GH Update Tuesday 12/8/15

General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/8/15


Written by Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

At The Haunted Star, late at night Lulu plays loud music while she attempts to put up Christmas decorations. She is clearly stressed. Maxie arrives and tells her she can help her untangle the Christmas tree lights. Lulu tells Maxie when she's done, maybe she can help her use them to strangle Valerie. Maxie reminds Lulu that since they are no longer in high school, there has to be better ways to confront what she is feeling about that home-wrecking skank. She admits to Lulu that she knows she's encouraged her to do immature things but now, she needs to impress upon her that revenge is not the solution to this problem. Lulu admits to Maxie that she is angry at her husband for sleeping with her cousin. All because he could not trust her over a lie that she told him that was so insignificant compared to what he is doing and which both he and her cousin justify themselves and blame her for. Maxie tells her she understands all too well. But since they are not in high school any more, she has a child and a husband, it's not that simple. So what Lulu needs to do now is fix the problem that she has. Maxie leaves and Lulu is clearly on edge when she hears someone at the door. She appears “guarded”. Johnny Zacchara unexpectedly enters and wonders why she is holding up a candy cane just like it's a gun to protect herself with. She wonders what he's doing there and out of prison. He tells her he intended to contact her and Maxie but realizes how he caused trouble when he came back to visit last year. He can somehow tell that she is having problems with Dante. She admits she's happy to see him and that he's correct in what he can without her having to tell him.

At Kelly's, Bobbie finds Valerie and tells her niece she knows that she is avoiding what is going on and avoiding people and she invites Valerie to dinner. She tells her she knows she may not have plans for the holidays so she wants Valerie to let her take her out to dinner. However, Valerie admits to her aunt that she “can't”. Hearing that, Bobbie asks her if by that she means Dante. Valerie confides in her aunt that she really did want Dante’s and Lulu's marriage to work. Yet she and Dante mistakenly had sex while it appeared his marriage was over both on the 4th of July and then on Thanksgiving. Hearing that, Bobbie warns her niece that even if Dante and Lulu are currently having problems, she needs to realize that that could end or change dramatically. They could reconcile at any point so she does not want Valerie getting too invested in Dante, getting hurt or having mistaken ideas. Valerie tells her aunt she understands that but admits that she still wants Dante.

At the police station, Nathan tells Dante that he has to get out soon and take Maxie to lunch at Kelly's. It's been a long time since either of them have had time to be together. However, Dante tells Nathan that could cause come “complications” since he has planned a dinner date with Valerie there. Knowing that Maxie will not take well to that, Nathan tells his partner that maybe one of them needs to change their location for dinner dates. He reminds Dante that Valerie is a cadet and the department has a strict policy against fraternization between detective and their trainees. He reminds Dante that the commissioner's son manages Kelly's. He also reminds his partner that were it not for his wanting to cover for him and not get Dante in trouble, Dante and Valerie could both be on suspension if not booted from the department. He tells Dante that maybe he really needs to “re-think” ending his marriage with Lulu and if he wants to continue to see Valerie. He needs to take time to figure out what he really wants, Nathan tells him, realizing like everyone else does, that Dante and Lulu may very well want to get back together before they realize it.

At Patrick’s house, Emma hopefully asks her daddy if he and Sam are going to commit, get married and be a family. He seems confident that very soon, Sam will be a part of their family as he informs his daughter that Sam is working with her mom who is a lawyer and they will soon finalize Sam's divorce so that she can be Patrick’s wife and Emma's mom. Emma gets ready to go to a sleepover. Her dad urges her to be good and remember her daddy loves her. She tells her daddy she loves him and encourages him that tomorrow they can start getting ready for the wedding.

Sam goes to Elizabeth's home to confront and attempt to get the truth out of her. Right before she's ready to leave, Jason appears and demands to know what is going on. Sam then declares to him that Elizabeth is keeping a secret and asks her if she wants to tell Jason or if she would prefer Sam tells him. She talks about how Elizabeth cannot be trusted and after Jason has heard enough, he furiously yells at Sam demanding she shut her mouth. Sam is shocked to hear that. She tells Jason he needs to know that his “wife” is a liar yet he furiously tells her he refuses to hear that and demands she gets out of his home and leaves them alone. Sam leaves but tells Elizabeth she needs to do the “right thing while she still can”. Alone in the house, Elizabeth tells a silent Jason she appreciates his coming to her defense. She tells him she hopes he realizes there was “nothing” to what Sam said, to which he does not reply. She urges him to know that Sam wants to prevent her from having her even though they need to know that Sam has to get on with her life. She tells him that although she's had a history with the “old” Jason Morgan, that has nothing to do with what is going on now. She now wants to be with the man he is now. In response to that, Jason declares to Elizabeth that he loves her. Confident that “this guy” (who has no memory whatsoever of being Jason) means that, she tells him she will go and put the boys to bed. And, she tells him, when she gets back, maybe they can talk about “really” getting married.

Sam returns home to Patrick who has planned dinner and campaign and asks her if her divorce is final. She admits she is “not sure”. He needs clarification on that. Is the divorce complicated? Has she been working with her mom? She replies that she spent the morning at Elizabeth's. Right away, Patrick knows she was there regarding Jason and Sam admits that she still cannot “let go”. He asks her if what she's saying is that they are right back to where they were yesterday. Sam explains that her mother convinced her that she needs time to think things through and her suspicion about Elizabeth scamming Jason is still a factor she cannot ignore. Hearing that, yet again, Patrick is clearly frustrated, impatient and maybe re-thinking how committed he and Sam really are to each other. She protests she knows that Jason's interest in marrying Elizabeth and protests that he loves her is all based upon lies and false pretenses.. Patrick tells her he knows she wants to believe that so that they will break up and she can have Jason. He clearly reveals that he is furious that Sam cannot make a decision about their future.

Hayden awakens from a nightmare where Nikolas tells her he's “onto” her and tries to kill her. In the present, she sees Nikolas standing over her, and asks what is up. He tells her he thinks it's time that their relationship moves to the next level and he declares to her that he loves her. Yet he has concerns about where she goes when she says she's attending ELQ meetings. He knows she's lying about the ELQ meetings. He knows she has never attended any of them. She asks if he's having her followed. He tells her he thought she would be a better con than that. She is slipping. She realizes in order for him to trust her, she needs to tell him where she is going. However, she admits to him, he might not want to hear it. Realizing he has no reason to trust her, Nikolas admits to her that he is onto her and knows what she is doing. She asks what he thinks she's doing. He replies she's trying to prove that he had her shot. At that point, he stands over her with a pillow ready to suffocate her. She awakens knowing she's merely having a nightmare. Yet when she awakens, she sees Nikolas, in real life standing over her and is clearly uneasy. She tells him that she told him the truth about her private plans for ELQ. She tells him she has been working with a consultant and has come up with a plan to save ELQ lots of money as she shows him. She explains how they have too many unnecessary expenses due to having too many unneeded employees. Yet he reveals he does not trust her. She talks to him about her history with her ex husband and investing on Wall Street. She admits that he lied to her about the reason she broke the vase. It was because she was threatening to tell Jason the truth. So, she asks Nikolas, why did he lie to her? He admits that he's had suspicions about her knowing his and Elizabeth's secret about Jason. She reminds him she's never breathed a word to anyone about that yet he still has a problem trusting her. Hearing that, he tells her that his last girlfriend, Britt betrayed him and he can't let that happen again. She tells him that when she broke up with her husband and first came to town, she had trust issues of her own. She remembers her past with him. She knows she almost died, she reminds him. She tells him if they're going to have a relationship, it has to be more than just sex. It has to be based upon trust. He then asks her why it is that she is clearly having dreams that he's trying to kill her. He asks her what that is about. She admits she is not entirely certain and can only “speculate” the way a shrink would, what is the meaning of that dream. She tells him that it may symbolize her fear of commitment and having feelings for him. He tells her if that is the case, he thinks they are both in trouble. They hold each other and declare that they may have mutual feelings for one another, regardless of everything else.

Valerie meets Dante at Kelly's and admits to him that her feelings have not changed. They are not going away. In fact they are growing stronger. So, she tells him, if he has any plans to get back with Lulu, he really needs to tell her now. He tells her he knows that maybe he should be “waiting” until his divorce and ending of his marriage to Lulu is finalized before jumping into a relationship with her. However, he can't do that. He admits that he is selfish and wants her now. So, he asks her, if she is ok with being with him and facing an uncertain future. She admits that she wants to stay with him because being with him for a short while is better than not being with him at all. Dante admits that Maxie and Nathan were going to have dinner there but had to cancel their plans and go elsewhere. He tells her he doesn't want anything standing in the way of her becoming a cop so maybe, in order not to risk that, they maybe should not be seen out together in public. Yet he makes that her choice. Hearing that and knowing that's “up to her”, she clearly cannot make a decision regarding that.

While Nathan is alone at the station, Maxie surprises him, tells him she loves being back at Crimson but misses being with him. They have their own dinner at the station with bibs and he speaks French to her.

At The Haunted Star, Johnny tells Lulu it does not surprise him a bit and should not surprise her either that hers' and Dante's marriage is ending. She reminds him that Dante did not trust her with Dillon and had to sleep with her cousin. That does not surprise him knowing how controlling Dante has been to her since day one and how he's restricted her, held her back and prevented from being the free-spirited person Johnny remembers her to be. When he sees her crying, he uses the “vulnerability” to tell her how despicable and hurtful it is for Dante to be stepping out on her. She cries in his arms and he holds her and comforts her. He encourages her to drink and asks if she now feels better. She replies that drinking just makes her feel worse. He knows she is upset over Dante's behavior and infidelity and asks her what he can do to make her feel better. Hearing that and knowing that he might be the “perfect man for the job”, Lulu admits to Johnny that what he can do is “get rid of Valerie”. Right away, he assumes she means she wants him to kill Valerie. She admits she wants that bitch gone forever. Yet she tells him she did not mean she wants him to murder her cousin. What she wants is Valerie out of hers' and Dante's life by Christmas. She wants her to leave town and never come back. Hearing that, Johnny tells her he knows how to make that happen although he does not reveal to her how he plans to go about making that happen.

Elizabeth goes looking to find Jason but he's gone without telling her.

At Patrick's house, he declares to Sam that it's over between them unless she gets over Jason. Jason enters. Patrick coldly tells him Danny is upstairs sleeping. Jason clarifies he's there to see Sam. Patrick angrily goes out the door. Jason apologizes to Sam for yelling at her, telling her she did not deserve that since she's been nothing but kind to him. He asks her, now that he is calm and rational, just what she and Elizabeth were arguing about. Sam replies that Elizabeth has known for months and kept the secret from him about who he really was in order to hang onto him and not lose him.

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