GH Update Monday 12/21/15

General Hospital Update Monday 12/21/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At the gala, Sam notices both Jason and Elizabeth standing near each other (not intentionally) both dressed in formal wear. She is not ready to attend the event and informs them she's there to drop off a check her mom forgot and then leave. When Elizabeth is alone with Franco, and obviously feeling awkward and ill at ease, she attempts to apologize. Franco finds her and tells her she need not apologize to Jason even if she thinks she should. Jason obviously feels awkward when Michael and Elizabeth appear together and greet him. Obrecht arrives and happily joins Franco. At that point, Elizabeth declares she cannot stay. However, Obrecht reminds her that as a hospital staff member, it's mandatory that she attends Otherwise, Obrecht warns her, she will schedule Elizabeth for double shifts. While Obrecht walks into the ballroom with Franco, Elizabeth reluctantly follows them.

Maxie greets Sam, unaware that she does not plan to attend, having Dillon shoot photos of her, which Sam hides from as she's dressed in her everyday jacket and jeans.. Alexis finds her daughter and they go off together away from the camera. Kristina and Molly enter and Maxie has Dillon photograph them while they happily pose. Alexis and Julian urge Sam to consider staying and not spending the evening at home alone. She tells them she appreciates the invitation but as soon as she got in the door, the first two people she saw together had to be Elizabeth and Jason. After Sam leaves them alone, Julian tells Alexis he has some concerns not only about Sam's interest in Jason. But the fact that it has to happen at a night like that. As soon as Sam is almost out the door, Laura finds her and tells her she would really like a chance to apologize for keeping the secret about Jason, now that it's revealed. Sam doesn't say much although Julian makes sure she does not leave until he makes an announcement however. Maxie finds Laura and they talk about how Lulu is obviously not going to attend after what Dante did to her. Laura admits to Maxie that she, herself, was hesitant to attend. However, it gave her a chance to make amends for her actions.

Nina talks to Tracy and asks her if she's a fan of Crimson. Tracy informs her she was very fond of the woman who used to run it, Connie Falconeri. When Ava is alone and obviously desperately in need of attention and gratification, Paul arrives, He “entices” her but she reminds him as the DA, he might be careful if he does not want his ex-wife to see him together. If he’s not concerned about that, and has not invited Tracy as his date, she suggests to him, why can't he take her to the gala? He tells her that the DA cannot escort a known criminal. It would raise too many red flags. So, he concludes to her, they will have to keep their secret affair a secret. She then reminds him he can spend the night with her. Clearly that is the only use he has for her.

When Sonny is on his phone talking to a contact, Carly comes out dressed and ready for the gala. She asks if he might have forgotten. He clearly does not plan to attend and informs her that something has come up. He tells her he has some issues with Ava. Max is doing the leg work. He has to do it now, he tells her because he wants everything to be settled. In response to that, Carly tells her husband she knows why he's not going to the party. It has nothing to do with that. He tells her he has to find a way to bring his daughter home. She tells him she knows that is not why he's missing the party. He admits that he wants to wait until he can dance with her. Carly tell shim she loves him and encourages him to know they have so much to be thankful of.

Anna and Robert go to find Jerry Jacks and point their guns at him. Patrick follows close behind. They know that Robin was just there although it may be to late to find her. Jerry indicates that Robin may have already died. She risked her life to protect her family. Anna inquires why her daughter would do that. Robert threatens to kill Jerry for what happened to his daughter. Patrick reflects that he should have known what was happening before it was too late. Jerry later concludes that maybe Robin has not died. She's just somewhere where her family cannot find her. At that point, Anna points her gun at him and tells him he better tell them where Robin is or he will die. Before she can go any farther with that, however, the guards enter with their guns and order Anna and Robert to drop their guns while Jerry stands beside them knowing they have now overpowered Robin's family.

While Michael and Sabrina are alone at a table, Tracy asks if they have seen Paul and goes looking for him. Before anyone can say any more, Tracy gets up and speaks to the crowd about their Toys For Tots Charity Event.. She then introduces their new keynote speaker, reminding the people of Port Charles, that in the short time he's had his DA position, crime has significantly reduced. She adds that this man is a family man with whom she happily and proudly shares a talented and wonderful son. She introduces Paul Hornsby and everyone claps. Paul then thanks the crowd and announces, to make tonight even more meaningful, he wants to acknowledge gun amnesty and informs the guest that Dr. Monica Quartermaine plans to match Toys for Tots donations for everyone who turns in a fire arm. He thanks his gracious hosts, Monica and Tracy for all their hard work, acknowledging that this event would not be possible without them. He thanks Tracy for welcoming him back and thanks the guests for attending and supporting this worthy event.

Julian knows he needs to not only find Sam before she leaves but also Molly and Kristina After gathering his fiancÚ's three daughters, he announces he wanted them all there together. Before doing what he intends to do, he wanted to ask all of them for their permission for their mother's hand in marriage to him. Hearing that, both Sam and Kristina look at him and smile. He shows them the ring. Sam smiles at her dad and informs him he has “her vote”. Yet Molly is not so positive. Alexis returns and can see her youngest daughter is not “cordial” to Julian. She reminds her she needed her to “make an effort” Molly does not smile as she tells her mom she really hopes she loves Julian enough to “accept what he has to say”. Having no clue what they are talking about, Alexis asks Juliana if he is keeping a secret from her. While Kristina is alone, Carly finds her and welcomes her step-daughter into town and encourages her to go and visit her dad while he's alone in the house.

Laura tells Jason she wants to apologize to him. Before they can continue that conversation, Elizabeth interrupts them, reminding Jason that he has not only herself but Laura as well, for the conspiracy to hide from him who he is. She expresses anger and resentment for being vilified as if she is the only person guilty of this crime. She faces Jason, still clearly in love and heartbroken to be without him, as she graciously and emotionally apologizes to him. He tells her the only concern he has is that she gets home safely and does not drive. Carly goes to find him, realizing he is uncomfortable and laughs, hoping he will get over it. Yet he does not and tells her he is leaving.

Sabrina tells Michael she has to leave and go home to her apartment without him. Monica finds her nephew and remarks it's very odd that the mother of his child left without him. Is everything alright with the pregnancy, she asks him? Clearly, he does not know the answer to that.

Sabrina returns home and Felix expresses his her concerns about her keeping this secret from Michael. She tells him he need not worry about that and encourages him to spend the evening with his boyfriend because she will be ok alone. As soon as Felix leaves, she tells a “person” dressed in a Santa suit that it's “really nice for him to help out like this”. The “Santa” removes his white beard to reveal that he is Carlos. She demands to know what he is doing, reminding him he needs to leave the country because it's too dangerous. He tells her he agrees that it's too dangerous for him to stay in town. That's why he needs to wear a disguise and needs to urge her, again, to come with him, although she refuses again. Michael returns and Carlos hides again.

Kristina goes to talk alone to Sonny. He happily greets his daughter and tells her he would appreciate her company. She takes out her camera phone ready to take pictures and he asks her if she plans to post them on her Facebook page, warning her of the consequences of being seen on social media. Yet they both smile and laugh while she takes the pictures of herself and her dad together.

While Paul is alone with Tracy, he gets a call from Ava and walks out of earshot. Ava informs him she's checked into a hotel room, urging him not to be long because she is waiting. Not far away, Dillon observes his dad, encouraged that he may get back with his mom, having no clue about Paul's secrets

Dr. Obrecht sits happily with Franco and invites Nina to join them. She tells he niece she would like to make peace and is very happy and encouraged that Nina is getting her life on track, starting a new career and dating this wonderful man. Nina smiles and they graciously wish each other marry Christmas.

As soon as he's alone and can get away, Paul goes to find Ava in her private room. She smiles and welcomes him.

Alone with Tracy, Monica is ready to express her “opinion” about Tracy's “attachment” to Paul. Before she can continue that conversation, however, Carly finds her and Monica thanks her for encouraging Jason to stay for just a little while longer. They acknowledged that Michael will soon make Monica a great grandmother.

When Michael returns to Sabrina's apartment and sees “Santa” (whom he is unaware is Carlos), he makes it clear he is not ok about something. She asks him what is up. He tells her they have to talk...about her baby.

Julian takes a suspicious and perplexed Alexis aside. He tells her when he first found her, he felt like he got his life back. He was so full of hope again, realizing he wasted his life with his father's business. He now discovered he has a family and a wonderful woman in his life. When she told him he needed to do better, he finally found the man he could be. Someone he did not believe existed anymore. Yet she brought it out of him and encouraged him to be a better man, he tells her. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her because she is smart, charming, loving and off-the-chart sexy. He asks her if she will do him the honor of making him the happiest man in the world and marrying him. She tells him she wants to but needs to make certain that he is ready to accept her short-comings. She reminds him she cannot cook. She's done some crazy things in her life. She wants him to be prepared He tells her he's ok with that. She admits she's never loved any man the way she loves him and declares yes, she will marry him.

Laura sits beside Elizabeth and tells her she understands that Elizabeth was hurting and wanted others to hurt. Sam goes alone and drinks, obviously depressed with her present situation. Not far away, Jason sees her and urges her not to be alone and not to leave. He seems like he wants to be with her. Inside Laura reminds Elizabeth she tried to apologize to Sam but does not know where she went.

Alone with Jason, Sam attentively listens while he apologizes for doubting her when she always believed in him, even before finding out who he is. She asks if there is not a part of him who wishes that she had not revealed who he is and taken his life with Elizabeth away from him. He replies not a chance. He notices she is not wearing her engagement ring and asks what the status is with her and Patrick. She replies they mutually decided to end things. The reason is she loves Patrick but not the way she loves Jason.

Patrick goes off and finds Robin.

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