GH Update Thursday 12/17/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/17/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis is with Molly while she rights a big contribution check on behalf of herself and Julian. Molly remarks to her mom that they have money because Julian's life of crime pays off. She is not in good spirits to be in the presence of her mom's boyfriend. Yet Alexis wants her to make an effort to be courteous and attend the Nutcracker Gala with them. Sam comes inside to visit. Kristina returns and they welcome her. She sits with Sam and tells her she's so sorry that things did not work out between her older sister and Patrick. She is interested in finding out, now that Jason is alive, if Sam is planning on getting back to him. Molly clarifies that Sam does not want to be pressured. Alexis leaves her three daughters alone. Sam tells her two younger sister's that Danny is with the Quartermaines and she knows he can't wait to spend time with Kristina. She declares she is not attending the event but encouraged her sisters to have fun tonight. Kristina wants to find a way to hack into her mom's email. Molly wants to find out Kristina's secret while they brainstorm about what her mom's password is and find it out. They see someone writing to Alexis that disciplinary action will be taken, by the university against Kristina unless......Right before Molly can read the rest, and before Alexis can find out about the notification being sent to her, Kristina deletes it declaring what her mom doesn't know about can't hurt her. Alexis enters and asks her daughter what she's doing on the computer. Kristina comes up with an answer she does not question as Alexis makes it clear she's distracted about getting her makeup ready. She leaves them alone again and Molly lectures her on getting in trouble and lying to their mom although Kristina does not want to talk about it and changes the subject.

Elizabeth finds Franco at the hospital. She tells him she has a patient referral to give to him and that is the only thing she has to say to him. Other than that, she intends to avoid him. He can see she's in a bad mood and asks her if she plans to go to the Nutcracker Gala. She tells him no. As he knows, she is not welcome in this town any more than he is. He tells her for that very reason, he'd like her to attend with him. She tells him there's no way she'd remotely consider going on a date with him. He tells her he's not asking for that. He's in a relationship. Also, he knows a major reason why she doesn't want to attend the event is because she's afraid of running into Jason. He tells he knows she is devastated to have lost Jason and asks her if she has a dress. She affirms to him, for the last time, that she is not going.

At The Metro Court, Carly is on the phone making arrangements. Tracy is also hurriedly getting ready. Jason appears. Carly happily greets and hugs him and expresses she was worried about him. She, right away, remembers, first-hand the room that Jason always preferred and orders it for him, knowing he's upset and wanting to offer him the best. Yet, remembering nothing, yet again, Jason is not comfortable with Carly's “assumptions”. She goes to the bar alone with him and asks him what they drink to. He tells her anything except for Jason Morgan. He then tells her that she may now tell him “I told you so”, since he now knows she was right from the start. She admits that she had no clue that Elizabeth knew who he really was. He knows she never liked Elizabeth. She clarifies she did not like Elizabeth “with him” even before she knew about Elizabeth's scam. She always knew that Elizabeth wanted to turn him into the-person she wanted him to be. Yet he's not certain whom he is supposed to be and Carly admits she cannot help him with that at this point. Yet she tells him he needs to listen to his instincts although he tells her that did not work for him recently. He concludes the one person they have to blame for all that happened is Helena. Carly encourages him to join the Gala even if he's alone and not entirely comfortable. She informs him Sonny will be there and be similarly uncomfortable, giving them both opportunity to commiserate. He reminds Carly he does not own a suit and only has enough clothes to fit in a gym bag. Yet she reminds him how resourceful she is in finding him the clothes.

Not far away, Maxie meets with Nina but tells her that she has something else to do that will take her away from her work for a while. Yet Nina tells her she has work to do there. Maxie rushes off but promises she will be back. Monica enters and greets Nina.

Maxie rushes off to find Dillon the park. She knows he's at the memorial courtyard thinking about her deceased sister. She reflects that tonight is so beautiful. The stars are clearly shining and it seems like Georgie might be looking down on them. They both reflect that they loved Georgie so much. They both know that although they are needed at the Gala, they need to be there. She asks Dillon if he ever talks to Georgie, informing him she does. She talks to her sister and asks for her wisdom and advice. Sometimes it makes her miss Georgie more but it also helps Dillon admits that whenever he thinks of her younger sister, his long-term teenage girlfriend, he thinks about everything...the good and the bad and everything else. Maxie reflects she has to spend the entire holiday season working for Nina. Only time will tell how that will pan out. She knows they both need to get back before Nina sends out a search party for them. He gives her a picture to keep of Georgie. She thanks him and promises to keep it close by.

At the private clinic, after Jerry has instructed his guys to kill Robin since she is no longer of use to him, a guy named Manrico enters. Robin is afraid to be alone e in the room with him with the instructions she knows he's been given although he's the one who appears to be nice to her. She acknowledges to Manrico he's the only guard who's been nice to her and she'd like to return the favor if he'd just let her. Jerry walks in and demands to know why Robin is still alive. He informs Manrico that Dr. Scorpio-Drake's mother and ex husband have arrived nearby so they have to hurry up and make sure they cannot find her. Jerry instructs him to execute their plan and her and to try not to make a mess. He yells telling her he will rid ever trace of her. She asks if he wants to lose all the research and developments she's done for him. He demands Manrico does what he's instructed to do. As soon as Manrico is alone with Robin, he concludes there is nothing he can do for her although she tells him he's wrong. There is something he can do. She talks to him about the Verde opera which he may be familiar with. A guy who was supposed to do what Jerry wants him to do ended up doing the right thing. He protests that that guy had a choice when he does not. He does not believe he has any way of saving her right now yet Robin encourages Manrico to do the right thing as she knows he will feel a lot better doing that than if he follows Jerry's instructions.

Anna goes to Paris to join Patrick while he's on the phone trying to find Robin. He is convinced that the woman wearing the Cassadine crest is all the proof they need that the Cassadines have made Robin disappear. Yet Anna does not assume that is the case. Robert comes to join them to help search for his and Anna's daughter. He may know who is keeping Robin. He warns them it's somebody “worse” than Helena Cassadine. They all wonder what their next plan of action should be. Robert asks Patrick when he last had contact with Robin. He replies that Emma called her. He was surprised that she even picked up. Emma begged her to come back but Robin had to end the phone conversation. They all still wonder about the unsolved mystery regarding Robin missing in action. The phone rings.

Sam goes to the hospital and asks an attendant if she could give something to Patrick Drake for her but the young woman informs her that Patrick has taken a leave of absence. She runs into Elizabeth. Each blames the other for what has happened. Elizabeth tells Sam if she'd just left well enough alone, Elizabeth would be married to Jason and Sam would be married to Patrick. Sam indignantly tells Elizabeth she has no reason to blame her. She scammed and lied to Jason. Elizabeth informs Sam, for the first time, that she has lost her chance with Patrick. He has gone to Paris to find Robin and might be getting back with her while they speak and Sam will be left out in the cold without either Jason or with Patrick.

Robin manages to call Patrick. He has a lot of questions he wants answered. She tells him she does not have a lot of time but needs to say good bye. He asks her if she is “going somewhere”. She replies yes but again does not tell him the truth of what is really happening at this time. He demands that she tells him what is going on, knowing she is in danger. Anna is also very worried while, once again, Robin hangs up and the phone connection is lost. Robert knows of a place where they might be keeping Robin. It's a compound. Anna urges Patrick to stay behind for Emma. But he protests that Emma needs her mother so he's not going to stay behind. They all leave together.

Sam returns to her mom's house and compliments Alexis on looking beautiful. Alexis can clearly tell that her daughter is angry and looks like she wants to smash her fist through the wall. Sam admits that she found out that Patrick took a leave of absence to find Robin. She planned on this being hers' and Patrick's first Christmas together but she's all alone. Alexis leaves with Sam's too younger sisters. Sam then notices that her mom left her check behind and calls to her but the car is already gone and it's too late for her to flag them down.

Maxie and Dillon return to Nina at The Metro Court. Nina tells them she really needs their help. Maxie encourages them to get started with the most important picture. Dillon takes shots of Nina and Maxie encourages her to look sexy and fabulous.

Jason runs into Monica and feels awkward, having learned recently that “Dr. Quartermaine”, Jason's mom, whom he has no memory of, is actually his mom. He leaves her alone with Carly and Monica tells her Carly she's really glad she's persuaded Jason to be there.

Not far away, Elizabeth and Franco meet, dressed in formal wear and she reluctantly agrees to go to the event with him.

Monica notices that Tracy is looking for Paul and he's not there. They reflect that Ava has some good art work although they both agree that that does not justify inviting that hideous woman to the event.

Alexis realizes she forgot the check and runs back to the house. Clearly, Kristina has cooked up another scheme to distract her mom so she can have access to her smart phone in order to delete the email she does not want her mom to get.

Franco finds Nina. She has no clue that he's “brought somebody”. Sam comes by looking for her mom. She's not dressed for the occasion or considering attending. She runs into Elizabeth dressed in a gown waiting for Franco while he talks to Nina...Jason is standing nearby waiting for Carly. They do not intend to be together nor be seen by Sam. Yet she clearly “draws a conclusion”.

Anna and Robert find their way to Jerry's private clinic, pointing their guns and demanding to know where Robin is. Yet it appears she's already gone.

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