GH Update Wednesday 12/9/15

General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/9/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny Zacchara makes an unexpected visit to Lulu at The Haunted Star. She is a lot happier being with him than she was before he arrived. After discussing with him, her marital problems with Dante cheating on her, and the whole ill situation, she seems definitely happy to see Johnny and is listening to what he has to say about that.. She asks him what his intent was for coming to pay her this surprise visit. He admits that he was actually hoping that he could stay there. She asks if he wants her to harbor a fugitive. He admits that he has difficulty accessing money from his “off shore investments” and needs to stay somewhere free at least temporarily. Right then, unexpectedly, Dillon appears and asks Lulu if they can talk. Johnny knows to hide and not be seen. Dillon wants to help her with decorations but she clearly needs for him to leave. He urges her to please not cut him out, reminding her that they have not spoken for weeks. He tells her he realizes he did wrong by exposing Dante's affair the way he did but urges her not to throw away their friendship and to talk to him. She tells him she has an idea. They should “hit the reset button”. He tells her he'd like that as he could use one “normal” relationship in his life. She admits to him that her marriage is over. She informs him that she and Dante are officially and legally separated. She served him with the papers and he promptly signed them. Right when she got the idea that maybe she was acting to hastily and reconsidered, she discovered that he slept with Valerie yet again. Hearing that, Dillon tells Lulu as much as he firmly believes that Dante is unworthy of her, he realizes that maybe she needs to work things out with him. He also informs her that he is moving back to LA. Right then, while Johnny is hiding behind the bar, he drops his bottle and Dillon wonders what “that was”. She distracts him and he gets her to go with him the Noodle Buddha. Yet, right then, Dillon is able to see Johnny and demands to know what he is doing there.

Meanwhile, Dante and Valerie return to his apartment. They are contentedly together, kissing, and showing no signs of guilt, reservations or regard for Lulu. They waste no time taking off their clothes and moving to the next level when they are “rudely interrupted” by a knock on the door. Dante hesitates to answer until he hears it's his mom with his infant brother. He opens the door. Olivia returns Rocco to Dante. Valerie hides in the other room and Dante clearly does not want to admit to his mom what is going on. Olivia, however, will not be fooled and tells her son she is there not only to drop off Rocco and to demand her son talks and gives her an explanation for how much longer “this nonsense” is going on for him with Lulu. He clearly does not want to have this conversation right then and there. However, Olivia tells her son if Lulu is not presently talking to him, he has to be the honorable man that she raised him to be and proactively talk to Lulu instead of giving up and making a mistake which they both know he will regret. She asks her son if he really wants to end his marriage and not try to save it. He tells her it's about the obvious lack of trust. He protests he's apologized to Lulu so many times yet she will never get over it. She's hacked into emails and showed blatant lack of trust and inability or unwillingness to ever get over the mistake he made. Yet Olivia tells he son that he can't give up on his marriage and give Lulu good reason not to trust him. She can see that Valerie is not far away and tells Dante she hopes (although she knows otherwise) that he's not yet again “hitting it with that homewrecker”. She tells her son that she can't just let this go and not remind him that he's making a mistake. Is he simply lonely, angry with Lulu and having Valerie “on the rebound”? Hearing that, he tells his mom he does not appreciate her saying those things about Valerie. Yet she asks if he has no regard for his marriage vows. He does not listen and Olivia gives up trying to convince him and leaves. Valerie comes out of hiding after overhearing their conversation very clearly. Dante assures Valerie that his mom has some very strong opinions although she does not know Valerie. Valerie tells him it's clear to her that his mom does not want to know her. He looks for some baby aspirin for Rocco but is out of it. He then asks if she can watch his son while he goes to the store to obtain the baby aspirin. As soon as Valerie is alone with Rocco and holding him, she hears a knock on the door. It's Olivia who coldly views Valerie with Rocco.

Michael goes to the hospital and talks to Felix. He admits that he's worried about Sabrina and “their” baby. He tells Sabrina's best friend that he has concerns and confusion about the pregnancy and hopes that maybe Felix can reveal what he knows although Felix reminds him that he's bound by doctor/patient confidentiality laws. He knows that she has been evading all conversations about the baby and something seems “not right”.. Felix attempts to assure Michael there's no cause for worry but Michael insists they go to the Floating Rib so that Felix can tell him the whole story. Right then, Felix leaves Sabrina and Michael alone to talk. He attempts to find out what she is doing and they clearly both have “secrets” and trust issues. Yet they agree to happily enjoy being together, not worry or suspect anything and have a positive evening together.

Sabrina goes to the Floating Rib and notices Patrick sitting by himself, drinking and appearing clearly upset. He tells her that he feels like he's in a bad dream from which he cannot awaken. He tells her he thought he met the right woman to marry and commit to. Yet he has to hang in suspense and wait and never know when or if things will come together in his relationship. She tells him in situations like that, sooner or later one has to choose to either accept what's going on and commit or not. She tells him it sounds like maybe he and Sam have to both ask themselves what they really want. She tells him she knows all too well that the “dragging out” and uncertainty is the worst thing so she urges Patrick to be honest with himself about what he really wants. Right then, Michael and Felix enter. They are surprised to see Patrick sitting beside Sabrina at the bar. They ask Patrick if he wants to join them. He graciously declines but tells Michael he has a good woman here and needs to treat her right. He wishes them well and tells them he has to return home to Sam. Michael persistently demands that Felix and Sabrina tell him what is going on although Felix continues to distract him and encourage him to “let it go”. He asks Michael to go and find out about the menu so he can talk alone to Sabrina. He tells her that he's been covering for her for a long time but he won't always be able to prevent Michael from knowing she is not carrying his baby. Sooner or later, Michael will be able to access hospital records that confirm otherwise. Michael returns and knows that Sabrina and Felix have clearly had a “private” conversation and asked what he just missed.

Alone at the house while Patrick has left, Jason tells Sam he wanted to apologize for getting angry with her and wants to hear from her, if it's really true what she accused Elizabeth of doing. Sam, again, confirms to him that she knows with certainty that Elizabeth, along with Nikolas, has known that he's really Jason for months and has hid that from him in order to scam him into marrying her. When he hears that, he gets up to leave although Sam tells him she knows that something is “not right” with him. Otherwise he would not be there. She tells him he knows he cannot trust Elizabeth and she wishes he would not hide that. Right then, he hears an incoming call from Elizabeth. While she is clearly worried about his sudden disappearance after Sam has told them both what she knows, Jason decides not to answer her call. He decides to stay there and hear what Sam has to tell him although he warns her he only gives her “limited minutes”. Sam explains to Jason that they have been rightfully suspecting Nikolas of knowing who Jason really is. And she knows that Elizabeth has been keeping the same secret. She has obvious motives. He asks where she got this idea. Sam replies that she overheard little Jake telling Danny that his mom and grandma know something about his dad that they are not telling anyone. Jason still does not want to take Sam's word for it yet she tells him that she can sense it and knows she is not mistaken. Hearing that, Jason asks Sam if she's sure that she does not “want” to believe that Elizabeth is unworthy of him so that Sam can have him for herself.

While Elizabeth is clearly worried and panicked to see that Jason has suddenly left her house and not answered the phone, little Jake can see what is “going on” with his mom. Noticing him, she assures her son that he need not worry about his daddy because everything will be ok. Yet the boy clearly knows that she is lying.

At Patrick’s house, when Sam urges Jason to trust his instincts and know what is really true, he does not respond to that and only tells her good bye and leaves. Patrick returns. Sam admits that she attempted to get Jason to realize what she knows about Elizabeth. Yet he refuses so she can't keep running it into the ground and preventing him from doing what he's made up his mind to do which is trust Elizabeth. She declares to her fiancÚ that she's “done” with that and ready to commit to him. Yet she's said that before. He asks her why she persists with her belief and concern that Elizabeth is scamming Jake. He tells her he finds that hard to believe that the woman who took him in when nobody knew whom he was, whom he trusted and developed a relationship with and whom he wants to marry has been scamming and lying to him all this while. He concludes to Sam that he knows that she is not ready to move on with him. She tells him she is but her actions clearly say otherwise. He knows she is clearly still in love with Jason. She cries and urges Patrick not to leave her and give up on them. Yet he tells her he has to move on. He can't keep living like this. They are over.

Jason returns to Elizabeth's house and clearly “goes through the motions” of being a dad to little Jake and future husband to her. Yet he clearly has reservations whether he admits to it or not. She asks Jason where he went and why. He replies that he went to talk to Sam. He knows what Sam accused her of. She protests to him that he cannot believe what Sam says. He needs to know that Sam wants to “trap” him and prevent him from moving on. Yet he confirms to Elizabeth that he cannot move forward until he knows the truth. He asks Elizabeth if it is, in fact, true, that she has known for a long time whom he really is and lied to him about it. She urgently tells him that Sam is “manipulating” him and wants him to believe that nobody can or should have him except herself. She protests that Sam was ready to commit and move on with Patrick but she's now ready to throw that all away in order to have Jason believing these things about Elizabeth because Sam wants Jason. Yet he firmly tells Elizabeth that he needs her to tell him the truth. If she does not stop evading the question he will walk out the door, he tells her. He asks her if she did know whom he was before it was revealed to all, the night of their “would-be” wedding. He demands an honest answer now. She asks Jason if he's leaving her. He tells her he's not going anywhere “yet”. She asks if he will leave as soon as she answers the question. He tells her, yet again that he wants “the truth”. She does not answer his question but emotionally protests that she loves him and wants to be with him. They have built a future and a family together, she reminds him and doesn't that mean anything to him?. Yet he wants to know if what Sam suspects is or is not true. Why can't she answer that? At that point, Elizabeth admits for the first time that she lied to him about who he is. She did do that and hopes that he can overlook that and commit to their life together.

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