GH Update Wednesday 12/16/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/16/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick and Emma are staying in a hotel in Paris. He scopes out the city on a tablet GPS. Emma asks if he's talked to her mommy to which he replies not yet. He's left her a message however and she will call them back as soon as she can, he tells her. Emma tells her dad she has a better suggestion which would be to go and surprise her mommy. Patrick sounds positive to his daughter although he is not certain where Robin may be or why. When they go to attempt to find Robin, however, they come up with nothing by finding only an antique shop. Patrick concludes to his daughter perhaps he got the wrong address as they both know Robin would not live or stay there. Yet, he assures Emma that her mom will return his call soon and tell them where she is. they get a surprise visit from a French woman who tells them she owns the antique shop. She tells them that she received a note about Robin Scorpio-Drake living at the antique shop address, which often gets confused with another place. When the woman gets ready to leave, Emma admires the necklace she's wearing. Alone with her dad, she tells him she remembers Spencer Cassadine having a tie pin just like that necklace. Hearing that, Patrick is stunned, knowing it may not be coincidental and might lead them to some clues to unravel some mysteries.

Robin is still at the lab when Jerry Jacks grow impatient, demanding she tells him she's either succeeded with what he wants or she has not. He reminds her that if she cannot accomplish what he wants by a specific deadline, she will be of no more use to her alive. She protests that she has found a breakthrough. Jerry asks her if she has found a way to make someone immortal. She replies yes. She tells him there are ways to come up with the unique characteristics of a person and find a way for them to never die. However, she tells Jerry, she will need some more time in order to deliver on what she is promising. She explains that the “brain” would exist in a digital format until science could develop an artificial forming body. Jerry asks her the time line with this. He wants results now which he can present to the highest bidder. He tells her time is running out and her time has expired.

Sonny and Carly realize Morgan has been out all night and Carly is very concerned when he returns after waiting up for him. He expresses to his parents that he wishes they would stop “imprisoning” him as Carly reminds her son he just got out of the hospital. He continues to protest that he's taking his medication just like the doctor ordered so he needs her to stop pushing him. When he goes up to shower, Sonny tells Carly they need to give their son although she is concerned that Morgan is clearly making some bad choices and asks Sonny if he is not worried. He replies damn straight he is worried about Morgan. Carly obsessively stresses how critical, crucial and imperative it is to “protect” Morgan from having another episode. Sonny seems less obsessive although concerned.

Anna meets with Mac at The Metro Court. He's been investigating Paul Hornsby by contacting Paul's ex and his daughter who either have no information or won't divulge. They realize they have no way of proving that he murdered Sloane and passed off the body as Carlos Rivera. Yet they both suspect foul play, given the fact that Paul “handled” everything involved in the autopsy, when that is not supposed to be the DA's place. Also, she knows the bullet wounds in the body identified as Carlos are completely different than how she remembers she shot Carlos. Mac remarks to Anna that whether they uncover and expose Paul or not, he can see that this investigation has brought her out of a dark place which he's happy to see. She tells him that's true, recalling how not long ago she was consumed with guilt grief. Yet she concludes she has to find out what happened and why. Mac tells him he has no doubt she will. She concludes that it was more than likely Julian who ordered Duke's murder. If she can find Carlos, it won't be hard to offer him incentive to testify and reveal all he knows. She concludes she will finally be able to put Julian away for all he's done and justice will be served. Yet they both realize Julian is not the only killer they are up against, as it's obvious that Paul Hornsby killed Sloane and hopefully they will be able to prove it. she gets a call from a contact and explains to Mac that they took a blood sample from the body assumed to be Carlos, which could be compared to the DNA sample she found on Carlos necklace. Yet, she concludes, they have no access to Sloane's DNA. Yet Mac informs her when they were in Sloane's apartment, he remembered to take Sloane's toothbrush. Anna is elated that they are just about home free.

Tracy is with Paul walking together in the park after he's made himself known and “admired” by the city during the Christmas festivities. When she hears about his commitment to the Toys For Tots fundraiser, Tracy remarks that she cannot believe how he's changed, as she remembers she once saw him only as an empty suit with a pretty face. She finds herself seeing him as a hero and having romantic interest in him. Little does she know what he's secretly up to. They both reflect that Dillon is in both of their lives again. He got a job with Crimson and hopefully will be staying in Port Charles not just because of the job. Tracy remarks she wants to see the three of them as a family. They talk about how they enjoy being together and how even if Dillon is grown, he would probably like to see his parents together. Carlos hides and eavesdrops upon their conversation unseen.

Sabrina goes to her Ob-Gyn appointment, wanting to arrive early before Michael gets there, in order to speak privately to her doctor. Yet Michael arrives and joins them wanting to get first hand information about Sabrina's sonogram. Dr. Lee shows it to them on the laptop and assures them the development is “normal” and gives her no cause for concern. Michael, however, finds it odd that the baby would be as large and the due date would be too soon for the time when she would have conceived with him. He obviously finds it odd and wants answers although Sabrina evades the question and Dr. Lee knows the answer to the question. Sabrina finds a way to talk privately to Dr. Lee after Michael is gone. Dr. Lee tells Sabrina she knows she's lying to Michael about something very critical. He's not the father of her child. She doesn't intend to tell him or anyone because she's bound by doctor/patient confidentiality,. She tells Sabrina she's not worried about the baby. She's worried about her, however.

While Kiki is at The Metro Court, she notices Ava coming by and assumes she's either stalking her daughter which, she reminds Ava, is a crime. Or she's doing something only to benefit herself or ask for favors. She makes it clear, yet again, that she wants nothing to do with her mom and has to get back to work. Ava protests to her daughter that this is the holiday season and Kiki's baby sister needs her big sister. So, she asks her daughter if she could just put aside her differences with her mom so that Avery can have a family around her for Christmas. She asks Kiki if she remembers going to see the big Christmas tree get lit up at the Rockefeller Center and making gingerbread houses as a child. Kiki concludes she doesn't want to go down that road with Ava although her mom protests this is Christmas, the season of love and forgiveness. Can't she just think about what is best for Avery? Kiki agrees to think about it but doesn't go any farther than that. As soon as Ava is alone, she sends a text to Paul telling him she'd like to celebrate a “victory” with him. He accesses the text while with Tracy, hiding it from her and telling her he has some business to take care of. Yet he finds it hard to tear himself away from Tracy and she-him and they end up kissing. Only seconds later, however, they pull away and argue about who “initiated” it or if it was mutual. She gets up to leave. As soon as Paul is alone, Carlos comes out of hiding. Paul gives him an envelope and instructs him to take it and go some place warm, preferably as far away as possible. Yet Carlos informs Paul he can't just do that. Sabrina is having his baby. Hearing that, Paul firmly tells Carlos that is insane. Sabrina is having a baby with Michael Quartermaine. He can't let Tracy's family lose their baby to a criminal like Carlos even if he is the biological father. Carlos tells Paul that he (Paul) may have abandoned his son as a baby but that's not how he (Carlos) does things. Paul reminds Carlos that he's a wanted criminal. Yet Carlos smugly reminds him it's not like anyone is “looking for him” since they all assume he's dead. Disproving that will only cast suspicion upon Paul. Yet Paul reminds Carlos there is “dead” and there is “really dead”. Carlos assures Paul there's no need for death threats. He will leave Port Charles as he knows he does not want to end up back in Pentonville. However, he vows, he will not give up on being with Sabrina and their baby.

Carly goes to the Metro Court, finds Ava and tells her she needs to talk about baby Avery. She tells Ava she was just hoping, in the spirit of the season, that maybe she could relax the rules of the custody agreement as it would mean so much to Sonny if he could spend a little time with his daughter without being watched over by the child welfare supervisor. She protests that Avery wants to bond with her family and have some memories. Carly tells her she's not just asking that for Sonny or for herself. She's asking Ava to do that for the baby. Ava clarifies that Carly is asking her to allow Sonny to have an unsupervised visit with Avery on Christmas morning, to which she smugly replies to Carly absolutely not.

In the dining room, Kiki notices Morgan sitting alone at the table and not in a good mood. He admits he's getting tired of his mom watching over him. She instantly remembers that when a bus boy cleared his table last time he was there, several of his pills were found that he must not have taken. Hearing that, he protests that he makes certain if he forgets any of his pills or leaves them behind, he has his doctor prescribing more. Kiki is concerned about what Morgan might be secretly doing, possibly making bad judgment that could get him into trouble. Yet, he reminds her, she does not get to interfere in his life after she made it clear that they are just friends and there are boundaries. He has the right to boundaries just like she has. Yet she tells him he is her friend. She cares about him and wants to be there for him. Hearing that, he is gracious and admits that he cares about her also. Carly returns and apologizes to her son if she was disregarding his boundaries. She talks to Kiki alone about how they are both looking out for Morgan and Carly wants to make Kiki aware of how it could be detrimental if Morgan fails to take his meds right on schedule.

In the other room, Ava overhears that Tracy telling the hotel staff that DA Hornsby is an honored guest and key note speaker in the Quartermaine Christmas charity event. Ava knows Paul has not told her anything about his “involvement” with Tracy or anything else he's doing.

Michael goes to see Sonny. They catch up on Sonny's progress with PT. Sonny asks his son how his grandchild is doing. Michael replies he and Sabrina went to see the doctor and she tells them Sabrina and the baby are doing good. Yet Sonny can clearly tells his son is not ok. Michael then admits he's afraid Sabrina is hiding something from him. Sonny suspects nothing and assures Michael things will work out with their baby. Yet Michael asks his dad if it bothers him that Sabrina was once involved with the man who shot him. Sonny replies he does not hold Sabrina responsible for Carlos. The good thing, he tells Michael, is that she got rid of that son of a bitch and found her way to Michael

Alone with Sabrina, Dr. Lee tells her she is concerned about the stress she may be experiencing and how it's not good for her or for the baby. Sabrina protests that she can't tell the Michael the truth. It will break his heart. Her doctor reminds her that Michael is already asking questions and will sooner or later find out the baby is not his so isn't it better not to live a lie. Sabrina admits she's gone over this many times and she's concluded she knows what to do.

While Anna is with Mac at the Metro Court, she get a call from Patrick informing her that he and Emma are in Paris trying unsuccessfully to find Robin. He tells his ex mother-in-law he's certain Robin is not in Paris and he has a bad feeling that she never was. He's afraid the Cassadines might be involved. He informs her that he and Emma “very conveniently” ran into a woman, in Paris who just happens to be wearing the Cassadine family crest. At that point, she tells Mac she has to take urgent action after learning her daughter is missing.

At the clinic, Jerry Jacks concludes that Robin Scorpio-Drake has outlived her usefulness. And he gives orders for his men to kill her.

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