GH Update Thursday 12/10/15

General Hospital Update Thursday 12/10/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Dillon finds that Johnny Zacchara has been hiding at The Haunted Star underneath the bar while he's been talking to Lulu. He assumes that Lulu was unaware and tells them he will call the cops. When he finds out that she has been harboring a fugitive, he is shocked. Johnny warns him if he and/or Lulu get involved in that, it could be really messy. Dillon tells him if he calls the cops and has him sent back to prison, it won't be messy. However, Elizabeth urges Dillon, if he ever cared about her, not to do that. He asks her why she wants to get involved in this in order to help Johnny. Lulu replies that Johnny has helped her through many hard times so she wants to return the favor. Dillon tells Johnny he knows he killed his father. He knows he has criminal charges pending against him. If he wants to be a fugitive, that's his business but he can't get Lulu involved in this.

Olivia comes by Dante's apartment while he's gone to get Rocco some baby aspirin. She notices that Valerie is alone with the baby waiting for Dante to return. Knowing that Dante's mom does not think well of her and has something to say, Valerie asks her to just spit it out. Olivia then admits that she resents Valerie manipulating her son's marriage. She tells Valerie her thoughts and feelings right when Dante returns and demands to know why his mother is confronting Valerie. She tells him if he wants to be a hero and save somebody through a hard time, it can't be Valerie. Valerie cannot be latching onto a married man. Dante tells his mom if she wants to be angry and disappointed in him, that's fine but she can't take it out on Valerie. She protests this is about more than Valerie's hurt feelings. He asks her how she can preach “family values” when she raised him as a single mom and is sharing custody of Leo with Julian. She protests that when he was born, she and Sonny were teenagers and she could not risk Sonny knowing he had a kid when he was in the mob. With Julian, she has no choice. But he has a family and he can't give up on his marriage because of the petty differences he may have with Lulu. Dante adamantly tell his mom he does not appreciate her judging and making Valerie uncomfortable and unwelcome and he wants her to leave. Olivia tells her son if he continues down this path, it will ruin his life as well as his family. She angrily goes out the door leaving them alone.

When Robin is held prisoner at the foreign lab, Jerry Jacks comes to meet with her. He tells her he has expectations of her. They have an agreement for what she is supposed to accomplish in order for him to keep her alive. Yet, he tells her, she is not making progress. She protests that she is moving as fast as she can to do the research and work he requires. He informs her that he expected her to keep Helena alive. She failed that. So, he concludes, that makes her no longer of any use to him. She asks him what he intends to do with her. He continues to toy with her and evade the answer but tells her she knows very well what he intends to do.

Patrick concludes to Sam that it's clear, no matter what she says, that she is still in love with Jason. She protests that she loves him and wants to marry him but he tells her he can't go through this anymore and it's over. He asks her if she had to choose between him and Jason if Jason regained his memory, can she promise she will not go back to Jason? She wants Patrick to trust her but cannot confirm or promise that. He tells her that going on like this is not fair to Emma or to Danny or to them. She cries and protests to Patrick that it's been so little time since she first learned that Jason is alive. She still needs time to process all of this. Yet she knows that Patrick cannot and will not give her that time.

At Elizabeth's home, Jason asks her if what Sam accused of her is true. Has she known for longer than he has known, who he really is? After evading the question yet seeing he demands a simple answer, she admits that is true. He asks her how long she has known this. She replies since the Nurse's Ball. Knowing that was several months ago, he is horrified and furious. He assesses that she falsified everything she told him. She kept him from his past and from his life and he bets that Nikolas gave her the information that he was Jason on the night of the Nurse's Ball. Elizabeth protests that she did not know he was Jason until then. In that time, Sam was moving on with Patrick, creating a life with him and ok believing Jason was gone and she didn't want to shatter their hopes and dreams. Yet he knows she did not do it for Patrick. She certainly did not do it for Sam. She obviously did it for herself. He asks her if she intended to hide who he really is, from him, for his entire life. Was he never going to get to know either of his kids or for them to know him? She protests that she wanted them all to be a family and for everything to be ok. Yet he does not see any justification for what he now knows she has done. She protests she's sorry. He assesses she's merely sorry she got caught. He asks if she did not think about the lives of all the people who mourned his death. She continues to justify her actions but it's clearly not going to wash with him.

At Patrick's house, he gets a call informing him that Emma is sick and needs to come home. Sam wants to come with him to pick her up but he tells her it's too complicated and confusing for his daughter. She continues to cry and tells Patrick she does to want him shutting her out or denying them a future together. He tells her that all the hopes and dreams he once had of them growing old together and having a future has changed now that Jason is gone. He tells her that he loves her. He liked her before he loved her. She will always mean a lot to him and he does not want to ruin that. She admits that this is not fair to him as she takes off her ring to return to him. he tells her that he does not blame her for what has happened, which she did not even know, about Jason. She should not blame herself, he tells her. She gives him back her ring and they tearfully hold each other and say good bye.

Robin tells Jerry Jacks that she has discovered an experiment that requires her to need Helena's body in order to complete the process. Yet he does not trust that.

Unexpectedly, Emma returns home to her dad and Sam. She happily informs them she was not sick. She was faking. She wanted to come home to celebrate and participate in her daddy and Sam's wedding plans. She didn't want to miss that, she happily tells them, suspecting nothing. She tells them she stayed with her friend as long as she could sin order to give them some alone time. But now she can't wait any longer. She smiles from ear to ear and anxiously demands they tell her when they are going to pick a wedding date. They both clearly find themselves speechless with awkward regret. Sam sits Emma down and regretfully informs her that she and Patrick are not going to get married. Emma demands to know why. Patrick tells his daughter that there are things going on that are too complicated. Emma asks if that involves Danny's daddy coming back. They confirm yes. She protests that she wants Sam and Danny to stay with them although Sam tells her that she and Patrick have concluded that it will be best for all if she and Danny move out of the house. Emma then turns to her daddy, cries and urges him not to make Sam and Danny leave them.

Lulu protests to Dillon that Dante was more than his affair with Valerie. He was a wonderful, loving husband and father and a good man. He tells her just because Dante is a loser and he (himself) is a sleaze does not mean she should get involved with a felon. She tells Dillon she does not intend to get into any trouble with Johnny. He's an old friend and she wishes Dillon would except her choices and not turn him in. Dillon agrees and leaves. Alone with Lulu, Johnny asks her if she meant what she said that she would not “get involved” in his illegal actions. He asks her if she's changed her mind and no longer wants him to make Valerie disappear. She tells him as much as she'd love having him make Valerie disappear, she knows that will not work. The problems she's had with Dante are not going to go away and cannot be re-done. She does not want Johnny to get into more trouble because of her. He goes off to bed and makes himself scarce when Olivia comes by to talk to Lulu. She tells her daughter in law she knows how hard this is and realizes she should give Lulu all the time she needs. Lulu can sense there is something on her mother in law's mind that she wants to let her know about. Olivia then admits to her that when she came by the apartment to bring Rocco back to Dante, Valerie was there. She knows that Dante is making a big mistake which she's afraid is spiraling out of control. Hearing that, Lulu does not feel any “better” to find out Dante not only does not seem to regret his actions. He's continuing to do it. Olivia leaves not knowing what to do next. Johnny returns to Lulu and notices she's drinking more than usual. She informs him that he may stay at The Haunted Star for a while although not forever. Also, she tells him, they are back to their original plan which is she wants him to make Valerie go away.

After Olivia leaves, Dante assures Valerie that he wants to be with her yet she asks him if it's not better that she leaves. She decides she will leave for now but wants to see him again soon as she knows he wants that too. Alone, Dante assesses that he's gone way to far and asks what he's done to his family and to his life.

As soon as Emma hears that Sam and Danny are leaving her (after losing her mom, Sabrina, Gabriel...etc), she cries hysterically and yells at Sam that if she's going to leave, she needs to leave now. She tells her dad she needs her mom now.

Robin promises she won't turn Jerry in and get him in trouble if he keeps her alive although he tells her he has to eliminate this element of uncertainty. She somehow knows she needs to live because she is urgently needed. She hears an incoming message from Emma and pleads with Jerry to let her talk to her daughter. He agrees. She asks her daughter if she's alright. Emma tearfully tells her mom nothing is alright. She tells her mommy she does not know why people can't stay together and disappear if they love each other. Robin protests to her daughter, knowing she has to hide the explanation as to why, that she has to stay where she is. Yet nothing and nobody can ever break the love they have. Noticing Jerry standing over her, she tells Emma she has to go. Patrick sits beside Emma knowing that it appears “hopeless” for Robin to commit to their family. Jerry is beginning to panic that he's running out of time and needs Robin to “deliver” on his successful product or else she dies.

Emma cries and pleads for Sam to reconsider and not leave. Sam tells her they will see each other again. She promises. Yet Emma is distraught, traumatized and heart broken as she goes up to her room. Patrick and Sam conclude that no matter how gut-wrenching and heart-breaking this is for all of them, this is for the best. She concludes that he deserves to be loved as much as he loves her. She gets up to go while they both cry. Emma then comes out to ask her daddy if Sam is gone. He tells her yes. She continues to cry and tells him she wants her mommy, needs her and can't be without her. Patrick holds his daughter and huddles with her in the corner although he does not know what to do in order to get Emma's mommy back for her.

Elizabeth protests to Jason that Sam was happy with Patrick. She knew if Sam knew who he was, she'd leave Patrick, go back to Jason and Elizabeth would lose him. Hearing that, Jason assesses that before, during and after he found out he was Jason, he has always stood by Elizabeth and committed only to her. Yet what has he given to Sam? All he's done is pushed her away and not wanted to remember what they had together. Elizabeth still wants to protest to Jason that he should forget about Sam since he still does not remember her and it's not too late for him to marry Elizabeth although she's afraid she may have already lost him. He tells her that he knows that she has lied from the start and any admission or apology she has now is too late. She pleads and begs that he reconsiders and gives them another chance, reminding him that he did love her. That was real. He tell her that is true. He did love her. But he now knows the woman he loved was all a lie, broke his heart and betrayed him. With that, he coldly gets on his motorcycle and leaves while Elizabeth cries alone in her house.

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