GH Update Friday 12/11/15

General Hospital Update Friday 12/11/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Hayden finds Curtis playing pool at The Floating Rib. She reminds him that when they last met, he agreed to get into the garage where she was shot and find the missing bullet. He confirms to her that he found it. Hearing that, she tells him she is impressed remembering he informed her he does not have a car. He informs her he rented a large SUV. She wonders why he would not choose a sub compact. He explains that since most of the customers in that place are criminals, he realizes that in order not to look “suspicious” to those who may be onto him, he needs to drive what they drive. He informs her that he has some very compelling evidence that would be of interest to her. He tells her that he does know where the gun and bullet are. They are in the PCPD locker room. He informs her he has friends in high places and kind of “dances around” the answer to the question. She asks him how much the information he can give her will cost. He admits it will be expensive. He tells her after he's found the evidence needed, she will have all the proof she needs in order to find out who had her shot. She wants to know what he has planned and how much it will cost her. Yet he “evades” her question.

Carly sits with Morgan at The Metro Court. He can see that his mother is “overly attentive” to him. He urges her to stop treating him like a kid. He realizes, he tells her, that she just got out of a mental ward although she tells him she doesn't want him to “feel that way”. Carly clearly has an inadvertent need to monitor her son. He tells her that he realizes she and his dad are worried about him but they need not, he assures her. He is taking his medication, he informs her. Kiki serves them some water and thanks Carly for giving her a chance by giving her this job. She assesses she knows she ran Carly off the road while drunk and hid Morgan when he was in danger. Yet Carly assures he that everything is ok. She deserves a second chance and she has helped Morgan get the treatment he needs, Carly tells her. Not far away, Ava enter sand asks Kiki if she intends to speak to her own mother.

While Carly sits at the table with Morgan and wants to talk all about bi polar disorder and asks him, again and again, if he's taking his medication, he tells her of course he is yet he is not ok with the way it makes him feel. Right when they are talking, they are interrupted by loud yelling. Carly gets up and is ready to find out what is going on and Morgan follows her. They notices Kiki demanding that Ava leave her alone. Ava tells Carly she has the right to talk to her own daughter and it's none of Carly's business. Carly tells Ava that she is in Carly's restaurant harassing her employee so it is her business. Kiki then assures Carly that it's ok. She just needs a few minutes. Alone with Kiki, Ava urges her daughter to give her another chance, to which Kiki tells her mom that will never happen. Ava tells her that will break her heart. Kiki tells her mom she may look on the bright side. At least she did not screw her mom's boyfriend. Ava reminds Kiki that she has forgiven Morgan but not her mom. Kiki does not listen and tells her she needs to get back to work. Ava tells her daughter she just needs to make sure she is ok. Kiki tells her she need no longer be concerned. Carly approaches Ava and tells her she is no longer welcome in Carly's restaurant. Ava protests but Morgan firmly tells her she heard his mom. Ava tells her she cannot prevent her from seeing her daughter yet Ava can prevent both Carly and Sonny from seeing Avery, to which Carly reminds her if she refuses to let them have their visitation with Sonny's daughter, she is in violation of a court order. Ava leaves. Carly approaches Kiki and tells her she's sorry she “had to hear that”. Yet Kiki is not angry and smiles. Carly gets back to work and Morgan talks to Kiki about how his mom is annoying him about his “condition”. She tells him mothers all have their imperfections yet Carly is worthy of respect whereas Ava is not. She asks Morgan how things are after he's been hospitalized and diagnosed. He discusses all that he has to take in and deal with regarding that.

Sam has spent the night at he mom's house after moving out of Patrick's although both Alexis and Julian may be unaware.. She notices her mom with her dad having a “private moment” which is awkward for her. Julian asks his daughter why she's no longer at Patrick's home. She informs him that she and Patrick are through. She explains to her parents that She did, in fact “push the issue” with knowing that Elizabeth knew who Jason really was, as she discussed with Alexis. Alexis asks her daughter where Patrick fits in all of this. Sam replies he does not. He told her they are through and she has moved out of his house and broken off their engagement.

Nikolas goes to Elizabeth's home and asks her the status of her and Jason. She informs him that Jason is gone and he is done with her. He comes inside and asks her what happened. She replies Jason left her. Sam informed him that Elizabeth knew the truth before he found out and when he demanded she tell him if it's true, she (Elizabeth) admitted it was. She remembered Nikolas telling her she need not worry because Sam could not “prove it”. Yet Jason demanded she tell him whether it's true and she admitted it was. She reminds him that when he found out, months ago, at The Nurse's Ball, and informed her that Jake was really Jason, he did advise her to tell that to “Jake” and not keep it a secret. Yet she did not listen. She thought as long as Jake loved her and did not remember anything nor chose to go back to his old life, that maybe it did not matter and they could have their life together. She rationalized that Sam no longer needs Jason and has a future with Patrick. Yet, believing what she believed and making the choice she made has cost her dearly. She lost Jason and she is devastated because of the choice she made. She now knows she has driven Jason away and because of her, her boys do not have a dad. They both realize that Jason has suspected Nikolas also but now he knows. So, she warns Nikolas, this has wrecked his life also. She knows that he could get in legal trouble for taking ELQ and the dealing he had with hiding that Jake was Jason. Yet Nikolas tells her his she need not worry about him. He tells her he is concerned for her with losing the man she loves. She kept the secret for love. She thanks him for standing by her. He tells her what are friends for. He also reminds her that all of the people lining up to judge her were not in her shoes and she owes them no explanation. If they cannot understand that, they were never her friends and she need not feel bad. She tells him she appreciates that and warns Nikolas that it's likely that Jason will be coming after him so he needs to be careful.

Jason goes to the boxing gym to find Sonny while he's doing his physical therapy. Sonny asks him how he got in there knowing the place was about to be locked up. Jason admits that he remembers hearing that he was Sonny's best friend. Sonny confirms he remembers that and remarks to Jason he can see he has something on his mind. He can also see his “long lost friend” might need to punch something. He asks Jason if he's sure there's not somewhere else he'd rather be. Jason observes Sonny in a wheelchair, and realizes he failed to prevent the shooting that caused it. Yet Sonny graciously tells him that he is grateful that Jason saved his life. Jason then realizes he has anger and aggression to release. He viciously pounds the punching bag as he informs Sonny that he found out Elizabeth knew who he was before he did and hid it for months. She betrayed him. Their relationship was based upon a lie. So yes, he is upset and infuriated, he admits to Sonny.

Sam assesses to her mom that she knows the break up that resulted from her incompletion with Jason devastated not only Patrick but Emma as well. First she lost her mom and then Sabrina and now Sam. Julian tells his daughter this “break-up” is absurd. This falling out between Elizabeth and Jason has nothing to do with Sam and Patrick. Sam admits to her dad that it actually does. She assesses to her parents that she is very confused as to what her future is with or without Jason or how or if Patrick fits into that. They both realized that it's not fair to him to make him wait and hang in suspense without knowing the verdict between herself and Jason.

Jason informs Sonny that he found out that Sam's suspicion was correct that Elizabeth lied to him all this while. He also heard from Carly, although he did not listen, that Elizabeth manipulated him. He realizes that Sam, Danny, Carly, as well as Sonny and all the people who loved him believed he died. Elizabeth let them all go on grieving. Yet she was the woman he was in love with and intended to marry. Sonny assesses to Jason (although he realizes he has no recollection) about his history with Carly and how they were off and on and always in conflict. Yet, he concludes, he and Carly always got back together and realized they could not live without each other. Hearing that (and remembering none of his past life, feelings or relationships), Jason asks Sonny if he's suggesting to Jason that he should do that with Elizabeth. In response to that, Sonny admits to Jason that maybe he can't be “objective” since he's one of the people whom Elizabeth left to grieve the loss of Jason. However, he tells him, if he were walking in Jason's his shoes, knowing that Elizabeth kept him from his life, he would not forgive her. However, he reminds Jason, it's not his decision. It's Jason's. Carly comes by and watches them together. She is shocked and wants to know about the private conversation she just walked in on. Hearing that, Sonny asks her if she can promise, if he tells her what Jason informed him, that she will not go and make it public. Carly cannot promise that and Sonny realizes maybe she has the right to know so he informs her that Jason found out, as Elizabeth admitted, that she (Elizabeth) knew who he was and kept the secret from him and everyone else. Hearing that, Carly is not angry. In fact she's really happy and confident. She tells him that she tried and failed to convince Jason, along with many others, that Elizabeth cannot be trusted and was manipulating him. He refused to listen, got angry and demanded she leave Elizabeth alone. Yet now that he's found out the truth, he cannot blame Carly for “interfering”. Elizabeth ruined their relationship all on her own without any assistance from anyone else, Carly concludes. He asks her how her “mother and son talk” went. She admits that Morgan is taking his meds and hopefully things will be getting better.

At The Metro Court, Kiki informs Morgan she tried calling him and it looks like he's doing ok. He tells her maybe they can hang out and asks her when she gets off work. She then admits to him that he's her friend. Yet they have a lot of crazy history together. And this thing with Ava complicates everything. So she wants to remain just friends with him. He then tells her he is ok with that, as he's discussed with his shrink, and understands the whole concept of having boundaries. She has to get back to work. Morgan then tells her she handled herself really great there with Ava.

Sam asks her parents if they would “consider” letting her stay there for the holiday. They assure her this is hers' and Danny's home. She thanks them and wants to make things festive for when Danny awakens. She cries and reflects how not long ago, she and Patrick took Danny to a Christmas event with all the trimmings and holiday joy. Sam goes into the other room. Alone with Alexis, Julian tells her that he was “ok” with their daughter being with a doctor who would not put her in danger and wanted them to get married. He understands Sam has the right to make her own decisions but he is not “ok” with her being with Jason and all the danger that could cause for his daughter and grandson. Alexis assesses to him that Sam knew, way back, all about her mom's concerns with her being with Jason yet she chose to stay with him. Julian asks if she thinks there's a chance of Sam getting back with him now. Sam comes out and answers that question, assuring her dad that she and Jason are just friends. Although she's glad he's done with Elizabeth knowing she's a liar, she wants Jason to trust her and not rush into anything with her.

Elizabeth notices Jason outside her door. She comes out to see him and asks if he's “home”. He looks coldly at her, silently replying that he's done with her and their relationship as he notices he's getting an in-coming call from Sam.

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