GH Update Monday 12/14/15

General Hospital Update Monday 12/14/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Tracy, Monica, and Paul go to the Metro Court to plan the Nutcracker Gala. Yet Tracy reminds Monica she did not agree to it. Monica has already bought the tickets, however. Tracy and Monica argue about how to do their event. They don't know who to select as a Keynote Speaker. Paul suggests the Mayor. Yet that is easier said than done. Tracy then suggests the perfect choice. She can think of a man who is dynamic and charismatic and is sitting right there, she tells Monica, as she points to Paul. Monica objects to that idea, knowing that maybe Tracy is merely “biased” because of her “attraction” to Paul. He tells her he needs to check his calendar yet Tracy clearly will not accept no for an answer. Paul takes a call, leaving Tracy and Monica alone to talk. Monica asks her what possible good could come from this. Monica tells Tracy she has been fawning over Paul ever since he got there. Tracy reminds her that Paul is her ex and Dillon's father and a very important person in Port Charles and that is it. Yet, Monica tells Tracy she can see that Tracy has been gushing over him like a school girl, as she reminds Tracy when she was married to Paul, he lied and cheated on her and broke her heart and she is concerned it could happen again. When Paul returns, Monica asks if either of them have any ideas for raising money other than the silent auction and the selling tickets. Because, she tells them, if they don't she does. She has an idea to have a Gun Amnesty program attached to the gala. Hearing that, Paul is definitely uneasy knowing how much he wants and needs to keep his gun. Monica talks to Tracy and to Paul about what a tragedy it is when a small child finds a gun and people are not left accountable. She tells them they can do more than just wringing their hands. Monica explains to Paul that Gun Amnesty will not only benefit to the greater good, it will enhance his stellar reputation. She explains she will match or double each item donated to Toys For Tots for each person who turns in a gun that they have in their possession. She tells Paul what she needs from the DA's office is support and Amnesty for anyone who turns in a firearm.

At The Haunted Star, while Lulu is alone with Johnny Zacchara and rushing to start the day, she gets an incoming call from Dante texting that he needs to talk to her and will be there in an hour. She tells Johnny it's nothing important. Yet she tells him she needs him to come up with a plan to get rid of Valerie. Knowing that although Lulu may not be speaking about Dante, she still may have him on her mind, Johnny asks if the incoming text was from Dante and remarks he believes Dante does not deserve her and she could do much better. Yet she doesn't want to discuss that, reminds him that he needs to hide before people come in the door and discover she's hiding fugitive on her boat.. She reminds him again, that he needs to find a way to make Valerie disappear. He asks what she knows about Valerie. Yet instead of telling him where to find her, she goes on about how Valerie has ruined her marriage, betrayed her, moved in on her husband and she was found alone with Lulu's child last night in the apartment. She's gotten Dante completely snowed and yet she has the gall to accuse Lulu of being the one to start this big mess just because Lulu told one lie. Yet Johnny asks Lulu to slow down and just tell him where Valerie lives and works so that he can find her first. She replies that Valerie currently lives at Carly's house with her aunt Bobbie. Carly is staying with Sonny so she probably won't be there when he goes there. She also informs Johnny that Valerie currently attends the police academy. Johnny right then goes on the website to find the PCPD Cadet Academy and looks up Valerie Spencer. He pulls up her picture and remarks to Lulu she did not tell him that Valerie was a “knock out”. Hearing that, Lulu is clearly provoked as she sarcastically tells him she knows Valerie is gorgeous and she's also a lying home-wrecking cheat. Yet Johnny clearly wants her to “calm down” and assures Lulu that Valerie does not hold a candle to her. He then asks if she has Dante's password. She instantly recites and remembers it as their wedding day 122311. She also can't help herself from reflecting what a “magical day” that was for both of them. Johnny jokes as he inquires if they got married in a Catholic Church, knowing they did, as she protests it was important to her husband. She goes on telling him it was not a “formal and religious” ceremony. It was intimate and special. It was magical, she remembers, and that was before her “skank of a cousin” even knew that they existed. Johnny is then able to log in to Dante's information and access all the schedules of cops and cadets and how and when he could find whomever he wants to find. He then goes out the door although Lulu reminds him how dangerous it is for him to go out and be seen. Yet he clearly has a plan. She asks if he can give her some details about his plan but he evades and leaves.

While Dante is at the station, Jordan finds out that he is about to divorce Lulu and he's surprised that his boss would not give him a speech about not giving up on his marriage. She replies to that telling him she gets that sometimes when things are over, they are over and that is what people need to accept. She tells him that she's not suggesting he now has a license to “break all the rules”. However, if things are over between him and Lulu, then maybe the best thing for him to do is let go and leave all of the regrets in the past. As soon as they are done talking, once again, Dante runs into Valerie. Once again, the “sparks fly” and they can't take their eyes off of each other or concentrate on their work. Jordan approaches her and remarks that she heard about Valerie's very high marks on her forensics test. Yet, she tells her, in order to be a success in the field, one needs to be focused. She admits to Valerie she knows that she is very distracted over Dante and may be misguided to believe he and Lulu are over for good.

Hayden meets with Curtis at The Floating Rib. He continues to evade telling her who shot her and makes it clear to her that if she wants to find out the information he's successfully obtained, it will cost her. Not far away, Nikolas observes them. He comes up to the table and demands to know whom Hayden's friend is. IN response to that, she tells him that she's hired Curtis to do some “surprise decorating” for ELQ. Yet Nikolas may not buy that for a minute. He realizes he doesn't see any plans or sketches. Yet both Hayden and Curtis go into all of the details for the ideas they have. She dismisses Curtis, reminding him he needs to get working on the plans. Alone with Hayden, Nikolas reminds her she's “slipping” on her “con skills”, remembering how very recently she told him the company needs to reduce the workforce budget when she is now hiring a completely unnecessary addition. Hayden has the perfect “explanation” of how it may seem impractical to spend money on decorating, it is a one-time expense. Yet cutting redundant jobs yields high dividends. Right away, she mentions the importance of relationships she has with people who matter to her, to which Nikolas asks her if “their” relationship is one of those that is important to her. He concludes to her he's not all that concerned about that and has much bigger things on his mind as he reveals to Hayden he just spoke to Elizabeth and found out that her biggest fears have come true.

Curtis goes to the police station and has an “old friend” who's now a uniformed cop unlock the evidence room for him so he can get the evidence needed to prove who shot Hayden.

Nikolas informs Hayden that Elizabeth admitted to Jason that she kept his identity from him. Sam told Jason her suspicions and when he confronted Elizabeth, she admitted it. He reminds her that now that Jason knows about Elizabeth keeping the secret, he probably also knows about the two of them as well. He warns her that whether or not Jason can bring legal charges against them, it's reasonable to assume that he will be seeking retribution from all who knew which, he admits to her, is a concern.

Elizabeth hears Jake's motorcycle outside her window as she paces back and forth, searching for that “glimmer of hope”. She rushes to the door, “hoping” that maybe he's “home”, might have reconsidered ending their engagement and wants to give them another chance. Yet, he notices an incoming call from Sam and only looks coldly at Elizabeth. When she asks, again, if he's “come home to us”, he tells her he's merely there to collect his stuff see if the boys are home. He tells her he wanted to discuss with her what they are going to tell the boys. Hearing that, she immediately asks about what. He replies that he's moving out. Hearing that, she adamantly tells Jason this is his house and he “knows that”, as she tells him he may need more time to think things through, to which he tells her he's had all the time he needs. She admits she made a big mistake keeping the truth from him, admits she was “wrong” and reminds him if he loves her then maybe he can give her a chance to make it up to him. Yet he clearly does not want to discuss it and makes it clear his mind is made up. He comes down the stairs wasting no time to gathering his belongings and going out the door without looking back while Elizabeth pleads to him if he still loves her, then he won't do this, as she reminds him she loves him with all her heart and is willing to do anything to make it up to him. He asks her how she intends to make it up to Jake. How is she going to explain to her son that she's been lying to him this entire time? How is she going to make it up to Sam or Danny, when it's obvious if she had it her way, they'd go their entire lives not knowing he's alive. She protests that Sam and Danny don't “need him” but she does and they need to be a family. He tells her he did love her but the love they shared was built on a lie and that lie is over. He leaves without looking back and Elizabeth is obviously devastated.

Dante goes to find Lulu although she has not responded to his texts and is busy cleaning and appearing completely non-responsive to him. He then declares to her that he wanted to tell her something in person which he's afraid she will hate him after he says it. He admits to her that a few nights ago, his mother brought Rocco home because she did not want him spreading his cold to baby Leo. He went to get their son some aspirin and left him with Valerie. She does not sound concerned or jealous however, which clearly further distresses Dante. She admits that his mother already told her that and she's known since last night. She admits to Dante she considered coming by and making a scene but decided not to do it because he's not worth it. She concludes to her husband that she is beginning to take his bad behaviors in stride. She is now beginning to believe all that they've meant to each other and the family they've built means nothing. At first she was devastated to see him pulling away but she can now clearly see that he's changed and no the man she fell in love with who was worth fighting for. She now knows, she tells him that getting mad does not solve anything. Taking action, however, does.

Valerie's car suddenly stalls in the middle of nowhere.

When Curtis leaves the PD evidence room, Jordan sees him and asks him what the hell he's doing there. He charms her, tells her how beautiful she looks, tells her he was there to see her and congratulate her on becoming the police commissioner. He asks about TJ and reveals her son is his nephew but she clearly does not trust him in hers or TJ's lives and tells him she hopes his “business” in Port Charles is very brief. He goes out the door and as soon as he's unseen, he pulls out a concealed gun kept inside a plastic bag.

While Elizabeth is lying on her couch wrapped up in a blanket, somebody knocks on her door. She goes to get it and sees Diane who's there to bring some legal papers Jake wanted. She is unaware that Jake has moved out of Elizabeth's home or what has happened. Elizabeth asks her if the papers pertain to his divorce from Sam and asks Diane if it's not true that she does not approve of Jason divorcing Sam to be with Elizabeth. She knows all too well that Jason was Diane favorite client. The life Jason had while with Sam, Sonny and Carly in his life, which always got him in trouble, made her rich when she represented him. She knows Diane did not want Jason to have a happy or stable life with her and her boys. She angrily tells Diane that she and all the others got what they wanted. So, she demands that Diane gets out of her house. Alone, she cries as she relives all her memories with “Jake” before during and after learning and lying to him about who he really is.

At The Floating Rib, Hayden expresses concern and worry to Nikolas about what Jason Morgan might do if and when he's onto them, reminding him that Jason's best friend is the Godfather of Port Charles. He assures her he will take the rap for that so she does not have to. Jason appears and confronts Nikolas about keeping his sons from their father and asks how long he knew the truth. Nikolas reveals what he did and Jason assaults him and leaves.

After Lulu dismisses Dante and tells him they are through, she opens up the laptop to see the picture of Valerie. She remarks to her that “payback is a bitch” and it's coming for her right now.

After Valerie's car has stalled in the middle of nowhere, Johnny Zacchara appears ready to “help” her.

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