GH Update Tuesday 12/15/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/15/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Julian are hurriedly meeting for lunch at The Floating Rib while they are both busy and having to rush off and get back to work, without much time to spend together. He remarks that he has to get back to Crimson as soon as they are done and “watch it go up in smoke”. He tells her he wants to just give Crimson a funeral because he has more pressing concerns, including their mutual daughter. He asks Alexis how Sam is holding up. Alexis comments that Sam and Danny will make it and it's great that they can be together as a family. Unexpectedly, Olivia comes by and wants to engage in conversation with her baby's father. She unintentionally interrupts their lunch talking all about Leo, showing them a Christmas sweater she bought for the little guy and a matching one she bought for his dad. She reflects how, when Dante was a kid, they had family members who could knit and crochet matching clothes for them and although she admits she's not quite as great with home crafts as they were, she has credit cards and so she can carry on the tradition with her own family. Yet neither Julian nor Alexis are as interested in that as she is. Julian has to rush off and leaves. Alone with Olivia, Alexis tells Olivia she knows how difficult it is to co-parent when one is not with the other parent, as she herself had to do with Ric and with Sonny. Hearing that, Olivia asks Alexis if she's saying she does not want Olivia spending time with Julian. Alexis graciously tells her she is not saying that but maybe she needs to understand boundaries. At that point, both women “debate” on who might really know what Julian really “wants or does not want”.

At the Crimson office, Nina goes over Dillon's ideas and is very impressed, telling him they have inspired her “new soul” as editor in chief. Maxie stands beside him, both happily enjoying their success and meeting of the minds for the magazine. She agrees with Maxie that Dillon is gifted and concludes that Crimson is on a roll and that they are going to make this magazine a huge success. When Maxie and Dillon go into the other room and Nina is alone, Franco comes by to see her. He notices how encouraged she is and is worried she might be misguided getting the idea that Julian appreciates and has faith in her work for his magazine. In the other room, Maxie is brainstorming with Dillon how they can upgrade the magazine together. Dillon admits he is not certain what Maxie has in mind for how he can save the magazine. She tells him he could be their permanent photographer. Although he may believe fashion photography is not his field, his experience as a film director would qualify him, she tells him. She admits part of why she wants that is to keep him in town. She doesn't want him all the way across the country. He was the guy her little sister loved. In the memory of Georgie, she tells Dillon, he will always be family to her. She admits that although she was angry for what he did to Lulu, he matters to her. He then admits to her that he wishes she could stay and make it up to Lulu but, given the reality that she's unavailable to him and justifiably angry for this “action” when she found out, for the first time, that Dante and Valerie slept together (for the first time) last 4 of July and covered it up.

In the other room, Franco expresses his concerns to Nina about how he thinks Julian cannot be trusted and will exploit and hurt her. He tells her he knows how amazing she is and how he knows she deserves her job but Julian is shallow, superficial and probably treacherous. After Franco leaves, Julian appears and tells everyone that he is sorry to have to be the “bearor of bad tidings”, but profits are down. Crimson is no longer lucrative. So he has to shut down the magazine. He goes in the office to talk alone with Nina. She asks him if he's giving up on the magazine, to which he informs her that unless Crimson suddenly turns into a big money-making venture, it's not worth it for him so he will just have to cut his losses. Maxie and Dillon wait for her to come out of the office. Maxie tells her she was hoping that Julian has agreed to hire Dillon on. Nina does not reveal to her what Julian and told her that she wants Dillon in and they are going to all make Crimson a success, regardless of anything else.

At Sonny's house, Carly is on the phone trying to get a hold of Jake and get him to return her call. She knows her friend is hurting after finding out Elizabeth lied, betrayed and scammed him. She admits even if he does not remember being Jason, she needs to be there for him although Sonny tells her that maybe what she needs to do at this point is give Jason some time and space. He tells her they have to respect his wishes and his boundaries and let him deal with his own problems just like they have their own problems with their family. Yet Carly protests that Jason is family and she cannot sit by and let Jason suffer alone after what he's going through. Right then, Dante comes by and apologizes if he's interrupting. Carly leaves to take care of business. Alone with Sonny, Dante tells his dad there's something he wanted to talk about.

Valerie's car dies unexpectedly, in the middle of nowhere, while on the way to her shooting range training for the police academy. She' realizes she's missed a lot of time in which she could be proving herself a success to the force. After waiting alone and stranded in her car, Johnny Zacchara suddenly appears offering to “help” her. He tells her at this point, he cannot see what might be wrong with her car but if she needs to get somewhere fast, he could give her a ride. She tells him she does not accept rides from strangers, although, she graciously tells him, he seems like a “nice guy”. He tells her he understands all too well. A woman can't be too careful nowadays, commenting that he'd kick his little sister's butt if she accepted a ride from a stranger. He asks what just happened. She tells him she does not know. Her car just suddenly decelerated and then died. He asks if she might be a “dangerous woman”, in a joking manner seeing that she has a gun and is going to target practice. They graciously shake hands and introduce themselves. He takes his time working on her car and engaging in conversation about her aspirations to be a law enforcement officer. He sounds like he wants to encourage her to pursue her dreams although she admits that she has missed her shooting session right when she wanted to make a good impression, admitting she has some things “stacked against her”.. Hearing that, he tells her if they discriminate against her because she's a woman, that is so not cool and he encourages her not to be intimidated and knows she will prove anyone wrong who doubts her. Hearing that, she tells them they treat her pretty well, “all things considered”. Although, she admits to him there was “an incident” that might influence what the police department thinks of her. She wants to be taken seriously as a cop. It means everything to her, she tells this “stranger”. Johnny wants to spend more time “trying” to get Valerie's car to start and engage her in conversation about the police academy. He tells her she reminds him of someone he knows. Hearing that, she asks if that's a “good thing”. After taking enough time of “failing” to get her car to start, he gives it another shot and declares he might have succeeded. She smiles and tells the “kind stranger” he's her hero. He finally gets Valerie's car to start. She expresses her gratitude. They are mutually gracious and he tells her he thinks she's going to make a great cop.

Lulu talks to Olivia at The Metro Court, telling her mother in law she was “not happy” to learn that Valerie has been spending time with Dante and Rocco, now, on an on-going basis. However, now that she's been able to take some time to calm down, she has taken a page from her mother-in-law's book. She tells Olivia she realizes Julian is far from her favorite person, yet Lulu knows she is making an effort to co-parent their child with him. So, she concludes, she wants to get along with Dante for Rocco. Olivia tells her daughter-in-law she's happy to hear that and hopes it all works out the way Lulu wants. Laura enters and sits at the table with her daughter. Olivia admits to Lulu that although she loves her son, she realizes he's making a serious mistake right now. She leaves Lulu alone with her mom and Laura asks just what Dante has “done now”. Lulu concludes to her mom that she's decided to “take the high road” regarding her marital problems. Yet, Laura knows that her daughter is “planning something” that may not be “ethical”. She tells Lulu she knows what she's capable of doing when she's hurt. She knows that Lulu is her father's daughter. She knows how Luke would get a steely gleam in his eye when he got hurt. Sometimes when she looks at Lulu, she sees the same thing. Lulu admits that she is very upset to be betrayed by her husband. However, she assures her mom, revenge is not what she wants to do. She admits that she goes through so many emotions of anger, sadness and never wanting to see him again. She's confused about a lot of things but one thing she is not confused about is that she hates Valerie. Hearing that, Laura tells her daughter perhaps it's easier for her to hate Valerie instead of hating Dante. Lulu tells her mom she knows Dante is responsible for his actions. Yet she concludes that even if she and Dante come to terms with what he did, she does not see any reason why she should tolerate Valerie. As long as Valerie is in Port Charles, she will always be reminded of how Valerie targeted her marriage and seduced her husband.

At Sonny's home, Dante admits to his dad that Lulu served him with separation papers which he signed. He wishes he could get back with his wife but it might be easier said than done. Hearing that, Sonny tells his son there is no “magic fix”, as he reflects on his on-again, off-again history with Carly. He tells Dante how happy he is that after all the detours they had, he and Carly found their way back together. He concludes to Dante if he and Lulu were meant to be, they will find their way back together.

Carly goes to the hospital and runs into Elizabeth who clearly wants to avoid her knowing she's there for a confrontation regarding Jason. Carly tells Elizabeth she's glad she's shown her true colors to Jason and now he and everyone else in this town know that Elizabeth can lie just like the rest of us. She reflects that people may judge her but she, herself has never lied to Jason. She never needed to. He accepted Carly with all her faults and she accepted him, she tells Elizabeth. Yet Elizabeth had to always play the victim and the damsel in distress. She had to trap Jason into living a lie but now he can see right through her falseness. Elizabeth then demands that Carly shuts up and leads her into the art room where they can talk privately, not cause a seen, and she adds, she is not going to get fired from her job although she knows Carly probably would not care if she got fired because of this. Hearing that, Carly remarks she knows Elizabeth wants to blame her if she loses her job just like she wanted to blame Sam because she lost Jason. She tells Elizabeth Jason can now see that the woman he trusted, defending and wanted to marry was willing to keep him away from his wife and his child just so she can get what she wants. Elizabeth argues that Sam and Danny had a good life with Patrick. Hearing that, Carly mentions how this has also devastated Patrick and Emma whom Elizabeth claims are her friends. Elizabeth argues that Patrick was happy without the truth coming about Jason Carly firmly reminds her that Jason could never be happy with a liar like Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Carly she need not worry because Jason left her and her kids are devastated by that and she knows that's what Carly wanted. Carly tells her she has no one to blame except herself for how this will hurt her kids. As soon as Carly leaves her alone in the room, Elizabeth does not realize that Franco has been there unseen, witnessing the whole conversation and hearing every word. He tells her he has concerns about what she's going through right now and the fact that it's clear to see the whole town hates her, not unlike they have hated him. He admits to her that she “did him a solid”, explaining that the longer Jason stays in the dark about who he is, the better it will be for Franco. Although Elizabeth doesn't want to listen, he tells her he has some things to say that may be of interest to her.. He admits to her that if Jason ever remembered who he was, he knows he'd (Franco) be in serious trouble.

Carly returns to Sonny after Dante leaves. She admits to her former and present husband that she went to confront Elizabeth. Although Sonny tells his former and present wife, she may have gone over the top, she tells him she had to confront Elizabeth for what she did to Jason.

As soon as Valerie is “mobile”, she drives to The Floating Rib. Dante is there. She informs him that she is really discouraged that she was unable to get to her shooting practice when she was so encouraged to be a success in her training. Once again, he's there to console her. As soon as he asks about her car, she remarks that a “really nice guy” came out of nowhere, got her car to start and save the day.

At the Metro Court, before Laura departs, she tells her daughter that she promises to be there no matter what she decides but advises Lulu not to make any rash decision out of anger or need for revenge. As soon as Lulu is alone at The Metro Court, she gets a call from Johnny. He reports that he met and spoke to Valerie. He now knows where she is vulnerable and all he needs to do now is “exploit” it

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