the conception date was when she's told him it is. He asks her if there is any reason for that. She asks him why he finds that odd. He informs her that his grandmother, a doctor, has proven and confirmed that the delivery date is only a few weeks away which would not make sense if he was the father of her baby. So, he asks her, if he is the father or if someone else is. She tells him, weakly, that there is nobody else who's the father of her baby. Sabrina admits to Michael that she did not intend to “cheat” upon him. It happened once and only once, last May, she tells him. She assures him it will never happen again. He then remembers it was right about last May when Carlos tied her up before escaping town after murdering Duke Lavery. Michael concludes that it's obvious that Carlos is the father of Sabrina's baby. He demands she come clean and admit if that is true. She admits it's true. She lied because she loves Michael. She asks how she was supposed to tell him that the man who has his father shot is the father of her baby. Michael admits that he wants Carlos dead and he obviously wonders why she would have slept with Carlos less than 9 months ago. He then realizes the whole reason she was putting off the sonogram and meeting privately with Dr. Lee is so he could not find out. Yet she reminds him that now he knows. The cards are on the table. They still love each other, she tells him and asks if there is any way they could get past this and be a family. He concludes to her no. This is not ok. He can't trust her. With that he leaves.

At the mysterious clinic in Paris, Patrick goes to find Robin and assumes she's dead as she lies still and lifeless. He cries and kisses her, regretfully reflecting how he lost her, failed to protect her and he loves her so much.

Robert and Anna are ready to make Jerry pay for what he's done to Robin. She points the gun on Jerry although he makes light of what happened. Anna rushes off to find Patrick and see if there is any hope for finding Robin alive or dead. Jerry tells Robert he can't imagine what the two of them were thinking having a child together,. It makes them both too vulnerable and it makes it terrible for them when they lose their child.

While Patrick is ready to say good bye to the mother of his daughter, Robin awakens, opens her eyes and reveals she is alive and will be ok. Patrick rejoices. She assures him she is ok although Jerry wants her dead. However, she reminds Patrick, they both need to get out of there before someone sees her since everyone believes she is dead. While he helps her get up, she asks how he found her. He replies he and Emma came out knowing something was wrong. Her parents are also on this and determined to find her. Right now, as they speak, both Robert and Anna believe she's dead and Jerrry has killed her. He now knows for the first time that she was held prisoner all this while. Now, the truth is suddenly out while she reveals to him that she is so sorry to have lied to him and abandoned him and Emma. Yet she was being threatened by Jerry and his men. However, she tells her ex, she knows he's happily with Sam and she does not want him to go through what she's already put him through. Before he can respond to that, they hear Anna's voice calling to her daughter. She rushes to see Robin is alive and well, and they are happily re-united. She hugs her daughter and emotionally tells her she thought she lost her again. Robin light-heartedly tells her mom she can't get rid of Robin that easily, reminding her she is Anna's kid. Noticing what appears to be a blood stain on her shoulder, Anna asks what happened. Robin assures her mom she is fine. Luckily one of the guards saved her life and helped her fake her death in order to fool Jerry and help her escape.

Robert has a guard taking Jerry to Steinmauer. Jerry does not seem scared however, as he taunts Robert. Anna returns and tells the guy she wants Jerry put in the deepest darkest hole. Alone with Robert, Anna smiles and encourages her daughter's father to come with her. She leads him to Robin. He hugs Robin and rejoices the return of his daughter as he vows to her he's not going to lose her again. Anna reminds them all that a very special little girl has been missing Robin and she needs to get back to her. Robin is ready to return to her family as she reflects that she's missed her parents, her ex and her daughter so much and won't waste another second. Yet, she tells Patrick, she realizes she has to let him go however. She knows he is committed to Sam. She respects that and she won't ruin their relationship or their future. Yet he informs her that he and Sam broke up. It looks like he wants to get back with Robin and she wants that also.

At the gala, Dillon stands up, welcomes everybody and thanks them for their contributions and introduces a singer who sings Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Tracy hires a guy to help her find Paul. She is able to unlock his hotel room, knowing she will find him. But little does she knows what she will see when she walks in the door. Little do he or Ava know that they will be caught red-handed in bed together. Tracy is outraged. She asks Paul what he thinks will happen when people find out what the honorable and upstanding DA is secretly doing. He protests but she assesses that he is a fraud. He cannot be trusted. He is secretly sleeping with a murderer. She tells him although they have a son together, that is all there is. She never wants to see him again, she tells him and she demands Paul gets out of her life.

Jason and Sam both realize they are homeless but want to be together. She gets a text from her mom telling her she has some news to share with her daughter. She goes off and Jason is alone. Nikolas and Hayden find him. He stares coldly at them. Nikolas tells Jason now that it's been revealed to him who he really is, he can go back and be a criminal and get himself killed working for Sonny. He's lost Elizabeth, who he fell in love with and who loves him when he does not remember anything or anyone else. What kind of a life does he have now that it's been revealed? Nikolas asks Jason if he does not believe that he did Jason a favor keeping him in the dark about his past.

Carly finds Sam and informs her that she overheard her conversation with Jason. Sam does not want to get her hopes up nor have Carly reading anything into her future with Jason. Yet Carly tells Sam she knows that Jason will remember her and she does not want Sam to give up on him or let him give up on Sam or his life.

Nikolas and Jason are having a physical altercation. Nikolas takes the first strike and knocks Jason to the ground. Yet Jason is obviously stronger, overpowers him and knocks him over the hotel ledge. Elizabeth is sobbing, in a hideous, morbid state of despair alone and not far away until she hears the altercation, goes to attempt to save Nikolas before it's too late and is horrified to see that Jason has injured him. Hayden is also very worried what has happened to Nikolas after Jason has thrown him over the ledge of the hotel.

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